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5 Ways to Use Fashion Choices for Cultural Pride

Our ancestry and heritage are vital to what makes each of us unique. Where we came from and the traditions of our people formed our identity and our upbringings, in many cases. Many people are quite loud and proud of their ancestry. In a similar vein, our fashion choices and sense of style also make us all unique. Our style reflects influences from our surroundings starting at a young age, and often fashion displays the cultural heritage of a group of people. Even in modern times, you c...
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Stick and Poke Tattoos for the Quarantined

Stick-and-pokes have long been a friend to the bored. Now is the perfect time, right?
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"Melville’s ever-philosophical narrator, Ishmael, asks: 'Who ain’t a slave? Tell me that.'"

"From a world he experienced as spherical from atop ships’ masts, Melville perceived a sea-level humanity, embracing and celebrating the latitudes and longitudes of human variation, now termed diversity. When Ishmael finds himself compelled to share a blanket at the sold-out Spouter Inn, he declares, 'No man prefers to sleep two in a bed.' But he settles in, waiting for his mysterious South Seas roommate who, he’s informed, is peddling a shrunken head on the streets of New Bedford. Queequeg’s ap...
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New England Patriots Draftee Apologizes for Far-Right Militia Tattoo, Says He Will Have It Removed: “That’s Not Who I Am”

The New England Patriots draftee who proudly dons a tattoo of the symbol for a far-right militia group now says he had no prior knowledge of the organization’s anti-government stances and that he will be removing the controversial tattoo soon. Justin Rohrwasser received heavy backlash after being drafted by Donald Trump’s favorite team as a kicker last week because of a tattoo dedicated to the Three Percenters: the Roman numeral three surrounded by stars. Though the Three Percenters is not desig...
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"I love these people. I know the people from spas and beauty parlors, tattoo parlors. Bikers for Trump, a lot of tattoos. I love them, I love these people."

"And barbershops, these are great people, but you know what? Maybe you wait a little bit longer until you get into a phase two. So, do I agree with him? No, but I respect him and I will let him make his decision. Would I do that? No. I’d keep them a little longer. I want to protect people’s lives, but I’m going to let him make his decision. But I told him I totally disagree. Okay?"Said Trump, at yesterday's Task Force press briefing, expressing his disagreement with the Governor of Georgia. I en...
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Tattoo Machines and Machine Guns: Inking Your Buddies in Combat

When Joe Kintz deployed to Habbaniyah, Iraq, in 2006 as a bomb technician with SEAL Team 5, he took along something unusual: his own tattoo kit.
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A Top Tattoo Artist in NYC Reveals the Ink Worth Pinning This Year

Navigating the plight that is choosing your next tattoo can feel like a solo journey in mapless territory. There is no GPS to meaningful body art; no Complete Encyclopedia to Dainty Ink You Won't Regret, like the one Hailey Baldwin has seemingly forgotten to release to the public. What you can do, of course, is look to the pros to tell you which designs will see a spike in popularity in the next few months, plus which ones to ditch, and let that be your tattoo guide. After all, you'll have some...
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A Top Tattoo Artist in NYC Reveals the Ink Everyone Will Be Getting in 2020

Navigating the plight that is choosing your next tattoo can feel like a solo journey in mapless territory. There is no GPS to meaningful body art; no Complete Encyclopedia to Dainty Ink You Won't Regret, like the one Hailey Baldwin has seemingly forgotten to release to the public. What you can do, of course, is look to the pros to tell you which designs will see a spike in popularity in the coming months, plus which ones to ditch, and let that be your tattoo guide. That's where we come in. So w...
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Kaia Gerber Has More Tattoos Than You Might Think - and You Can See Them All Here

Millions of Instagram followers, undeniably unique features, and an insane résumé of campaigns and fashion shows aren't the only things today's class of top models have in common. Besides incredible clothes, the majority of them (like Hailey Bieber) are wearing some of the internet's coolest tattoos. Included in that crowd is a true industry legacy: Kaia Gerber. The daughter of iconic model Cindy Crawford, Gerber first got inked in October 2018. Since then, the 18-year-old has added a handful of...
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She's Done It Again: Vanessa Hudgens Just Got Another Tattoo for "Thirsty Thursday"

Vanessa Hudgens just added another tattoo to her collection of tiny ink - the "divine feminine angel," is what she's calling it. The latest edition, an intricate angel on Hudgens's right side, was done by none other than celebrity favorite tattoo artist, Dragon of Bang Bang Tattoo in New York City. The first glimpse we got at the new tattoo was in a photo posted on Hudgens's Instagram. Keeping with the theme of her last tattoo reveal, she playfully hashtagged it #thirstythursday. Shortly after,...
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A Comprehensive Guide to All of Hailey Bieber's 20+ Tattoos

Call it the Instagram effect or a simple appreciation of "aesthetic" things, but there's no denying that tattoo culture has shifted significantly. No longer just full sleeves and back pieces with thick black outlines, a more minimal style - aka "fine line" - look has emerged in the last decade, and celebrities can't get enough of it. The proof? Hailey Bieber. At first glance, you might never suspect that the model has over 20 tattoos and counting. While her husband opts for larger, more detaile...
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A Guide to All of Vanessa Hudgens's Tiny, Ever-So-Delicate Tattoos

It may come as a surprise to you - because it was a major surprise to us - but Vanessa Hudgens doesn't have that many tattoos. At least, not compared to her pals Selena Gomez (who has a total of 12 known tattoos) and Ashley Benson (who has somewhere around 16 known tattoos). In fact, before her most recent ink addition - a sunflower on her side that doubles as the most triumphant thirst trap in the history of thirst traps - Hudgens hadn't gotten any new tattoos in almost a decade. As far as fre...
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The Best, Biggest, and Most Shocking Celebrity Tattoos of 2020 . . . So Far

It's hard to a remember that there was once a time when we knew more about the interior design of a celebrity's bathroom than we did about their tattoos. But times change and MTV shows get canceled. In 2020, celebrities keep their homes private, like really private, and their tattoos public. It's more common than ever before that a celebrity reveals to their millions of Instagram followers the tiny tattoo they got on their wrist last Wednesday. Even with so much sharing, it's hard to keep up wit...
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Post Malone Just Opened Up About His Famous Face Tattoos

Post Malone opened up in an interview with GQ on Monday about his famous face tattoos. The Hollywood's Bleeding singer, who has a collection of ink sketched across his forehead, neck, and cheeks, in addition to the rest of his body, suggested the purpose of the controversial placement is to act as a distraction or defense mechanism. "I'm a ugly-ass motherf*cker," Malone said in the interview. "It does maybe come from a place of insecurity, to where I don't like how I look, so I'm going to put s...
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Post Malone Says He Got All of His Face Tattoos Because He’s Insecure About His Looks: “I’m an Ugly-Ass Mothaf**ka”

A trend among the new generation of singers and rappers is face tattoos. While some may choose to get tatted in the most visible place on the body to look cool, Post Malone has revealed the deeper reason behind his many face tattoos. In his GQ Style cover story released on Monday (Mar. 2), Post opened up about his struggles with insecurity and confidence. “I’m an ugly-ass muthaf**ka,” he said. “[The tattoos] maybe come from a place of insecurity, to where I don’t like how I look, so I’m going to...
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A Complete Guide to What All of Selena Gomez's Tattoos Mean

Selena Gomez has been slowly growing her tattoo collection for years. The Rare singer has gotten three new pieces of ink in the last four months alone for a grand total of 12 known tattoos to date. From a delicate number "4" on the inside of her arm to represent her best friends to the large praying-hands mural on her upper thigh, each one of Gomez's tattoos has a special meaning. Most of her symbolic tattoos are by Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy from Bang Bang Tattoo in New York City. This includes ...
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Ashley Benson Just Got a Tattoo Honoring the Other Love of Her Life: French Fries

Ashley Benson's tattoo collection is ever-growing, and her latest one is a nod to the love of her life. OK, not Cara Delevingne, but her other love, french fries. The former Pretty Little Liars star was recently seen on social media showing off a matching tattoo that she got with a close friend that reads "Pomme Frites," because all great friendships blossom over french fries, right? It's a pretty unique way to express your love of your favorite food, but considering that a french fry is always ...
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Ashley Benson's New Tattoo Is a Subtle Nod to Her Hometown

Ashley Benson has a lot of love for her home state. The Pretty Little Liars alum was recently spotted on social media showing off an all-new tattoo that she got with a close friend of hers. Benson and her friend, who goes by @girleatsworldddd on Instagram, are both from Anaheim and Los Angeles, respectively, so it only made sense that the two of them get matching tattoos saying "California" written in cursive. Both of the tats were drawn in their mid-back areas by famed New York City-based tatto...
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The Mental Magic of Paramedical Tattoos

Tattoos, though cosmetic in nature, have a diverse and longstanding history of significant purpose. For Eternal Ink Tattoo Studio owner Eric Catalano, an unexpected request led to a moment of discovery: while tattooing fingernails on a man that lost the tips of two fingers in a construction accident, he realized the restorative power of a new medium dubbed paramedical tattooing. Since, he’s tattooed discolored or …
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Yet again, police arrest gentleman with "Crime Pays" tattoo on his forehead

Yet again, Donald Murray, 38, was arrested following a police chase. Apparently he escaped the cops but they nabbed him later. I wonder how they managed to identify him. From Fox4: According to the Terre Haute Police Department, Donald Murray was charged with resisting law enforcement, reckless driving, possession of methamphetamine, maintaining a common nuisance and auto theft after the short pursuit Monday morning.
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Vintage Tattooed Dolls By Kartess

Artist Fena Cartes (aka Kartess) from Chile, and this is his project “Gepeto” vintage tattooed dolls. “Rescue from a forgotten world, what someone once wanted. Dust off, shake off the past life. Give them a new chance to mean a lot to someone, with my art, and your memories.” – Kartess More: Behance... Source
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Ink Rx? Welcome to the World of Paramedical Tattoos

Needles and pigments are helping medical patients heal emotionally.
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Demi Lovato Just Shared the Powerful Meaning Behind Her Latest Back Tattoo

In December, Demi Lovato memorialized her journey over the past year with a powerful tattoo. Located just below her neck, the new black-and-white tattoo illustrates a woman being lifted up by three doves. According to the artist, Alessandro Capozzi, the tattoo is also inspired by the spiritual concept of the Divine Feminine. "We created this piece together to represent a rebirth of the spirit," Capozzi wrote on Instagram. "The dark wings represent the bad times, their fading away is how she mo...
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40 Photos That Prove Feather Tattoos Are a Timeless, Carefree Ink Choice

One of our favorite nature-inspired trends of the tattoo world is the feather. In fact, feather tattoo searches are up 388 percent in 2020, according to a recent Pinterest report. Often associated with freedom and connection to a higher power, feathers give off a carefree go-with-the-flow vibe that's sure to speak to your soul. This design looks stylish on any part of the body, from the wrist to the ankle, and is a chic ink option for any gender. Whether it's your first or tenth tattoo, feather...
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102 Small Tattoo Ideas For Your First Ink

If you're nervous or stressed about a permanent tattoo, you're not alone. Removing a tattoo is no picnic, but committing to a single design among countless other letters, symbols, and shapes often has us feeling like Maggie Carpenter in Runaway Bride at the altar: terrified, confused, and suddenly doubtful. If you're stuck on where to start, we've got you covered with 102 small tattoo ideas. Whether you're seeking a deep, spiritual symbol, interested in a colorful flower, or just testing the wa...
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100+ Harry Potter Tattoos That Would Make J.K. Rowling Proud

It can be a risky move to get a tattoo for your significant other. After all, what happens if they break your heart, or worse, get you expelled? But, a good book series? That, friends, will never abandon you or let you down, so a tattoo is the perfect way for any fan to showcase their adoration. Our series of choice is Harry Potter - whether you want a tiny symbol for ink or a massive sleeve, let these creative tattoos inspire your own ideas. - Additional reporting by Lauren Harano and Haley Ly...
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If You Look Closely, Paris Jackson's Van Gogh Tattoo Kinda Looks Like Nigel Thornberry

Image Source: Getty / Phillip Faraone Paris Jackson added to her already extensive collection of tattoos this weekend with a new piece of ink that pays homage to a famous artist. The 21-year-old took to her Instagram Stories on Sunday night to show off her new tattoo, which is a depiction of Vincent van Gogh drawn by Tony Yoo at Tattoo Mania tattoo parlor in West Hollywood. "Omg I love my new Nigel Thornberry tattoo," Jackson jokingly captioned a photo she posted to her Story this weekend. She ...
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Even the Biggest Ariana Grande Stan Might Have Missed Her New Tattoo

A lot of celebrities have tattoos. With some celebrities, you sort of expect them to because it totally matches their vibe. Zoë Kravitz? Too cool not to have tattoos. Miley Cyrus? She's obsessed with ink. But Ariana Grande? She's a wild card. In fact, most people don't know that she has over 30 tattoos - decorating every inch of her body from her hands to her feet - and people don't know it because she hides them really well. In fact, we almost even missed a new piece of ink she debuted at the G...
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Vanessa Hudgens's Photo of Her New Tiny Tattoo Doubles as a Triumphant Thirst Trap

Vanessa Hudgens knows how to close out Thirsty Thursday - with a new tiny tattoo. Shortly after her breakup with Austin Butler, the Bad Boys For Life actress shared a bunch of steamy snaps on Instagram, including a peek at her latest ink: a sunflower, courtesy of artist Dragon of the celebrity-favorite Bang Bang Tattoo parlor in New York City. Hudgens is certainly no stranger to tattoos. Before getting her sunflower, she got a butterfly inked on her neck and a spiritual character on her hands. ...
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Inking the Dark Side: What This Artist Learned From 20 Years of Star Wars Tattooing

Many Star Wars fans are passionate, but few make their passion as permanent as Needles. Read more...
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