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The nose knows

Or at least it seeks to find out. Some deer (I think) ripped this ear of corn off its stalk and enjoyed a meal or two of fresh corn kernels. The cob is in the dirt road not far from a stand of corn out among the grape vines. Just as I took the photo, a certain canine stuck her nose into the shot (second photo). Corn cob as art. Second attempt, sans dog. This morning's low temperature at the house is about 9ºC (about 48ºF). Compare that to yesterday's low of just below freezing. We should be ha...
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Tasha Tuesday

While taken in roughly the same location as the last Tasha Tuesday post, this photo is three weeks newer. Tasha looks smaller because I used the 24mm wide angle lens for this one instead of the 50mm lens I normally use. All that means is that, with this photo, you get to see more of the landscape. Another view of the vineyard parcel that's being dug up this fall. The sky is clear and the moon is shining brightly this morning, and the temperature is a degree or so above freezing. Novembrrrr is ...
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Tasha Tuesday

With morning temperatures in the single digits (celsius), our sunrise walks with Tasha are brisk. It's nowhere near bone-chilling cold; we haven't had a freeze yet. It's just crisp and frosty enough to keep us moving. It's quite invigorating. Tasha takes it in stride, as it were. Her thick coat (do I need to say that she needs a good brushing?) keeps her warm enough, I suspect. Tasha on the vineyard road on a foggy fall morning. We can feel the holiday season approaching. Thanksgiving is next ...
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I got plenty o' nuttin'

And nuttin's plenty for me. I'm expecting a calm weekend. Cold weather, but no rain or snow (!) predicted. Today is semi-finals day at the Paris Open, the last Masters level event of the tennis season, with the final on Sunday. Most of the Asian tournaments were canceled this year. The next big event for the men is the ATP Championship, this year being held in Turin, Italy. After that, the 2022 season starts up in January. There are still some wildflowers blooming out in the vineyards. I'll pr...
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A darker shade of red

The parade of autumn leaves continues. This red one is a little darker than the others. As usual, I don't know what variety of grape this belongs to. Some stubborn green among the reds and golds. This could be sauvignon blanc. The holiday weekend is over and kids go back to school today. As usual, our neighborhood was practically full, with people at the Air B&B two doors down and our neighbors' house across the road hosting part of their extended family (adult children, grandkids, and two hug...
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How Coloring Outside the Lines Leads Me to Jesus

My right hand clutched the blue crayon so tightly, my fingertips turned from pink to white. I don’t remember what the picture was, but I remember how I wanted to do a good job coloring it. I started slowly, coloring along the black line of whatever empty shape or picture was on the page. I noticed the boy sitting next to me was almost done, and instinctively, I sped up. When I did, the blue color started leaking past the lines with loud squeaking noises. The boy next to me looked at my page and ...
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Tasha – “Bed Song 1”

Next week, Tasha is releasing her new album Tell Me What You Miss The Most. We’ve heard “Lake Superior,” “Perfect Wife,” and “Sorry’s Not Enough” already, and today the Chicago musician is back with one more, the album’s lovely opening track “Bed Song 1.” The album is bookended by two “Bed Song”s, both spindly and contemplative. Here’s Tasha on the track:
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Dog biscuits

Friends of ours welcomed a new puppy into their home earlier this year. When we were invited over for lunch last weekend, I thought a gift of home-made dog biscuits would be nice. I looked on the internet and found a recipe (there are a lot) that used ingredients that I had, more or less, on hand. Dog biscuits baking in the oven. Yes, I have a bone-shaped cookie cutter. Tasha liked the biscuits so I hoped the new pup would as well. And it turns out that she did. They're made with whole wheat f...
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The finished garden path

The path's finish layer is gravel, like it was before. This gravel, however, is much smaller than the previous was. It's going to take a while to settle. Tasha's (and our) footprints are obvious. As are the leaves falling from the linden tree. Nothing stays pristine for long. Looking east, toward the house from the back gate. We could have gone with a hard surface (pavers or bricks) for the path. That would have been much easier to keep free of fallen leaves and other debris, but it would prob...
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The path to victory

The yard work continued on Tuesday and the entire garden path got scraped down by about six inches. Then a layer of anti-weed fabric went down, topped with a base layer of crushed granite (at least that's what they called it). The main garden path, halfway through the scraping. It all looked pretty spiffy at this point, but there was more to do. As it got late, the guys stopped work on the path and took the backhoe thing back over to where they had removed the juniper on Monday. Within thirty ...
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What Dungeons & Dragons Rules Could Be Updated For D&D 5.5

Revised versions of the core Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks are coming in 2024, which fans are already referring to as the 5.5 version of the game. This will give Wizards of the Coast the chance to alter the existing D&D rules, in order to improve them, following years of fan feedback and online discourse.The new books were revealed during D&D Celebration 2021. The new D&D books will launch in 2024, to mark the 50th anniversary of the game. All that has been revealed is that the Player's Handbook...
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Power Book II: Ghost Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)Starz and 50 Cent scored quite the unexpected hit with "Power." So much so that the network doubled down in a big way, announcing several spin-offs that have begun coming to fruition. "Power Book II: Ghost," the first of these shows in the expanded "Power" universe, is set to return this year for its second season. The premiere i...
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Tasha – “Sorry’s Not Enough”

Earlier in the month, Chicago singer/songwriter/poet/activist Tasha announced Tell Me What You Missed The Most, the follow-up to her 2018 debut Alone At Last. We’ve already heard lead single “Perfect Wife,” and now Tasha has shared another track, “Sorry’s Not Enough.”
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Chicken Pad Thai

This was Monday's lunch. Ken made a variation on Pad Thai using chicken breast and bell peppers. We had some Chinese wheat noodles in the pantry that we used instead of flat rice noodles. The sauce was easy with the ingredients we have on hand. Peanuts gave the dish some crunch, and we garnished with fresh chives from the garden and the other half of the bunch of cilantro I got on Saturday. Needless to say, we ate it all. A what-we-had-on-hand version of Pad Thai. Some kinda good! During my wa...
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Bartees Strange – “Lady Luck” (Richard Swift Cover)

To celebrate Secretly Canadian’s 25th anniversary this year, the label is reissuing 12 old albums in a series called SC25 Editions and releasing 25 new covers in a series called SC25 Singles; the net proceeds from the whole campaign will go towards raising $250,000 for the Bloomington, Indiana charity New Hope For Families. Up next are reissues of Songs: Ohia’s 1997 self-titled debut, Zero Boys’ A Vicious Circle, Foreign Born’s Person To Person, and Faye Webster’s Atlanta Millionaire’s Club, plu...
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Lost Found

I don't know how it's possible, but somehow I lost my eyeglasses. I went out for an afternoon walk with Tasha and at some point realized I didn't have my glasses on. This happens every now and then. I go out the door in a hurry and forget to put them on, often because I was wearing my computer glasses just before going out. So, I figured, they're probably home on my desk. But when I got home, I couldn't find them anywhere. Panic set in. Did I drop them in the vineyard? They're out there. I wen...
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A boy and his dog

Having fun with shadows. Tasha went "snout to the ground" as I snapped the photo so her shadow lost its ears. Better luck next time. Luke Skywalker and R2D2? I sometimes call her Kenobi, as in Obi Quiet, Kenobi. Bert came in from outside just before two a.m. this morning. With a mouse. At least it was dead by the time he dropped it on the landing. I made sure he ate it before I climbed back up to bed. I wonder what he does for hours out there in the dark before he decides to come inside. [Auth...
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September sunrise

The sun rose yesterday in a clear sky. Tasha and I enjoyed our sunrise walk. I think we started around 07h30. The sunrises are getting later and later as we near the equinox. This photo is from early in our walk, looking back at the hamlet as we make our way west. Looking easterly at sunrise on Tuesday. On Sunday morning we saw a sure sign of the coming autumn: hunters were out past the end of the dirt road participating in a battue (an organized hunt). They were likely hunting deer or foxes. ...
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Tasha – “Perfect Wife”

Three years on from her debut album Alone At Last and a little bit removed from the one-off singles “But There’s Still The Moon” and “Would You Mind Please Pulling Me Close?,” Tasha has announced a new full-length called Tell Me What You Miss The Most. It was produced with Phantom Posse’s Eric Littmann, who passed away earlier this year.
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The (garden) party is over

Our 2021 vegetable garden is almost a memory. There are still zukes, kale, and chard growing (sort of). On Wednesday, I cut all the weeds down with the mower after piling up the pulled plants and some trimmings and tree branches (that were piled in the garden path). I'll get rid of those later. Tasha "helps" with the garden cleanup. The plot will have to be tilled up at some point and I'll probably have to mow it again before that happens. And, in accordance with the laws of the universe, the ...
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Sunrise with contrails

On Thursday morning the sun rose in a clear sky. Tasha and I had just left for our morning walk and I turned to look back toward the east. The photo makes it look darker than it was. The sun was up over the horizon but still behind the trees in the background. The sunrise over our little hamlet on Thursday. Summer vacation is winding down now. French kids go back to school in less than a week. If you've been reading this blog, you know that the weather has not been good for most of this year's...
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Tasha Tuesday

I got this shot of Tasha looking into the sunrise last Friday. She paused for a moment while we were making our way through a vineyard parcel. I have to be fast, because she doesn't stand still for long. Tasha stands in a patch of clover. Monday was a mostly indoor day. The weather was chilly and damp. But that seems to be over now and the forecast is for more seasonable days ahead.The plumber who built our shower stall was over yesterday to repair the glass shower door. It keeps detaching fro...
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The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

Every week the Stereogum staff chooses the five best new songs of the week (the eligibility period begins and ends Thursdays right before midnight). This week’s countdown is below, and you can listen to a playlist of all our 5 Best Songs on Spotify.
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Tasha – “Lake Superior”

Since releasing her debut album Alone At Last back in 2018, the Chicago musician/poet Tasha has sporadically put out a series of exceedingly wonderful singles, like “But There’s Still The Moon” and “Would You Mind Please Pulling Me Close?.” Today, she’s back with another one, the scratchy and satisfying spectral folk song “Lake Superior.” “I think this song is my way of being there for my mom and telling her I’m there for her, even if it’s a few years too late,” Tasha said in a statement. The tr...
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That darned cat

Bert woke me up last night just after eleven. Meow, meow! I thought he wanted kibble, so I got up and went downstairs to put his bowl down. He went further downstairs to the ground floor. I went back upstairs to bed. A few minutes later, he was back in the loft. Meow, meow! He was insistent. I realized he wanted, or needed, to go outside. Nothing to do with this post. Public benches, Mennetou-sur-Cher, May 2006. Out of bed again, down two flights, and I opened his window. He went out like a sh...
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Where the wild things go

This "hole" in the woods leads into a ravine and to a small stream that runs down to the river. Tasha likes to sniff around this spot, but she doesn't go inside. I have gone in from another angle only to find the junk that someone once dumped in there. Otherwise, it is the realm of deer, foxes, rabbits, and who knows what other wild creatures. Would you go inside? The Tour de France ended with a spectacular weather day in Paris yesterday. The cyclists rode through the Cour Carrée at the Louvre...
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Dungeons & Dragons' Future Is Full of Carnivals and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons is a world of imagination, from the vast realms and planes of existence your adventures can take place on, to the characters your parties build over the course of their travels. The next two releases for the game’s Fifth Edition are going to put that imagination to the test—in ways epic enough to…Read more...
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It's grapes!

The flowering stage is just about over and grapes are forming in the vineyards out back. Meanwhile, the growers and other workers are busy trimming, mowing, and plowing. Grapes forming on the vines out back. I'm still hopeful that our weather will turn into summer at some point. So far, it's been pretty much a washout. This morning the sky is deeply overcast after a rain system moved through in the wee hours. The sun's up, but it's still pretty dark out there. Tasha and I will go for our morni...
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Tasha Tuesday

After I cut the grass in the south 40 last week, I went outside to take some photos. Guess who came with me? These are the strips along the road, outside the hedges. Ours is on the right, our neighbor's is on the left. I've been mowing her strip for a year or so after she asked if I could do it once. It takes just a couple of minutes and it makes the road look nicer. Tasha in our road. The neighbor's hedge (left) needs some work. That neighbor will be moving soon. She sold her house several mo...
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High School Graduate Helps Put Out House Fire On Commencement Night In Sacramento County

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