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The Expanse Season 6 Review: A Strong Send-Off, With Hope For The Future

This is it — the last six episodes of the sci-fi series, "The Expanse." The show has had quite a journey, saved by Prime Video when Syfy canceled it after its third season to give fans an additional three seasons in a future universe based on the books by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, the writing duo behind the pen name James S. A. Corey.In the universe of the show, the solar system has been through quite a journey as well. (Here's your obligatory warning for spoilers for the first five seasons ...
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Chucky Season 1 Spoiler Review: Dolls Well That Ends Well

For over 30 years, "Child's Play" creator Don Mancini has been the beating, bleeding heart behind horror's favorite possessed plastic pal, and the first season of the TV series named for the demented doll successfully takes Mancini's canon of seven films and blends them all together in a cacophony of all things "Chucky." Mancini has consistently stayed true to his vision, and the "Child's Play" franchise has evolved from a traditional slasher, to high-camp concepts that only work if the audience...
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‘Chucky’ Renewed for Season 2 at USA Network, Syfy

“Chucky” has been renewed for Season 2 at USA Network and Syfy. The series, based on the “Child’s Play” horror film franchise, will air its season finale on Nov. 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, with the full first season then available to stream on Peacock starting Dec. 1. The new season will debut in 2022. […]
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The 15 Best Horror TV Shows Of All Time

Up until fairly recently, horror on television has been a tame affair. With the main networks, there was always a limitation on how far a show could go with gore or violence (although interestingly enough, police procedures have traditionally been given carte blanche to push the envelope and play up the gritty factor). As such, for the most part, things tended to be eerie or atmospheric rather than overtly scary. But with the advent of premium cable networks first and streaming platforms later, ...
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Black Friday Trailer: Bruce Campbell And Devon Sawa Battle Rabid Shoppers

We are, rather amazingly, nearing the holiday season already. Halloween is just around the corner and, before we know it, Thanksgiving is going to be here. And with Thanksgiving comes a uniquely American tradition known as Black Friday. Now, someone has finally decided to make a horror movie about it, appropriately titled "Black Friday" — and they wisely brought Bruce Campbell ("The Evil Dead") and Devon Sawa ("Final Destination") along for the ride. Let's check out the trailer, shall we? Black ...
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Chucky Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Analysis: Give Me Something Good to Eat

Halloween is a little over a week away, but the second episode of Chucky offers horror fans a fun episode that takes place on the most spooky holiday of the year. In doing so, the series takes a marked step in the right direction after a somewhat mediocre pilot. Fittingly titled “Give Me Something Good to Eat”, this week’s episode reels the viewer in by crafting an impactful story about Jake’s gradual descent into darkness. The Joker once said that madness is like gravity; all it takes is one li...
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'I Know What You Did Last Summer' and 'Day of the Dead' stretch movie horror into series

For anyone who watched "I Know What You Did Last Summer" or "Night of the Living Dead" and thought, "I wish that movie was four times longer," Amazon and Syfy have series for you.
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The First Episode Of Chucky Is Streaming Online For Free

Don Mancini's psychotic serial killing doll has been terrorizing the big screen since 1988's "Child's Play." Now, Chucky is taking a stab at television in a new series from SYFY, fittingly titled "Chucky." The "Child's Play" franchise lives on, just as bloody as ever and right on time for spooky season. But if you're not confident the killer doll can make the big leap to the small screen, the network is offering some extra assurance: the first episode of "Chucky" is available to stream for free ...
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Chucky Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Analysis: Death by ‘Misadventure’

Diving into a franchise that has produced eight feature films certainly isn’t child’s play, but the latest adventure centered around everyone’s favorite homicidal doll has one thing going for it that its predecessor did not. Whereas Don Mancini, the writer for every other film in the series, wasn’t involved in the 2019 Child’s Play reboot, he’s back at the helm for Chucky’s first venture into television. As a result, this adaptation automatically benefits from the feeling that it stays true to t...
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Chucky Trailer Previews the Killer Doll’s Homecoming

SYFY and the USA Network have released a brand new Chucky trailer for Don Mancini’s forthcoming Child’s Play series, which serves as a continuation to the hit horror franchise. The series is currently scheduled to make its debut on Tuesday, October 12. The video features some new footage teasing the titular killer doll’s plans to wreak havoc on his hometown as he terrorizes a whole new generation of kids. The trailer also confirms that the series will give fans more insight into his previous hum...
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A House on the Bayou Trailer Teases Blumhouse & EPIX’s First Horror Pic

The official trailer for Blumhouse and EPIX’s upcoming horror thriller film titled A House on the Bayou has been released, which hails from Alex McAulay. The film will serve as the first project under Blumhouse Television and the network’s eight-movie deal which was first announced last March. It is currently slated to make its debut on November 19 on EPIX and on VOD. RELATED: Exclusive: Welcome to the Blumhouse’s Black as Night & Bingo Hell Featurettes A House on the Bayou is written and direct...
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Slumber Party Massacre Trailer: The Horror Classic Gets A Meta Reboot

Syfy has released the first brief teaser trailer for its "Slumber Party Massacre" reboot. The movie recently screened at this year's Fantastic Fest and has, thus far, received quite the positive response. I was fortunate enough to see it for myself and can confirm this is a step above what we might expect from a Syfy original movie. As a man who has watched too many to count (what up, "Frankenfish"), this served as a big surprise. Slumber Party Massacre Teaser Trailer As we can see, the teaser...
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SYFY’s Slumber Party Massacre Remake Teaser Sets October Debut

SYFY has released the first teaser trailer for Shout! Studios’ upcoming Slumber Party Massacre remake of 1982’s cult classic slasher film. The video, which you can check out in the player below, gives us our first glimpse at some of the film’s gory scenes as a bunch of coeds get hunted down by a power drill-wielding serial killer. The remake is scheduled to make its debut on Saturday, October 16. RELATED: I Know What You Did Last Summer Trailer: Madison Iseman Leads Slasher Series The Slumber Pa...
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Chucky Sneak Peek: The Killer Doll Helps a Friend Out in Class

SYFY and the USA Network have released a Chucky sneak peek clip for Don Mancini’s long-in-development series adaptation of the hit Child’s Play film franchise. The horror series is currently scheduled to make its debut on Tuesday, October 12. The video features Zackary Arthur’s Jake as he struggles with dissecting a frog during his science class due to his repulsion of blood. Fortunately for him, he has a knife-wielding expert beside him, who’s willing to help a friend out. i know i’m a tease… ...
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Chucky Featurette: Child’s Play Franchise Creator Don Mancini Teases Season 1

A new Chucky featurette has been released with Don Mancini, the creator of the Child’s Play franchise, teasing what fans can expect from the first season of the SYFY and USA Network series. The series creator and executive producer discusses wanting to take the story back to its Child’s Play roots, this time involving teenagers, and how they used Chucky “as a metaphor for bullying.” He also notes that fans will scream and laugh, but Mancini hopes to make people cry due to the “real-life pain” de...
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Why Syfy’s ‘Chucky’ Will Dive Into Charles Lee Ray’s Origin Story

When “Chucky” comes to Syfy as a dramatic horror series, the new arm of the franchise will dive into the backstory of Charles Lee Ray, aka the titular doll’s human form who was also known as the Lakeshore Strangler (despite not actually choosing strangulation as his method or murder). “Exploring Charles Lee Ray’s origins has […]
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Fantastic Fest 2021 Announces Final Wave of Programming

Fantastic Fest has announced the final wave of programming for the festival’s 16th edition, featuring the widest selection of “weird and wonderful films” gathered from across the globe to screen in Austin, TX, from September 23-30. “Working on this final wave has been a pure joy for the programming team,” said Fantastic Fest Director of Programming Annick Mahnert. “With films coming from as far as Senegal, Latvia, Iran and Kazakhstan, and topics ranging from teenage assassins, circus freaks, ser...
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The 10 Best Sci-Fi Shows Currently On Netflix

If you're looking for the best sci-fi series, there's no shortage of great content on Netflix. In its quest to retain existing viewers and entice new subscribers, the streaming service has quietly gobbled up an outstanding collection of the best sci-fi TV series the medium has to offer.However, as anyone who occasionally suffers from decision paralysis knows, the vast array of options on Netflix can make it difficult to figure out what's worth the time and investment. That's where this guide com...
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Apple TV+'s New Foundation Series Trailer Feels a Tiny Bit Desperate

Isaac Asimov’s original Foundation trilogy has received countless awards and praise since it was completed in 1953, even winning the Hugo for “Best All-Time Series.” But what’s drawn nerds to the classic sci-fi series over the decades is its vision, scope, and imagination, not particularly its whiz-bang action…Read more...
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Updates From Spider-Man: No Way Home, Dune, and More

Christopher McQuarrie teases the arrival of a familiar face in the next Mission: Impossible. Get a creepy look at Syfy’s new Chucky show. There are more American Horror Stories on the way. Plus, Stargirl introduces us to Green Lantern’s daughter, and what’s next for Legends of Tomorrow. Spoilers now!Read more...
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Night of the Animated Dead Trailer Teases Remake of George A. Romero’s 1968 Classic

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has released the official Night of the Animated Dead trailers for the upcoming animated remake of George A. Romero’s 1968 classic horror film Night of the Living Dead. The film is slated for a digital release on September 21, followed by a Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD debut on October 5. The videos, which you can check out below along with the Blu-ray key art cover, begin with an important TV announcement, warning viewers of an epidemic of mass murder caused by fles...
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SYFY & USA Network’s Chucky Series Wraps Production 

Child Play’s creator Don Mancini took to Twitter to confirm that production on SYFY and the USA Network’s long-in-development Chucky series has finally been completed, after more than five months of filming. The production wrap comes after the full trailer was released last month during [email protected] The series is currently slated to make its long-awaited debut on October 12, just in time for the Halloween season. THAT’S A WRAP! Chucky wants to honest the fuck thank everyone, in front of and ...
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‘Chucky’ TV Series Wraps Filming, Bringing Us One Step Closer to the Return of Our Favorite Killer Doll

You can’t keep a Good Guy down. Chucky, the Syfy TV series that continues the Child’s Play legacy, has wrapped filming – bringing us one step closer to the return of everyone’s favorite killer doll. While there was a Child’s Play remake in 2019, Chucky is a series that exists within the continuity of the original franchise. It even brings back the original franchise team of Chucky creator Don Mancini and Chucky voice actor Brad Dourif. Don Mancini, the creator of Chucky and showrunner of th...
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These Matrix, Alien, and 2001 Claymation Scenes Are Perfection

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed an uptick in io9 posts featuring short claymation scenes recreating iconic moments from famous sci-fi movies. We shared Star Trek II and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and now we’ve reached the grand finale. Not one, not two, but three all-time sci-fi classics: 2001: A Space…Read more...
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Syfy Wants YOU to Design New Chucky Posters

Are you a horror fan with a good eye for graphic design or an artist looking to get their foot in the door? Maybe you’re a serial killer who cursed your way into a child’s toy? If any of those sound like you, then listen up because Syfy is looking for you. Syfy put the call out to all horror fans to submit art for a contest that will land 8 winners a paying gig and the bragging rights to show off their work associated with the upcoming Chucky show. The idea is they’ll have 8 episodes and the...
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SYFY’s Day of the Dead Trailer Teases October Premiere

SYFY has finally released the official trailer for their upcoming series adaptation of Day of the Dead, based on George A. Romero’s iconic 1985 horror film of the same name. The series is scheduled to make its debut sometime in October. The Day of the Dead trailer, which you can check out below, features our first look at the series’ six leads who will try to survive the first 24 hours of the zombie apocalypse. It also teases the violence and gore that viewers should expect to see in the series ...
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Bloody First Trailer for Syfy's New 'Day of the Dead' Zombie Series

"Boys - let's move!" Syfy has unveiled the first official trailer for a new zombie horror series called Day of the Dead, a remake / update of the classic George A. Romero zombie movie of the same name from 1985. Which is exactly why we're featuring this first look to watch - always respect Romero. The trailer dropped during the San Diego [email protected] event, introducing the new series / Romero tribute, which will be launching in October. The original film is about a group of scientists and ...
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Chucky Is Back in Trailer for USA & SYFY’s Don Mancini-Created Series

During [email protected]’s virtual Legacy of Chucky panel, celebrating the 30+ year legacy of the Child’s Play franchise and iconic killer doll, the full trailer for the Don Mancini-created horror series was released. The series will premiere on October 12 on SYFY and USA Network. RELATED: Chucky Goes to School in New Photos For Child’s Play Series The Chucky series will be set in an idyllic American town thrown into chaos as a series of horrifying murders sweep through and threaten to expose the t...
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The ‘Chucky’ TV Show is Taking a Few Cues From ‘Hannibal’

Without the groundbreaking NBC series Hannibal, we may have never gotten a Chucky TV show. While working as a writer-producer on the horror series Hannibal, Child’s Play franchise creator Don Mancini realized it was possible to make the leap from the big screen to the small one. Mancini recently shared the moment he knew the killer doll could work on TV. Reinventing the Franchise When Mancini first heard about the Hannibal TV series, he was skeptical. He was a huge fan of the franchise,...
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Chucky Goes to School in New Photos For Child’s Play Series

Following last week’s teaser debut, brand new Chucky photos for SYFY and the USA Network’s upcoming Child’s Play series have surfaced online (via Bloody Disgusting). The new photos, which you can check out below, provide us a closer look at the series’ young protagonist, portrayed by Zackary Arthur, who is seen taking the iconic killer doll to his school. However, in one of the photos, it looks like he’ll eventually try to get rid of it. The series is scheduled to make its debut on October 12, 2...
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