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Facebook’s latest experiment is Hobbi, an app to document your personal projects

Facebook is adding another app to its group of experimental projects from the NPE Team, an initiative it announced last year focused on rapidly trying out new ideas in social to see how users react. This week, the team released its fourth app experiment with the launch of Hobbi, a photo and video sharing app designed for documenting your personal projects and hobbies. Though Hobbi takes obvious cues from Pinterest, it’s not just a pinboard of inspirational ideas. Instead, the app is designed to ...
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‘Tangi’ short video platform focussed on DIY and creativity released by Google’s Area 120

Area 120, which is a workshop for Google's experiment projects in the past has tested many services like a hyper-local experiment app, podcast app, and more. On similar lines now, Google's Area 120 has launched its new short video platform - Tangi which focusses on DIY and creativity. This short video platform includes 1-minute videos that aim to help people learn, unlike other short video platforms like TikTok, Byte which focuses on entertainment. Using Tangi, users can learn to craft, coo...
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Google's New 'Tangi' Service Can Help You Learn DIY Skills

Google’s newest service, Tangi, is a short-form video platform that can help you learn and share new creative skills. It’s currently available as a website and an iOS app—no, it’s not ready for Android yet, which is strange given that it’s Google’s service, but there you go. Read more...
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Google's Latest Video App Tangi Is TikTok for People Who Love Pinterest

Google has announced it’s launching an “experimental social video sharing app” called Tangi for short, 60-second tutorials.Read more...
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Google’s new experimental DIY video app is like TikTok and Pinterest had a baby

Meet Tangi, Google's experimental home for DIY videos and tutorials that feels like a TikTok/Pinterest mix.
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Get creative with Tangi, Area 120’s latest experiment

Last time I went home to see my parents in Shanghai, I found them watching lots of how-to videos on painting and photography on their phone—even though I had considered them to be “smartphone challenged.” My mom has always had a creative side, and I was surprised to learn that she’s now an amateur oil painter thanks to these niche communities with quick how-to videos. Coco’s mom trying out new watercolor techniques and the painting up close. I too joined some of these vibrant creat...
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Google’s Area 120 launches Tangi, a short-form video app focused on creativity and DIY

The latest project to emerge from Google’s in-house incubator, Area 120, takes the newfound interest in short-form video and focuses it on the DIY space. The company today is launching a short video platform called Tangi, initially on the web and iOS, that allows creative types to share how-to videos on subjects like crafting, painting, cooking, fashion, beauty and more. Unlike apps like TikTok or newly-launched Byte, which are more focused on entertainment, Tangi aims to help people learn. “We ...
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