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New in: Beary Cuddly Christmas Teddies

Have yourself a snuggly little Christmas with our new Christmas teddy. Your designs on his tiny T-shirt are sure to melt some hearts. With his button eyes, Santa hat, and cute little T-shirt, the one and only Christmas teddy bear ( ) is here just in time for you to add to your festive Showroom. This cuddly little pal is sure to get plenty of hugs when he’s discovered peeking out of stockings or hiding under the tree on Christmas morning. His little white T-shirt is printable… Do you already h...
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New feature: See how your designs perform

Want to know which of your designs are selling well or how high your profits for each design are? Get an overview with our new statistics feature. Your Design Performance: your new key to success With the new feature in your Statistics, you can now sort your designs by sales and revenue. This gives you a detailed overview of your designs – which ones are successful and which ones have some catching up to do. Filter by sales channel and time period to go even deeper into the analysis. With...
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FAQs Just Got Smarter

Need help fast? No time to comb through our help section? Our new FAQ Instant Help is just what you need. Sound good? It is! Just like the two new terms we’re introducing in your Partner Area. We’ve recently improved the help function in your and made it smarter, so it’s easier for you to find the help you’re looking for. With just one click, you’ll get context-sensitive help for your current situation and see topics related to whatever task you’re working on in the Partner Area. Just the ...
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Magnificent Magnets: New in our Assortment

You can tell a lot about a person from their fridge magnets. Feature your designs on our new square and rectangular magnets and let them loose on the kitchens of the world! Are you looking for an attractive new product that will really help your designs stick out? See what we did there? Create metal magnets featuring your design and start taking over the world, one refrigerator at a time. The square magnet ( ) is already available for in our assortment and its rectangular buddy ( ) will follo...
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NEW: Premium Organic T-shirts for Kids

We are expanding Spreadshirt’s Premium Collection to include organic Kids’ T-shirts. Get all the details below! Spreadshirt’s Premium Collection offers the highest quality products and print results. And since customers are increasingly looking for organic products, our Premium T-shirts for kids are now also available in organic quality. The Kids’ Premium Organic T-shirt ( ) will initially be available in black, white and navy. If the product is successful, more colors will be added soon. Pr...
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Cyber Monday: Blower T’s and NFT’s now available!

We’re celebrating this beautiful and snowy Cyber Monday in Vermont the same way we have been all weekend — with a deal on fresly-printed Blower T-shirts. While getting a white logo on a black shirt might not seem like rocket science, these did not come easy! First, we tried to use print on demand, however, the cost per shirt was high, and the promised “ease of use” was just not real. Then, after a minor hiccup with our chosen local printer, we we’re saved from complete ruin by friend we made t...
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Your Design Inspiration Christmas Special

Is your Showroom beginning to look a lot like Christmas? Not quite? No worries: we’ve got all the festive design inspiration you could possibly need here in our Christmas special. The run-up to Christmas is the most important time of the year when it comes to your design sales. Time to roll up your sleeves, get back to the drawing board, and create some new designs for your Showroom. Here’s all the inspiration you’ll need to get in the spirit. Holiday Design Do’s & Don’ts Before we dive int...
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New in: Reusable Cotton Gift Bag

This 100% cotton reusable gift bag is a sustainable choice for wrapping Christmas presents. Versatile enough for any recipient, it can be printed on both sides and adds a natural touch to any gift. This natural drawstring gift bag ( ) will make an ideal addition to your Showroom for the holidays. Add your designs to create a festive and one-of-a-kind gift wrap. Product details 100% cotton canvas Colors: natural & red Measurements: 15 x 13 cm Drawstring Closure Twisted double knotted cot...
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Checklist: Get Your Showroom Christmas-Ready

 Christmas is all around us… but is it in your Showroom? Use this handy checklist to attract more gift shoppers during the most important shopping season of the year! Is your Showroom already decked out in mistletoe? Have you featured the most popular products and stolen the thunder with some wintry designs? Get ready for the season with our checklist. Here it is: Your Christmas checklist Put important dates on your calendar Use Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Green Monday for advertising ...
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How to Wear a Baseball Cap With Style

Did you know that as many as 11 percent of people in the United States of America wear hats every day? Wearing a baseball cap has been a staple of fashion in the United States of America dating back more than 150 years and the trend doesn’t look … The post How to Wear a Baseball Cap With Style appeared first on Pop Culture Tees.
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5 Reasons Your Wardrobe Needs to Include Unique Shoes

You put in the time to look good from your head to your toes, so your footwear is just as important as every other part of your outfit.  Just because your shoes are near the floor doesn’t mean they can’t be dazzling statement pieces of your wardrobe.  Unique … The post 5 Reasons Your Wardrobe Needs to Include Unique Shoes appeared first on Pop Culture Tees.
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Order deadlines for Christmas 2021

Want your designs to be waiting under the tree on Christmas morning? Have you been promoting your designs to Christmas shoppers on social media? Then don’t forget to share our order deadlines with your fans! All set for gift shopping? Christmas time is peak gift shopping season— and it starts long before December. Offer new designs for gift shoppers now and make sure your Showroom looks festive. When everything is ready, you can invite your fans and followers to do their Christmas shopping ...
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Get festive: Santa hats for everyone

It’s time to get bobbly! Our festive new Santa hats are sure to add a little Christmas cheer to any Christmas party. The Santa hat ( ) from Printwear has made its way all the way from the North Pole into our assortment. This oh-so-seasonal item is made of soft fleece and features a cheery bobble. The only thing missing are your Christmas designs. Our Santa hat is available in classic red and white (just like the big guy), in chimney-proof black and white, and in elfin evergreen and white. Whi...
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Grrreat news: Two New Tigers on the Loose!

Move over, Teddy – here comes Tiger. Don’t worry; he’s tame. With or without its Santa hat, this cuddly newcomer is looking forward to showing off your wildest designs. Give an uproarious welcome to our new plush tiger ( ) and his festive friend, the Christmas tiger ( ). These cuddly pals are the perfect gift for anyone who thinks Teddy is just a bit too tame. Add your cute designs and you’re sure to melt some Marketplace customers’ hearts this Christmas. Both the Plush and Christmas Tigers c...
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Increase Your Sales with Instagram Business

Are you sharing your designs on Instagram but lacking likes or comments from your followers? Get our 10 tips for more engagement! Have you already set up an Instagram Business account? Maybe you create a new post every now and then – and then are disappointed when you don’t get any notifications from the Instagram app? You’re left asking yourself: Why am I getting so few likes on Instagram? Instagram is no longer a niche when it comes to social media marketing. All the big brands have long ...
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How to Get Started with Instagram Business

60% of people scrolling on Instagram are looking for new products. Time to feature your designs on this booming platform with a free Instagram Business account. Just how popular is Instagram? Well, the app is used by over a billion people per month, or over 500 million people per day. And here’s the good news for you as a designer: 60% of these users visit Insta in search of new products. Time for you to tap into the platform’s potential! Find new fans, promote your designs from the Spreadshi...
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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Tattoo Removal Services

You’re probably here because you have a tattoo and want to get rid of it. We understand, we’ve been there too. Tattoos are cool, but they aren’t forever. And sometimes tattoos just don’t work out the way you thought they would when you were younger (or even older). … The post Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Tattoo Removal Services appeared first on Pop Culture Tees.
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NEW: iPhone Cases in 4 Sizes

Where there’s a new iPhone, there’s a customer shopping for a case to put on it. Do you offer designs for the latest iPhone cases? Create them now! While the retro fans among us might feel nostalgic for the iPhone 4 – you won’t find any of those old things around here! We’re keeping the Marketplace assortment current with fresh cases available for the iPhone 11 (ID ), iPhone 11 Pro (ID ), iPhone 12/12 Pro (ID ) and iPhone 12 Mini (ID ). Product Details Materials: Aluminum & rubber Ava...
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Bring Back the 90s with the new Cropped Top

Short and sweet: we have a new Cropped Top in our assortment. All that’s missing is your fresh design. Our comeback of the year: The is back and just waiting for your designs. After its predecessor (ID 1466) had to leave the stage, we’ve now found a suitable replacement. This crop top will bring 90s fans on a trip back in time. Complete the look with high-rise mom jeans, an oversize flannel, and a backwards baseball hat. Available in white, black and heather grey, this throwback piece offer...
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The Different Types of Silver That Are Currently Used in Jewelry

American households spend around $615 a year on watches and jewelry, which shows we use accessories to complete our outfits.  Silver is often used in jewelry, whether it’s an intricate necklace or an elegant bracelet. Perhaps you have a soft spot for silver, but you’re not sure which … The post The Different Types of Silver That Are Currently Used in Jewelry appeared first on Pop Culture Tees.
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This vintage rock shirt just sold for a record-breaking $17,000

Sotheby's just held an extensive auction of Grateful Dead items, from guitars and other audio gear to clothing worn by the band and other memorabilia. The 1967 t-shirt above—one of the first pieces of Dead merch—sold for a staggering $17,640, breaking the record for the most expensive vintage rock shirt. — Read the rest
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International Fashion: 5 Tips When Buying Clothes Abroad

World traveling can be both exciting and enlightening. For those of us who have been to other countries, we have the unique experience of seeing how other cultures exist. In some ways, human beings are all alike. However, when you visit other places, you get to experience international … The post International Fashion: 5 Tips When Buying Clothes Abroad appeared first on Pop Culture Tees.
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How to Create Vector Graphics: Your Easy Guide

We are stocking more and more products which are compatible with . This growing product range makes the Marketplace more attractive to new target groups. Now’s your moment! Learn to vectorize your designs and make them compatible with these exciting new products here. Your Vector Graphic in 3 Easy Steps In order for your design to be featured on a product that requires our method, it needs to be a vector file with the format .svg or .ai. Unlike pixel graphics, however, these cannot simply...
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Deputy president Mabuza begs Tshwane voters: Don’t abandon the ANC’

Angry Atteridgeville residents hurl insults at ‘dysfunctional’ ANC full of ‘corrupt individuals’ as Mabuza fails to placate them with party T-shirts and doeks The post Deputy president Mabuza begs Tshwane voters: Don’t abandon the ANC’ appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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How to Apply Cologne: A Guide

Did you know that many women prefer men who smell good? Whether that means showering daily and putting on deodorant or adding in cologne for a fancier twist, it is important to feel confident in the scent you give off to potential partners. Have you ever wondered … The post How to Apply Cologne: A Guide appeared first on Pop Culture Tees.
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The Brief and Only Beach Packing List You’ll Ever Need to Have Fun

Did you know that Huntington Beach in California is the most visited beach in the United States? Around 19 million people each year head to Huntington Beach to enjoy the sand, sun, and surfing.  Whether you have plans to visit Huntington Beach or another beautiful beach, it is … The post The Brief and Only Beach Packing List You’ll Ever Need to Have Fun appeared first on Pop Culture Tees.
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Fine treats for you! We made a top of the most terrifying Halloween supplies

Setting off on Halloween night in costume and ringing doorbells to demand treats has been a tradition in the United States and other countries for more than a century. So... The post Fine treats for you! We made a top of the most terrifying Halloween supplies appeared first on Tshirt-Factory Blog.
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How to Style Your Favorite Graphic Tees for Work or Play

At this point, who doesn’t have a whole drawer full of graphic tees? Few things say “lazy Sunday” like a graphic tee and a pair of sweatpants.  But graphic tees aren’t just for kicking it at home. You can get a lot of mileage out of a tee these days. Dress it up with a skirt and blazer for the office (you might not even need to wait for casual Friday).  Mix and Match with Colorful Bottoms  When it comes to styling your graphic tees, you don’t have to feel limited to jean...
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Metadata Made Easy

We’ve cleaned up our metadata page. It’s now faster and easier to find the right metadata for your designs. Metadata plays a crucial role in your sales success. After all, you can only sell your designs if people can find them. With the right metadata, you can ensure that your designs are searchable on Google and, of course, on the Marketplace. To make effective metadata as easy as possible for you, we’ve optimized metadata page to better support you. Optimized page structure The most obvio...
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A Guide to 2021’s Fall Fashion Trends

Do you feel that fresh chill in the air? Have you been smelling pumpkin spice and warm apple crisp lately?  It sounds like the seasons are changing, and even more exciting than your autumn-themed latte is getting the opportunity to switch up your wardrobe. Though summer is one … The post A Guide to 2021’s Fall Fashion Trends appeared first on Pop Culture Tees.
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