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Hawaii may prolong travel quarantine as COVID-19 cases surge, Ige shuffles Health Department staff, teachers union threatens lawsuit if schools reopen, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Waikiki sunset with airplane ©2020 All Hawaii News Visitor industry braces for another pre-arrivals testing delay. Some signs of Hawaii’s fledgling tourism recovery are flying away as the state’s visitor industry braces for another delay in the start of a pre-arrivals testing program. Star-Advertiser.Gov. David Ige to revisit stay-at-home order as COVID-19 cases in Hawaii spike.  With a record 355 cases of COVID-19 recorded today, Hawaii Gov. David Ige said he’s looking at the possibil...
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Masking the Constitution

  Back in April, Steve Lubet and I suggestedthat the Supreme Court’s decision in NFIB v. Sebelius could seriously hamstring the efforts of the federal government to control Covid-19.  At the time, the question was almost purely theoretical, given President Trump’s lack of interest in controlling the disease.  It is now urgently relevant, because increasing numbers of Americans understand that Mr. Trump’s desire for a second term is a mortal danger to themselves and their families, and Joe Biden ...
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9th Circuit ends California ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines

By DON THOMPSON | Associated Press SACRAMENTO — A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday threw out California’s ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines, saying the law violates the U.S. Constitution’s protection of the right to bear firearms. “Even well-intentioned laws must pass constitutional muster,” appellate Judge Kenneth Lee wrote for the panel’s majority. California’s ban on magazines holding more than 10 bullets “strikes at the core of the Second Amendment...
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Huge Win For Gun Owners In California Standard Gun Magazine Case

9th Circuit Court sides with gun owners in landmark Duncan v. Becerra case. Standard Capacity Magazines 223 Ammunition Ammo California – -( Today the California Rifle & Pistol Association received the much-anticipated ruling in the long-fought Second Amendment case Duncan v. Becerra. This is the same case that led to “Freedom Week” where thousands of Californians were able to lawfully purchase standard capacity magazines much like the rest of the country. CRPA has been fighting...
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Empirical SCOTUS: If Ginsburg were to leave the court, her departure might resemble Thurgood Marshall’s

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health is in the news again this year. She announced last month that she was being treated with chemotherapy — the fourth time since 1999 that she has battled cancer. After she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2009, she resisted pressure to retire from the Supreme Court under the Obama administration. With multiple hospital stays this year and the cancer recurrence, many question how long she will be able to stay on the court and whether her tenure will outla...
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House Dems Launch Probe Into Voting Preparedness In Four Battleground States

House committee chairs sent out a letter Friday requesting information from four battleground states about their preparedness for November’s elections. Committee on House Administration Chair Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) and Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis Chairman James Clyburn (D-SC) requested the information from elections officials in Florida, Georgia, Texas and Wisconsin. “No voter should be forced to wait for hours in line or risk their health to exercise their constitutionally prot...
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Manhattan DA: We’re Investigating Trump For More Than Michael Cohen

The Manhattan District Attorney all but confirmed on Friday that it is investigating President Trump for more than the 2016 hush money scheme involving Michael Cohen. “Given that this much information about potentially widespread and protracted criminal conduct was in the public record (and without going into any additional, nonpublic sources), it is not plausible to speculate, let alone infer, that the grand jury investigation was limited to Cohen’s 2016 payments,” attorneys for Manhattan Di...
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The Freedom of Speech, Part 2

In our blog on Wednesday, we talked about our First Amendment rights to the freedom of speech. We gave 3 tips for how to protect this foundational right. Today we want to look at a few specifics on what it protects and what it doesn’t. If you are someone who gives presentations for a living, it’s important to know what both your rights and responsibilities are. While we’ll be referencing research from Brookings regarding what college students think about their First Amendment rights, we know man...
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Friday round-up

Briefly: In its latest coronavirus-related order, the Supreme Court on Thursday allowed Rhode Island to move forward with easing a state requirement for voters to sign absentee ballots in the presence of witnesses or a notary. The court rejected an emergency request from national and state Republicans to reinstate the requirement. Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch indicated that they would have granted the request. Amy Howe has a full analysis of the case (in a story that ...
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Angolan court sentences ex-leader's son to 5 years for fraud 

Angola's Supreme Court on Friday handed a five-year jail sentence to Jose Filomeno dos Santos, the son of the oil-rich country's former president, for fraud when he headed the national sovereign wealth fund.
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BMW and Daimler's ride-hailing service Free Now says operations are profitable and it has beaten Uber to a 2-year license in London

Free Now, Uber's big ride-hailing competitor in Europe, says its overall European operations are profitable in contrast to US rivals. Free Now also won a two-year license to operate in London in August. Uber meanwhile is scrabbling to appeal a 2019 decision to scrap its London license. Free Now is owned by two European car giants, BMW and Daimler, who committed $1 billion in 2019 to the future of mobility in a joint venture. Despite losing as much as 95% of revenue in some cities because of CO...
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Supreme Court finds Prashant Bhushan guilty of contempt of court for tweets

The Supreme Court on Friday found advocate Prashant Bhushan guilty of contempt of court for tweets he had posted over the last few weeks. “When historians in future look back at the last 6 years to see how democracy has been destroyed in India even without a formal Emergency, they will particularly mark the role of the Supreme Court in this destruction, & more particularly the role of the last 4 CJIs,” Bhushan had said in one of the tweets against which the court had taken suo moto cognisance. B...
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Supreme Court social-distances from coronavirus decisions

The US Supreme Court continues to send a clear message when it comes to emergency requests to block or change state actions and regulations tied to Covid-19: not interested.
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Pennsylvania — an important swing state — is pleading with the state's Supreme Court after the USPS said it couldn't guarantee on-time delivery of mail-in-ballots

In Pennsylvania, a little over 1% of the 1,460,700 primary mail-in ballots were rejected for being late.
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Instagram starts verifying suspicious accounts using government and other IDs

Instagram will now ask users engaging in coordinated inauthentic behaviour to start verifying their identities using government and other forms of IDs, the platform announced on August 13. If the account engages in coordinated inauthentic behaviour, has signs of automation, or has most of their followers in a different country from their own, they will be asked to show government IDs such as tax identification card, passport, birth certificate, etc., or other records such as school ID, electrici...
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Department of Justice says Yale discriminates against whites and Asians

The Ivy League university denied that its admissions process breached Supreme Court rulings.
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Supreme Court Rules Rhode Island Can Remove Witness Requirement For Mail-In Votes

The lawsuit was part of a multimillion-dollar effort by the RNC and Trump campaign to suppress mail-in votes.
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Supreme Court rejects GOP request to block Rhode Island from accepting absentee ballots without witnesses

Rhode Island dropped a requirement that absentee ballots be signed in front of two witnesses or a notary due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Breaking: In Historic Vote, Utah Supreme Court Approves Sweeping Changes in Legal Services Regulation

In a historic vote that could set a blueprint for the rest of the country, the Utah Supreme Court has approved the most sweeping changes in a generation to the regulation of law practice and the delivery of legal services. Spurred by a widening gap in access to justice, made even worse by the coronavirus crisis, the court’s five justices voted unanimously to approve a comprehensive package of changes they proposed in April and put out for public comment. The vote creates a two-year pilot of a re...
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Court denies Republicans’ request to reinstate witness requirement for Rhode Island absentee ballots

The Supreme Court on Thursday refused to intervene in a dispute over absentee ballots for the upcoming elections in Rhode Island. The justices rejected a request by the Republican National Committee and Rhode Island Republicans to freeze a lower-court order that approved an agreement between state election officials and civic groups to waive a requirement that absentee ballots be signed in the presence of either two witnesses or a notary. In a one-page order, the justices took the relatively unu...
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What the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings reveal about Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris’s questioning of Brett Kavanaugh when he was nominated to the Supreme Court won the senator praise for her prosecutorial skill.
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Supreme Court Lets Rhode Island Make Voting by Mail Easier Amid Pandemic

The court rejected a request from Republicans to block an order suspending a requirement that witnesses or a notary observe the completion of absentee ballots.
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SCOTUS Lets RI Move Forward With Agreement To Make Voting Easier For Pandemic

A Republican Party request that the Supreme Court block an agreement Rhode Island reached in court to expand absentee voting for the pandemic was a bridge too far for the conservative Court, which has otherwise sided against efforts to making voting easier in the emergency disputes that have reached it during the pandemic. The court said Thursday that it would not block Rhode Island’s consent decree, as the RNC and state GOP was requesting ahead of its upcoming primary. Rhode Island had recen...
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‘A Mad Woman’: Flailing Trump Hurls New Insults At Kamala Harris

President Donald Trump is throwing a number of insults against the wall to see what sticks as he continues attacking Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA). On Thursday morning, Trump said that he now calls Harris a “mad woman” because she was  “so angry” and had “such hatred” during the confirmation hearings for his Supreme Court pick, Justice Brett Kavanaugh. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” Trump told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo durin...
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Supreme Court won't block eased rules for Rhode Island absentee ballots

The Supreme Court will not intervene in a legal fight concerning absentee ballots in Rhode Island, meaning the state's order removing a requirement that absentee ballots must be signed by two witnesses or a notary public will stand.
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Sexagenarian Firefighter Forced to Hang Up Hose

Written by Daniel Standing LL.B., Editor, First Reference Inc. In many cases, the choice of when to retire is based on a variety of factors, including lifestyle, priorities and other circumstances. Sometimes the decision to stop working is an easy one, while others prefer to continue working as long as possible. But what happens when an employee’s retirement is not a choice but is a requirement of his or her pension plan? Is it discriminatory? This issue came before the Human Rights Tribunal of...
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Biden Points Out Predictable Trump ‘Whining’ About ‘Strong Women’ Like Harris

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden fired back at President Donald Trump during his first public appearance with his vice presidential pick in Delaware last night, saying the President’s insulting nicknames for Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) were predictable at best. “You all knew it was coming. You could have set your watches to it,” Biden said calling out the President for “whining” and lashing out with names like “nasty” and “mean” to paint an unflattering image of his running mate. “It...
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Trump Calls Fox Business Network to Rage About ‘Mad,’ ‘Crazy,’ ‘Yapping’ Powerful Women

Someone might need to remind President Donald Trump that women can actually vote in elections. In a week where Trump has already suggested it’s insulting to men for Joe Biden to pick a woman as a running mate, he’s now spent another interview raging against an array of powerful women who he says are too mean to him.The president was up early Thursday to call into Fox Business Network at 7:30 a.m. Trump, being interviewing by Maria Bartiromo, was typically unfocused, contradictory, and confusing....
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Thursday Thinkpiece: Seeking the Court’s Advice–The Politics of the Canadian Reference Power

Periodically on Thursdays, we present a significant excerpt, usually from a recently published book or journal article. In every case the proper permissions have been obtained. If you are a publisher who would like to participate in this feature, please let us know via the site’s contact form. Seeking the Court’s Advice: The Politics of the Canadian Reference Power Author: Kate Puddister ISBN: 9780774861113 Publisher: UBC Press Page Count: 290 Publication Date: November 15, 2019 Regular Price: ...
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United States: Supreme Court Rules That Title VII Protects LGBTQ Employees - Mintz

In a landmark opinion, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects gay, lesbian, and transgender employees from employment discrimination.
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