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New Study From thredUP Shows Secondhand Clothing Is Displacing Fast Fashion

A year of living in a pandemic caused a shift in consumer behavior across industries. Predictions came mid-last year that sustainable clothing categories, particularly resale, would see a significant increase while shoppers looked to both sell their old items sitting at home and save money when buying new ones. Now, online consignment and thrift store...
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Facebook Issues 2020 Sustainability Report

Facebook released its Sustainability Report for 2020 this week, saying that it met its goals of reaching net zero emissions and 100% renewable energy for its global operations. The company also reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 94% from 2017 levels, exceeding its goal of 75%. Other highlights from the 2020 report included: The company's...
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In a Wave of Crises, a New CMO Playbook Emerges

Fifteen months ago, as the world began to go into lockdown mode, Heide Palermo and I began to host a series of marketing community support calls for CMOs and top Innovators. The world had changed. Consumers were panicking. Employees were rewiring their homes. Retailers were scrambling. Brands were at a standstill. Marketing was disrupted. Everything...
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Infographic — Face The Business Risks Of Climate Change Head On

Climate change poses numerous business risks. No industry is immune. Use this infographic to explore how the climate crisis affects businesses and how bold action can mitigate your organization's risk exposure.
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A Beautiful Window Unit Air Conditioner? Windmill Has You Covered

We've seen disruption in mattresses, razors, alcohol, toothpaste and, now, window unit air conditioners. Mike Mayer is the co-founder of Windmill, a startup that's setting out to breathe new life into the air care category--starting with their window unit AC. On this episode of I'm With the Brand, we hear about Windmill's relentless focus on...
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This Brand Ensures Sustainability Isn’t Niche

As the pandemic wanes, the health of the planet remains top of mind for both consumers and brands. Despite the grounding of planes, drastically reduced commutes and closed businesses, carbon dioxide reached record levels in the atmosphere in 2020--demonstrating the difficulties on the road ahead. More big brands are making net-zero emissions promises, including Unilever's...
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Protecting space stations from deadly space debris

NASA estimates that more than 500,000 pieces of space trash larger than a marble are currently in orbit. Estimates exceed 128 million pieces when factoring in smaller pieces from collisions. At 17,500 MPH, even a paint chip can cause serious damage.To prevent this untrackable space debris from taking out satellites and putting astronauts in danger, scientists have been working on ways to retrieve large objects before they collide and create more problems.The team at Clearspace, in collaborat...
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Consumers Demand and These Brands Deliver on Sustainability

Sustainability and environmental consciousness have taken center stage as leading factors in consumer purchasing trends. As a result, brands are taking an increased interest in their sourcing of materials and products in an effort to improve their environmental actions. Leaders from Everlane, Imperfect Foods, and IKEA discussed their growing sustainability efforts and plans for the...
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Barbie’s Newest Doll Collection Is Made From Recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic

Iconic toy company Mattel recently announced its goal to achieve 100% recycled, recyclable or bio-based plastic materials for all of its products and packaging by 2030. With the belief that creating a sustainable future means inspiring future innovators and leaders to prioritize it from the start, the brand has initiated campaigns through its toy brands...
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Modular construction: Using Lego-like blocks to build structures of the future

Modular construction involves building the components of a habitable structure in a factory, and then assembling those components on-site.The history of modular construction stretches back centuries, and it became briefly popular in the U.S. after World War II, but it's never quite caught on.Construction firms like iMod Structures, which constructs buildings that can be modified and relocated, may soon change that.Modular construction is on the rise. Once a marginal sector focused on building a...
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Landmark Report Links Earth’s 2 Biggest Existential Threats for the First Time

Mass extinction and the climate emergency each pose an existential threat to life as we know it. A new landmark report shows they must be tackled in tandem to give nature—and by extension, us—the best shot at survival.Read more...
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The crypto ecosystem has been challenged 'no fewer than probably 100 times' over its lifetime. Here's why many institutions are still piling into the asset class, and what roadblocks remain.

"Future of Finance," an Insider virtual event, was presented on June 8, 2021. Insider As the crypto market continues to see its most notable boom yet, big companies in the sector have encouraged traditional Wall Street to venture into the space. The crypto market is "much healthier and much more two-sided" than ever, said one investment firm CEO. The conversation was part of Insider's virtual event, "Future of Finance," presented by Grayscale. Click here to view a recording of the ful...
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CauseBox is changing its name to Alltrue, but it still offers the same eco-conscious products we love

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. , which was previously Causebox, is a subscription box service that's delivered seasonally. Each box has products from socially conscious brands, including homeware, jewelry, and more. Alltrue offers both for $49.95 or a for $54.95. Annual Subscription (small) Quarterly Subscription (small) Subscription services like BirchBox and have gained a lot of attention over the last few years, spurring mo...
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IPG’s Climate Action Plan Sets an Emissions Reduction Target

Interpublic Group (IPG) is implementing what it calls an "ambitious climate action plan" to battle climate change. Philippe Krakowsky, chief executive officer at IPG, said in a statement that this shift towards sustainable transformation is imperative for the company to advance its ESG goals. "The steps we are taking today represent a significant move forward...
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Grove Collaborative Names New CMO as It Looks to Drive Awareness

Sustainable consumer goods company Grove Collaborative has named Jennie Perry its new chief marketing officer as the $1.32 billion online startup aims to reach more shoppers keen on lowering their ecological footprint. In addition to overseeing marketing strategy, Perry will lead creative, communications, brand strategy and consumer insights. She reports to cofounder and CEO Stuart...
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UK Media Agencies Sign Up for Carbon Reduction Charter

In recent years the advertising and media sector has begun to wake up to its own contribution to the impact it makes on the environment, with networks such as WPP and Havas among others outlining their pledges to becoming net zero. Now, IPA, the U.K.'s agency membership body, has initiated a Media Charter that aims...
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Corona Employs AR to Show How Plastic Is Destroying Oceans and Beaches

In its desire to become net zero, AB InBev's Mexican beer label Corona has been recovering plastic released into the ocean and beaches, and to mark World Oceans Week, it released an augmented reality (AR) experience to challenge consumers to reduce their own personal plastic footprint. "Plastic Reality" users will be able to estimate their...
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Founders must show investors that sustainability is more than lip service

Todd Klein Contributor Share on Twitter Todd Klein is a partner at Revolution Growth, a VC fund that invests in growth-stage companies. During his 20-year career, Todd has been involved in financing and building over 150 venture and growth-stage companies in the media, consumer, technology, education and healthcare sectors. Ending years of debates over environmental sustainability, the United States officially declared a clima...
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How Havas Plans to Shrink the Advertising Group’s Environmental Footprint by 2025

Advertising network Havas Group detailed steps to become more environmentally sustainable over the next four years as it aims to lower its greenhouse gas emissions (HGG) by 60%. The group issued a corporate social responsibility (CSR) report that promises to lower electricity consumption by 5%, move a quarter of the business to renewable energy supplies,...
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Africa must protect the high seas before it’s too late

We must act now to secure the world’s oceans as a common good — and prevent catastrophic repercussions, argues Halemariam Desalegn The post Africa must protect the high seas before it’s too late appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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A marine biologist uses Maps to explore under the sea

Just under the water lies one of the biggest mysteries of the Great Barrier Reef: blue holes. These underwater sinkholes give researchers a rare look at ocean life and how we can protect it. Until a few years ago, only two blue holes were documented in the entirety of the Great Barrier Reef — they are hard to find and even harder to get to. With the help of Google Maps, marine biologist Johnny Gaskell and a team of researchers are finding previously unknown blue holes. In 2017, after witnessing ...
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Samsung Builds a World Using Upcycled Product Packaging

With a Covid-inspired surge in home deliveries and wasteful packaging over the past year, electronics firm Samsung chose to launch an eco-friendly home renovation project ahead of the United Nation's World Environment Day. Released on June 4, the campaign was devised by Edelman, which was instructed to find a way people could rethink how to...
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Twitter Details World Environment Day Initiatives

Twitter detailed steps it took this week to help raise awareness about the climate crisis and enable users to organize for change in their communities and connect with others who are passionate about protecting the planet ahead of World Environment Day Saturday (June 5). Users who follow the Climate Change Topic will see personalized conversations...
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Scottish Government Shows World the Climate Crisis Impact

Ahead of the 26th U.N. Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) Summit taking place in Glasgow later this year to bring together world leaders to confirm how they plan to tackle the climate emergency; the Scottish Government has released a campaign calling for collective action to reach net zero. Scotland has committed to reaching...
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Pinterest Prepares Brands for the ‘Greenaissance’

Pinterest is going green this week with "Here Comes the 'Greenaissance,'" new insights on Pinners' renewed focus on calls for community action, earth-friendly products and sustainable living. A recent study by the company found that the majority of respondents started at least one new sustainability habit during the pandemic, and four out of five plan...
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Corona Commits to Protecting the Beaches With a Newly Announced Sustainability Program

Over the years, Corona has successfully positioned itself as the beer to drink on the beach thanks, in part, to its slogan "find your beach" and its faithful use of aspirational, oceanside imagery. Now the brand is aiming to keep shorelines looking picture perfect by launching a "Protect Our Beaches" initiative. Corona kicked off the...
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Humans aren’t overpopulated. We’re aging and shrinking

A new study used demographic data to explore current and projected population changes around the world. Europe and Asia are shrinking, while Africa is still growing. For the first time in history, people aged 65+ outnumber children younger than five. Underpopulation will cause serious challenges for sustainability.The 20th century saw the greatest population surge in human history, rising globally from 1.6 billion in 1900 to 6 billion in 2000. That trend is over. The majority of demographic dat...
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SIGN UP NOW: CEOs share what's next and how talent drives transformation

Drazen_/Getty Images 2020 changed everything for companies big and small. Insider's "What's Next" asked CEOs around the globe to tell in their own words how the pandemic changed leadership, office, plans, and actions on social justice and DEI. On June 29, 2021, Insider is hosting "What's Next: CEOs on How Talent Drives Transformation," a free virtual event, at noon ET, featuring speakers from PwC, Crisp, DreamBox Learning, and more. Click here to register for this free virtual...
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Forr The Planet: Sustainability Interview Series – Dr. Suku Nair, SMU AT&T Center for Virtualization

Photo by Abhinav Sunil The intersection of how technology platforms are evolving and how it both affects and aids sustainability is a topic that Forrester’s sustainability team is currently studying. On this, we spoke with Dr. Suku Nair, one of the most respected computer scientists in the country now. He currently heads the SMU AT&T […]
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Sustainable Commerce: 3 Ways To Reinvent Your Business

Retailers have come to realize that sustainability measures are unavoidable as they will be imposed by new regulations and a growing number of eco-conscious consumers, argues Ivan Kot, Customer Acquisition Director and IT Solution Manager at Itransition. The post Sustainable Commerce: 3 Ways To Reinvent Your Business appeared first on Young Upstarts.
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