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How to Survive the Final Season of Game of Thrones If You're Not a Fan

By my calculations (i.e., a quick Google search), I see that Game of Thrones Season 8 is about to premier on Sunday evening. It is, as basically everyone knows, mercifully in its FINAL season.Read more...
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If ever there was a video that summed up the need to keep fighting, this is probably it.

Talk about being in the wrong part of town at the wrong time. I love this video, even though it’s exhausting – I needed a panadol and a laydown after Read More …
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How to Make a Marine Corps Fighting Hole

To the uninitiated, a Marine Corps fighting hole appears to be nothing more than a basic burrow in the ground. But it is in fact one of the most effective defensive positions you can make. It requires only a shovel (even just the military-issue, folding kind) to create, and it helps protect you from a variety of environmental and enemy threats. This fighting hole or foxhole features several elements that help keep you dry, warm, and out of the wind. It also keeps you out of sight and protected ...
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Can You Survive with Paracord?

There are probably over 100 different ways to use paracord. The strong parachute cord can be used for crafts, camping, and many other applications. Paracord, however, is more popularly used for survival. It can be used to:throw up a bear hangconstruct a shelterstart a fireor even for fishing. This survival tool is extremely versatile and can really be made into anything you need! It can even be used to create different types of survival bracelets, which are a great way to keep your supply of par...
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"My mum was chasing me and I started running. At first I could hear her but then I got lost... I leaned on a stone, started calling her, but she didn't hear me... I [started] walking towards a light that was very far away."

Said Benjamín Sánchez, a 5-year-old boy who was lost in the desert (in Argentina) for 24 hours, quoted in BBC.The decision to start "walking towards a light that was very far away" is interesting. A couple weeks ago, there was a story about 2 little girls who got lost in the forest in California who remembered and followed a survival rule they had been taught: Once you know you are lost, stay put. 1,000 people were looking for Sánchez, and the point at which he became lost was known, yet the sea...
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Always Cheat, Always Win: Wilderness Survival 101

Search and Rescue leader Andrew Herrington throws his students into icy creeks and teaches them how to save themselves. Our travel editor Ellen Kanzinger signed up. When I registered for Andrew Herrington’s Survival 101 class, he told me, “I hope it’s cold as shit for your class.” That’s his mentality when it comes to teaching wilderness survival. Train in the worst conditions and you’ll be able to survive anything.   He certainly got his wish there. Although the temperature over the week...
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How to Tie a One-Handed Bowline Knot

The bowline is one of the most useful knots you can know. Simple to tie, and easy to undo, the beauty of the bowline is that it creates a quick loop secured by a knot that tightens when under load. Sailors use the bowline to fasten halyards and other rigging which require a super-secure connection.   The one-handed bowline is a technique that allows you to tie the knot using only one hand. Why is that useful? Imagine you’ve slipped and fallen into a rushing river. At the last second, you grab t...
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How to Survive Quicksand

As a child, I knew two things about quicksand: that it’s a go-to peril for cartoon characters in jungles, and that in real life, it’s only sticky if you treat it like a solid. Pretend it’s water, and you can swim out of it. Read more...
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"Caroline said that as her big sister kept watch at night for wild animals, 'I thought of going to the park with mommy and daddy. I thought of going to the ocean. I thought of everything but it didn't work.'"

From "Rescued California sisters, ages 8 and 5, say they survived by drinking rainwater from leaves and keeping 'happy thoughts' about their family" (ABC News). [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Missing California sisters, aged 5 and 8, survived 44 hours in forest

Wilderness training credited for saving their lives Missing California sisters Caroline Carrico, 5, and Leia Carrico, 8, survived 44 hours in the forest after they went for a walk on a deer trail on their family’s 80-acre property, wandered past a fallen tree that their father had warned them not to go beyond, and became lost. The girls huddled under Caroline’s rain jacket for shelter and cuddled under a huckleberry bush to stay dry and warm as it began to rain and nighttime temperatures...
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How to Escape a Car Hanging Off a Cliff

The image of a car dangling over a cliff is one of Hollywood’s favorite go-to moments of suspense. In real life, finding yourself in that situation is quite a bit rarer, but it’s certainly not unheard of. When you consider the number of human-made “cliffs” like highway overpasses and bridges, there are ample opportunities for a basic fender bender to turn into a serious cliffhanger. If you find yourself behind the wheel of a precariously positioned car, the key is to avoid any sudden movements...
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A hiker in Zion National Park gets trapped in quicksand — and stays trapped for hours in freezing cold water.

WaPo reports.“Quicksand is not normally a problem at Zion, but it does happen if conditions are right,” said Alyssa Baltrus, a spokeswoman for the park. “We have been unusually wet here this winter. The weather was most likely a contributing factor.”Despite what Hollywood would have you think, a 2005 study by researchers at the University of Amsterdam showed that it is not possible for a person to sink entirely into quicksand, because they are too buoyant.....“The water was so cold I thought for...
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The man who lived to tell the tale of his 10 minute fight with a mountain lion.

It's Travis Kauffman. The lion had his right wrist locked in its jaw the whole time: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Can You Survive The Cold?

Subscribe to the Camobloge [Author: Rothco NY]
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"It’s an amazing story. Everyone is baffled and impressed. He had no weapons, no knives or trekking poles with him."

"How did he do it? It’s pretty rare. That is definitely a twist on this, I’m sure.... With a mountain lion, your best chance is to fight. If you make yourself small they will think you are prey."Said the spokeswoman for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, quoted in "How the trail runner attacked by a mountain lion in Larimer County killed the animal/Necropsy: Jogger suffocated mountain lion in life-or-death struggle" (The Denver Post).The victim was running on West Ridge Trail [west of Fort Collins] wh...
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Man who clung to the hood of a car as it drove for miles up to 70 mph says, "He kept going fast, slow, fast, slow, to get me to slide off."

Video at NBC News, where you can see the man looking straight into the window at the driver and yelling, "Stop the car, stop the car."Police told NBC Boston that Richard Kamrowski, 65, jumped onto the hood of a white Infiniti SUV that belonged to Mark Fitzgerald, 37, after a verbal altercation over a minor traffic accident on Interstate 90 about 20 miles west of Boston.Fitzgerald apparently had enough of the two men’s confrontation at some point after their collision and attempted to drive away,...
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"We are not going to stop even one minute. Nobody in the rescue team is putting in doubt that we will bring him out, and we all remain confident that he will be alive."

Said a government official quoted in "Crews Race To Save 2-Year-Old Spanish Boy Who Fell Down 300-Foot Hole."Members of a Swedish company that helped locate the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground in 2010 arrived on Tuesday, Spanish police told Reuters.Julen was playing with his 1 1/2-year-old cousin when he fell down the hole.... The hole may have been drilled by someone in an attempt to find water, El País reports. "There are hundreds more like that one, covered with rocks, and nobody thinks...
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"When she was forced to hide under the bed, Jayme told detectives, Mr. Patterson would box her in with totes and laundry bins that he secured with barbell weights."

"He would turn on music to prevent guests from hearing any noise she made. And one time, when Mr. Patterson believed she had tried to escape, Jayme said he struck her and threatened worse consequences if she tried again. But last Thursday, after Mr. Patterson told Jayme he was leaving for a few hours, she managed to force her way out from under the bed, she said. She grabbed a pair of men’s shoes — apparently Mr. Patterson’s — and ran to a nearby road, shoes ill fitting and on the wrong feet, cr...
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"All in all... I prefer a campfire-roasted porcupine that I killed and butchered... slathered with highbush cranberry ketchup..."

"... foraged chickweed salad with mushrooms on the side, a hot cup of stinging nettle tea to wash it down and a handful of wild blueberries for dessert. Bugs, sticks, sand and assorted forest floor debris sometimes makes it into my vittles but... 'It’s clean dirt.'.... My toilet is a hollow cottonwood stump and I bathe with a kettle of hot creek water. Some places along the highway offer showers but they cost money and contribute to ecocide, so I clean my crotch in the creek occasionally. But pe...
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"When she got near me I could see who she was. She told me, 'I'm Jayme.' "

"I just held onto her, and I said we're going to find somebody who's home, we're going to call the police. You're going to be OK. You're going to be safe." [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Why You Should Consider Volunteering With a Search and Rescue Team

Editor’s note: This is a guest article from Graham Shea. This is the time of year when people are making goals towards their personal development. Yet the paradoxical thing about seeking to improve one’s self, is that it’s best accomplished by looking outside of it. A couple years ago I stumbled across an ad in the paper which said that my local search and rescue team was recruiting volunteers. SAR teams are called upon to help people who are in potential distress or imminent danger, often goin...
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"I threw the ball 100 metres towards the Swiss border and told the children to run and get the ball. They ran after the ball and this is how they crossed."

"After that, the Italians left France and the German came in. It became too dangerous to play ball with the children like this. With the Germans we didn’t play these games.”From "French Resistance hero who saved hundreds of Jewish children dies aged 108/Georges Loinger escaped from German camp and spent rest of the war helping children cross Swiss border" (The Guardian). [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Living off the grid in northern Wyoming.

A charmingly practical view of what it takes: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Ms. Klaben and Mr. Flores crashed in terrain that was waist-deep in snow, with temperatures as numbing as 48 degrees below zero."

"Without wilderness survival training, Mr. Flores adapted nonetheless. He wrapped Ms. Klaben’s injured foot in her sweaters, covered the openings of the cabin with tarpaulins and tried, without success, to fix their radio to send out a distress signal and build rabbit traps. What little food Ms. Klaben and Mr. Flores had brought on board — a few cans of sardines, tuna fish, fruit salad and a box of Saltine crackers — was rationed and gone within 10 days. They drank water, some of it filtered thr...
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How to Treat a Gunshot Wound

Gunshot wounds can be one of the most devastating injuries a person can endure. Depending on the type of bullet, its trajectory when it hits you, and the location it enters, a bullet can rip apart internal organs, break bones, puncture lungs, and cause severe blood loss from critical arteries. Because gunshot wounds can cause such an array of damage, it would take years of training to understand how to treat them all effectively. But, there are things everyone can do to help buy time for a gun...
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"The son of a doctor who fled China during the Cultural Revolution, Chau had been fascinated with the outdoors since he pulled a dusty copy of 'Robinson Crusoe' off his father’s bookshelf as a child…"

"He later read the novel 'The Sign of the Beaver,' about a boy who is left alone and guards his family’s log cabin with the help of a Native American friend. That book 'inspired my brother and I to paint our faces with wild blackberry juice and to tramp through our backyard with bows and spears we created from sticks,' Chau recalled…. 'He lost his mind, definitely,' [said an acquaintance]. 'But ask any adventurer. You have to lose your mind a little bit, otherwise you don’t do it.'"From "'He los...
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"I’m a mountain boy, I’ve got everything I need. I understand (the police) are worried, but I’ve been here my whole life.... I’m not a survivalist. I’m a survivor."

Said Brad Weldon, quoted in "Generators, Coors and canned food. How these ‘mountain boys’ are surviving in Paradise" (Sacramento Bee).“I can’t see myself sitting in a shelter, day after day, with sick people and screaming kids all around me,” said Lyndon McAfee, another of those toughing it out behind the lines.... “This is my home, Paradise, man,” he said. “I love this place.”...“I woke up and said to myself, ‘What the hell am I doing here?’” [saidStewart Nugent, who then] snuck back into Parad...
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"A Wisconsin legislator who is also a firefighter ripped the state Department of Natural Resources for persuading his department to rescue a deer stranded on a frozen lake...."

"Republican Rep. Adam Jarchow... said he would fire the [DNR] warden tomorrow if he could for 'being complicit in putting firefighters at risk, over a stupid deer.'... 'This is a complete embarrassment and a joke,' tweeted Jarchow.... The DNR posted a glowing statement about the incident on its website Tuesday. The release praised Warden Jesse Ashton for organizing a team of wardens and local firefighters to rescue the deer, saying, 'Those little hooves are no match for slick surfaces!... Teamwo...
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"As firefighters keep battling the blazes, a new menace is emerging: debris flows. The rains are coming to California..."

"... as soon as Tuesday night, and the fires have primed the soil for another disaster that can claim yet more lives.... The problem is a fundamental change to the soil itself. When a wildfire burns vegetation, it releases organic compounds.... This soil normally absorbs water, but the organic compounds turn it hydrophobic, literally meaning 'fear of water.' It is not an understatement: You can pour a bottle of water on this burned soil and it’ll bead right off, as if the dirt were polished marb...
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4 Ways to Make Improvised Urban Survival Arrowheads

The original arrowheads were made from organic materials — often through the process of “knapping” rocks like obsidian, chert, and flint. The sharp flakes of stone which resulted were then affixed to arrow shafts, and shot from bows by primitive hunters to take down game and battle their human enemies. Still today, stone arrowheads are made by bushcrafters, and they can be life-savers in wilderness survival situations. But what if you need to make an arrowhead in an urban environment, where st...
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