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Success stories - V.A. Wait Times Now Shorter Than for Private Doctors

From New York Times on 01/22/19 Wait times for an appointment at Veterans Affairs hospitals have decreased since 2014 and are now, on average, shorter than those in the private sector, a new study shows. Researchers used V.A. data to calculate wait times for about 17 million appointments. The public sector data came from a survey conducted by a physicians’ search firm in nearly 2,000 medical offices in 30 major and midsize metropolitan areas. The study, in JAMA Network Open, covered f...
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A “view” from the courtroom: Wait, wait … there’s more

Today is the last day scheduled on the court’s calendar for the justices to take the bench. But most observers are not expecting the court to issue all six remaining merits opinions. For one thing, although it was once routine for the justices to release as many as six opinions on a single day, the court generally sticks to fewer than that these days. For another, Chief Justice John Roberts this past Friday did not give the customary indication that today would be the last one and “at that time ...
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A “view” from the courtroom: “Only a few more days”

It’s the first “extra” day for opinions of this term, and that fact is reflected in the courtroom. The public gallery is pretty full, but the bar section is almost entirely empty. With no bar admissions, the court’s impromptu extra opinion days rarely attract a large number of members of the Supreme Court bar, with some exceptions — say, for the very last day of the term once it is announced. Solicitor General Noel Francisco takes a seat at one of the two counsel tables, along with eight members...
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If You Like These Current Musicians, Listen to These Old School Artists

It's a blast to the past.Your playlists are boring you, you can't find any artist you haven't heard before, and all you seem to listen to is the same five songs on repeat. We've all been there. If you can't find new music to add to your library, maybe it's because you're looking in the wrong decade. There are many great musicians you might've missed because they were popular in the '60s or the '80s. Here are some recommendations for who to listen to based on the artists you already like. If you ...
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That’s What I’m Talkin’ Bout!

What a thrilling weekend in the golf world we were treated to this weekend. Phil, Weisy, Strick all winners and with so much drama it was edge of the couch, fist pumping, scream at the television kind of stuff. I’ll start with Steve Stricker’s PGA Champions win first. There is no nicer guy in golf and that means the tours and everyone you hook up with at your home course. Strick is hands down the kindest guy to tee it… Continue Reading →
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A “view” from the courtroom: Open for business, with a hiccup

Today is the first weekday of the federal government shutdown, but few court-watchers are surprised that the Supreme Court is open for business. As Andrew Hamm reported for this blog on Sunday, the court operated as usual during the 2013 and 1995 government shutdowns, even conducting its entire two-week argument session in October of 2013. Although the federal courts get some of their budgets from a congressional appropriation, they can operate for about three weeks on court-fee balances and oth...
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The Best Western Movies Ever Made

Few figures in history have had as powerful an impact on American masculinity as the cowboy. While the mythologization of the cowboy began all the way back in the late 1800s with dime novels and Wild West shows, it wasn’t until the advent of twentieth century cinema that the cowboy cemented his place as an icon of manliness. In the same may the myths of the Greeks and the legends of the Vikings espoused certain ideals and inspired men of the past, Western films contain lessons in heroism, epic ...
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A “view” from the courtroom: The investiture of Neil Gorsuch

Justice Neil Gorsuch was confirmed to the Supreme Court over two months ago, and he has already written his first opinion, on Monday of this week. But getting a bunch of important people in the same place at the same time can be tricky, which is at least one of the reasons why Gorsuch’s formal investiture ceremony didn’t take place until today. For security and crowd-control purposes, reporters are seated 45 minutes before the investiture is scheduled to begin. That leaves plenty of time for the...
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Talkin’ ‘bout my generation: age demographics and social media

Understanding your target audience is absolutely essential for your content marketing strategy. Fortunately, taking a look at your audience’s generation could offer up valuable insight. Baby Boomers (ages 55+), Gen Xers (ages 34-54) and Millennials (ages 18-35) all have unique perspectives, needs and wants. As a result, the way they consume social media content varies greatly, too. Which social media channel does your audience prefer? What kind of content do they enjoy? What makes them hit the ‘...
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Low-voltage, traditional instruments and a very rootsy feel would be a good quick primer when trying to describe the sound of Binghampton, New York’s Driftwood, who are about to unleash their fifth album (fourth studio release), City Lights.  Their sound, it has to be said, is not something you’d equate with northern New York, but really, it’s irrelevant.  The music on this new album is a healthy mix of traditional folk, country/bluegrass, some Celtic undertones and shades of pop.  All in all,...
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What is the best beginner electric guitar you ask?

You want to play the guitar. Why? Cause it’s awesome!“But” you ask, “Why do most of the new guitars people are trying to sell me have a giant hole in the middle of them??” Shame on them!! SHAME I SAY! What you need, my friend, is an electric guitar. A guitar that comes without any missing pieces or gigantic holes in the middle!That’s why I’m here! To help you choose the best electric guitar for beginners. In this article, I will list the best electric guitars that not only will fit your pu...
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BEHEMOTH's Nergal Shares More Footage of Upcoming Folk Project

Talkin' about murder. The post BEHEMOTH's Nergal Shares More Footage of Upcoming Folk Project appeared first on Metal Injection.
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Talkin Bout Lead Generation

People try to build their l-leads (Talkin' 'bout lead generation) Just to satisfy sales needs (Talkin' 'bout lead generation) Webinars don't s-s-satisfy (Talkin' 'bout lead generation) I hope you'll come and find out why (Talkin' 'bout lead generation) This is lead generation This is lead generation, baby Why don't you all f-f-find the time (Talkin' 'bout lead generation) It won't cost you a single d-d-dime (Talkin' 'bout lead generation) Just click the link for r-r-registration (T...
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Cleveland Cavalier fans are Talkin' to Terry about anxiously...

It was fascinating to look at all the angles of the Tristan Thompson contract situation, and how it did indeed finally work out before the opener. Cavs fans know Anderson Varejao , Timofey Mozgov and Love are ready for tonight's opener in Chicago, but they also are coming off injuries.
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Super Savers: Talkin’ on TV about the cost of raising kids

Having trouble viewing this? CLICK HERE Super Savers: Talkin' on TV about the cost of raising kids ...
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