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Why "healthy" materials are key to Google's new buildings

As a New Yorker, I’m struck by California’s  natural beauty. When I visit Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, I walk along the sidewalk and exclaim things like, “Is that wild sage?” (My coworkers find it amusing.)The tree-lined scenery of the San Francisco Bay Area gives some much-needed refreshment to my senses, which tend to be dulled by subway cars and honking car horns.When I’m in the Bay Area, I often wonder how two completely different worlds—one of computer chips and algorithms and an...
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Get lost in the new Earth Timelapse, now on mobile

Today we’re introducing several updates to Google Earth Timelapse, a global, zoomable time-lapse video that lets anyone explore the last 35 years of our changing planet’s surface—from the global scale to the local scale. This update adds two additional years of imagery to the time-series visualization, now spanning from 1984 to 2018, along with mobile support and visual upgrades to make exploring more accessible and intuitive. Timelapse provides a comprehensive picture of our changing...
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From food waste to tasty treats in Google’s kitchens

For Kristen Rainey, a carrot is more than a vegetable. It’s the opportunity to cook “from root to stem” and make anything from salads and juice to ice cream and candy. Cooking this way helps combat food waste, an issue that affects everyone—particularly the 800 million people who suffer from hunger each year.One third of all food produced for human consumption, or about 1.3 billion pounds of food, is wasted every year. Plus,  wasted food emits potent greenhouse gases when it decomposes. “The sit...
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3 Insanely Helpful (And #TeaProudly-Approved) Tips For Your Garden This Year

The sun is out, birds are chirping and flowers are blooming… welcome back, spring! After a long winter, it’s the perfect time to get your garden in tip-top shape for 2019. And, Bigelow Tea has just the essential tips to help you out – just in time for Earth Month (and right after Earth Day, BTW!). Whether you tackle garden chores little-by-little or all at once, these are a few of our favorite ways to give our garden back some life. Clean up, clean up! First thing’s first, it’s time ...
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Finding a place to charge your EV is easy with Google Maps

If you’ve ever driven to an electric vehicle (EV) charging station only to find that all ports are occupied, you know that you could end up waiting in line for anywhere between minutes to hours—which can really put a damper on your day when you have places to go and things to do.Starting today, you can see the real time availability of charging ports in the U.S. and U.K, right from Google Maps–so you can know if chargers are available before you head to a station. Simply search for “ev charging ...
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Steps toward a more sustainable future

People perform trillions of searches on Google each year, upload hundreds of hours of videos to YouTube each minute, and receive more than 120 billion emails every week. Making all of these Google services work for everyone requires a lot of behind-the-scenes work, like operating a global network of data centers around the clock and manufacturing products for people around the world.It’s not only our responsibility to build products and services that are fast and reliable for everyone, but also ...
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Atelier & Repairs and Candiani Denim’s Sustainable Collaboration

Luxury denim that employs eco-friendly materials and processes While denim is a favorite fabric of millions of consumers, it comes at quite the cost for our environment. Between the raw cotton material, dye, wash supplies and water, jeans (and all denim apparel) take a sizable amount of material to create, but that material can rarely be reused. Think of how long some vintage jeans have …
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Elderly folks now outnumber children younger than 5 for first time ever

For the first time in recorded history, there are more over-65s than under-5s.Aging populations worry economists that certain countries will undergo profound financial stress. Yet the current distribution of resources does not allow for further population explosion. None In 1979, the Chinese government decided to implement its infamous one-child policy, which was actually a revision of the nation's two-child policy. Beginning in the '50s, China installed safeguards to protect against an unsusta...
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Earth Day: Apps + Organizations That Help Us Do Better

Six opportunities to make it easier to reduce, reuse or recycle There are plenty of companies doing their part to reduce their footprint, cut back waste and do better by the planet, but switching to environmentally friendly products is just one piece of the big, messy puzzle. We all need to continue making lifestyle changes that are more sustainable, eco-friendly and thoughtful. Some of those …
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NAR: Sustainability sells

Eco-friendly home features have broad appeal among consumers and can play a valuable role in real estate marketing, according to a new report from the National Association of Realtors.
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Olivia Wilde Wants to Make Used Clothes Cool (and Keep Them Out of Landfills)

Thrifters know: Not all used clothes are cute. Finding those hidden treasures among the racks of clothes at their local consignment shop can be tiring. Now, actress Olivia Wilde is trying to make our lives a bit easier by finding the cute used clothes for us and adding a little extra to them as part of her new…Read more...
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Disrupting Environmental Destruction

Source: Ben Duke “Disruption” is a word that gets tossed around business a lot these days. But what if we could disrupt not just the way we do business, but the fate of our species and our planet? The World In 2050 What will the world look like in 2050? On our current path, coastal cities will flood, billions will live with terrible air pollution, and more and more lands and water will lose the ability to produce food for our global population, which will reach nearly 10 bi...
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Adidas FUTURECRAFT.LOOP: the Brand’s First-Ever 100% Recyclable Sneakers

An incredible innovation, these sneakers aim to nudge consumers toward more eco-conscious products Furthering the brand’s commitment to environmental friendliness, adidas unveils the FUTURECRAFT.LOOP, the brand’s first-ever 100% recyclable performance-level sneakers. For more than a decade, the brand has researched and tested ways to create sneakers and other sportswear made to regress into raw material and reincarnated as a new pair of shoes or a …
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Fast Fashion Is Destroying the Planet. Olivia Wilde and ThredUp Want to Give Clothing a Second Life

Fast fashion is big business but--as it has been reported many, many, times before--it's killing the planet. That's why, ThredUp, a fashion resale site, is asking you to reconsider your purchasing habits, opting for secondhand clothing over new items to stop contributing to textile waste. Ahead of Earth Day, ThredUp has unveiled a new capsule...
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Scientists Dream of a Future Where Flying Cars Fight Climate Change

The flying car has been just a few years away for, well, years. The predictions aren’t getting more optimistic under President Donald Trump, but now science is offering a surprising new reason for us to make flying cars a reality: We might need them to fight climate change. Read more...
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Street art against air pollution / Peinture pas fraîche?

THE ORIGINAL? IKEA + Airlite “Ikea loves earth”– 2015 Watch the case study film on YouTube Source : Art Directors Club Italiano SILVER Agency : Auge Headquarter (Italy) LESS ORIGINAL Absolut Vodka + Airlite “Absolut street trees” –   2019 Watch the case study film on YouTube Source : AdLatina Agency : Anonymous, Mexico (Mexico) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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Cora Ball emulates natural filtering of coral to remove toxic microfibers from your washing machine

Microfiber is a word that many of us have grown familiar with, as it is listed on many clothing descriptors. Only recently connected with the term microfiber is the knowledge that the miniscule particles wash off of our clothing and into our waterways with each load of laundry. Seeing the problem, Cora Ball offers a solution that traps those errant microfibers before they escape down the water drain. As common as the phrase is, many people don’t know that microfiber is actually a tiny synthetic...
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Man Concludes 'World's Longest' Trip in Electric Car

In an epic road trip spanning more than three years, 33 countries, and roughly 59,000 miles, Dutchman Weibe Wakker set what is believed to be the record for the ‘world’s longest trip’ by an electric car, yesterday.Read more...
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Edible Schoolyard’s 2019 Spring Benefit

Participating will directly benefit the advancement of "edible" curriculums in public schools School curriculums rarely undergo seismic changes—it’s irregular to see a brand new pillar appear in lesson plans. But Edible Schoolyard NYC—by directly educating students in seven schools and 600 educators in charge of another 400,000 students at other schools—is hoping to expand public school curriculum to include classes about healthy eating, growing produce …
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Grown in the Netherlands, Google Tulip communicates with plants

Throughout time, humans have created more and more effective ways to communicate with each other. But technology hasn’t quite made it there with flowers, even though it’s no secret that members of the floral world do talk to one another. Scientists have found that plants use their roots to send signals to neighboring plants, as a means to maintain their security and wellbeing.Decoding the language of plants and flowers has been a decades-long challenge. But that changes today. Thanks to great ad...
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7 climate change projects that are changing the game

If we do nothing, global temperatures could rise as high as 10 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. Fortunately, humanity is hard at work at keeping temperature increases below the 2 degrees Celsius mark.These 7 projects are just a snapshot of what humanity is collectively doing to fight back and beat climate change. None It's easy to feel hopeless when it comes to the climate. The news is full of stories on how the next century will see unbearable heat waves, impossibly strong hurricanes,...
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A new app to map and monitor the world's freshwater supply

Water affects all of us, no matter where we live. Drought harms everyone, from farmers in the western United States dealing with long-term drought, to people in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan suffering debilitating health consequences from the Aral Sea draining, to millions of people displaced by floods in Kerala, India. About four billion people, or almost two-thirds of the world’s population, experience severe water scarcity at least one month of the year.Water, critical to daily life, and a key pr...
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Why sustainability is not enough

I use the word sustainability despite my better judgement. It’s not an attractive word, and it’s easily mis-used. The government talks all the time about ‘sustainable growth’, rendering it more or less meaningless. But it is nonetheless rather useful for summing up the idea of enduring into the future, and I tend to assume that […]
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Mining the Moon

If you were transported to the Moon this very instant, you would surely and rapidly die. That's because there's no atmosphere, the surface temperature varies from a roasting 130 degrees Celsius (266 F) to a bone-chilling minus 170 C (minus 274 F). If the lack of air or horrific heat or cold don't kill you then micrometeorite bombardment or solar radiation will. By all accounts, the Moon is not a hospitable place to be.Yet if human beings are to explore the Moon and, potentially, live there one d...
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How a wee Scottish village is shining a light — literally — on rising seas

Lochmaddy is a seaside village sitting at the encroaching edge of the North Atlantic. Artists dazzling lights depict the town's submerged future as the oceans continue rising. It's an unsettling visualization of global warming's impact. None The Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum & Arts Centre sits in a hauntingly beautiful place, at the sea's edge in a tiny Scottish village. The name of this Outer Hebrides place is Lochmaddy, and it can be found, for now, in the low-lying archipelago of Uist off the ...
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These Scientists Ground an iPhone to Dust to Figure Out What's Inside

You probably don’t spend a lot of time pondering what your smartphone is made of. But maybe you should, because the average phone is a dizzyingly complex compendium of metals and minerals sourced from all over the Earth.Read more...
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Wellthread Trucker Jacket

Released as a part of Levi’s entirely recyclable collection, the Wellthread trucker—made in collaboration with Outerknown—is constructed from a blend of cotton and cottonized hemp. (Using hemp reduces the amount of water and labor needed—and the carbon footprint.) On the back of the jacket there’s stunning and dense indigo-hued embroidery that emphasizes the collection’s commitment to sustainability and both brands’ affinities for the ocean.
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Human encroachment is obliterating chimpanzee culture

A study finds that human impact is decimating the cultures of chimpanzee communities in the wild. Unique localized behaviors are being reduced by 88 percent. Socialized learning in chimps has finally been established, just in time to be destroyed. None People who enjoy travel have seen this trend becoming more and more pronounced even in human populations: There's an increasing homogeneity among our cultures, a loss of local identity as we increasingly eat the same foods, watch the same movies...
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Cork Wellness Products by 42 Birds

Sustainable and recyclable, this material is also kinder to your body Crafted entirely from cork, 42 Birds‘ collection of health and wellness products—a roller, mat, massaging balls and block—are environmentally friendly, minimal and anti-microbial alternatives to garish, chemical-based options that saturate the market. The cork used (which is sustainably harvested from Spain and Portugal) doesn’t retain odors and requires little cleaning—thanks to the fact that …
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