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3 Sunglass Styles That Will Suit Any Outfit

Sunglasses might be small accessories, but these are regarded as must-have portable items for each closet. Apart from its purpose to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, sunglasses are also fashion accessories to add a finishing touch and complement any of your outfits.  Sunglass Styles With tons of style, shape, finish, and design available in the market, you wouldn’t have to scout further to secure your pair. Also, aside from it elevating any outfit, the ...
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We're Not Ready for Smart Glasses Yet

After the original Google Glass crashed and burned, consumer smart glasses were put on the back burner for a while. There’s no shortage of reasons why, which makes it a little baffling that in 2021, high-tech glasses have made a mini-comeback. Facebook, , and even Samsung are all rumored to be working on a pair…Read more...
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100% Speedcraft Sunglasses Review

The post 100% Speedcraft Sunglasses Review appeared first on iRunFar. The company 100% is not well known with runners despite sponsoring two modern legends: Fernanda Maciel and Pau Capel. It’s an American brand founded in the 1980s and specializing in parts for motocross racing. The brand and its assets were dormant through the beginning of the 2000s until returning under new ownership in 2012 and making its primary offering goggles and sunglasses. The motocross goggle foundation informs 100%’s ...
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Summer Essentials: 15 Items You Absolutely Need for Summer 2021

Look super trendy this summer with these items.
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The 7 best places to buy women's sunglasses, and the 28 best shades to shop

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Ray-Ban Sunglasses double as a fun fashion statement and protective eyewear.Investing in a quality pair will be long-lasting and less prone to break, like cheaper options may.Below, see advice from the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) on selecting effective, protective frames.Whether you're someone who believes in a wardrobe of shades, or you're a loyalist who wears the same pair every day...
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Koo Demos Sunglasses Review

Several years ago, I was part of a special project working with Zeiss lenses. From that time, I’ve been enamored with their brand and the quality it represents. Koo Eyewear is a relative newcomer to the sunglasses space, but they chose to partner with Zeiss for lenses and produce their frames in Italy. So, from the outset, Koo has made, in my opinion, two great choices and what’s awesome is that their frames don’t cost what you’d expect. Quality optics and frames at a still-approachable price ma...
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What Happens to Your Eyes When You Stare at Screens All Day

We spend a lot of time staring at screens. There’s the small screen in our pocket, the big screen we watch our shows on, and the medium screen that many of us stare into for eight hours a day to help pay for those other screens. Are all of these screens ruining our eyes? Read more...
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Orlando Bloom’s Eyewear Collection for HUGO BOSS

© 2021 Choosing the best eyewear is essential to make a fashion statement about yourself. If you have high standards for your eyewear needs, Orlando Bloom Glasses by BOSS can be for you. The HUGO BOSS ft Orlando Bloom eyewear collection is among the most demanded fashion collaborations of spring 2021.  In the latest Boss eyewear campaign, Orlando Bloom stated that “The smallest detail can change everything.” His statement has a lot of truth in it. These days, eyewear is more...
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Here Are the 5 Key Elements of Italian Fashion, According to an Italian

When we'd all rather be in Rome.
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Classic Sunglasses 101: The 15 Pairs That Will Always Be in Style

For you to wear for dozens of trips around the sun.
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The 6 best places to buy women's sunglasses, and the 24 best shades to shop

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Ray-Ban Sunglasses double as a fun fashion statement and protective eyewear.Investing in a quality pair will be long-lasting and less prone to break, like cheaper options may.Below, see advice from the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) on selecting effective, protective frames.Whether you're someone who believes in a wardrobe of shades, or you're a loyalist who wears the same pair every day, ...
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Amazon Favorites 2021: The 16 Fashion, Beauty, & Lifestyle Items I Can’t Live Without

From the best leggings ever to a game-changer for chapped lips, here are all of my Amazon must-haves.
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I Love The New Bose Frames Even If I Look Like an Absolute Jabroni

I liked the original Bose Frames. They were stylish sunglasses that featured audio-based augmented reality, which actually seemed like a clever workaround for the technological challenges of smart glasses. But alas, Bose AR wasn’t meant to be. Last summer, the company shuttered that division and as a result, Bose…Read more...
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Best of 2020: Fashion, Beauty, College Essentials, and More!

All of my favorites from an unforgettable year, to say the least.
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"The fashion pendulum inevitably swung away from giant sunglasses into almost comically tiny territory, which means it's just about time for that bug-eyed look to return."

Fashionista explains fashion succinctly.  Everything that goes out of style is just waiting around in exile until its badness has ripened into oblivion and somebody cool can then wear it and make it sing again. In this case, with the giant bug-eye sunglasses, we've got the Olsen twins looking just perfect and making you think you can wear those things again.  Meanwhile, what's been in style becomes seeable as ridiculous, which it always was, and the least cool people are the last to notice...
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15 Must-Have Items for an Edgy, Rocker Chic Wardrobe (Plus 45+ Outfit Ideas!)

Want to add some edgy style to your wardrobe? Discover the 15 items every edgy, rocker-chic girl should have in her closet, plus 45+ outfit combinations.
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A Fish-Filled Christmas: Our Top 10 Gift Ideas For Anglers!

A Fish-Filled Christmas: Our Top 10 Gift Ideas For Anglers! Christmas is so close! Looking for great gifts for the anglers in the family? Don’t fret! We have our top 10 gift recommendations below! Here is our top 10 list of great gifts for the angler close to your heart. Vanuatu Fishing Trip! Borders may still be closed, but they will open up soon and you will want to get in on the amazing offer we have going on. Let’s...
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Catching Up with Kerry Washington + Her Privé Revaux Sunglasses!

Actress Kerry Washington posed in her hot pink look on Instagram today finishing her look off with The Street sunglasses in Rose Gold Pink by Privé Revaux. (All featured images of Kerry Washington are from her Instagram page!)   Actress Kerry Washington is rocking the bright pink (think azalea here!) pantsuit with matching stilettos. She looks FABULOUS!! Here’s what she wrote about […] The post Catching Up with Kerry Washington + Her Privé Revaux Sunglasses! first appeared on ...
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Tifosi Tsali Sunglasses Review

Tifosi does a masterful job of making versatile, cycling-friendly sunglasses at affordable prices. Their latest model, the Tifosi Tsali, is a lightweight rimless design aimed squarely at cycling and running. Tifosi Tsali Sunglasses Features: Grilamid TR-90 frame material Polycarbonate lenses with 100% UV protection Adjustable nose and temple tips Includes 3 interchangeable lenses MSRP: $69.95 or $79.95 with Clarion lenses (as tested) The Tsali’s rimless design is ultralight. The temple ti...
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The best polarized sunglasses

The best polarized sunglasses for you are going to vary based on the shape of your face and the activities you plan to engage in. Our favorite all-around unisex pick for those who plan to do a bit of everything is Ray-Ban's Clubmasters with an aluminum frame.You can also check out our guides to the best men's sunglasses.While sunscreen and skincare have been a popular topic in light of a recent FDA ruling on ingredient listing requirements, many of us neglect to give our eyes the protection they...
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Bose's new flagship true wireless earbuds are designed to compete with Apple's AirPods Pro, and you can pre-order them now for $279

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Bose The latest version of Bose's QuietComfort Earbuds will be available on September 29 for $279.99.The new true wireless in-ear headphones feature noise cancellation technology, and Bose says they offer up to 18 hours of battery life with the included charging case.The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are set to compete directly with Apple's popular AirPods Pro, which currently retail for $249.99 but ca...
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The Beauty of “Beater” Gear: Cheap Stuff That Can Take a Hit

I’m the kind of guy who, on a hike, will trip over a cactus because I wasn’t paying attention. I run my earbuds through the washing machine, scratch up my sunglasses, and drop my phone while jogging. And as someone who hates even the smallest signs of wear and tear, my clumsiness is often at odds with my ability to…Read more...
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Bollé adds more MIPS helmets for road & MTB, with sunglasses to match

Leveraging their 133 years of experience, the French brand Bollé has expanded its line of helmet and sunglass offerings. The new LIGHTSHIFT sunglasses are designed to complement their new FURO MIPS road helmet. Plus, their TRACKDOWN mountain helmet now comes with a MIPS liner… Lightshifter Sunglasses The latest shades from Bollé are the Lightshifter. They’re […] The post Bollé adds more MIPS helmets for road & MTB, with sunglasses to match appeared first on Bikerumor.
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How To Look Cool This Summer Without Trying

Summer can be a tough time to get that right look, but one of the most common starting points is your attire. When the sun comes out, you want to try and keep things nice and cool. Minimalism is always the best way to go when it comes to summer clothing; nice, comfortable clothing that allows you to breathe, and never too many layers. However, there are some other ways that you can make yourself look cool this summer without even trying. So, what works? Find Your Best Color We all ...
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TFB Review: Leupold Performance Eyewear – Packout Edition

Leupold has recently launched its Performance Eyewear line of glasses. As a designer and manufacturer of high-quality optics, this is a bit of a departure from their normal product line up. However, I’m willing to give almost anything a shot, and Leupold generously sent out a pair of “Packout” style glasses for testing and evaluation. […] Read More … The post TFB Review: Leupold Performance Eyewear – Packout Edition appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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"No. You can not base your life on frowning and glaring at others literally behind your shades and think you are making a positive impact on lives."

"Just like the met gala is a ridiculous, outdated event that does no good except for advancing privilege. I hope we begin to understand how many generous, kind people there are in the world and that those are the individuals we should be celebrating."The second-highest-rated comment on "Can Anna Wintour Survive the Social Justice Movement?/A reckoning has come to Bon Appétit and the other magazines of Condé Nast. Can a culture built on elitism and exclusion possibly change?" by Ginia Bellafante ...
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Top 3 Summer Accessories You Need Right Now

This past weekend was the unofficial beginning of Summer, so it’s time to add to your warm-weather wardrobe! We all know how important accessories are, but adding a few key summer accessories to your closet for the warmer weather can really transform your summer outfits and make them feel season-appropriate. While trends come and go, there are a few standout styles this year that are great adds in the name of fashion. Here are 3 summer accessories that are must haves this year:  90’...
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3 Tips For Choosing The Proper Pair of Sunglasses

Wrap-around, aviators, square or round frames – we often view sunglasses as a fashion item; something to make us look good, stylish and smart. However, sunglasses are one of the most important components of good eye health practices. For a long time,  sunglasses have been plain with their primary function being to protect us from UV light. However, as technology and fashion take the upper hand, prescription sunglasses now  include the corrective prescription option allowing you to look sty...
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3 Ways To Upgrade Your Wardrobe For Summer

You might be forgiven for thinking summer arrived early in what has been an unseasonably warm spring. We’ve had days of sunshine, and warm weather but without the ability to get out and enjoy it, in the same way, we would have in the past.  However, by the time summer kicks in full glory, it is likely we should be able to get out and about more so there is still time for you to upgrade your wardrobe and look bang on-trend. Nothing can help brighten your mood more than a bit of sunny war...
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5 Modern Basics You Need for Your Spring 2020 Wardrobe

Getting dressed is about to be so much easier...
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