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Alaska ice melt guessing game ends in record time

NENANA, Alaska (AP) — Early ice melt has provided a record finish to an annual Alaska guessing game. The Anchorage Daily News reported Sunday that the 2019 Nenana Ice Classic finished Sunday at 12:21 a.m. when a tripod mounted on the frozen Tanana River fell over, marking the end of the contest. Officials say April […]
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Record-early Alaska river thaw follows high winter temperatures

Key Alaska rivers that are usually frozen at this time of year are now free-flowing, with record-early thaws following record-high winter and spring temperatures. In the interior Alaska city of Nenana, ice on the Tanana River gave way just after midnight on Sunday. It was by far the earliest breakup in the 102-year history of the Nenana Ice Classic, an iconic Alaska betting pool in which participants predict when thaw will sink a wooden tripod placed on the ice.
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Annual Competition to Guess When Alaskan River Will Thaw Ends on Earliest Date Since 1917

The Nenana Ice Classic, a betting match on when ice on Alaska’s Tanana River breaks up enough to tip a tripod linked to a clock, set a record this weekend by ending nearly a week earlier than ever recorded, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reported.Read more...
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Majestic Alaska Summer 2018

Experience the magic of the great state of Alaska on this exciting tour. You will travel through the scenic Tanana River V...
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Discovering Denali

Geo 62.3239 150.109 Finally A beautiful sunny morning with clear blue skies. We left our hotel in Fairbanks for Denali at 830 heading west on Hwy 3 along the Tanana River with little or no traffic and temperatures in the 6039s. After an
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Along the Tanana River to Fairbanks

Geo 64.8452 147.722 It was grey and overcast as we packed up the bike for the ride from Tok to Fairbanks. As a light rain began we decided to have breakfast down the road at Fast Eddy39s before making a decision on wearing rain gear for the
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Jackpot! Ice finally moves in Alaska river

NENANA, Alaska — Alaska’s favorite spring guessing contest has concluded. Nenana Ice Classic manager Cherrie Forness says ice on the Tanana River went out at 1 p.m. Monday. For contest purposes, that means the official correct guess for winning the annual contest is 12 p.m. Alaska Standard Time. The jackpot is $267,444. Forness says the […]
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Fish were more prominent in early Alaskans' diets, isotope study determines

Ice age inhabitants of Interior Alaska relied more heavily on salmon and freshwater fish in their diets than previously thought, according to a new study. A team of researchers made the discovery after taking samples from 17 prehistoric hearths along the Tanana River, then analyzed stable isotopes and lipid residues to identify fish remains at multiple locations.
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Research on Ice Age burials offers new insight

Genetic research into the ancient remains of two infants found near the Tanana River may have revealed how the Americas were populated. The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports the infants, who were buried 11,500 years ago at the Upward Sun River site, have been linked to two ancient lineages of Native Americans found throughout North and South America.
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