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Jonas Brothers Are Pulling Off One Of The More Impressive Pop Comebacks In Recent Memory

Sometimes you enter into a pop cultural universe late and have to work backwards to fill in the gaps. Maybe you've decided to binge several seasons of a popular TV show to participate in the discourse, or you've fallen headfirst into a musical subgenre and now have a whole canon to educate yourself on. Maybe … More »
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Halsey Looks Like an '80s Rockstar Thanks to Her New Haircut

Halsey is constantly switching up her hair look, but her latest style will have you do a double take to ensure it's not a photo from the '80s. The pop star visited Sirius XM Studios with a black shag that looks a whole lot like Joan Jett's iconic look. We've recently seen a resurgence of the edgy cut, with other celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Taylor Swift trying out the trend. NYC hairstylist Devin Toth previously told POPSUGAR that the cut is essentially a lob with bangs. "There are variat...
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'The Voice' champ Maelyn Jarmon is 'freaking out' over meeting Taylor Swift

John Legend protegee Maelyn Jarmon is on cloud nine after meeting Taylor Swift and winning Season 16 of "The Voice" Tuesday night.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Music News

Critics have been wanting to write Madonna off but she could have the last laugh. Her net worth by Forbes is approx. $590 million. She’s one of America’s wealthiest self-made women. Check out her performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.Whitney Houston estate is launching a touring hologram and album of unreleased music. Primary Wave Music Publishing acquired 50 percent of Whitney’s assets that included song & film royalties and merchandise. Some critics have said Houstons have figured o...
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Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie Make ‘Voice’ Finale All About ‘Me!’ (Watch)

A new winner was crowned on “The Voice” Tuesday night. But did that champion emerge from a dark chrysalis as the world’s largest and most glittery butterfly? Sorry, Madelyn Jarmon — that is a parking spot that is still very much reserved for overall life champion Taylor Swift, who took to the NBC telecast to […]
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How Panic! At the Disco Cornered the Market on Trumpet-Heavy Hits

Much has been written about Taylor Swift’s choice to share her new single “Me!” with Panic! At the Disco’s Brendon Urie (the two perform the song on tonight’s season finale of “The Voice”), but perhaps not as much attention has been paid to the tried-and-true formula that has helped land Panic! multiple hit songs: trumpets. […]
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If facial recognition is good enough for Taylor Swift, is it good enough for you?

Facial recognition is spreading to where you live, work, shop and travel. What happens to the data? Would you trade privacy for safety?            [Author: USA TODAY]
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New Video: Lil’ Nas X Feat. Billy Ray Cyrus “Old Town Road (Remix)”

Lil’ Nas X and his smash-hit “Old Town Road” with Billy Ray Cyrus shows no signs of slowing down. The record is set to remain at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart next week for a seventh straight week. The song has held off Taylor Swift’s new song “Me!” and Ed Sheeran’s “I Don’t Care” collaboration with Justin Bieber, which will debut at No. 2 next week. After teasing fans all week, the Atlanta rapper and veteran country star release the music video for their chart-topping song. The visual...
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Carly Rae Jepsen Is Dedicated, If Not Obsessed, With Every Facet of Love

If you love being and love and haven’t listened to Carly Rae Jepsen since “Call Me Maybe ” in 2012, now is the time to retool your summer playlists and let 2019 be the year you come back home to Jepsen. Having a crush (and making out, and falling in love) never sounded as good as Jepsen makes them sound on Dedicated, her fourth LP.While nothing approaches the viral appeal of “Maybe,” a song so insanely catchy that it is likely to overshadow the rest of her career, Dedicated is loaded with track...
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Over-The-Top Pool Floats To Get Summer 2019 Started

Memorial Day Weekend is glistening on the horizon, foreshadowing the imminent arrival of 24/7 summer brain — a seasonal diagnosis that, among other things, includes an ongoing obsession with Instagrammable warm-weather accessories like over-the-top pool floats. It seems like just yesterday that the now-infamous swan raft first caught fire on our feeds. But, that was four years ago in 2015 when Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift were a couple and Jason Derulo's, "Want To Want Me," was our summer ant...
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Taylor Swift regrets putting ex on blast

Taylor Swift tells Ellen DeGeneres that she's sorry for taking a swipe at Joe Jonas after their breakup in 2008.
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Behold The 1975 In 2019

Who are all these people? This was my first time seeing the 1975, and I was shocked at the sea of humanity in front of me, packed together closely with no easy path to the front. Granted, the Manchester band are huge in their native UK, and they've been playing Columbus from the beginning, working … More »
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Taylor Swift apologizes for putting ex on blast

Taylor Swift tells Ellen DeGeneres that she's sorry for taking a swipe at Joe Jonas after their breakup in 2008.
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The Cussing Pastor Thaddeus Matthews Reads K. Michelle for Filth in Memphis Restaurant & on Instagram

These new-age pastors sure as hell ain’t like the pastors that your mamas, your daddies or your memaw and pop-pop used to know.Thaddeus Matthews, aka the Cussing Pastor, has made a name for himself on social media by telling it like it is, with no regard for using foul language despite his being a so-called man of God.It’s probably not most folks’ brand of refreshing, healing and genuine Christianity, but hey, it’s good for a laugh on the ‘gram.But apparently, Pastor Matthews is ready to auditio...
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Taylor Swift revisits 'rebellious' moment with Ellen

Taylor Swift tells Ellen DeGeneres that she's sorry for taking a swipe at Joe Jonas after their breakup in 2008.
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Taylor Swift says she shaves her legs daily, Twitter is ‘offended’

Sh-sh-shave it off! On the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” Wednesday, Taylor Swift weighed in on a delightfully mundane Twitter controversy about whether or not people should wash their legs in the shower. What she revealed left fans shocked. “Did you say you wash them or not?” DeGeneres asks Swift, who was on the show promoting her...
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Supergirl's Melissa Benoist Just Got the Most Wearable Summer Haircut

The only thing mightier than Supergirl might be Melissa Benoist's new hair look. The actress's hairstylist Riawna Capri, who is also responsible for Taylor Swift's new pink look, posted a photo of Benoist's stylish cut and color to Instagram. Benoist got several inches off her hair, which now ends just past her shoulders, as well as some long, wispy, eye-grazing bangs. Capri also added some "sun-kissed" highlights to Benoist's hair for Summer. The style is so cute, you might consider showing y...
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Taylor Swift Answers Burning Twitter Question “Do You Wash Your Legs In The Shower?”

Taylor Swift doesn't do interviews -- or, at least, Taylor Swift hasn't done interviews in a very long time. She doesn't have to. She went several album cycles as the world's biggest pop star without saying a damn thing to the media. But Swift is now gearing up to release a new album, and "More »
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Taylor Swift goes on 'Ellen' to apologize to Joe Jonas, debunk 'Avengers: Endgame' rumors

In other tidbits Swift shared with DeGeneres on Wednesday, the 29-year-old singer debunked fan rumors that she was linked to "Avengers: Endgame."            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Getting What You Want In The Music Industry Without Burning Bridges

In an industry as challenging as the music business, your practically guaranteed to find yourself in any number of difficult interpersonal situations when trying to get what you want, and navigating them without torching your network can often be a struggle. ____________________________________ Guest post by Suzanne Paulinski of TuneCore Have you ever felt taken advantage of by your boss, but you struggle to speak up, afraid to bite the hand that feeds you? What about being in a b...
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Taylor Swift is obsessed with Easter eggs, and it's ruining her new music

Swift's new music roll-out has been almost entirely focused on the hidden clues in her Instagram posts, music videos and even her stilettos.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Music Superstars Still Spend Big On Music Videos

The latest Taylor Swift video for Me! is a mini-million dollar movie. Insiders claim Swift’s latest video cost over a million. Is it worth to spend a million dollars on a music video today? For Swift, sure. She has the money to spend, but for other artists?It’s hard to make money off videos in the digital age because of streaming.  Unlike 20 years ago, at least today, videos can generate ad revenue whereas MTV paid nothing to artists and labels. Regardless, big budget videos were always a risky...
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“Old Town Road” Is #1 For The 6th Week, “ME!” Drops To #3

Lil Nas X extends his reign atop the Billboard Hot 100 to a sixth week with "Old Town Road," featuring Billy Ray Cyrus. Meanwhile, two songs launch on the Hot 100 in the top five: Shawn Mendes debuts at a career-best No. 2 rank with "If I Can't Have You" and Logic enters at No. More »
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The ‘Cats’ Movie Sent Taylor Swift to Cat School

None of us has seen a single frame of the Cats movie, but the film community seems obsessed with the big screen adaptation of the Broadway musical – for all the wrong reasons. Rather than have the actors dress up in cat costumes like the musical, the movie is employing tech to digitally turn the cast into realistic-looking cat-people. It’s either going to look really good, or really bad. Pop icon Taylor Swift, one of the stars of the movie, recently revealed that to prepare for her part, she ha...
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Everything We Know About Taylor Swift’s ‘TS7’ So Far

Taylor Swift has indicated that her upcoming seventh album will in some ways feel like the opposite of her sixth, “Reputation.” It already does, just from the media blitz already underway, which couldn’t be unlike her Beyonce-like disappearing act when it came to doing any interviews for the last record. She talks about the new […]
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Taylor Swift says 'Game of Thrones' influenced her 'Reputation' album

Look what you made Taylor Swift do, Arya Stark.
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How 'Game of Thrones' influenced Taylor Swift's album

Look what you made Taylor Swift do, Arya Stark.
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Ciara Is Living Her Best Life But Not Making Her Best Music

With all due respect to her formative influences and one-time contemporaries Destiny's Child, Ciara is a survivor. More »
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Taylor Swift Comes Out As Secret ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan, Stans Arya Stark

The singer reveals the fantasy series inspired certain songs on her last album, "Reputation."
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