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Read this wonderfully surreal webcomic about intergalactic orgasms and the moon landing.

This is one of the things where you go "What the fuck did I just read and why am I feeling so incredibly moved by it." It's by Mads Horwath, who has also worked as a cartoonist for the New Yorker and . — Read the rest
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“Pathologic”: Imaginative, Bizarre and Otherworldy Paintings of Peter Ferguson

Canadian painter Peter Ferguson has been working had a career as a professional illustrator since graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto in 1992. He has been very successful over the years and has had many clients such as Marvel Comics, The Wall Street Journal, and has illustrated the covers of the Sisters Grimm collection. His personal work is an imaginative mixture of... Source
Tags: Design, Toronto, Bizarre, Paintings, Wall Street Journal, Inspirations, Grimm, Peter Ferguson, Surreal, Ontario College of Art, Otherworldly

French Artist SLip Creates Delightfully Otherworldy, Colorful and Superb Surreal Collages

Active in the music world since 1998, SLip is not only a collage artist but a musician as well. His work is inspired by are pop-art, Soviet minimalism, and primary colors. He uses depth to his advantage to create surreal, otherworldly landscapes where you can really imagine yourself being. SLip’s work focusses on social commentary and is greatly influenced by the Retro-futurist art movement of the... Source
Tags: Design, Future, Retro, Brutalist, Inspirations, Collages, Surreal, Otherworldly

This Artist Creates An Abstract Illusion Using Only Black And White Bodypainting

Michal Zahornacky is professional fine art photographer from Slovakia. He is a self-taught. The main role in his photography plays the human. He mainly focuses on fine-art and conceptual portraits. He brings thoughts and moods to his photographs which he always shows in unclear imagination. More: Michal Zahornacky, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda “The thin space which meets both sides... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Slovakia, Abstract, Surreal, Bodypainting, Black&white, Michal Zahornacky, Michal Zahornacky Instagram Facebook

Artist Merges Reality With Imagination To Create These Surreal Pictures

According to an artist: “I’m Justin Peters, a digital artist from Germany, my work is motivated by the desire to open other people’s minds to help them discover their own internal landscape of possibilities or impossibilities. I hope that the viewer perceives a new and different world, one which they can dive into to prove that everything is possible when you open your mind.”. Source
Tags: Design, Germany, Inspirations, Justin Peters, Collages, Surreal, Photomanipulations

Catch Me If You Can: The Superb Contemporary Surreal Paintings By Leegan Koo

Leegan was born in Seoul, Korea. He began drawing and painting at a young age by himself. He grew up moving from one metropolitan city to another—Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City to name a few—and cultural diversity and experience of dynamic urban life became the major source of his artistic inspiration, along with jazz, hiphop, and graffiti. In 2011, Leegan began to focus on painting... Source
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This Artist Blends Digital Art With Real-Life Objects And Scenery, Creating Hyper-Realistic Images That Are Surreal At The Same Time

The body of work from rek0de asserts itself as highly distinguishable in the field of 3D motion graphics. One of the notable style choices include embedding colorful swarms of spheres into urban environments, generated with computer rendering technology. The flair is surreal in that the view from which the image or video is taken seems from very identifiable angles, as if a bystander came across... Source
Tags: Design, Digital, 3D, Inspirations, Surreal

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone: The Superb Creative And Dreamlike Photo Manipulations By Aaron Elliott

Stunning futuristic and cyberpunk manipulations by Aaron Elliott, a talented artist, designer, and web developer from New Castle, Pennsylvania. Aaron focuses mainly on whymsical and dreamlike manipulations. More: Instagram h/t: Source
Tags: Design, Creative, 3D, Inspirations, Surreal, Dreamlike, New Castle Pennsylvania, Photomanipulations, Aaron Elliott

This Russian Artist Dresses Herself And Her Models In Surreal And Weird Costumes Made Out Of Vegetables, Fruits And Plants

Everyone has a hobby, right? Well, some are weirder than others. Meet this artist from Russia, her name is Katya and she creates unique makeup looks using vegetables, fruits, plants and many other fragments of nature. You can say she’s all-natural. Katya grew up surrounded by plants, crops, and animals, that’s what inspired her to create these surreal and weird makeup looks. Source
Tags: Costumes, Design, Makeup, Weird, Russia, Nature, Katya, Surreal

The Starry Heavens Above Me And The Moral Law Within Me: Atmospheric Paintings By Nicola Caredda

Nicola Caredda was born in Cagliari in 1981. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari and undertake an independent and singular pictorial search path rather secluded compared to the most popular movements by local artists of his age. Transcends reality using a dreamy-visionary language, creates dense special obsessively images that blend elements from distant expressive vocabularies... Source
Tags: Design, Paintings, Cagliari, Inspirations, Surreal, Sassari, Atmospheric, Nicola Caredda

Beautiful Female Portrait Photography By Caio Borém

Gorgeous female portraits by Caio Borém, a talented self-taught photographer, and retoucher currently based in London, England. Caio focuses mainly on portraiture, beauty, and lifestyle photography. More: Instagram h/t: Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Beautiful, Female, Surreal, Caio Borém, London England Caio

Until We Meet Again: Dreamy And Surreal Paintings Of Robert Dowling Jr

Maine-based Robert Dowling Jr. creates wonderfully whimsical stories with a slightly surreal touch. The self-taught artist, who works primarily in acrylics and oils, often paints characters with their faces covered or turned away. Love art like this that both children and adults can enjoy in their own unique way. More: DeviantArt... Source
Tags: Design, Maine, Paintings, Inspirations, Surreal, Dreamy, Robert Dowling Jr

Digital Artist Merges Human Body With Everyday Objects To Create Extraordinary Images

Monica Carvalho (previously) has been into about art for years now. The Swiss-born digital artist living and working in Berlin is passionate about making the ordinary extraordinary. More: Instagram h/t: playjunkie “My artistic process is to challenge myself to look the familiar from a new perspective,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. Source
Tags: Design, Berlin, Inspirations, Collages, Surreal, Photomanipulations, Monica Carvalho

Surreal Fabric Forms: Stunning Still Life Photography By Neal Grundy

Spectacular still life shots by Neal Grundy, a gifted photographer, and artist currently based in London, United Kingdom. Neal specializes in product and freeze motion photography. More: Neal Grundy, Instagram h/t: photogrist View this post on Instagram New transient Sculpture images. Shot in Wales. . . . . . . . #transientsculputres #nealgrundy #fabics #movement #color #colour #landscape #wales # Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Wales, Air, Fabric, Forms, Surreal, Neal Grundy, London United Kingdom Neal, Neal Grundy Instagram

Surreal Family Vacation Photos That Include The Cats

New York City photographer Jim Lind decided that he wanted to include the family cats in everything he and his wife did, so he created the wonderfully surreal photo series “Family Vacation”. More: Jim Lind, Facebook h/t: laughingsquid The photos depict the cats participating in a moonwalk in New Zealand, a mountain hike in Montana, snowman building in Iceland, an undersea adventure and even a... Source
Tags: Family, Photography, Design, Cats, Vacation, Surreal, Photomanipulations

Into The Mirror: A Series Of Images By Luca Meneghel That Intersect Reality And Artistry Through The Fusion Of Lens Captures And Hand Drawing

Luca Meneghel is a fashion photographer born in Belluno, Italy. His unique view is the result of a background in design combined with a deep fascination with the way people and space relate to each other. He lists among his publications Vogue Portugal, Numéro France, Elle Portugal, Monocle… More: Luca Meneghel, Instagram... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Selfie, Mirror, Surreal, Belluno Italy, Luca Meneghel, Fusion Of Lens, Vogue Portugal Numéro France Elle Portugal

Traveling Couple Captures Ethereal Images In The Most Unspoiled Places Around The World

Besides being couple goals, Victoria Yore and TJ Drysdale are redefining the traditional travel photography we see on social media every day with their endless passion for exploration and daring to think outside the box. They wander the world in search of the most breathtaking and unspoiled locations to create their fairytale-like stories captured in ethereal images. More: Follow Me Away... Source
Tags: Travel, Photography, Design, World, Landscapes, Couple, Surreal, Ethereal, Victoria Yore, TJ Drysdale

The Ministry Of Ferrous Metallurgy: Modern Russia In Absolutely Brilliant Illustrations By Alexandra Zheleznova

Alexandra Zheleznova paints a world, where modern Russian reality is interwoven with mysticism, industrial aesthetics and the motives of the German Middle Ages: luxury vehicles, smoking chimneys of Siberian factories, snow, oil, blood and monsters with the heads of dogs. The web page of the project “Ministry of Ferrous Metallurgy” may not be understood easily. There are characters... Source
Tags: Design, Russia, Illustrations, Modern, Inspirations, Surreal, Sarcastic, Ministry Of Ferrous Metallurgy, Alexandra Zheleznova

La Purrsh: Enter Casey Weldon’s Entrancing World Of Love, Fear And Nostalgia

Casey Weldon’s post pop-surrealist work has made heads turn throughout the art world and gathered thousands of fans who can’t get enough of his psychedelic, dreamlike visual storytelling which links humans with the natural world in the most unusual ways. More: Instagram, Shop h/t: playjunkie Relying on a trippy palette of neon pink and blue hues, the Seattle-based artist depicts interactions... Source
Tags: Design, Seattle, Inspirations, Psychedelic, Surreal, Dreamlike, Casey Weldon, Instagram Shop

Photographer Radosław Kaźmierczak Captures The Urban Surrealism Of Poland In Great Details

Radosław Kaźmierczak was born in 1985, Tychy in Silesia, Poland. He learned photography at the turn of the analog and digital era. Works yet on analog equipment. Occupies a widely understood portrait and subjective photo coverage. Continuously cooperates with numerous publishing houses, press, and cultural institutions. His works were repeatedly awarded (BZWBK Press Photo... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Urban, Cities, Poland, Night, Surreal, Radosław Kaźmierczak

“What We See When We Shut Our Eyes”: The Superb Digital Artworks Of BakaArts

“I’m Darius, a Digital Artist based in Germany. I design personalized and creativity-focused works for big and small clients. I have a keen eye for surrealistic, modern & colorful, thought-provoking designs. I love taking on new design challenges and making your ideas come to life. I am here to solve your problems.” More: BakaArts, Instagram... Source
Tags: Design, Digital, 3D, Inspirations, Surreal, BakaArts

Japanese Sculptor Shows How He Transforms Wood Into Surreal Sculptures

These surreal wood sculptures by Japanese sculptor Yoshitoshi Kanemaki will become so much more impressive once you see how much work it took to make them! For one of his latest sculptures, an otherwise-ordinary girl with 12 faces, Kanemaki created a series of progress photos that show the sculpture’s progress from crude log to finished work of art. Thanks to the reference lines he draws on the... Source
Tags: Japan, Design, Wood, Sculptures, Surreal, Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

Artist Creates 3D Sculptures Of Ancient Deities And Mythological Creatures With A Modern And Surreal Twist

According to Oliver Marinkoski: “I got to the idea what it would look like if the ancient Slavic gods were represented in Roman style sculptures, then added some modern attributes to their supernatural ability’s (God and Goddess of thunder got a boom-stick). Then I continued creating their Roman and Hellenic counterparts, and maybe ancient Egypt gods are next!” More: Instagram h/ Source
Tags: Design, Egypt, 3D, Characters, Ancient, Mythological, Surreal, Scuptures, Oliver Marinkoski

If You Didn't Like the Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer, Try This Terrifyingly Surreal One Instead

Sonic the Hedgehog doesn’t look promising. But it definitely has room to look… stranger. Read more...
Tags: Science, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega, Paramount, Uncanny Valley, Surreal, Sonic

“The Lonely Astronaut”: Whimsical And Surreal Photography Series By Karen Jerzyk

If you didn’t hear yet for brilliant Karen Jerzyk, a professional photographer based out of the Boston area, then let us introduce her through this playful ongoing series and unique project which explores themes of loneliness and isolation – ‘The Lonely Astronaut.’ More: Karen Jerzyk, Instagram, Behance h/t: colossal This incredibly introverted, awkward wallflower... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Boston, Astronaut, Series, Lonely, Surreal, Karen Jerzyk, Karen Jerzyk Instagram Behance

“Surrealism At Perfection”: Haunting Illustrations Of Aykut Aydogdu

Aykut Aydogdu (previously) was born in 1986, Ankara – Turkey. He started studying Fine Arts at high school and graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts – Graphic Design. He has various works on commercial illustrations, magazine covers, movie posters. His surreal figurative works are mainly concentrated on the dilemmas of the daily life. More: Aykut Aydogdu, Instagram, Behance... Source
Tags: Design, Turkey, Illustrations, Inspirations, Ankara Turkey, Surreal, Haunting, Aykut Aydoğdu

Japanese Illustrator Imagines A World Where Humans Live Among Giant Animals

By the hands of super creative mystery illustrator from Japan, comes the world like no other. On social media, the artist is known as Ariduka55 and it seems artist loves cats the most. There are a lot of other cuddly animals like pandas, rabbits, raccoons, and dogs and they are all giant creatures! “A world where you can surrender yourself to sleep on a giant ball of fur is a world where you... Source
Tags: Japan, Design, Cats, Animals, Inspirations, Giant, Surreal, Dreamy, Ariduka55

Bizarre Details Enliven Seemingly Simple Moments in Photographs By Ben Zank

Ben Zank captures emotions of confusion, restriction, and ennui and in his ongoing series of banal-meets-bizarre photographs. Each image features a single subject in a seemingly mundane location: on a city sidewalk, near a semi truck trailer, or in a forest. Yet the individual at hand is engaged with or affected by their surroundings in highly unusual ways: one figure bends backward under the... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Bizarre, Emotions, Surreal, Ben Zank

“My Surreal Hong Kong”: Superb Photo Manipulations With A Twist By Tommy Fung

Hong Kong through Tommy Fung‘s eyes is much more fun and exciting than to the typical observer. He masterfully plays with buildings, people, transport and nature in a surrealistic way that reimagines the Asian city as a creation of his imagination. Upon return to his native Hong Kong, this Venezuela-raised graphic designer and photographer noticed that people seem oddly unhappy and anxious... Source
Tags: Hong Kong, Design, Venezuela, Inspirations, Surreal, Tommy Fung, Photomanipulations

Photographer Creates Surreal & Minimalist Self-Portraits Surrounded By Flowers And Fruits

Here is a very delicate Instagram gallery. Ziqian Liu specialises in self-portrait. The photographer stages herself in a minimal universe, surrounded by flowers and fruits. By playing with mirror and reflection, she deconstructs her body with poetry and originality More: Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Fruits, Flowers, Minimalist, Self-portraits, Surreal, Ziqian Liu