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Let It Be Thin

E verything Is So Fragile. I named this that. Awhile back. Form is temporary... Direct link to audio if you see no player above.
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To Fall into it

I t's Fall. And then thinking about Fall. Leaves Fall. But leaves are let go to make room for new leaves. Our sweet Michelle gave me this little hoop. I played with this photo. I highlighted what might be held by this small gift. And I added a garden layer, the season. Fading. I say to myself, the layering in photos, as well as digital drawing, can be a tool, for helping form evolve in my story cloth.  But then too, tools need to be an extension of those who use them. That is the comple...
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C ompose. To begin with something. To make peace with it. That is how I use the word. There is a the physical thing. The need for it to feel right, and to hold together, at least long enough to reconsider.  Letting it, helping it  BE. There is also the thought behind it. I always hope that might become a tool and not a weapon.  I make changes , often based on softening my original vision. Even though I was often taught the opposite. In this case my thought has softened as well, and this ...
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My Real New Year

There is a lot of considering in the air. At one point, after a lot of practice, one just might be able to  Consider All Things To be continued...
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Still at It

A n old cloth called (Nine for)Freedom, found in the pile of The Unfinished. This morning I added the blue ripple. A ripple is softer, more gentle than a wave. In a way, it holds change in balance.
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Bigger Wishing

A nother day , that's a start. A soft wishing star on the Holding Pattern Cloth. Knowing that we ALL wish for something. Wondering then, how All our wishes can come true. Certainly there isn't much evidence of that working out. I wonder how that works? Renaming this the Hoping Star then.  Stuff to deal with here, but trying not to make today about me.  I have replaced my computer. Yet, these troublesome times have me reconsidering people, places and things. I will take it easy for the...
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all one thing

L ooking. I altered these photos with a filter to make them look worn. I put a few pieces together on the wall. The ones within reach. When I do this, it is an exercise in probability. They will probably fit together. That is my Seeing theory... if I remain true to my vision. And then, you know, even if they are "new" they always seem like something ancient when they are put together as one. The filter was used to emphasize that.  They are just pinned over the cloth I call A DEEP Pool of Tho...
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Large Cloth as Place again

P laceKeeping . A term I have used for so long. For many parts of my journey, mostly in cloth making. P is for Place. Place is a special part of Space. Very often a kind of home.  Or a destination. (as recorded in the Feel Free Glossary on April 19, 2019. Gee time has indeed passed quickly.) Then, even a reference point. Lately a place to hide. How much this robe is like a blanket but then a robe's 3 dimensional aspect is so much more a "structure". Here on a stick, balanced between a ch...
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Over and over

I have a box of earth beast templates. I have used them over and over. I can use them again. Because they always evolve. And that is a good reminder. The jury is in. TypePad has actually told me that they will not be trying to fix the problems with viewing threaded comments. And some other issues.  I can assume that their heart is no longer in it. And so goes mine. I will have a lot of work to do to extract and save all my class materials and blog stuff. I will assume I need to start doing that...
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Comforting Others, regardless

I thought a lot about what happened yesterday. How we don't know each other. How my scream's subject was not clear. How kindness might not need to know.  I moved my old sewing chair nearer to the window. I stitched a bit before sunset. This morning, confirmation, the spot is just right. I have created a comfort zone with a small move. Still putting pieces of the puzzle together here, bit by bit. Building a sense of home is patchwork, in perspective. It's bigger than house. But it hel...
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Just a Rainy What if Wednesday

W eary. I looked across at this pillow I made a while back.  It just looked like a world, sagging beneath the weight of its own existence. While I sit here stitching up another one that says don't worry. Also thinking how I could be thinking and not saying.  Then how sometimes you might catch yourself not thinking and just saying what others are saying they are thinking. But what if they are doing the same. Where did the thoughts go?  So then I was thinking again. If we really knew each...
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A Seeing Morning

G ood Morning. It's cool. Cool for the first time in a long time. Evidence of cycle. I feel like this one was left for me.  Right outside the porch door. Yesterday's confusion led me to a small eye sampler started a couple of years ago .  Some eyes still colorless... "complete the full spectrum of vision" I said to myself.  There are Shells of Summer everywhere. They seem like eyes today. New eyes. Old eyes. A reminder that we need all eyes. To see. The first stitching was done on a...
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Calculating the span of Heal (ing)

A Nest of Days is serving me well  a resting place for new clothwork. This one grew a bit, just a single layer of muslin overlapped and stitched.  One layer, the center is 3. That might be managed later. The man is, in the meanwhile, sanding the table. I think we best heal from the inside out.  I can stretch and touch the edge, while my heart remains the center. No stitch today but this exercise is also doing. Getting into the spirit of the thing. I made a video but it became a bit too braz...
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Holding on to Nothing

N amed for the wispy silk scraps I am filling space with. It's like that, holding on to nothing. It has changed since I posted it on Instagram last week.  But also the image is developing  slowly around the concept of the name.  And the name has 2 parts.  Holding on to Nothing aka New Eyes. It's about my changing perception of what is real. How to give form to that. Make it some sort of place to hold on to.  Also, these kinds of images I build with cloth are more personal in terms o...
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How it Mostly Goes

T ogether , glued with pins and a bit of stitch. continuing from here. Aligned, and I am looking. Uncomfortable though. Then, making the concept smaller, to explain, showing, and then, telling myself. video link if you see no player above Pulled apart. Unpinned.  Resting on a cloth I call the Nest of Days. Still informed by one another, through touch and logic. But free.  Entangled, still one, yet free and on the same side.  Your browser does not support the audio element. ...
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Quantum quilting

  I suppose this one is just turning into  an exercise in connection. One cloth, two sides. Now, just pinned, using the quilt math as a common reference. These could be two cloths, with two different homes, yet still be one. When one evolves sympathetically with another they are one.  
Tags: Crafts, Alignment, Looking, Layers, One-ness, Seeing Through Things, Sympathetic Evolution, Meeting Points, The Other Side, Pair-ings, Patchwork(mostly In Perspective, Large Cloth 2020

One on One

P airing. Pairings , as I call them, just simple connections, have often been my starting point for patchwork. Two, loose scraps, often mismatched, touching, then becoming more. Here, obviously more deliberate, but still, with a bigger cloth in mind, such a simple and effortless and gratifying way to begin. One plus one. These are 2.5" squares, because I was dividing space, and I started with 5".  I hung them on a string on the porch, like flags. Clothespins were too heavy so I used pins. B...
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One Thought over Another

So then... This Circle of Green, maybe I could also call it Life . Just talking... Your browser does not support the audio element. link to audio if you see no player above.
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Change.   One of the realities that I have come to appreciate over time is more than one things at a time.  I stopped worrying about trying to control that. Probably, I don't remember when, I just let it all become ONE thing. Because it is. But then, like with most revelations, I forgot. Not on my own probably but with the help of the constant bullshit that is used to render us part of a machine. I'd rather be a flower. I just remembered. I think I am sharing, but then there is al...
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How it might Happen

W here, when we begin. What is added. And then what will be taken away. What we do about it. And why. How? Honestly, I feel suddenly privileged to be taken down a few notches. To be a bit more sure about unsure... and still keep going. This is just an audio test, talking and not planning what to say. I learn from just saying. Your browser does not support the audio element.   So if the audio works here, (Here is a link if you see no player) I'll start talking my way into what ...
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just going WE are

I t Snowed. A bit. It's March after all. I'm in a mood and it will pass has already lifted... The shelves at the market are bare. But as always I am grateful to have enough. Enough rice, beans, noodles, frozen broth and veggie scraps to last forever. Which may not be that long, depending how things go. The virus is right next door. I like to imagine March Strays looking out for each other in the face of uncertainty.  Some sort of sympathetic evolution. Profit and Petty Stuff set as...
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Simply what Happens

T he Spirit of Evolutionary Consciousness. Changed again under the needle. And probably will again. I witness how it happens. This one does not lie flat. I remember when that used to bother me. It often bothers others. I guess at this point, the nature of cloth and stitch is a great source of expression for me. Part of my symbolism has become linked to how the cloth form takes shape, not just the image I create. These things are linked by process, change. The story is that. Most likely, th...
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It's March!

day 13 F eel it . Smell it. Spring. I'm charged.  This morning the window sill glowed.  And then , I changed my mind. I want need this window to go all the way to the floor. It's in my head now. It's a must. I'm changing furniture around again. That's a good sign. And yesterday, while splitting old logs, we met our first Eastern Eyed Click Beetle .  At first I thought it was a snake or something... I put a link here 'if you be curious', those are false eyes...
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And here , now, a bigger picture. It's a bit like sitting at the laundromat. The washer and dryer are in an alcove to the left. An alcove that they do not quite fit in.  We thought to move them to the basement. We don't need to, just want to. We thought, we could build the opening out a bit. Put a door, or even a curtain. But right now, gee, I'm just in grateful mode. Grateful for such a luxury, the washer, the dryer (probably tho, the clothesline will get more use).  So to honor th...
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an almost February morning

L etting the light in.  It helps reveal my process. Where I cut is not for the looking though. It's about feel, I work with cloth because of the feel. The living breathing quality. Layers can stiffen. I want it to be more like skin. Or something that might shape shift. In the wind. That's a Japanese Andromeda right outside the front window, which is low to the ground, easy to look out of. Tiny birds have built a nest in it. I think I can trim it without disturbing them. The face has ...
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Lighten up

Problem: Can't see out the window without standing up. Solution: Stand up. T he days are sunny. Not really warm but the sun hits this side of the house with mighty force and there is a kind of passive solar effect.  I realize that might have been a plan, how the house was oriented and built with such small windows. I realize maybe, also, maybe not. But it is as it is. Warmer. There was a small sunny spot to sit for a while, in this room filled with scraps of self. It was enough to busy m...
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Cloth is like a world

  J ust settling in. Feeling like there should be more cloth related stuff here by now, but really... There Is.  New Velvet after the big rain. Rock like like a Rumpled Folded Blanket. And young trees like Needles Threaded. The clotheslines were here. I noticed them right off. Right before they told me there was no working washer or dryer. It was close to 70 degrees here all weekend. January. It won't last. But the windows were open. Breezes blowing through. This helped me feel at home....
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Encouraging Formlessness

  B ehind the Door. I hung the Endless Wishing Cloth there because in this small room, that's the only open space.  And a few days ago I posted a pic on Instagram. As I  used it to pin up an unfinished Solstice Cloth.  Blurry here while in motion. The wishing star center no longer visible.  This action is most significant as a core compositional intention in my work. The kind of action/alignment that encourages the notion that Form is Temporary. I don't talk about it a lot, but it g...
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It's OK

  T ime brings easier answers. He seems to be trying out all the baskets here. Seeing what fits. I'm considering face in new ways. By getting outside my box/self.    A few new thoughts in Part 1 of Patchwork in Perspective today. And it finally stopped raining.
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Spring Cleaning

W ith anticipation , going through stuff. Spring Cleaning will be BIG this year. A ceremony. As season has come to mean so much more. This is Mom. Mom always said "smile". I inherited my innocent optimism from her. She also said, a lot, "it'll all work out". This is a piece of patchwork. It's an old what if, and I am gathering those to be reconsidered. The thin silk was hard to handle.  In the end, the struggle is not only evident, is it is downright beautiful.
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