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'They killed us twice': finding loved ones at last among Syria's tortured dead

Hundreds of victims of Syria's torture chambers are only now being discovered, thanks to a new effort to identify bodies from tens of thousands of photos smuggled out of Damascus seven years ago. "They died starved and naked," said Um Munzer Yaseen, 58, who, after sifting through countless photos of emaciated corpses, finally found her son, Jamil, last month. A computer engineer, Jamil had been missing since one night in June, 2011, when he was taken by secret police from the family flat in Da...
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Help Lebanon: Remove Hezbollah’s Stranglehold — and Its Dangerous Missile Stockpiles

Beirut has been ravaged by a massive explosion, likely caused by careless handling of ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse at its port. As the city is still picking through the debris and thousands search for loved ones, countries such as Turkey, Iran, Qatar, France, and Israel are rushing to provide support. Yet looming over Beirut even now is the presence of the terrorist group Hezbollah with its network of 150,000 missiles, many stored in civilian areas throughout the country.While Hezbolla...
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Retired Delta Force officer, US ambassador sign secretive contract to develop Syrian oil fields

The Trump administration has approved the first-ever deal for an American firm to develop and modernize oil fields in northeast Syria under control of the US-backed Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces.
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Former Army Delta Force officer, US ambassador sign secretive contract to develop Syrian oil fields

The Trump administration has approved the first-ever deal for an American firm to develop and modernize oil fields in northeast Syria under control of the US-backed Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces.
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Foreign policy experts propose 6 ways U.S. should change its Russia strategy

More than 100 foreign policy experts — including former White House officials in Reagan, (both) Bush, Clinton, Obama, and Trump administrations — laid out six proposals for how the United States should alter its relationship with Russia in an open letter published by Politico on Tuesday.The letter calls for squelching Russian interference in U.S. elections, while also engaging with Moscow about the matter through negotiations "out of the public square." Another top priority, the signatories beli...
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Syrian refugee hailed as hero in Germany after saving woman from rapist

A Syrian refugee has been hailed as a hero in Germany after he stopped a man raping a woman. The 30-year-old Syrian, named only as Faner O under German privacy laws, intervened after he saw a woman being attacked by a man in the early hours of Sunday morning. With the help of another passerby, he overpowered the rapist and held him until police could reach the scene. The rape victim, who has not been named, is understood to be a trainee police officer. Faner O, who fled to Germany from his nativ...
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Beirut explosion: more than 50 dead and 2,750 wounded, says Lebanon health ministry – live updates

Interior minister says ammonium nitrate likely caused at least one explosion amid reports hospitals too damaged to treat patientsFull report: huge explosion in Beirut‘We’re cursed’: shock and despair as explosion devastates cityBeirut explosion – in pictures 9.29pm BST In terms of what the damage done to Beirut’s port will mean for the country, it is worth remembering that Lebanon has two land borders – one is Syria, and the other is Israel, with which Lebanon is technically at war. Lebanon ...
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Trump’s Syria Sanctions ‘Cannot Solve the Problem,’ Critics Say

Without a broader diplomatic effort, the newest and toughest penalties will worsen a humanitarian crisis without forcing a leadership change, experts say.
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Massive Explosions Devastate Beirut

A series of massive explosions detonated in Beirut on Tuesday, with footage showing a mushroom cloud and shockwave emanating from the city port.> Video of the explosion that rocked Beirut not long ago >> > -- Intel Air & Sea (@air_intel) August 4, 2020It is still unclear what caused the explosions. Lebanese security forces claimed the explosion took place at a fireworks factory. Security officials say at least ten people have died.Terrorist group Hezbollah is suspec...
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Israel strikes Syrian targets in retaliation for attempted bombing of Golan Heights

Israel has confirmed that it carried out a series of airstrikes on military bases in Syria in retaliation for an attempted bombing of the Golan Heights by a terrorist group. The Israel Defence Forces’ aircraft launched attacks on Monday night on military outposts near the Syrian capital of Damascus, which caused “material damage” according to Syrian state media reports. It came after the IDF said it had killed four would-be bombers who were planning an attack in the Golan Heights, at Israel'...
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Leaked report shows DHS targeted Americans who fought against ISIS in attempt to tie antifa to foreign power

A Department of Homeland Security intelligence report leaked to The Nation has some experts skeptical of the department's motives.The report targeted several left-wing American activists whom the department would normally be prohibited from gathering intelligence on unless they had reason to believe the individuals were operating on behalf of a foreign power. The people named in the report, many of whom have identified with far-left causes, do have connections abroad — they traveled to Syria...
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Israeli jets strike Syrian military targets after Golan Heights attack

Response follows thwarted infiltration attempt from Syria by suspected militants, Israel saysIsraeli fighter jets and attack helicopters have struck Syrian military targets, hours after thwarting an infiltration attempt from Syria by suspected militants who were trying to plant explosives, the Israeli military said.In a rare statement acknowledging strikes in neighbouring Syria, the army said the targets included “observation posts and intelligence collection systems, anti-aircraft artillery fac...
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Israel launches air strikes on Syria after thwarted border attack

Israel launched air strikes on Syrian military targets in southern Syria late Monday, after thwarting an attack near the Israeli-occupied sector of the Golan Heights. In Damascus, the state-run news agency Sana said Israeli helicopters rocketed Syrian army positions near Quneitra in the south but caused only material damage. The Israeli army said its fighters jets, attack helicopters and other warplanes struck Syrian army positions in retaliation for the attempt to lay explosives in the Golan ...
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29 killed as Afghan troops retake prison attacked by ISIS group

By RAHMAT GUL and RAHIM FAIEZ | Associated Press JALALABAD, Afghanistan — Afghan forces said they retook a prison in the country’s east on Monday afternoon, following an hours-long battle a day after the facility was targeted by the Islamic State group in an attack that killed 29 people. The prison is believed to be holding hundreds of ISIS members. The attack highlighted the challenges ahead for Afghanistan, even as U.S. and NATO forces begin to withdraw following America striking a peace deal ...
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Israel Says It Hit Bombers on Syrian Boundary

The military released grainy, edited footage of the ambush of what it said were four militants planting explosives in the area, amid heightened tensions along Israel’s northern frontiers.
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They were abandoned by Trump last year. See how they are doing now

In October 2019, Turkey invaded neighboring northern Syria and the US abandoned its Kurdish allies there. CNN's Arwa Damon reports on the Kurdish community in Syria nine months after the US abandoned them.
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Israel bombs targets in southern Syria amid tensions

Israeli fighter jets and attack helicopters struck military targets in southern Syria belonging to the Syrian army Monday night, hours after thwarting an infiltration attempt from Syria by suspected militants trying to plant explosives, the Israeli military said. In a rare statement acknowledging strikes in neighboring Syria, the army said the targets included “observation posts and intelligence collection systems, anti-aircraft artillery facilities and command and control systems" in Syrian ar...
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Covid-19 in the Middle East: 'Normal life is back – including the tensions'

The Guardian’s international correspondent on the last few months in Jordan, where he is based, and across the region For most people, the first few days and weeks were pretty scary. We were reading stories about hospitals being overwhelmed, death rates growing exponentially. It’s never been as high here as it has been in Europe, but we did feel it here early on. It felt initially like an adrenaline rush. Jordan had one of the harshest lockdowns – for a period, you couldn’t leave your home for a...
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'For someone from Syria, the authoritarianism is vivid in Britain'

Hassan Akkad fled Damascus after he was tortured by Assad’s regime. But nothing prepared him for his job as a cleaner on a Covid-19 ward in London… There have been times in the past 10 years, Hassan Akkad says, that his life has felt more like a movie. Thinking that occasionally kept him sane – and, more important, kept him going.Akkad’s walk-on part in world events began in 2011, when as a young English teacher he put himself in the frontline of Arab spring democracy protests in his native Syri...
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Trump Officials Reconsider Prosecuting ISIS ‘Beatles’ Without Death Penalty

American military officials in Iraq want two detainees taken off their hands and a British court has blocked sharing evidence for any death-penalty case. But other options are also getting a second look.
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Life in Lebanon under Hyperinflation

This week, while reading a slew of WhatsApp messages from family in Lebanon, I was shocked to hear that my cousin Dalila had to pay the equivalent of USD 200 for dairy products for her family. Expensive dairy is the least of Dalila’s worries, however. As a new mother, she is facing quotas when buying products for her baby boy. “Last month was hard because I was only able to buy two of each item — a maximum of two diapers!” she told me. Her biggest problem is getting formula: “All baby formula is...
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Supreme court to rule on whether Shamima Begum can return to UK

Case goes to UK’s highest court as Home Office appeals decision to let 20-year-old returnThe UK’s highest court is to consider whether Shamima Begum, who left London as a schoolgirl to join Islamic State in 2015, should be allow back into the UK to fight the stripping of her British citizenship.Begum, 20, fled to Syria as a child to assist Isis in its mission to establish a caliphate. She lived under Isis rule for more than three years before she was found, nine months pregnant, in a Syrian refu...
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In attempt to discourage people from funding the Syrian regime, the US State Department sanctions Bashar al-Assad's son

"Syria sanctions are not intended to harm the Syrian people....or hinder our stabilization activities in northeast Syria," the State Department said.
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US imposes sanctions on son of Syria's president Bashar al-Assad

Sanctions designed to discourage anyone from funding Syrian regime Hafez Bashar al-Assad, the eldest son of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, is named in the latest list of 14 senior Syrian regime officials and entities sanctioned by the US State Department under the so-called Caesar Act.The designations, focusing on the “barbarous First Division of the Syrian Army”, are the second wave of sanctions to be applied under the act following the first move by the US State Department on 17 June. Con...
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US imposes sanctions on teenage son of Syrian leader Assad

The United States on Wednesday slapped sanctions on the 18-year-old son of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, vowing never to let the war-torn nation's regime enrich itself. Hafez al-Assad -- named after his grandfather, who ruled Syria with an iron fist for three decades -- will not be allowed to travel or maintain assets in the United States, the State Department said. The designation was part of a second set of sanctions under the Caesar Act, a US law that took effect in June and aims to pre...
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Lebanon accuses Israel of 'escalation' at border

Lebanon’s Prime Minister accused Israel of a "dangerous military escalation" Tuesday (July 28) as tensions threatened to escalate at the border between the two countries. Hassan Diab accused Israel of violating the sovereignty of its country, before calling for caution after a rise in violence in recent days. He also accused Israel of trying to "change the rules of engagement." Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country would do "everythi...
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Bubble Dribble: Why the bubble’s grind isn’t for everyone

Editor’s note: This is the Monday, July 27 edition of the Purple & Bold Lakers newsletter. SCNG Lakers reporter Kyle Goon is in the NBA’s bubble and sharing what it’s like on the inside in posts we’re calling “Bubble Dribble.” To receive the newsletter in your inbox, sign up here. LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. >>  It was the second afternoon of scrimmages in the NBA bubble, and I had time to kill before the Lakers tipped off. I set myself up for an afternoon tip of an earlier game just for fun...
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Israel Says It Thwarted a Hezbollah Raid at Lebanon Border

The Israeli military says it repelled a raid by Hezbollah in a disputed area along its northern border. Hezbollah denied carrying out an operation. No casualties were reported.
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It's Time for the US to Get Out of Syria

The foreign policy establishment in Washington, D.C. continues to talk about Syria as if it were a critical node.
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Fighting on Lebanon Border as Tensions Rise Between Israel and Hezbollah

The Israeli military says it thwarted a raid by Hezbollah in a disputed area along its northern border with Lebanon.
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