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Automotif CCXXIII…

  1957 Ford Thunderbird: Last year for the 2-seater grand tourer style T-bird, before it morphed into the Personal Luxury Coupe. [Author: Tam]
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It’s funny. Laugh.

[Author: Tam]
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Half a klick, half a klick, half a klick onward...

Across the Reuters wire this morning, and still pretty fresh:"A Russian military ship fired warning shots at a British Royal Navy destroyer after it entered Russian waters in the Black Sea, and a Russian jet dropped bombs in its path as a warning, Interfax cited Russia's defence ministry as saying on Wednesday. The British Ministry of Defence did not immediately respond to a request for comment."Obviously we've only got the Russian side of the story so far, so the bit about the ship intruding th...
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Your toter's permit is not a Batman badge.

"Not your circus, not your monkey."— Tac Memes (@TactiCoolMemes) June 22, 2021 To steal a line from someone on Twitter, "Minding your own business is free." . [Author: Tam]
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*pinches bridge of nose*

So, back before SHOT 2017, DeSantis released a "sidecar-style" AIWB rig they called the Pipe Hitter. At the time, I quipped "Someone needs to tell the suburbanites who think this is a synonym for “badass” what the actual etymology is,"This caused some humor at SHOT Show that year and the holster's name was changed to the Hidden Truth. (It's still called the Pipe Hitter in at least one Amazon listing, though!) This was all brought to mind again recently... Yes, I know that "pipehitter" has...
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LOL calm down

Tu quoque has replaced baseball as the National Pastime.— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) June 22, 2021 ZCQOTD: "Some people need to imagine not being hateful assholes for one day in their lives.If I can do it, anyone can."— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) June 21, 2021 [Author: Tam]
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Corvette Summer

For the official first day of summer, here's a 1973 Stingray. The current owner has had it for thirty two years and had the Jaguar Racing Green paint job done because he thought it would look cool. He was right. If you click on the pic and go for extreme embiggenation, you'll note that the steel wheels behind the chrome center caps are painted to match. Nice touch. . [Author: Tam]
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The internet likes dog pictures, right?

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tamara Keel (@tamarakeel) Shooting the EOS 7D in aperture priority with the 70-200/2.8L wide open at ISO 400. Even so, in the shade I was having trouble occasionally with the shutter speed dropping low enough to show a bit of blur at longer focal lengths. For instance, Dinky here looks good on a smart phone or small monitor, but 100% crops show the effect of camera m...
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Watch This

I'm not really what you'd call a watch person. I have a few wristwatches, sure. There's Clifford the Big Red Watch, which I bought for the altimeter because I thought that would be cool on trips out west. I have a murdered-out Citizen Eco-Drive I bought because I thought it looked really cool. Oh, and the orange and black Bertucci that I bought as kind of an homage to ToddG, since those were his colors and he was definitely a watch person. Some concatenation of circumstances caused the interne...
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Like, if I had this level of frustrated apathy in a video game, I'd throw the controller down and go look for something more fun to do.— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) June 20, 2021 [Author: Tam]
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Automotif CCXXII...

1977 Chevy Nova Concours coupe. The traction bars and the orange-painted front drum brakes peeking out through the slots in the mag wheels really tie the piece together.If I'm betting on my (admittedly very dated) experience, this thing's got a 305 smog motor that's never had the heads off, a dual exhaust done at the local muffler shop, and way too much carb, possibly on the factory manifold. All bark and no bite.This is the four-wheeled equivalent of a KZ650 with an unpainted fiberglass biki...
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U-Turn Charlie, they call him...

You would need a heart of stone to not LOL at this dunk.— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) June 18, 2021 [Author: Tam]
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Batman, your car is ready.

LED lighting has definitely allowed for some wild headlight and taillight schemes. Also, what's up with 1,850 horsepower? They couldn't find another 150 someplace for a nice round 2k? Somebody was falling down on the job if you ask me. . [Author: Tam]
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This moment of tranquilo brought to you by Canon and Oh God I Needed This. [Author: Tam]
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Wait, what?

"I don't mind it, but I wish they wouldn't constantly be rubbing their sexuality in our faces," says local man who has subscribed to Dillon's Blue Press with its gunbunny-of-the-month covers for the last eight years.— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) June 15, 2021 "They're just doing that to trigger people into complaining," he complained, triggeredly. . [Author: Tam]
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They made their bed, now they're lying in it.

From a WaPo story on the urban camping epidemic in Portland:On this Monday, the city sent its contractors a list of 14 sites: A middle school with two tents and three broken-down RVs blocking access to the student drop-off zone. A vacant lot near Costco, where some homeless residents had been living for long enough to lay concrete foundations and start building rustic homes. A highway underpass with at least 20 residents, where the nearby building was charred by fire damage. A cul-de-sac littere...
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Automotif CCXXI...

Spotted this Ford Model A Deluxe Tudor while out and about. The Model T may have been the car that put America on wheels, but it was still very much the beta test version of the automobile, with controls that would seem confusing to a modern driver. On the other hand, if you can drive a manual transmission, there's nothing really unusual about a Model A, although the unsynchronized crash gearbox might take some getting used to. . [Author: Tam]
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Pep Talk

Marko on writing full-time:"I sold Terms of Enlistment and its sequel to 47North in the spring of 2013, and I’ve been able to write full-time ever since. It took me until my forties to figure out that I wasn’t really cut out for any other kind of work, so to those of you who are submitting stories and trying to get a foot in the door, I’d say not to worry about being too late to the party. Nothing moves fast in the publishing field anyway." [Author: Tam]
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Won't Get Fooled Again...

Although it happened over a year ago, I remember it like it was yesterday... I was headed home from Indy Arms Company and pulled up at the traffic light at the intersection of 54th and Keystone. I was westbound, and 54th Street makes a little dogleg across Keystone Avenue, so the two sides of 54th don't get a green light at the same time; westbound gets the green light first, and after it turns red, then eastbound traffic gets to go. The light was yellow already as I rolled up, so I stopped...
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Pulling a 'Crazy Ivan'.

Democrats today be sounding like Reaganesque foreign policy hawks when just two elections ago they were dragging Romney for "That '80s Show" take on Russia.This timeline is confusing.— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) June 14, 2021 [Author: Tam]
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Good news, everyone!

Bobbi’s bionic eye upgrade went very well! . [Author: Tam]
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Automotif CCXX...

I've been trying to get a shot of this guy for a while. The best I've done so far is this one, which was snapped on the way home from the Indy 500. It's a center crop from a shot taken across 62nd Street, which is five lanes wide at that point, using my RX100 pocket cam, which only has a 105mm equivalent zoom. El Cutlassino Yes, I know it's not actually an Oldsmobile, but I'm willing to play along with dude's whimsy.Now in my headcanon there's an alternate universe with a '70 Hurst/...
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A Dash of Decadence...

In case the idea of a touchscreen LCD in the middle of the elegant wood dash of your Bentley Flying spur is too gauche, you can apparently hide it at the touch of a button... I mean, you can if you add an option costing around seven grand to a car whose base price is almost every bit of two hundred long. . [Author: Tam]
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21 amazing books starring transgender and non-binary characters

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Jerome Tisne/Getty Images Diverse gender representation is important in all literary genres. The books were chosen based on reviews from transgender and non-binary readers. Want more books? Check out our list of the best books by LGBTQIA+ authors. Representation in literature is important: books are an insight into understanding the lives, experiences, and emotions of others. Novels that embrace and cel...
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I stumbled across an interesting article this morning while looking for pictures of the tailgunner's station in a B-52...The first American to shoot down five enemy aircraft was Frederick Libby, an ex-cowboy from Colorado who joined the British Royal Flying Corps in 1916 and served as an observer-gunner in FE-2B two-seat pusher aircraft. FE gunners used two machine guns, including a rear-facing Lewis gun, mounted on a steel pole, which required them to stand up on their seats when firing. “Only ...
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Messy Used Plane Lot?

It's like some giant kid in Bolivia forgot to pick up his toy airplanes... There are a bunch of areas at Jorge Wilstermann airport in Cochabamba where the planes look like they've just been shoved into a corner. There are a few clusters and singletons parked in weird places at the La Paz airport, too. This might be the aftermath of the demise of Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano. . [Author: Tam]
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Worth keeping an eye on...

Supposedly Senator Cornyn of Texas is negotiating a bill that would tweak who is required to perform a NICS check when disposing of their own personal property.  This is almost certainly yet another attempt to close that non-existent loophole, and will be framed as one of those "compromises" where one party gives up something and gets nothing in return. Normally that's considered strongarm robbery, not a "compromise". . [Author: Tam]
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Automotif CCXIX...

A super-straight BMW 535i that caught my eye... and by "caught my eye", I mean I pulled a u-turn and detoured down a side street to snap the pics when I saw it out of the corner of my eye as I was driving along. It's dolled up with an air dam and spoiler like a 535is, but badged like a 535i. If the driver would have been standing around, I'd have offered to swap titles for the Zed Drei, because this thing really does it for me. I could definitely walk the earf in a 3.5L E28. . [Author: ...
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Things I knew that ain't so...

Working in a gun store, I got to hear a lot of truisms that got blindly repeated, from both sides of the counter. I repeated them myself, often, blindly assuming these things to be true because everybody just knew they were. It was common knowledge! A lot of it didn't hold up to practical observation, though. Shotguns and pistol caliber carbines do shoot through residential walls, oftentimes a lot of them. Revolvers can malfunction. Et cetera. One was the utility of a little pocket gun, oft...
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Ah, the Hanyang 88...

I still remember buying mine... "...a crude Chinese copy of the Steyr copy of the German original. The wood was pretty beat up and it was missing a bottom metal screw, the buttplate, and a stock fitting out by the nosecap. The exterior was surprisingly un-rusted with no real pits and a smooth brown patina, while the action was caked with a sludgelike mix of old WD-40 varnish and dust. I asked him what he wanted for it, more out of curiosity than anything else, and he said something about how he'...
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