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Symposium: Clarity of the record should bring clarity of purpose

Justin Levitt is a professor at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles; he runs the website “All About Redistricting.” Partisan gerrymandering is back. There are two cases before the Supreme Court this term: a Democratic gerrymander in Maryland and a Republican gerrymander in North Carolina. The cases are different – and though neither is perfect, the basic problem of partisan political entrenchment is unlikely to be presented more cleanly. The evidentiary record in each case is firmly turned up to 11. ...
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Some duds of 2018

I’m owning up to some of my articles that didn’t quite capture the interest of folks around here. Duds. ___________ In the dead of mid-winter last year I wrote on things admirable, deplorable, or forgettable, a compilation of well-used and ill-used vocabulary. Seems that post was altogether forgettable. Nary a comment, not even a snarky one. Want to hear crickets? Write a piece on leadership changes in state conventions. In spite of the fact that about 90% of Cooperative Program revenue flows t...
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Mike Pence & the SBC – It’s a Mixed Bag (Dave “Tarheel” Cline)

I want to say from the outset that I would strongly prefer that no elected politician, candidate, or official speak at the Southern Baptist Convention.  I would even go so far as to suggest that the host city send a tourism or chamber of commerce representative to welcome us to their fair city instead of a mayor or councilperson.  I hope the SBC exec committee will, as a result of the referred motions regarding this, propose a formal nix going forward of our historic practice of inviting and gra...
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Winter camping NC?

Any fellow Tarheel residents that winter camp? Looking for some new fresh spots for adventure. I am pretty commonly at Linville and Dupont, but maybe looking for some secrets or just new cool spots to explore over these winter months I live in the Charlotte area and usually prefer western or northwest part of the state. Hammock camping, so pretty minimal. Definitely want primitive off trail locations.
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NC GOP Sens' Votes Against Trump EPA Pick Puts Nomination At Serious Risk

WASHINGTON (AP) — North Carolina’s two Republican senators say they oppose President Donald Trump’s pick to oversee chemical safety at the Environmental Protection Agency, putting Michael L. Dourson’s nomination at serious risk. Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis issued statements saying they will vote against Dourson to serve as head of EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention. Environmentalists and Senate Democrats have vehemently opposed Dourson, a toxicologist with close t...
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More vocabulary notables

I love the way Doug Hibbard labels the roofing materials needed for a church replant, stout, and he’s not talking about how sturdy or durable they are. He means the cost. Tippling Calvinists probably drool when running across this word but there’s nothing about beer in this one. Doug’s use is so thoroughly southern here that it’s not in many of the dictionaries. Nothing new there. The rest of the country is always trying to catch up with southern-speak. Dave Miller, taking a break from planning ...
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Tika Sumpter Says Mom Was Arrested For Overdue Library Book

Tika Sumpter recently tweeted a piece of advice for North Carolina residents: “make sure you turn in your library books!”   Sumpter’s mother, Janice Acquista, was recently arrested in the Tarheel state due to, the actress claimed, a $10 balance for an overdue library book. The actress recalled the ordeal in a series of tweets. Make sure you turn in your library books North Carolina! My mom was just arrested for having a late fee of 10 dollars on an overdue book!— Tika Sumpter (@iamtikasumpter)...
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North Carolina's anti-gay "bathroom bill" gets a one-candle salute via BooneOakley

Among the birthday greetings sent to North Carolina’s conservative Republican governor Pat McCrory on Monday, October 17, his 60th, will be a full page open message in the state capitol’s Raleigh News & Observer, paid for by the recently formed Writers for a Progressive North Carolina, Charlotte. The ad, neither particularly subtle nor particularly sincere, was created by advertising agency BooneOakley, Charlotte, its first work for the new client. It’s headlined “HB 2 U, Pat,” offers him “best...
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WATCH: Virginia Governor Wants Your Gay Dollars In His Pro-Gay State

Gov. Terry McAuliffe would like you to come spend your gay dollars in Virginia, casting it as LGBTQ-friendly, something not all Southeastern states can say with a straight face. While their neighbor to the south, North Carolina, hemorrhages money since the passing of the anti-LGBTQ law HB2, Virginia stands ready to scoop up the revenue fleeing the McCrory plagued state. Related: McCrory Called “Moronic Little Bigot Of A Tarheel Governor In Leaked DNC Email” To that end, Virginia has launched an...
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48 Hours on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast

When most people think of the North Carolina coast their thoughts tend to drift to the far reaches of the Outer Banks, places like Cape Hatteras and Ocracoke Island, which have become world renowned for sand dunes, surfing and shipwrecks. But on a recent trip to the Tarheel coast, I had the pleasure of discovering a lesser known but equally inviting destination on the far southern end of the Outer Banks, a little closer to the mainland. The Crystal Coast, as it has come to be known, is made up o...
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NCAA Moving Championship Games Out Of N.C. Over Anti-LGBTQ Law HB2

The NCAA announced on Monday in a release that they would be moving all seven previously awarded championship events from North Carolina for the 2016-2017 season due to its commitment to fairness and inclusion. They cited “the cumulative actions taken by the state concerning civil rights protections.” In other words, the anti-LGBTQ bill HB2, which, among other things, forces transgender individuals to use the bathroom matching the gender on their birth certificate, not their gender identity, in...
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NC Gov. McCrory Launches Anti-Trans Attack Ad Amid Slide In Polls

Gov. McCrory. Photo by James Willamore, CC 2.0. North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory has said repeatedly that his concern with allowing transgender individuals to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice is merely a privacy issue, not one of safety. A recent slide in the polls seems to have inspired him to change his tune to one more embracing of the politics of fear. He must be learning something from all those Trump rallies he’s been attending recently. In a new campaign ad, a sexual ass...
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Four Reasons To Vote Clinton Over Protest, Even If You Don’t Live In A Swing State

Not all liberal voters are with Hillary Clinton. A prolonged primary against a more progressive candidate, plus the two email scandals – her own and that of the DNC – have left many left leaning voters floating the idea of a protest vote. Many LGBTQ voters still don’t see Clinton as a true ally, usually pointing to the fact that it took her until 2013 to support same-sex marriage as their main example. Related: McCrory Called “Moronic Little Bigot Of A Tarheel Governor” In Leaked DNC Email Whil...
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River Whyless - Falling Son

On this week’s Monday Morning Tape… … two songs from New Jersey, one quality folk song care of the Tarheel state, two great singer-songwriters performing live, and some West Coast weirdness. Happy Monday to you. — Anthony D’Amato… (in post Weekly Roundup for August Fifteenth / i’m not accustomed to trusting in any of my thoughts from The Monday Morning Tape. More by this artist at )
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Tim Kaine Lays Into Pence, McCrory, Speaks Out For LGBTQ Rights

Tim Kaine speaking at a rally in Greensboro, North Carolina. Vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine appeared in Greensboro, North Carolina on Wednesday and LGBTQ rights were on his mind. “In Philadelphia last week, there was a speaker, Sarah McBride, who made history. Some of you know her, she was the first transgender person ever to speak at a national convention. And she talked about the continuing battle we have in this nation to fight against discrimination,” Kaine said, referring to the 201...
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Watch Magician’s Perfect Vanishing Act On Anti-Trans Bathroom Argument

A gender-neutral bathroom is seen at the University of California, Irvine. Magician Justin Willman says he understands that it can be hard for some parents to explain complex issues in the news to their children, and he is here to help explain the transgender bathroom issue in the most spectacular way. Related: Transphobic ‘Bathroom Cop’ Follows Dallas Woman Into The Restroom Willman performs an illusion that gets right to the heart of the issue, illustrating that nothing is as it first appears...
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McCrory Called “Moronic Little Bigot Of A Tarheel Governor” In Leaked DNC Email

Image via WSOC-TV. The Wikileaks Democratic National Committee email dump has stirred up a lot of controversy and lead to the resignation of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. New revelations are still coming out as people comb through the documents. Related: “No Homo”: DNC Email Leaks Utterly Absurd, Surprisingly Gay While it is a stressful situation for registered Democrats, at least now it has provided some comedic relief, especially those living in North Carolina who are dealing with ...
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Charles Barkley celebrated Villanova's game-winning buzzer-beater (Video)

Charles Barkley jumped up and danced to celebrate Villanova's game-winning, buzzer-beating basket in Monday night's NCAA National Championship men's basketball game over North Carolina.Thrill of victory...Agony of defeat. #NationalChampionship— NBA on TNT (@NBAonTNT) April 5, 2016 Barkley's TNT colleague Kenny Smith, a Tarheel alumni, did not have the same reaction, and understandably so.H/T FTW. This post appeared first on Holdout Sports. Follow us on Twitter and L...
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Ted Cruz rallies in Concord Read Story Dan Yesenosky

Presidential candidates are calling North Carolina a battleground state and on the race for the Republican nomination, Senator Ted Cruz was campaigning here today doing his part to land a victory in the Tarheel State. Recently we've seen NASCAR taking some heat after Brian France endorsed Donald Trump, but Ted Cruz was the candidate up in Concord today with a day-long event and a full slate of speakers persuading and attempting to convince the crowd to "Choose Cruz".
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'Carolina Ghost' proves Thomas Wolfe wrong

North Carolina native Thomas Wolfe famously wrote, "You can't go home again." But another native son of the Tarheel State, Caleb Caudle, is proving Wolfe wrong. "Carolina Ghost" -- his latest album and some say his finest -- is a series of love songs about Caudle's home state. It's a solid collection that could bump James Taylor from his perch as the most famous crooner about the Old North State. It's that good. The album is filled with musical postcards about longing, forgiveness and hope. Cau...
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North Carolina is totally underrated

1. You can wake up in the mountains of America’s most-visited national park… Photo: Mary Ann Baker Covering the state’s western border and within a day’s drive for two-thirds of the US population, Great Smoky Mountains National Park protects the largest stand of old-growth forest in the East and preserves remnants of Appalachian mountain culture. More than 10 million people visited in 2014, with autumn being a particularly popular time due to the beautiful display of fall colors across the pa...
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Investigation into NC salmonella outbreak continues

The Davidson County Health Department, the North Carolina Division of Public Health and the Davie County Health Department are investigating an outbreak of salmonella at the Tarheel Q on U.S. 64 West. Multiple media outlets report that dozens of patrons have contacted the Davidson County Health Department about salmonella symptoms.
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