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Short Rides

Last ten days or so have been a bit of a strain in the House of Chang.Miles, aka Thing 2, was finally diagnosed with a severe case of Mononucleosis and much time was spent in different emergency rooms and urgent care facilities over the last couple of months before that was determined.Good news is, all other much more worrisome causes have been eliminated, it's definitely Mono. In between visits to medical facilities, I worked in some short rides. April 7...clear views of nearby peaks  Mount ...
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Spring Sunsets, a little Glamping and a Hazy Sunrise

Not much to report.Just some sunsets from last week, pics of a short Glamping trip which got cut short due to other issues, and the sunrise that greeted me as I made ready to go back home. April 1:  Mount Evans pre-sunset Mount Evans post-sunset April 03:  Sunset Colors after a Spring Rain April 04:  Denver Skyline April 04, Glamping at the Hugo SWA and a T-Dub Sunset:  Glamping site in the Hugo State Wildlife Area (SWA)  Yagi of the West!  Can you...
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The Edge of Life

Some neat clouds in Prescott, Arizona. I am sitting in the Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix eating a Smash Burger while waiting for my plane to Oakland and from there, to Paris. I can’t believe I am eating yet another burger. I didn’t have the time or energy to eat anything but takeout food, mostly Quarter Pounders or Biscuit with egg and sausage. I have finally left my Mom in the assisted living place. She was anxious and depressed but I think she will be better once I leave and decides to m...
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Still Here

I am still in Arizona. I have to say that I am exhausted, both physically and emotionally. My Mom is doing pretty well but still weak and having physical therapy. I have been empying closets and cupboards for a week and to say she had a lot of stuff is an understatement. I made so many trips to deliver things to Goodwill that I think they dreaded me arriving. I had to pay a trash guy to come pick up plastic bags full of old makeup bottles, face cream bottles, etc., etc. I am finally done and am...
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Eight Ways to Awesome Photos

One of the worst moments in photography is when you get things back on the computer from a shoot to see that dreaded blur!  If only you had been able to stabilize the camera more.  I can’t tell you how… Read more → The post Eight Ways to Awesome Photos appeared first on CanonBlogger.
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2019 Academy Awards: Which Hollywood streets are closing?

LOS ANGELES — Traveling through the heart of Hollywood will get progressively more difficult this week as street and sidewalk closures begin in preparation for Sunday’s Oscars ceremony. One week before the big night, Hollywood Boulevard was completely closed in both directions between Highland Avenue and Orange Drive, where crews installed the lengthy red carpet and adjacent bleachers last week. The stretch of Hollywood Boulevard will remain closed until 6 a.m. on Feb. 27. Other closures that to...
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How to See a Perfect Golden Gate Bridge Sunset

At sunset, the Golden Gate Bridge works like a sort of sundial—or a sun calendar. If you want to view the sun setting in the center of the bridge, in the crook of the main span between its two towers, you’ll have to stand in a different spot each evening. Over the year, you can see the perfect sunset from all over the…Read more...
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IMC acquires two Miami medical practices

IMC Health Medical Centers, a portfolio company of Comvest Partners and Athyrium Capital Management, has made two acquisitions of Miami-based businesses: Sunset Cardiology P.L., a cardiology practice and Primary Provider Inc, a primary care practice. No financial terms were disclosed. PRESS RELEASE Miami, FL – IMC Health Medical Centers, a portfolio company of Comvest Partners and Athyrium Capital Management, announced today that it has acquired Sunset Cardiology, P.L., a cardiology practice, an...
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The 'back door' to Oahu's hidden North Shore

Most people who venture out of Waikiki to see the fabled North Shore of Oahu want to see the Mt. Rushmore of pro-surfing beaches: Haleiwa, Waimea Bay, Pipeline, and Sunset Beach—and then drive back. They miss out on the wild, scenic stuff that ironically is in proximity to Turtle Bay Resort, the only resort community on the rural North Shore. Just beyond Sunset is Velzyland (above), where a renowned surfing wave on a dreamy beach has special appeal for surfers from around the globe. Large...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Days 61 & 62: Back in Colorado

Friday, Jan 25Left the Snyder Hill BLM site near Tucson before the sun was even up.  Drove the I-10 super slab eastbound towards the Monticello BLM site located to the north of Truth or Consequences, NM.It's turning out to be my "go to" BLM site while transiting New Mexico.Got there with plenty of time to run the 4KW generator and power the air compressor to blow out all the plumbing of water. Heading back to cold Colorado you see, have to winterize the rig.  Had also stopped on the way to the B...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 60: Returning to Colorado

Left Quartzsite this morning and ended up near Tucson by 5:00 PM. Long day behind the wheel but it's time to get back home and get some stuff done, Scarlett repaired or sold or both, and get Uma the URRV ready for another trip.I did stop by my FIL's home to pick up the camera/lens and meds I'd forgotten to bring with me in the flight back to AZ from Denver.Warm day, sunny skies, and I was in the RV driving...oh well.So now spending the night at the Snyder Hill BLM site near Tucson.  It's becomin...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 57: Linking up with RichardM in Quartzsite, AZ

Broke camp early and left the State Trust Land near Congress, AZ. Leaving last night's campsite area A couple of hours later, I was in the traffic zoo that is apparently Quartzsite in late January!Holy Cow, never seen so many RVs and cars crammed into so small a town.  The BLM areas looked quite saturated as well.  December is definitely the time to be at Quartzsite, not late January when there's a Gem Show, Hamfest (Ham Radio gathering), Schoolie-Palooza (RVs converted from old school bus...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Days 54 -56: A Wedding in Denver, and now back in Arizona

Friday, Jan 18.Didn't get much riding done, wasn't feeling it I guess.  The weather wasn't great, light snow and snow-covered streets.  I had ridden Fiona to the auto parts store to get a 35mm socket wrench that I will be using to seat the replacement oil seal for Scarlett's leaking final drive.Saturday, Jan 19.Today was Eric L's and Danielle F.'s wedding day at the Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver.   It was a lot of fun seeing all of Eric's daughters together in one place again, they'd all...
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The Very Best Things to do in Santorini

While most people seem to visit for a day on a cruise ship, there are many things to do in Santorini to fill up a week or two of your time! We fell in love with Santorini. A lot of people tell us "they don't like Santorini, it's too busy."  But we found it to […] Read the original post The Very Best Things to do in Santorini on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 53: Colorado Interlude: Back in Centennial

Flew home from Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix yesterday evening.Southwest Airlines flight was delayed, which did allow for this viewing of the sunset from Terminal 4: The flight itself, in spite of the regular dose of Xanax I had for flights, sucked as usual.Packed to the gills, asshole next to me with of course no concept of personal space, and shitheads in the baggage retrieval area and enroute to the the departures area.By the time Martha and Patrick picked me up, which was very shortly after...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Days 50 & 51 An Unlisted BLM site and Rain

Monday, JAN 14Decided the Painted Rock Petroglyph had become a bit crowded for me as more RVs had taken up residence.During Sunday's riding, I'd found some seemingly suitable spots along Rocky Point Road, on BLM land (according the map provided by with good cell signal.I packed up Uma the URRV and dragging Scarlett along on her trailer, we left the campground and found us a good spot perhaps 5-6 miles west on Rocky Point Road.  Looking east, you can see the hills near the Petrog...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 49: Uraling along Rocky Point Road

Today's riding involved exploring the trails around the campground.Not much to report, I kept encountering either "no motorized travel" signs or private property signs and ended up turning back.  Looking west from near the campground, that't Oatman Mountain on the right. I decided to head west, along Rocky Point Road, past the turn off for Oatman Mountain I'd explored earlier. Went as far as 17 miles, to Hyder Road where it parallels a railroad track that was marked as "out of service"....
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 49: Uraling along Painted Rock Dam Road

Today's riding involved exploring the trails around the campground.Not much to report, I kept encountering either "no motorized travel" signs or private property signs and ended up turning back.  Looking west from near the campground, that't Oatman Mountain on the right. I decided to head west, along Painted Rock Dam Road, past the turn off for Oatman Mountain I'd explored earlier. Went as far as 17 miles, to Hyder Road where it parallels a railroad track that was marked as "out of serv...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 47: Painted Rock Petroglyph Campground, Day 2

Decided to hang out another day at the campground after all.  It promised to be a sunny and warm day with some clouds.Dawn came and while started clear, a low layer of fog moved through the valley as I waited for the sun to show itself.  It made for some nice lighting in spite of the lack of clouds overhead: As the fog grew thicker, it made the nearby hills and distant peaks appear to be afloat on clouds.  Oatman Mountain  The fog got higher and partially blocked the sun as it finally...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 46: Painted Rock Petroglyph Site and Campground

Left the Cottonwood Canyon Road BLM campsite today and found a spot at the Painted Rock Petroglyph Site and Campground about 15 miles west of Gila Bend, AZ.It's a BLM campground, featuring nice big spots with space between the sites and pretty level as well.  For the $8 camping fee, there's pit toilets and a garbage dumpster along with a camp host.  Not bad.  It wasn't crowded, perhaps slightly less than half full.It's right next to the Painted Rock Petroglyph site itself.From wikipedia:  LINKTh...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 45: Maintenance Day

A cloudy day with wind making the temperatures which reached the mid-60s seem cooler.Still the clouds made for a nice sunrise: Found there were tasks to be done on Scarlett, the 2014 Ural Sidecar Rig and I spent some time at the hardware store in nearby Florence, AZ sourcing the right bolt.One of the two bolts which held the starter motor in place had fallen off and I noticed it this morning.  I think I failed to secure it properly while working on the failed clutch parts last month.  Sigh....
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 44: Checking out Cottonwood Canyon

Today was the day to ride Scarlett to see what lay to the east along Cottonwood Canyon Road.Turns out, I didn't get very far.One road turned out to be blocked, there's apparently some kind of livestock operation behind locked gates.Further on, the road got bad really fast....and I wasn't up to a kidney busting ride today and so I stopped early on for this picture. Going back to the fork in the road, I took the one on the right instead and wound up stopped by the entrance to an open pit quarry...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 43: Miami

Jan 07Miami, Arizona that is.  More on this name in a bit. After two days of overcast skies, I woke to a clear sky! Having spent my teenage years in Miami, FL....I tend to notice when other locales are named the same, such as the one in Ohio.Today I rode Scarlett over to US Highway 60 and headed east towards the town of Miami, passing Superior along the way and turning around eventually at Globe, AZ. Copper Boomtown Miami  Catholic Shrine by the Miami welcome sign How the town got ...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Days 37 - 42: Sun City and back on the road.

Martha and I spent Jan 1-4 visiting with her sister's family, her dad and local friends as well.Martha's sister, Laura, Husband Andy and son Greg all flew back to Michigan on Wednesday.  Martha and I hung out at her dad's place, just relaxing really, getting some chores done while there.Saturday, Jan 5We got the URRV ready to roll in the morning, filled up with water from Martha's dad's home and left soon afterwards.  We found a spot, enroute to the next campsite, to dump tanks, gas up both in t...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 33: Wickenburg and Vulture City

Mellow day today, Martha and I rode Scarlett about 60 miles to the tourist town of Wickenburg.Temperatures were in the high 40s as we wandered about for a bit, checking the shops that interested Martha and some of the sights.  Alas, not much picture taking was done, but I did get one of the Jail Tree: The Jail Tree Wickenburg was one of the towns I visited a little over a year ago while I was in Arizona to help take care of my FIL:  LINK We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant and then head...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 32 Travel Day to Tonopah, AZ

Dec 29We displaced from the Needle Mountain Road BLM area this morning and headed east and south towards a BLM area I'd boondocked in last year.  Its south of Tonopah, AZ, lots of space, found a smoother road in (last year I picked the worst possible road apparently) and joined the several RVs already onsite.Our sunset on DEC 28: Along the way, we dumped tanks and took on water at the Cattails Cove State Park along US 95.  $15 and the attendant made sure to tell us that this did NOT inclu...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 31: Oatman, AZ and its Burros

After a leisurely breakfast and after Martha returned from the truck stop 7 miles away where she got herself a Truck Stop Shower....we headed out in two vehicles towards Oatman, AZ about 26 miles away.It was very windy and I was having to concentrate and react constantly to strong gusts of winds that threatened to blow Scarlett to one side or other of the road. Martha was driving the rental car, as this ride was a further test of my repairs yesterday.  I'm happy to report all is well on those.W...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Days 29 & 30: Travel Day and Scarlett breaks at the London Bridge

Wednesday Dec 26After we dropped off Patrick at the airport in Las Vegas, Martha and I were quite fed up with Las Vegas and its crowds and traffic.Instead of waiting till Thursday, we packed up the URRV soon as we got back to it and headed south on US95 towards Lake Havasu.Soon, we were finally back within the confines of Arizona's border and had found a boondocking spot off of exit 4 on eastbound I-40.  There were at least five or six more RVs already camped out in the area but we got a good sp...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 28: Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day in Las Vegas. Definitely different than our life in Colorado.First, a pretty cloudy but nice sunrise: Martha and I then drove the rental car over to the Mob Museum, which proved to be OK but you really have to be interested in the Mob itself.  We were kind of hoping more for the Mob's history with Las Vegas. Not a lot to photograph really, lots of photos of criminals, some videos, a display of a "speakeasy" of the Prohibition days (an event which helped grow the mob inmense...
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Peter’s Favorite Fan Photo of the Week–December 20, 2018

Read the full article on at - Peter’s Favorite Fan Photo of the Week–December 20, 2018 Congrats to Paul, who is this week’s winner of the travel photo contest! Now that the winter season is here, this snowy photo–from Winter Park, Colorado–gave us the chills.      Each... Read More... The post Peter’s Favorite Fan Photo of the Week–December 20, 2018 appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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