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My Tumultuous Journey To Pregnancy At Age 40

 Welcome to Refinery29’s Fertility Diaries, where people chronicle their joyous, painful, and sometimes complicated paths to parenthood. History:  Until recently, I never thought I’d have trouble getting pregnant. Somewhat ironically, I spent the last 20 years of my single life trying to avoid it. But my husband and I are newlyweds who found each other later in life — he’s 48, and I’m 40 — and conceiving has been trickier than I anticipated.  Age: 40Location: San Francisco, CAOccupation: M...
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Taylor Swift is unrecognizable in new music video for 'The Man'

Leave it to Taylor Swift to creatively take on the patriarchy.
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Taylor Swift is unrecognizable in music video for 'The Man'

Leave it to Taylor Swift to creatively take on the patriarchy.
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Taylor Swift is literally 'The Man' in new music video

Leave it to Taylor Swift to creatively take on the patriarchy.
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Taylor Swift's Step-by-Step Transformation For "The Man" Video Is Truly Wild to Watch

Despite fully expecting Taylor Swift to pop up in "The Man" music video with a more masculine look, I still wasn't 100-percent positive the video's star was actually her the first time watched it - well, until the big reveal at the end, that is. The song addresses issues of male privilege, and with the help of some heavy prosthetics and makeup, the singer transformed herself into "the man" for the music video in order to parody the double standards faced by women in our culture. I spent most of...
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Taylor Swift literally plays The Man in new video

The singer wears a beard, wig and suit and sings about the joys of being male in the music business.
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Taylor Swift Gets Prosthetic Makeover to Spoof Male Privilege in ‘The Man’ Video (Watch)

Taylor Swift gets a prosthetic makeover for what turns out to be the title role in “The Man,” her self-directed music video for the feminist-themed song of the same name from her “Lover” album. At the end, the bearded white-collar executive character is given a voice — and it’s Dwayne Johnson’s, the credits show. But […]
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Taylor Swift – “The Man” Video

"If I was a man, then I'd be the man." So goes the chorus of Taylor Swift's latest Lover single "The Man." In the video, the hypothetical comes true. Swift stars as a man who makes the most of his privilege: manspreading on the subway, being loud and obnoxious in public, throwing an … More »
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Taylor Swift completely unrecognizable as 'The Man' in new video that takes on gender roles

Taylor Swift, is that you? The pop star literally becomes "The Man" in her gender-bending new music video, which nods to her feud with Scooter Braun.          [Author: USA TODAY]
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The head of Salesforce's international business is joining hot AI startup Celonis, amid a bigger shakeup at the cloud software giant (CRM)

Salesforce, which just announced the departure of co-CEO Keith Block, is losing another key executive: Miguel Milano, president of the cloud giant's international business. Milano will join Celonis as the hot AI startup's first chief revenue officer. Milano is also now an owner of the startup which uses AI to evaluate and streamline business operations. Milano, who joined Salesforce in 2011, spearheaded the expansion of Salesforce's international reach. He also served as a top sales exec at Or...
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How tech workers can power through fear and retaliation to form a union, from the people who banded together to form Kickstarter's union

Lead organizers from Kickstarter United, the country's first white-collar tech union, shared their biggest takeaways from the process of forming a union. Grace Reckers, an organizer with the Office and Professional Employees International Union who helped Kickstarter employees unionize, advised tech employees to start small, simply by talking to your fellow employees. After getting a group together, shop around to find the right local union chapter. She also warned that the company will likely...
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Breaking Down the Influences Behind BTS’ New Album Map of the Soul: 7

“Black Swan,” BTS’ first single off their new album Map of the Soul: 7, was released in January with a hypnotizing, dance-heavy music video. That’s typical of the seven-member K-pop supergroup, known these days for breaking streaming records and mobilizing a global fanbase that goes by the name of ARMY. But this video was different: instead of starring the sleek moves of RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Jung Kook, Jin and V, it featured a European dance troupe. A few weeks later, British s...
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BTS Are K-Pop’s Beatles. Map Of The Soul: 7 Is Their White Album.

Acronyms are flexible little phrases. Just ask the good people at World Taekwondo. More »
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How to view your Spotify queue on desktop or mobile, and edit it

You can easily view your Spotify queue on a computer or mobile device. To view your Spotify queue, tap the queue icon in your "Now Playing" bar. You can edit and add songs to your queue at any time. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Checking your queue on Spotify is as easy as one or two clicks — depending on if you're using the desktop version or mobile app. The queue icon is found in the "Now Playing" bar, which is always visible on desktop. However, on your mobile device...
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How to delete your saved passwords on a Firefox browser, so no one can log in using your data

You can delete saved passwords on Firefox at any time via the "Privacy & Security" menu. You may want to delete passwords from Firefox if they're no longer relevant, or you share the computer with people who you don't want having access to those passwords. When you delete your saved passwords, it will delete them from Firefox entirely, meaning that in the future you'll have to manually log into those websites. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Being able to save the password...
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Mike Bloomberg's social media strategy is under fire as Twitter suspends 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts for platform manipulation

On Friday, the Los Angeles Times reported that Twitter had suspended 70 accounts for violating its terms. The accounts in question were tweeting support for in identical messages. Bloomberg's campaign has come under scrutiny for its unconventional tactics on social media, including and an edited video clip from Tuesday's debate that many called misleading. A Twitter spokesman told Business Insider that the accounts had violated the social media company's policies around platform manipulatio...
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"The ‘Rage Baking’ Controversy, Explained/'Rage Baking: The Transformative Power of Flour, Fury, and Women’s Voices' is one of the most hyped cookbooks/essay collections of the year..."

"... but Tangerine Jones, a black woman who began using the phrase 'rage baking' years ago in response to racial injustice, isn’t credited," Eater explains.On February 4, Simon & Schuster published Rage Baking: The Transformative Power of Flour, Fury, and Women’s Voices.... Then, on February 14, blogger and baker Tangerine Jones published an essay on Medium titled “The Privilege of Rage,” outlining how she coined the phrase “rage baking” back in 2015, and watched as Alford and Gunst’s book was p...
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A startup that helped brands like Hershey and Petco make shoppable videos is now becoming an e-commerce platform and saying it can help them drive more sales

Social video commerce platform MikMak is turning into a broader enterprise software platform and claiming it can help brands optimize their online sales. MikMak says it can help brands and retailers understand what channels, audiences, and creative actually get people to buy. MikMak claims to work with more than 150 brands and retailers and have Colgate, L'Oreal, Hershey, Petco, and P&G among its clients. Click here for more BI Prime stories. Until now, social video commerce platform MikMak h...
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Yo, Imma let you finish, but for the 6,000 people still using that app on a daily basis ... we have a question: why?

Taylor Swift of apps or ultimate ironic hipster shout-out? In 2014, the world was graced with yet another social network. This one was special. While Facebook and Twitter were grotesquely stodgy beasts, this app stood out with its almost Scandinavian simplicity. It would allow you to message your friends with the word "Yo!" – and that's it.…
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Taylor Swift thanked Eric Church for getting fired from a tour with a gold record

Eric Church played a little too long and a little too loud during his brief time opening for Rascal Flatts.          [Author: The Tennessean]
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Uber 'whistleblower' Susan Fowler: New hires were told not to date Travis Kalanick

In February 2017, Susan Fowler wrote a blog post describing a culture of sexual harassment at Uber. Her blog post kicked off an investigation into the culture at the ride-hailing juggernaut, and as Business Insider reported, "an investor uprising that forced out CEO Travis Kalanick." The following is an adapted excerpt from her new book, "Whistleblower: My Journey to Silicon Valley and Fight for Justice at Uber." In it, she details the red flags she experienced before even arriving at Uber — l...
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Kickstarter's historic vote doesn't mean unions are coming back. Here's what the future of labor looks like instead.

Kickstarter became the first tech company to unionize Tuesday. While historic, unions will continue to decline in the US, labor leaders say. The Supreme Court recently ruled to limit unions' power. Instead, non-worker unions that represent workers across an entire industry — like farmers and home healthcare workers — are ushering in a new way to organize. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Employees of the crowdfunding company Kickstarter voted to unionize on Tuesday. While p...
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Taylor Swift's dad fought off a burglar who broke into his Florida penthouse

Scott Swift, Taylor Swift's father, returned to his home in the Vinoy Place Towers in St. Petersburg just moments after a 30-year-old broke into it.          [Author: The Tennessean]
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Taylor Swift’s Father Safe After Fighting Off Burglar in Florida Penthouse

(ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.) — Taylor Swift’s father recently fought a burglar who broke into his $4 million Florida penthouse, a newspaper is reporting. The Tampa Bay Times said that Scott Swift returned to his home in the Vinoy Place Towers in St. Petersburg on Jan. 17 just moments after 30-year-old Terrence Hoover used an emergency escape stairwell to climb 13 floors to enter it. The men fought before Hoover ran away, the paper reports, citing police records. Hoover has a lengthy arrest record that...
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Taylor Swift’s Father Safe after Fight with Burglar

Taylor Swift's father recently fought a burglar who broke into his $4 million Florida penthouse, a newspaper is reporting.
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Taylor Swift’s Dad Fights Off Burglar In Florida Home

Scott Swift fought off Terrence Hoover, who allegedly climbed 13 floors to enter the family's $4 million penthouse.
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3 principles guide Elon Musk's brilliant marketing strategy for Tesla and the Cybertruck

Billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk says there have been 250,000 preorders for the Cybertruck, an electric car he unveiled last year. The car is scheduled for production in late 2021.  Innovation scholars in the Harvard Business Review credit the company's accelerated growth to using "innovation capital," studying the product's ecosystem, a system of tools that brings value to clients and predicting the needs of future customers. By predicting what a consumer wants before they know it, the company...
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These Two Made Millions On Scamming Online Arts Tickets

Peter Hunter and David Smith tricked selling sites over two-and-a-half years, buying £4m worth of tickets that they sold for £10.8m. They targeted events including Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift gigs and Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, Leeds Crown Court heard. – BBC
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Taylor Swift's record label plans shares sale

French media giant Vivendi has announced plans to float Universal Music Group on the stock market.
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Taylor Swift's record label Universal plans share sale

French media giant Vivendi has announced plans to float Universal Music Group on the stock market.
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