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City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes Shoots Past ¥1.5 Billion

Mainichi Shimbun’s Mantan Web reports that the City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes feature-length animated movie has earned over ¥1.5 billion at the Japanese box office. The movie officially opened in Japan on the 8th of February and the official number of people that have seen it up until the 14th of April stands at 1,058,102. The original creator of the […]
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Spring Sunsets, a little Glamping and a Hazy Sunrise

Not much to report.Just some sunsets from last week, pics of a short Glamping trip which got cut short due to other issues, and the sunrise that greeted me as I made ready to go back home. April 1:  Mount Evans pre-sunset Mount Evans post-sunset April 03:  Sunset Colors after a Spring Rain April 04:  Denver Skyline April 04, Glamping at the Hugo SWA and a T-Dub Sunset:  Glamping site in the Hugo State Wildlife Area (SWA)  Yagi of the West!  Can you...
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Love Live Sunshine Movie Rakes in ¥1 Billion

Despite heavy criticism in some parts of the internet, the Love Live Sunshine The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow can now be deemed a success due to it managing to accumulate over ¥1 billion in profits, a testament of the profound strength of fictional idols. The film tallied a total box office revenue of […]
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Gundam NT Reveals 23 Minutes of the English Dub

Sunrise has premiered the first 23 minutes of the Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative anime movie with the English dub, generating hype before its official US release next week. An overview of the movie directly from Sunrise: U.C. 0097, one year after the opening of “Laplace’s Box.” Despite the revelation of the Universal Century Charter that acknowledges […]
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Days 50 & 51 An Unlisted BLM site and Rain

Monday, JAN 14Decided the Painted Rock Petroglyph had become a bit crowded for me as more RVs had taken up residence.During Sunday's riding, I'd found some seemingly suitable spots along Rocky Point Road, on BLM land (according the map provided by with good cell signal.I packed up Uma the URRV and dragging Scarlett along on her trailer, we left the campground and found us a good spot perhaps 5-6 miles west on Rocky Point Road.  Looking east, you can see the hills near the Petrog...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 48: Gila Bend Museum and other sights

This morning, I rode Scarlett the 25 miles or so to the nearby highway junction town of Gila Bend after a pretty good sunrise: The town, as I understand it, has basically been the junction point of travel technologies over the history of the region.  From wagons, to trains, and now auto highways, Gila Bend, has functioned as a meeting point.I got some groceries and then toured the museum at the city's visitor center.It's a small museum, basically contained in one large room that is part...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 47: Painted Rock Petroglyph Campground, Day 2

Decided to hang out another day at the campground after all.  It promised to be a sunny and warm day with some clouds.Dawn came and while started clear, a low layer of fog moved through the valley as I waited for the sun to show itself.  It made for some nice lighting in spite of the lack of clouds overhead: As the fog grew thicker, it made the nearby hills and distant peaks appear to be afloat on clouds.  Oatman Mountain  The fog got higher and partially blocked the sun as it finally...
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Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash Trailer Very Somber

Sunrise has revealed the first melancholic trailer for the “Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash” movie trilogy showing off the protagonist as he takes a somber walk on a beach, only to sit down in a depressed fashion. The emotionally distant trailer with a few mecha showing up: More information about the plot can be found here. The […]
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Love Live Sunshine Movie’s First Seven Minutes Laden With Dancing

The first seven minutes of the Love Live Sunshine movie has been uploaded to the franchise’s official YouTube account, conveniently showcasing one of the movie’s musical scenes and potentially convincing fans to go watch it. The seven-minute PV and all its cheerful dancing: The movie (which follows the idol girls on an overseas trip to […]
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 45: Maintenance Day

A cloudy day with wind making the temperatures which reached the mid-60s seem cooler.Still the clouds made for a nice sunrise: Found there were tasks to be done on Scarlett, the 2014 Ural Sidecar Rig and I spent some time at the hardware store in nearby Florence, AZ sourcing the right bolt.One of the two bolts which held the starter motor in place had fallen off and I noticed it this morning.  I think I failed to secure it properly while working on the failed clutch parts last month.  Sigh....
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 44: Checking out Cottonwood Canyon

Today was the day to ride Scarlett to see what lay to the east along Cottonwood Canyon Road.Turns out, I didn't get very far.One road turned out to be blocked, there's apparently some kind of livestock operation behind locked gates.Further on, the road got bad really fast....and I wasn't up to a kidney busting ride today and so I stopped early on for this picture. Going back to the fork in the road, I took the one on the right instead and wound up stopped by the entrance to an open pit quarry...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 43: Miami

Jan 07Miami, Arizona that is.  More on this name in a bit. After two days of overcast skies, I woke to a clear sky! Having spent my teenage years in Miami, FL....I tend to notice when other locales are named the same, such as the one in Ohio.Today I rode Scarlett over to US Highway 60 and headed east towards the town of Miami, passing Superior along the way and turning around eventually at Globe, AZ. Copper Boomtown Miami  Catholic Shrine by the Miami welcome sign How the town got ...
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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Gets Smartphone Spin-Off

Bandai Namco and Sunrise have announced and released a significant amount of information about a new smartphone spin-off to Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans called “Uror Hunt”. The Uror Hunt game will be a direct spin-off of the Iron-Blooded Orphans anime and will include a brand new story as well as an “Original Mode” featuring well-known […]
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Love Live Sunshine Movie Reviled On Yahoo

The recently debuted “Love Live Sunshine: The School Idol Movie Over The Rainbow” has not fared well on certain review sites, as Yahoo in particular has seen to the movie being handed a below average 2.83 stars out of a potential 5. The Love Live Sunshine movie premiered in theaters January 4th, though some watchers […]
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Days 35 & 36 Sun City

Jan 01Happy New Year Folks!Here's the first sunrise pic for 2019, taken in the parking lot of my FIL's snowbird home in Sun City, AZ.We are visiting, along with Martha's sister and her family, for a few days. Here's a pic of the group, taken by my nephew Greg, of the New Year's Eve dinner at my FIL's home: Laura, Andy, Richard, yours truly and Martha No plans for much riding, just hanging with the relatives mostly. We'll be here this week, Martha returns home Saturday and I will resume ...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 28: Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day in Las Vegas. Definitely different than our life in Colorado.First, a pretty cloudy but nice sunrise: Martha and I then drove the rental car over to the Mob Museum, which proved to be OK but you really have to be interested in the Mob itself.  We were kind of hoping more for the Mob's history with Las Vegas. Not a lot to photograph really, lots of photos of criminals, some videos, a display of a "speakeasy" of the Prohibition days (an event which helped grow the mob inmense...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 22: Death Valley National Park

Woke early as usual when camping and shot the sunrise from the Dry Lake Bed BLM site near Boulder City, NV.I must remember to try to park Uma, the URRV, pointing either north or south....makes for better sunrise/sunset pics. I left the site right at 9 AM and hoping the morning rush with Las Vegas traffic had ended by then.  Transiting the Vegas metro area via the I-215 beltway proved relatively painless, with no traffic jams.Drove without incidence all the way to the planned BLM spot but ...
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The Southwestern Sojurn - Day 17: Fiery Sunrise and the Quartzsite Museum

Sunsetwx had forecasted good Sunrise conditions for this morning.  I woke even before my alarmat 6:15AM and leisurely made coffee while awaiting the pre-dawn color show.I'm glad to report sunsetwx got this one right.After work, with the weather remaining overcast and cool, I went to check out the Quartzsite Museum in town.  It's a little place, filled with your typical pioneer day and later paraphenalia of life in the southwest.The building is the old stagecoach stop, now surrounded by a brick o...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 16: Crystal Hill and Cunningham Mountain

Thursday, Dec 13.Not much of a sunrise for today: After work, I rode out to Crystal Hill, which is within the Kofa Wildlife Refuge Area to the south of Quartzsite, AZ.The hill is known to "rockhounds" as a place to search for quartz crystals apparently, I did see many of such crystals but had no inclination to bring any home.I took AZ Hwy 95 south for a few miles, and turned east at the turn for Crystal Hill.  After a few miles, you reach a welcome sign for the Kofa Wildlife Refuge and once pas...
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New City Hunter Anime Movie Trailer Positively Retro

The new City Hunter anime film adaptation has received a new trailer full of old anime tropes that long-time anime fans will instantly recognize. “City Hunter the Movie: Shinjuku Private Eyes” will be set in modern-day Shinjuku and will follow Ryou Saeba, a hopeless romantic marksman and “sweeper” for hire fighting for justice on the […]
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 14 & 15 Travel Days

Dec 11Didn't do any riding, just broke camp and left the Gunsite Wash BLM area near Why AZ and headed north on AZ Hwy 85.Filled up the propane tank (6.7 gal) in a gas station in Ajo, AZ and then just motored up to I-10 to head west towards Quartzsite.  I didn't go all the way there, as I decided to stop at a RV park called Snowbirds West, located to the north of the junction of I-10 and exit 69.  Not much else there, though apparently the area is named Centennial.The RV park is very "rustic".  N...
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Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash Nets Anime Film Trilogy

Sunrise has revealed the teaser website for the upcoming anime movie trilogy for Gundam novel “Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash”. The new Gundam movie series is based on Yoshiyuki Tomino’s original Gundam novel “Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash” and is the second entry into Sunrise’s UC NexT 0100 Project after Gundam NT. Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash follows Hathaway Noa, the son of Bright Noa, […]
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 12: The Ajo Peaks

Ajo: Spanish for Garlic.  Wikipedia says  The Spanish may have named the place using the familiar word in place of the similar-sounding  O'odham  word for paint ( oʼoho ). The  Tohono O'odham  people obtained red paint  pigments from the area. Today, instead of going back to the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, I decided instead to ride to the nearby Ajo Peaks; Ajo and North Ajo Peak respectively.I could see North Ajo Peak from my BLM campsite and its shape was "intriguing".   North Ajo ...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 11: Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, AZ

I woke late but still managed to get some decent sunrise pics as I cooked breakfast. I broke camp at a leisurely pace, letting the morning sun dry the ground up a bit before I left the site.  No issues leaving, though the tires could be heard shedding clumps of mud once I got up to speed on pavement!I took AZ 86 towards the settlement of Why, yes, Why, AZ.  You then turn on US85 south and about a mile down the road you turn off for the Gunsite Wash BLM site:  GPS: 32.238056,-112.751396. ...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 10: Rained In

Woke to cloudy skies and foggy conditions, so not much of a sunrise to try and catch.After breakfast and some work, I walked up Snyder Hill which gives its name to the BLM site I'm camping on.  Up there you could really see how the fog made the nearby hills looked like they were wreathed in the clouds: From the top of the hill, I could see over to the western side of the BLM site, as I mentioned before, there were way more RVs located on this side for whatever reason. I prefer the east...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 8 & 9

Dec 5: Indian Bread BLMLeft the Lake Holloman, NM BLM site early and spent the day traveling to the next site. Sunrise at Lake Holloman The weather was sunny and warm as I drove the URRV towards the border with Arizona.  However, as I neared the Indian Bread BLM site near Bowie, AZ, the clouds became overcast and it felt chillier.Got set up, only two neighbors quite a ways from the site I picked, which was the same site I used last year.  A creature of habit I am, apparently, must break that p...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Days 4 & 5 Monticello Point and Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks

Saturday, Dec 1.Day 4A non-travel day, I spent it instead Uraling around, doing some errands and just generally checking out the area.  I woke early as usual when camping, and managed to capture a pretty nice sunrise at the Monticello Point BLM site I'd stayed at last year. About ten miles from exit 92, and after about 8 miles of them being packed dirt, I arrived at Mitchell Point and the Rock House that's located there.  Can't really find much info about this location, but it is n...
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Kallen Sexily Dresses Up For Code Geass: The Resurrection

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection has further hyped up its debut by releasing another trailer full of action, stealthily including a look at Kallen’s enticing new outfit as well and perhaps teasing an unexpected encounter… The new PV for the film: An English-subtitled version: The official Twitter also unveiled a new visual: Code Geass: […]
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 3: Very Large Array (VLA)

The VLA or Very Large Array of Radio Telescopes run by the National Radio Astronomy Agency, located between the towns of Datil and Magdalena, New Mexico, has been a sight I wanted to see since about this time last year.No time then, made time this trip.After a calm night at the RV park in Magdalena, NM I woke at around 5AM and made breakfast.  Soon after 6AM, I had Scarlett unloaded and was riding west along NM 60 towards the VLA.Got there just before sunrise and my timing worked out great.  The...
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Foto Friday – Red Sunrise, Sprague Lake

Sunrise over Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park Colorado.Made with Sony A7rIII and Sony 16-35 2.8 GM Lens. Click the photo to be taken to a larger version on 500px. See more photos at my dedicated Photography website. If you like my photography, feel free to support my addiction habit by purchasing a copy for your wall and/or visiting Amazon (affiliate link) to purchase new or used photographic gear.Purchase a copy for your wall. 
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