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Bike Theft Task Force leader has left PPB; future of unit unclear

A busy Bike Theft Task Force booth at a 2019 Sunday Parkways event. (Photos: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland) “Due to a lack of funds/budget, our unit has been suspended and is currently unable to respond to bike theft needs in the community.”— Dave Sanders, Task Force founder and former PPB officer A vital part of Portland’s fight against the scourge of bicycle theft has been mothballed. Six years ago, as bike theft spun out of control in Portland, we brought people together to do somethin...
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Here’s How Pence’s Top Aide Kept Minimizing And Downplaying COVID Before He Got Infected

Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff, Marc Short, tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday. Though he was among several of Pence’s aides who contracted the virus, Short’s diagnosis was particularly startling given all the ways he had openly dismissed the severity of COVID-19. Complaining About “Mask-Shaming” After Pence delivered a speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in front of a mostly mask-free crowd in August, Short accused MSNBC anchor Hallie Jackson and the rest o...
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Report from Houston Policing Task Force should launch broader conversation

The Houston Mayor's Task Force on Policing Reform covered a lot of ground in its 150-page report, considering a large variety of changes, big and small. The sprawling report was so dense and byzantine, Grits decided to distill it into a 3-part blog summary/commentary (linked below) that itself came in at more than 5,000 words. They simply addressed a lot of stuff! The Task Force recommended more than Grits expected but less than I'd hoped. These are very much reformist approaches that contemplat...
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Houston Mayor's Policing Task Force Recap, Part 3: Mental-health first response, What counts as diversion?, the 'all-purpose panacea promoted by people who oppose policy change,' and other stories

Here's Part 3 of Grits' tripartite, annotated analysis of the new report from the Houston Mayor's Task Force on Policing Reform. See Part 1 and Part 2. Mental-Health First Response In Austin, Dallas, and elsewhere across the country, one of the approaches to displacing police from non-law-enforcement tasks has been mental-health first response, where many clients do not ask for a law-enforcement presence and end up in involuntary detention, more often than not, because police don't know what els...
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Houston Mayor's Policing Task Force Recap, Part 2: "Let the 'good cops' speak!," toward a functional police-oversight system, changes to use of force and bodycam policies needed, and building trust through transparency

Here's Part 2 of Grits' tripartite, annotated analysis of the new report from the Houston Mayor's Task Force on Policing Reform. See Part 1 here. Improving Complaint Process: Allow anonymous complaints to let 'good cops' speak up The Task Force recommended several important improvements to the complaint process, including allowing complaints online. "Currently, people can submit complaints in person at any police substation, at the Internal Affairs/Central Intake Office or at community orga...
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Task Force on reforming Houston police: Empower oversight board, remove civil-service barriers to accountability at #txlege, and have someone besides the DA prosecute police misconduct (Grits has a suggestion)

"The loss of public trust and credibility makes it difficult, if not impossible, for the police to forge partnerships in local communities, let alone expect community cooperation in criminal investigations," declared the Houston Mayor's Task Force on Policing Reform (TFPR), which issued its recommendations this week. Even if your correspondent might have gone further, or may quibble with their suggestions (as indeed, I will, below), they're more significant than Grits had anticipated. Good for t...
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Symptoms, outcomes of sailors in isolation after COVID-19 outbreak on USS Theodore Roosevelt

The U.S. Army Public Health COVID-19 Task Force describes the results of an independent investigation of the shore-based USS Theodore Roosevelt outbreak response and 736 sailors in isolation status.
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Five Points On Scott Atlas, Trump’s Favorite New COVID Source

The President’s got a new top doc. His name is Scott Atlas, and in recent months, Atlas has cut a well-worn path arguing on television that America’s COVID-19 fears were overblown — that, as he said in May, “the cure is bigger than the disease.” It’s a familiar pattern by now. The scientific contrarian takes conservative media by storm, ultimately influencing tens of millions of people via prominent appearances on Fox News. But Atlas, unlike other celebrity doctors in the COVID-19 era, has m...
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Private radiology practices have been greatly affected by COVID-19 pandemic

Private radiology practices have been especially hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the steps they take to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on their practice will shape the future of radiology, according to a special report from the Radiological Society of North America COVID-19 Task Force, published today in the journal Radiology.
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Canada: Making B.C. An Emerging Economy Leader - McMillan LLP

In response to those trends, the Task Force proposes several recommendations to ensure B.C.'s economy stays at the forefront of such emerging economic developments..
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PPB Bike Theft Task Force recover 15 bikes, make two arrests in chop shop bust

Tools of the trade. Notice the seat bags too. A vanful of broken dreams. (Photos: PPB) The Portland Police Bureau’s Bike Theft Task Force continues to pay big dividends to our community. In a statement just released a few minutes ago, the PPB says an officer on the task force responded to a burglary call on Wednesday and stumbled upon a large chop-shop operation. The bust happened in southeast Portland on the 6000 block of SE Powell Blvd (just east of the Foster split). Here’s more...
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RSNA publishes new documents on COVID-19 radiology surge and post-surge preparedness

The Radiological Society of North America COVID-19 Task Force has published new documents on COVID-19 surge preparedness and post-COVID-19 preparedness for radiology departments.
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"Stocks surged after a report said a Gilead Sciences drug showed some effectiveness in treating the coronavirus..."

"... giving investors some hope there could be a treatment solution that helps the country reopen faster from the widespread shutdowns that have plunged the economy into a recession....  Gilead shares jumped more than 10% after STAT news reported that a Chicago hospital treating coronavirus patients with remdesivir in a trial were recovering rapidly from severe symptoms.... Gilead itself... cautioned that anecdotal reports are not enough to determine yet whether the drug will be an effective tre...
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5 years after launch, PPB Bike Theft Task Force leader says problem remains ‘very bad’

Last month members of the Task Force joined with Milwaukie PD for a free bike registration event on the Springwater Corridor.(Photos: Portland Police) Bike thieves do not care about the pandemic. In fact, it’s probably encouraging them to steal more. According to the Portland Police Bureau Bike Theft Task Force, bike theft in March was up 25% compared to last year. Task Force leader Officer Dave Sanders says it’s “very bad” out there right now. The BTTF was launched five years ago this week. W...
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Newsom Announces Coronavirus Testing Task Force, Website To Get Medical Supplies To Front Lines

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Governor Gavin Newsom announced in a press conference on Saturday the launch of a one-stop website designed to get medical supplies to the frontlines of the fight against coronavirus. The website – – will allow parties “to donate, sell or offer to manufacture 13 of the most essential medical supplies, including ventilators, N95 respirators and testing materials,” according to a press release from the governor’s office. Newsom said he is calling on indi...
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Donald Trump wants you to be appreciative. Could you just be appreciative and stop constantly chirping about what's wrong?

Let's dip into the rhetoric from yesterday's task force press briefing. Donald Trump was full of energy, ready to talk and talk until you just can't stand it anymore. And his word of the day was "appreciative." Why won't people appreciate him?!From the transcript:TRUMP: Well, I think we’ve done a great job for the State of Washington and I think the governor, who is a failed presidential candidate as you know, he leveled out at zero in the polls, he’s constantly chirping, and I guess complaining...
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Politics forces Lt. Gov. Green off coronavirus response team, first COVID-19 death announcement was in error, tourism plummets, schools stay closed, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii farmers market ©2020 All Hawaii News Farmers Markets Face Challenge In The Time Of The Coronavirus. As people learn new habits in response to concerns about the novel coronavirus, where and how people get good food is high on the list of new challenges. Hawaii Public Radio.Website launched to help keep Hawaii’s restaurants afloat. A new website developed by the Hawaii Agricultural Foundation hopes to support restaurants statewide by providing an updated list of locally owned busine...
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United Auto Workers call on GM, Ford, FCA to shut down U.S. factories

United Auto Workers called on the Big Three automakers — GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles — to shut down factories in the U.S. for two weeks over concerns about the spread of COVID-19, a disease caused by the coronavirus. The call to action came after GM confirmed in a statement that an employee who works at the Cole Engineering Center in Warren has tested positive for the virus. “We have been in contact with the family and put our emergency response plan into action, building on the preve...
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United Auto Workers call on GM, Ford, FCA to shut down US factories

United Auto Workers called on the Big Three automakers — GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles — to shut down factories in the U.S. for two weeks over concerns about the spread of COVID-19, a disease caused by the coronavirus. The call to action came after GM confirmed in a statement that an employee who works at the Cole Engineering Center in Warren has tested positive for the virus. “We have been in contact with the family and put our emergency response plan into action, building on the preve...
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If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It (Chris Gordon)

I can tell you the batting average of Dale Murphy from his 1983 NL MVP season rose 21 points from his 1982 MVP season(.281 to .302). Much to the chagrin of my poor wife I might add, I am a statistical nerd. It’s true I hated Statistics in college though. No not stats, but Statistics, Probabilities & such. I don’t care if you roll a pair of dice 2909872 times you might not ever get six on both at the same time, but I digress. This isn’t a post about my abnormal LOVE for statistics, the measurable...
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Recording Academy’s Task Force for Diversity Was a ‘Disheartening,’ ‘Stifling’ Experience, Say Members

In the wake of the bombshell allegations included in the legal complaint from ousted Recording Academy CEO Deborah Dugan — which includes allegations of sexual misconduct among many other improper practices — there’s more than a little sense of “Wasn’t all this supposed to be fixed two years ago?” After former Grammy chief Neil Portnow’s […]
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Metro task force ponders how to raise billions for bond measure

The task at hand. Now that Metro’s 2020 Transportation Funding Task Force has decided which projects to fund, they need to figure out how to pay for them. Metro Government Affairs Director Andy Shaw (R) at last night’s meeting. (Photo: Ian Edwards) The 35-member Task Force held their 17th meeting Wednesday night at Metro headquarters, focused primarily on how to pay for the measure, which is estimated to cost $350 to $450 million per year for 20 years and is scheduled to go before voters o...
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Big week ahead for Metro’s transportation funding measure

Nearly $4 billion in new revenue is on the table regionwide.(Source: Metro) With the holiday break now firmly in the rear view mirror, Metro is returning to work on its planned November 2020 transportation ballot measure with three meetings scheduled for the next week that will give Portlanders a chance to share their opinions about the nearly $4 billion proposal. Metro Funding Measure Task Force members Lew Frederick and Jessica Vega-Pederson at a meeting in October. (Photo © J . Maus/B...
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Hollywood Burbank, Van Nuys airports noise complaints to get FAA response at latest task force meeting

A task force set up to deal with resolving noise issues stemming from flights out of two San Fernando Valley airports will host a third meeting Wednesday. The Southern San Fernando Valley Airplane Noise Task Force  includes 13 elected representatives and their staffs from several Valley communities affected by aircraft noise at Hollywood Burbank and Van Nuys airports. At Burbank Airport, Ian Gregor, public affairs manager of the FAA Pacific Division, shows Southern California Terminal Radar Ap...
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USDA, DOE sign major MOU to promote rural energy, advance rural communities, domestic manufacturing.

In Washington, U.S. Department of Agriculture Deputy Under Secretary Donald “DJ” LaVoy and U.S. Department of Energy Under Secretary of Energy Mark W. Menezes today announced a Memorandum of Understanding between the two departments to promote rural energy and the development of technologies that will support and advance rural and agricultural communities and domestic manufacturing. The deal The signed MOU, which was required under section 6501 of the 2018 Farm Bill, will enhance collaboratio...
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What Americans Should Do on Memorial Day

This Memorial Day put aside the politics and the shopping sprees. This day is about remembering one thing and one thing only: those who gave their lives in the service of their fellow Americans.That’s actually a lot to take in. So many wars. So many causes. So many lives. It’s impossible to remember them all. But for those looking for a place to start, here’s one you can remember, even if you’ve never heard of him.We’ve all heard of O’Hare, the nation’s busiest airport, site of some one million ...
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Climate concerns dominate Metro ‘T2020’ task force meeting

“We will be watching,” was the warning from Sunrise PDX activists. (Photos: J. Maus/BikePortland) Concerns about climate change were made loud and clear to Metro’s Transportation Funding Task Force at their meeting last night. Metro is leading an effort to raise what some say could be as much as $20 billion for transportation infrastructure around the regional via a bond measure that could go to voters in November. As lines are drawn on maps, lines are being drawn in the sand by electeds and ad...
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Checking in on ‘T2020,’ Metro’s transportation funding measure

Metro’s map of highest scoring investment corridors. We’re now three months since the official launch of Metro’s effort to raise funds for transportation infrastructure via a bond measure that could go to voters in 2020. This is likely to be the most consequential transportation funding decision in our region’s history. With activism heating up and outlines of the measure being drawn, it’s time to put T2020 on your radar. The Basics Task Force co-chairs are county commissioners Jessica Ve...
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United States: FTC Launches Competition Task Force To Investigate Technology Markets - Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP

The Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") Bureau of Competition (the "Bureau") created a Task Force to investigate possible anticompetitive conduct in U.S. technology markets.
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The Need for a Code of Conduct for Family Law Disputes, Part 2

Last Tuesday, I was honoured to be presented with the Distinguished Service Award for service to the community from the Law Society of Alberta and the Canadian Bar Association Alberta. I took advantage of the more or less captive audience to discuss the need to improve the Code of Conduct to better reflect the practice realities of family law lawyers and the needs of their clients, and the needs of their clients’ children. As my remarks were received with more interest than I’d expected, I thoug...
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