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The cannabis influencers of social media, New York's top creators, and a leaked TikTok campaign brief

Welcome to this week's Influencer Dashboard newsletter! As always, this is Amanda Perelli, and I'll be briefing you on what's new in the business of influencers and creators. First up, my colleague Dan Whateley and I highlighted 21 top social-media influencers who live and create content around the Greater New York City area. Los Angeles often takes center stage when it comes to the influencer world, with headline-making creators like David Dobrik and Tana Mongeau sharing popular vlogs in the c...
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Meme 2020 Creates Bloomberg Sponsored Internet Content

NPR's Rachel Martin talks to New York Times technology reporter Taylor Lorenz about Michael Bloomberg presidential team's use of memes and Internet culture as part of its campaign strategy.
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Mike Bloomberg launches zany meme campaign

Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg's billion-dollar ad spend has already upended the 2020 race to challenge Donald Trump, but yesterday's bizarre and coordinated campaign of meme-style content, published by influencers, has certainly gotten him more attention. Taylor Lorenz: Mick Purzycki is the lead strategist of the Meme 2020 project. He is also the chief executive of Jerry Media, a media and marketing company that is a powerful force in the influencer economy. The company’s portfolio incl...
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Social Media Influencers' Role In 2020 Candidate Endorsements

NPR's David Folkenflik speaks with the NYTimes Taylor Lorenz about the role of social media influencers and their endorsements on political campaigns.
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A mansion full of TikTok stars, how Rhett & Link make $17.5 million yearly from YouTube, and inside Bon Appétit's test kitchen

Hi, and welcome to this week's Influencer Dashboard newsletter! This is Amanda Perelli, and I'll be briefing you on what's new in the business of influencers and creators. This week, my colleague Dan Whateley took readers inside the new TikTok talent company, TalentX Entertainment.  TikTok, the short-form video app, has become one of the hottest social platforms among Generation Zers. With the sudden rise in popularity, the need for talent-management firms dedicated to helping these new teen cr...
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How much money a Harvard YouTube influencer earns, the business of reptile videos, and what it's like to film David Dobrik

Happy New Year and welcome back to the Influencer Dashboard newsletter after our holiday hiatus!  This is Amanda Perelli and I'll be briefing you on what's new in the business of influencers. Before we get started, I want to first introduce a new reporter on the business of influencers team, Dan Whateley! You can reach Dan at [email protected] and on Twitter @dwhate. He'll be covering YouTube, TikTok, and all things related to the business of internet creators and influencers. Last ...
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Word of the week: Boomer

On January 3, at their annual meeting in New Orleans, members of the American Dialect Society voted (my) pronouns the word of the year for 2019, and singular they the word of the preceding decade. You can read more about those selections and here – and, shortly, in my new column for the Visual Thesaurus. But I want to spend a little time with the runner-up: the phrase OK boomer, a short “retort to someone older expressing condescending or out-of-touch views.” I wrote about it briefly in my o...
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Week in Review: Selling out in the Instagram age

Hey everyone, happy 2020. Welcome back to Week in Review where I dive deep into a bit of news from the week or just share some thoughts and go over some of the more interesting stories of the week . If you’re reading this on the TechCrunch site, you can get this in your inbox here , and follow my tweets here . The big story Dip a toe into the world of influencers and as you click through Instagram stories, and you’ll see that peddling endorsements for bizarre products is an essential par...
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Words of the decade 2010–2019: Fritinancy edition

In a few weeks, members of the American Dialect Society (and of the word-loving public) will gather in New Orleans and vote on the words of the year and the decade. Ten years ago, the American Dialect Society picked google as its overall winner; my own list back then included blog, Ground Zero, terrorism, and PTSD. New decade, new list. As before, I’m following ADS criteria. To qualify for my list, a word must be: demonstrably new or newly popular in the decade in question widely an...
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With "OK boomer," millennials are killing intergenerational resentment

"OK boomer" is an all-purpose rejoinder for millennials and Gen Y/Zers who are accused by their elders of eating too much avocado toast, wanting a participation trophy, or of miscellaneous snowflaking. The phrase's origin is apparently in responses to showing an old white man denouncing youngsters, which spawned thousands of creative, sarcastic responses centered around the phrase "OK boomer." The apex of the "OK boomer" moment is 19 year old Shannon O'Connor's "OK boomer" merch: hoodies...
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Barbershop: Facebook's Purported Pivot To Privacy

NPR's Michel Martin speaks to communications professor Alice Marwick, Atlantic staff writer Taylor Lorenz, and social media strategist Sara Li about whether Facebook's changes will make a difference.
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Lulzy Instagram memers are organizing a deadly serious trade union

The IG Meme Union Local 69-420 is pretty damned lulzy, but the organizers are dead serious about creating a union that will negotiate on behalf of memers with Instagram and other tech platforms that exploit them by alienating their labor. Though the union won't qualify under National Labor Review Board standards, it can still unite its members for collective action against companies that screw them over, just as the Freelancers Union does -- and as Paul Praindo, a spokesperson on the organi...
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Mutiny at HQ Trivia fails to oust CEO

This week’s banishment of host Scott Rogowsky was merely a symptom of the ongoing struggle to decide who will lead HQ Trivia. According to multiple sources, over half of the startup’s staff signed an internal petition to depose CEO Rus Yusupov who they saw as mismanaging the company. But Yusupov then fired three core supporters of the mutiny, leading to a downward spiral of morale that mirrors HQ’s plummeting App Store rank. TechCrunch spoke to multiple sources familiar with HQ Trivia’s inter...
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Does Instagram Have A Problem With Hate Speech And Extremism?

While Facebook and Twitter have come under criticism for the spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories, Instagram has flown relatively under the radar, says Taylor Lorenz of The Atlantic. (Image credit: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)
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Instagram Has A Problem With Hate Speech And Extremism, 'Atlantic' Reporter Says

While Facebook and Twitter have come under criticism for the spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories, Instagram has flown relatively under the radar, says Taylor Lorenz of The Atlantic. (Image credit: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)
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New experiments with transcripts, plus game streaming and social platforms

From Extra Crunch Apologies – yesterday’s daily got stuck on a plane from LAX and never sent out. This is your combined Tuesday + Wednesday editions. New Experiment: The Bold Italic’s popular podcast This is Your Life in Silicon Valley is a mainstay on playlists in the Bay Area. Given the popularity of Equity’s transcripts, we are experimenting with transcribing non-TechCrunch podcasts as a member benefit of Extra Crunch. The transcript of the first episode is an interview with Oakland mayor L...
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The ethics of internet culture: a conversation with Taylor Lorenz

Taylor Lorenz was in high demand this week. As a prolific journalist at The Atlantic and about-to-be member of Harvard’s prestigious Nieman Fellowship for journalism, that’s perhaps not surprising. Nor was this the first time she’s had a bit of a moment: Lorenz has already served as an in-house expert on social media and the internet for several major companies, while having written and edited for publications as diverse as The Daily Beast, The Hill, People, The Daily Mail, and Business Insider,...
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'The Atlantic': 'When Kids Realize Their Whole Life Is Already Online'

Rachel Martin talks to Taylor Lorenz of The Atlantic about what happens after kids become old enough to navigate the Internet, and discover parents have already created an online presence for them.
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Satanic Panic 2.0: The Momo Challenge hoax [TW: Self-harm/suicide]

According to reports from gullible parents' organizations, police departments, and media outlets, Kids on the Internet are spreading memes featuring an image of "Momo" (actually a sculpture called "Mother Bird" created by Keisuke Aisawa for the Japanese SFX studio Link Factory) that includes explicit self-harm and suicide instructions (the "challenge" in "Momo challenge" is allegedly to get kids to hurt or kill themselves). It's a hoax, though. There are no verified sightings of Momo Challe...
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‘Momo’ videos on YouTube cannot be monetized…but that’s not a new policy

Be warned, YouTube creators: making videos about the latest viral hoax, the “Momo challenge,” will not make you money. Over the past couple of days, the Momo challenge has gone viral once again, leading to a sharp increase news coverage and the number of YouTube videos discussing the topic of the creepy character and the supposed “challenge” that encourages kids to commit acts of self-harm. The Momo challenge itself isn’t real , to be clear. As meticulously documented by Taylor Lorenz at ...
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The Psychology of the Fake Momo Challenge & Other Hoax Child Internet Memes

The latest internet meme supposedly targeting children is called the Momo challenge. It had parents very concerned, just as they were about the Blue Whale challenge before it. Parents spread the news that someone had hacked childrens’ videos on YouTube with a message from “Momo” directing the child or teen to take their own life. It turns out, however, that the challenge wasn’t actually real. YouTube videos have not been hacked and there’s no evidence that any video was ever posted that had Momo...
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The Future of Web Q&A Panels Should be Cake

Last week, Recode's veteran tech reporter Kara Swisher visibly held an aggressive interview with Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, who has been on something of a meandering press tour over the last few months, which has led to more questions than it's seemingly answered, as he has avoided specifics, and not taken full responsibility for many of the negative impacts the platform he created has spawned.Despite Kara's noble attempts, this round didn't fare much better, largely due to Twitter's f...
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Slashdot Asks: How Do You Manage Your Inbox?

Being one of the oldest forms of electronic messaging, users have come up with all sorts of different approaches to managing emails. Some people follow the "Inbox Zero" method of filing and deleting emails religiously, while others embrace the "Inbox Infinity" method of letting email messages pile up, replying to what they can and ignoring the rest. Taylor Lorenz, a staff writer at The Atlantic, suggests users embrace the latter for 2019. Lulu Garcia-Nevarro writes via NPR: In a recent piece in ...
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Dread Opening Your Inbox? There's A New Approach To Embracing All Those Emails

Taylor Lorenz, a staff writer at The Atlantic, says forget "Inbox Zero" for 2019 and embrace "Inbox Infinity." Let the email messages wash over you, replying to what you can and ignoring the rest.
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My product launch wishlist for Instagram, Twitter, Uber and more

‘Twas the night before Xmas, and all through the house, not a feature was stirring from the designer’s mouse . . . Not Twitter! Not Uber, Not Apple or Pinterest! On Facebook! On Snapchat! On Lyft or on Insta! . . . From the sidelines I ask you to flex your code’s might. Happy Xmas to all if you make these apps right. Instagram See More Like This – A button on feed posts that when tapped inserts a burst of similar posts before the timeline continues. Want to see more fashion, sunsets, selfie...
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Instagram "influencers" phished and accounts stolen

Instagram influencers are easy marks for phishers: they are unlikely to be security-savvy, are easily taken-in by marketing patter, have huge easily-grifted audiences, and Instagram won't even give them their accounts back afterward. Taylor Lorenz: For young influencers with no direct contacts at Instagram or Facebook, it can be nearly impossible to retrieve a stolen account. Hackers will change the contact email address and phone number and reset the username so the account is impossible to fi...
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Instagram's bullying, stalking, and harassment crisis

Twitter gets well-deserved attention for online harassment, but know who else has a huge problem there? Instagram. Big time. “Instagram Has a Massive Harassment Problem,’ as Taylor Lorenz reports for the Atlantic. “The social network cast itself as the internet’s kindest place. But users argue harassment is rampant, and employees say efforts to stem it aren’t funded well or prioritized.” Says one unfortunate and prominent young IG personality, “Instagram is the No. 1 platform that I experien...
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Facebook tests Snap Map-style redesign of Nearby Friends

Helping friends meet up offline has been a massive missed opportunity for Facebook . Whether because the brand is too creepy or the politely opt-in 2015 rollout of its location sharing feature wasn’t creepy enough, Facebook Nearby Friends never quite took off. Only 103 of my 1120 friends in San Francisco have it turned on. It’s not the only one struggling with “The quest to cure loneliness”. Foursquare Swarm, Glympse, Apple’s Find My Friends, and Google Maps’ real-time coordinate sharing optio...
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What you need to know in advertising today

Twenty-two regional sports networks are expected to come up for sale soon, and the very companies leading the cord-cutting revolution could end up bidding for these linear-television networks. It's all part of   Disney's deal to buy assets from 21st Century Fox. The US Department of Justice approved Disney's proposed purchase with one big condition: that   Disney sell the regional sports networks that Fox owns   to avoid anticompetitive conflicts, given its majority ownership of ESPN. The size o...
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The Surprising History Behind Rihanna's Skinny '90s Eyebrows

Though it's pretty much universally agreed that Rihanna can do no wrong, a palpable cringe flashed through Twitter with the release of her British Vogue cover. While stunning, the vintage-inspired photo drew hesitation from some due to her pencil-thin eyebrows. For the past few years, big, bushy brows have dominated both red carpets and Instagram (sometimes for better or for worse). But is Rihanna coming for Cara Delevingne's best-eyebrow throne? If Rihanna makes those eyebrows a trend then I...
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