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OK, I lied

Another Beaujolais post. Ken came home from the grocery store with a new supply of Beaujolais nouveau for the coming week. Good thing. These bottles come from Super U and are sold under the store's brand. We drank the one with the purple peacock feather label (second from the left) on Saturday and it was tasty. I don't know what the peacock feather motif is all about. The grape variety used to make Beaujolais wines is gamay. Nouveau wines from Super U. The one on the right says "No ADDED sulfi...
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Celebrate the Holidays with Tips & Tricks from Chef Tasha’s ZOOM Class on Using Edible Gold, Silver!

Transforming Food from Ordinary to Extraordinary using Edible Gold & Silver with Chef Tasha Powell.  Class #2!   It’s the Holidays!  Transforming Culinary Dishes from “Ordinary to Extraordinary” with Edible Gold & Silver Products is ideal for special occasions and holidays!   Lynn Neuberg   Lynn is the Director of Food and Beverage Product Lines […] The post Celebrate the Holidays with Tips & Tricks from Chef Tasha's ZOOM Class on Using Edible Gold, Silver! first appeared on ...
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Bare vines

Fall progresses, nearly two-thirds done by the calendar. The vineyard parcels out back have lost most of their leaves and the deciduous trees are not far behind. November vines. We're expecting a storm to blow in around mid-day. Some gusty winds and rain are predicted, so it will be an indoor day for us, except for taking Tasha out for her walks. [Author: wcs]
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Power Book II: Ghost Midseason Trailer Sets December Return

Power Book II: Ghost Midseason Trailer Sets December Return Starz has released the first trailer for the last five episodes of Power Book II: Ghost Season 1, confirming that the spinoff series is scheduled to return on Sunday, December 6. The new video comes after less than two months since Starz decided to grant Courtney A. Kemp’s crime drama series an early second season renewal. Check out the video in the player below! RELATED: Shudder December 2020 Schedule Includes Creepshow Holiday Spe...
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View from the den

Here's a view looking westerly from the den. The view was opened up earlier this year when we had a big spruce tree taken out. The tree was too close to the house, too crowded between the tilleul and a Himalayan cedar and, most importantly, it was dying. I'm glad not to have the needles raining down on the roof and gutters. Looking out toward the vegetable garden from the den. This morning we're under heavy fog. I went out in the dark with Tasha (so she could do her business) and everything wa...
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Chef Tasha + Lynn Neuberg Food Seminar: Adding Sparkle, Shimmer + to Food & Drinks! 11/8!

On Sunday, Nov. 8, Lynn Neuberg will team up with Chef Tasha to give a demo of how to add sparkle to drinks and cocktails as well as Sweet and Savory dishes. Tasha will be preparing the food while consulting with Lynn on how to elevate the presentation of each dish. It’s a real honor to […] The post Chef Tasha + Lynn Neuberg Food Seminar: Adding Sparkle, Shimmer + to Food & Drinks! 11/8! first appeared on
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Tasha Tuesday

What better way to calm the election day jitters than a photo of Tasha in the vineyard? This photo is over a week old and the vines are looking a lot barer out there now, especially with the rain and wind we've had since. But the color is not all gone yet. Tasha among the vines on a bright fall day. I'm going to a new dentist today. Ken found him when he broke a tooth a couple of weeks ago. I also broke a tooth around the same time in a strange coincidence. Neither of us has been to our dentis...
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October sunrise

This was Monday morning's sunrise over the vineyards. Big clouds dominated the sky, but the sun had several openings and painted the cloud tops orange and pink. Since it wasn't raining, Tasha and I went all the way to the end of the dirt road and enjoyed the views. Looking west at sunrise. We cut into the big ripe muscade pumpkin on Tuesday. I roasted half of it and we're using the other half in various ways. Some of the roasted flesh went into a savory pumpkin cake. Some of it went into a big...
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Tasha Tuesday

Just before I took this, Tasha took a big drink from the puddle you can see behind her. She has been delighting in drinking from the puddles in the vineyard road since the rains came. There were none for most of the summer. I suspect that puddle water tastes much better than the stuff she gets in her bowl. I can't confirm that, as I do not partake. Maybe we should bottle the puddle water and sell it. Today is the day that Tasha gets her monthly flea and tick preventative. It's a chewable table...
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Autumn afternoon

The sun and clouds took turns on Friday afternoon. It was almost too bright to take pictures at times. I'm not good at bright light photos, preferring overcast days or the famed "golden hours" at sunrise and sunset (which are, coincidentally, when I normally walk with Tasha). I was out a little early on Friday afternoon and it felt good to walk in the waning warmth of the autumn sun. I took the camera out because I think the vineyard color is near its peak right now. This morning we woke up to...
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Tasha Tuesday

Looking toward home. She was probably waiting for me while I took the photo. She's used to us stopping to take pictures when we walk. Normally she takes the opportunity to sniff around, but on this day something further down the road caught her attention. It turned out that it was Bert. Tasha is sure she saw something over there. Yesterday Ken and I accomplished a significant task. We got our old (25 years) mattress down from the loft and into the garage. It had been sitting on the floor for a...
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Funky feline fotos

It's been a while. Bert is well, although we did have an episode of him throwing up something in the house and a few episodes of poop indoors (he won't use his litter box). He is fourteen years old after all, so I expect some "senior" moments from time to time. I caught Bert stalking some critter in the grass out by the pond on Thursday morning. Since Callie died, Bert has been able to spend more time indoors. He gets along well with Tasha, so there is no longer a dog/cat conflict. Last year w...
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Cooking with Tasha: “Fall in Provence” Zoom Class Demo! Oct 11 4PM PT/ 7PM ET!

For those who want to learn to cook a diverse range of foods,  Le Cordon Bleu Chef Tasha Powell has tons of experience as a chef and has worked in Provence as a chef. She’s also a food stylist who has worked with magazines, cookbook authors, and television.  She’s a very talented chef. She breaks […] The post Cooking with Tasha: "Fall in Provence" Zoom Class Demo! Oct 11 4PM PT/ 7PM ET! first appeared on
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Dark skies

We're in a dark and damp pattern now, although the sun did peek out a little yesterday afternoon. This morning I heard the familiar pitter-patter of raindrops on the loft windows. And it's still quite breezy. My walks with Tasha have been cut short by rain showers over the past few days. Threatening skies and puddles in the road. All this means that not much is getting done outdoors. I'm sure, though, that we'll have plenty of opportunities to work outside in the weeks to come. Meanwhile, ther...
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Windy and wet

The wind kicked up late yesterday afternoon and into the night. It's not too bad, but I could definitely hear it gusting out there. There was also rain off and on during the dark hours. Today is a hunting day, so I need to get out with Tasha before 09h00. Last Sunday was the first hunt day of the season, but no hunters showed up out back. I'll see what happens today. The weather usually doesn't deter them unless it's very bad. Fall is creeping through the vineyards. Yesterday afternoon Tasha a...
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An autumn leaf

More and more leaves are turning color and falling to the ground. It's pretty but, when I see them on the ground, I think about having to rake them up. I don't rake the leaves that fall on the grass. They get mulched by the mower. But I do rake up leaves that fall on the gravel driveway and garden path. I put them either in the compost or directly on the vegetable garden plot over the winter. A yellow leaf among the green. We're still expecting a wet weekend. Tasha and I walked in a light rain...
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In the Kitchen with Chef Tasha Powell! A Gluten-Free Cooking Adventure. 9/27!

In the Kitchen with Chef Tasha Powell for A Gluten-Free Cooking Adventure. If you want to learn how to cook some amazing food, you should take this class with Chef Tasha Powell. If you have gluten problems and need to  have a gluten-free diet, you REALLY should take this class because Chef Tasha is amazing […] The post In the Kitchen with Chef Tasha Powell! A Gluten-Free Cooking Adventure. 9/27! first appeared on
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Power Book II: Ghost Renewed for a Second Season at Starz

Power Book II: Ghost renewed for a second season at Starz Following Power Book II: Ghost‘s series debut earliest this month, Starz has officially decided to renew Courtney A. Kemp’s first Power spinoff series for a second season. This early renewal comes after it had became the network’s most-watched new series with record-breaking multiplatform views in its debut week that is now approaching 7.5 million. “I am incredibly humbled by and grateful for the response from our ‘Power’ fans — the b...
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Tasha Tuesday

Autumnal equinox edition. Here's Tasha pausing to look for deer on the road ahead. Although the deer are not usually on the road itself, I often see them in the spaces between vine rows, especially near that row of tall trees on the right in the photo. I guess proximity to the woods gives them a quick path to escape danger. Not that Tasha is much of a danger, but the deer are skittish. Most of the grapes are gone and the vine leaves are beginning to turn color. Fall arrives here this afternoon...
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Podcast #644: How to Develop Greater Self-Awareness

95% of people say that they’re self-aware. But only 10-15% of people actually are. As my guest today says, that means “on a good day, 80% of us are lying to ourselves about how much we’re lying to ourselves” and this blind spot can have big repercussions for our success and happiness.  Her name is Tasha Eurich, and she’s an organizational psychologist and the author of Insight: Why We’re Not as Self-Aware as We Think, and How Seeing Ourselves Clearly Helps Us Succeed at Work and in Life. Tash...
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Looking good

The harvest continues, although there hasn't been much going on out back in the last few days. I expect that will change very soon. Several parcels have already been hand-harvested and several more have been machine harvested. Still, large sections of both red and white grapes remain. The weather is predicted to be warm and dry over the next week, so I imagine the growers are waiting as long as they can for optimum sugar and water levels. These look ready to me!  During our walk on Sunday mor...
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Last week we had some rain and I saw something that I hadn't seen in a while: puddles in the vineyard road. This view of our hamlet from out in the vineyard will be familiar to regular readers of the blog. I wasn't very far out yet when I stopped to wait for Tasha to catch up after she spent some time smelling things. Tasha likes the puddles. She won't step in them, but she'll stop and take a drink. The puddles have dried up now and, while the days are more or less cloudy, there's no rain in t...
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Comment on raspberry breakfast bars by Tasha

I made these and they are amazing!!! They arent as hard as they seem and my family loves them. I tried to make them a little healthier by using 1/3 less sugar overall, substituting 1/2 of flour with milled flax, and adding about 3/4 cup of cupped walnuts to the topping. I made the raspberry jam without the 2tbsp of butter, and a little less sugar, but only do that if you like the jam a little bit tart. These bars are bright and flavorful, and I love the toasted nut flavor with the walnuts. The b...
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Check Out ComingSoon’s Fall 2020 TV Preview!

CS Fall TV Preview! is taking a look at new and returning shows confirmed to premiere this Fall! Check them out below! RELATED: New to Netflix September 2020: All Movies & Shows Coming and Going PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; admiralCookie = readAdmiralCookie(); googletag.cmd.push(function() { var standAloneSizeMappin...
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Tasha Tuesday

Here she is on the deck, among the geraniums, last week. Tasha likes the deck in summer. She can sit out there and guard the neighborhood, but still listen to what goes on inside the house. That is, when we can have the sliding doors open. Happy Tasha! I'm feeling the need for a haircut. My hair is not nearly as long as it was in May when Ken cut it, but it's getting a little unruly now, especially around the ears. I'm planning on stopping by the hair salon this morning to make an appointment....
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Up up and away

We haven't seen many montgolfières (hot air balloons) over our neighborhood this summer. There are a few that we spot far away in the northwestern sky, probably flying around Chenonceaux, Chaumont, and Amboise castles. So it was a nice surprise to see one floating by above the river at sunrise on Friday. The tall pointy tree just below the balloon in the photo is in our back yard. Tasha saw the balloon, picked up her pace and growled at it a few times. But she didn't go wild with barking and try...
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The Legacy Lives On in Power Book II: Ghost Trailer

BEGIN SLIDESHOW The legacy lives on in Power Book II: Ghost trailer Starz has released the official Power Book II: Ghost trailer for creator Courtney A. Kemp’s first Power spinoff series, featuring the introduction of Cliff “Method Man” Smith as he portrays a sharp and ethically challenged attorney, who gets unwilling dragged into the world of drugs by Michael Rainey Jr.’s Tariq. The series is scheduled to make its debut on Sunday, September 6, 2020 at 9PM ET/PT. After that, it will then...
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Tasha Tuesday

There something in the vines! Maybe a deer! Maybe a rabbit! Probably just a bird. Tasha is ever vigilant. Tasha hears something rustling among the vines. Speaking of birds, Bert brought home a rather big chick yesterday afternoon. It looked like a little penguin. He didn't eat it (he usually doesn't eat birds), and I tossed the lifeless body out into the woods. This morning I heard a duck quacking out by the pond just beyond our back gate. There is often a pair of colverts (mallards) out t...
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Summer time

This is one of the paths that Tasha and I take once we get to the bottom of the hill to our north. It winds along next to one of the streams that gets its start in the vineyards above then flows (when there's water) down to the river. Behind me in this photo is a wooden house that's rented out as a gîte (vacation rental), complete with a swimming pool. I didn't take a photo of it because it was occupied and the family was out enjoying the pool. The stream bed is to the left in this photo. Whea...
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Child obesity: 'Your postcode determines access to healthier food'

Campaigner Tasha is on a mission to make it easier for young people to have healthier diet choices.
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