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How firms you have never interacted with can target your Facebook

Advertisers are seemingly able to access accounts with no input from the userOn one of Facebook’s myriad setting screens, a place where few dare tread, is a list of places you’ve probably never heard of, all of whom insist that they know you. It’s emblematic of the data protection issues Facebook is struggling to address in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, of the fact that these problems spread far beyond Facebook, and of the easy solutions the company could take if only it had the c...
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Apple’s New iPad is the best tablet for almost everybody | Tech review

Tech review: The biggest improvement to the 2018 iPad is the ability to use Apple’s Pencil. Apple had kept the pencil for buyers of their high-end iPad Pro line, but this time they’ve brought pencil compatibility down to the masses.
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U.S. investigating AT&T and Verizon over claims of wireless collusion

The Justice Department reportedly issued demands to AT&T, Verizon and the GSMA, a mobile industry standards-setting group, for information on potential collusion to thwart a technology known as eSIM, hindering consumers from easily switching wireless carriers.
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The Evolve Law Summit: Connecting Innovators With Investors And Influencers

Fueling the next stages of legal innovation with lawyers, technology companies, investors, and strategic partners.
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Two years' detention for UK teenager who 'cyberterrorised' US officials

Kane Gamble, 18, targeted CIA and FBI chiefs from Leicestershire housing estateA teenager who rocked the US intelligence community when he tricked his way into top officials’ accounts in a campaign of “cyberterrorism” has been locked up for two years.Kane Gamble, 18, founder of Crackas With Attitude (CWA), admitted targeting high-profile figures such as the then CIA chief, John Brennan, and his wife, and the FBI deputy director, Mark Giuliano, from his family home on a Leicestershire housing est...
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A Breath of Fresh Air

A kitchen is more than likely the room in the house that you most want to be hygienic, after all, its where you handle, cook and consume food. The designer of CEILI AIR recognized this and have designed a product which increases the quality of the air in the upper part of the room.It was important to the designer that the form of CEILI AIR matched the atmosphere of the kitchen and avoided the industrial form that some more conventional air purifiers can carry. To assist with this, it is suspende...
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Custom Order Maid 3D 2 Gets Virtual YouTuber Support

A rather unexpected update has arrived for saucy maid eroge Custom Order Maid 3D 2 as players can now use the game to become their customized maiden and pose as a virtual YouTuber, perfect for otaku who fantasize about becoming the 2D women they masturbate to. Called the “Virtual Avatar Studio”, Custom Order Maid 3D […]
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The War On Whistleblowers Claims Another Casualty

The FBI was up to some troubling stuff. So the one getting punished is obviously the guy who brought it to light.
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Google vs the right to be forgotten: Chips with Everything podcast

In April 2018, Google lost a landmark case against a businessman who used his ‘right to be forgotten’ to have links to a previous conviction taken down from the search engine. Jordan Erica Webber discusses the importance of this case and looks ahead at the coming era of General Data Protection RegulationSubscribe and review: Acast, Apple, Spotify, Soundcloud, Audioboom, Mixcloud. Join the discussion on Facebook, Twitter or email us at [email protected]’ve all done things we regret. Perh...
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Ending the Thermostat War!

Stratum is the perfect companion for every office worker! Having to work in an office that isn’t your optimum working temperature is never a pleasant time, but more importantly it has shown to impact your happiness, health and productivity.Stratum localizes the application of heating and cooling by creating a zone of air movement under the user’s arms, this allows each individual to work at their optimum temperature without impacting the rest of the room. Designed to be as unobtrusive as possi...
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Chat: Google’s big shot at killing Apple’s iMessage

Tech giant behind Android corrals phone operators around the world to launch a unified SMS replacementGoogle has unveiled a new messaging system, Chat, an attempt to replace SMS, unify Android’s various messaging services and beat Apple’s iMessage and Facebook’s WhatsApp with the help of mobile phone operators.Unlike traditional texting, or SMS, most modern messaging services – such as Signal, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Apple’s iMessage – are so-called over-the-top (OTT) services, which cir...
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Treating pain without addiction: inside the lab fighting the opioid crisis

N-001 was designed by a startup to counter pain but avoid the detrimental side effects of opioid use, addiction among themTo enter the downtown San Francisco lab space that houses their Nebraska-born biotech startup company, Neurocarrus, Paul Blum and Benjamin Pavlik often pass a collection of people who Blum described as “falling apart from overdose”. The lab is located below a methadone clinic.“We see the effects of drug addiction and mental illness every single day,” said Arvind Gupta, the fo...
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AT&T chief says Time Warner deal would help it compete with tech rivals

AT&T’s chief executive, Randall Stephenson, said in court testimony that the company’s proposed merger with Time Warner would allow AT&T to better match up against Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google,
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Amazon Studios is helping to reboot a Hollywood classic

Amazon’s decision to move its entertainment division to Culver Studios — where “Gone with the Wind” was filmed — demonstrates the degree to which the tech giants have woven themselves into the fabric of Hollywood.
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Translating in Lilt: one translator’s experience

This is a guest post by Suzanne Rietveld ([email protected]). Suzanne translates between Dutch and English; she has a background in horticulture and has worked in women’s health—these are her primary translation specializations. She is also an expert reviser and editor and is available for work in these areas. As a beginning translator, it is quite difficult to decide which systems work and which are not helpful at all. During my Bachelor’s degree program in translation at the Institute for In...
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New Gmail And Outlook Security Features Will Appeal To Lawyers

These updates include security features, which are a step toward more secure client communications.
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April linkfest

You know how Google names its Android versions after sweets like Kit Kat and Marshmallow? Well, writes Justin Pot, Microsoft should name its updates after dogs. (How to Geek) *   Speaking of Kit Kat, the brand is hugely popular in Japan, in part because “Kit Kat” translates to “You will surely win.” (Fortune; h/t MJF) * A century ago, dozens of American girls were named Milady because of the success of a new product: the Milady Décolleté Gillette safety razor, developed to remove underar...
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GM Wants Customers to Pay for Gas Without Leaving the Vehicle

General Motors is updating its on-board digital marketplace to allow customers to purchase fuel without ever having to leave the vehicle. You’ll still have to leave the confines of the vehicle to actually pump the gas, unless you live in New Jersey, but the exchange of money is handled entirely by the world’s first “in-dash […] The post GM Wants Customers to Pay for Gas Without Leaving the Vehicle appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Artificial intelligence, robots and a human touch | Letters

Deborah O’Neill on the failings of automation at Tesla and elsewhere, and Matt Meyer and Nick Lynch on the House of Lords AI select committee reportElon Musk’s comment that humans are underrated (Humans replace robots at flagging Tesla plant, 17 April) doesn’t come as much of a surprise, even though his company is at the forefront of the technological revolution. Across industries, CEOs are wrestling with the balance between humans and increasingly cost-effective and advanced robots and artifici...
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Zelda? Pokémon? Spyro? Gamestruck players tweet their defining games

Under the trending Twitter hashtag #GameStruck4, video game fans have spent the day listing the four titles that defined their love of gaming. Some are predictable, others not so muchIt’s a question video game fans often discuss: which games have defined your life? Now that question has become a trending Twitter hashtag, and some familiar classics are emerging as the most widely inspiring experiences.It all started yesterday when streaming service Filmstruck took to Twitter asking people to list...
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Zelda? Pokémon? Spyro? Players tweet their defining games

Under the trending Twitter hashtag #GameStruck4, video game fans have spent the day listing the four titles that defined their love of gaming. Some are predictable, others not so muchIt’s a question video game fans often discuss: which games have defined your life? Now that question has become a trending Twitter hashtag, and some familiar classics are emerging as the most widely inspiring experiences.It all started yesterday when streaming service Filmstruck took to Twitter asking people to list...
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PBOT places bet on ‘smart city’ tech to count bikes and make streets safer

PBOT will install 200 sensors to gather more data about how streets are being used.(Photo: J. Maus) Portland’s bike planning is about to get smarter. “The city has the right ideas but they don’t have the right tools.”— William Henderson, Ride Report The Portland Bureau of Transportation announced two major data-driven projects last week aimed at making biking safer. PBOT purchased data from Portland startup Ride Report, and plans to install smart safety sensors on three of the city’s mos...
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In a Parallel Universe Where OS Didn’t Matter, We’d All Use TicPods

You know, I personally don’t really like phrases like “the iPhone Killer” or in this case “the Airpod Killer”. The assumption that something is so good it will kill the competition completely, seems a little far-fetched and unrealistic, but the Red Dot and iF Design Award winning TicPods make a bulletproof case against most wireless earbuds, especially the AirPods.These tiny truly-wireless earbuds are smart both internally and externally, rivaling those created by massive corporations, customi...
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Amazon buys exclusive UK rights to US Open tennis tournament

Five-year deal, thought worth $40m, gives Prime subscribers in UK access to grand slam eventAmazon has struck a deal said to be worth $40m (£30m) for the exclusive UK TV rights to the US Open tennis tournament, as the US firm looks to add to its 100 million Prime subscribers.Amazon, which is in talks with the Premier League to potentially stream matches from 2019 to 2022, has struck a five-year deal starting with this summer’s tournament at Flushing Meadows in New York. Continue reading...
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Jaquet Droz is shipping its mechanical signing machine

Watchmaker Jaquet Droz announced its Signing Machine – a mechanical device that will sign your name for you using a series of miniature gears and springs – in 2014. Four years later, the company is ready to ship their miraculous contraction just in time for you to ink the deal you’ve made with Cybereus, lord of the digital underworld. This exquisitely baroque gadget is essentially a little cartridge full of clockwork. You wind it up, stick a pencil in its tiny retractable claw, and let it go. Th...
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UK drives into e-vehicle fast lane with 11% sales rise

Electric vehicles’ share of new UK registrations rises to 2%, still falling far short of Norway’s 48%Sales of electric cars in the UK have risen 11% on last year, putting the country in the premier league of those ditching petrol and diesel engines, though it is still miles behind Norway and China.An analysis of the latest global sales of electric vehicles found that nearly half the vehicles registered in Norway in the first three months of 2018 were electric (48%), compared to just over a third...
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New Amazon tool lets users customize Alexa’s responses

Amazon introduced Alexa Skill Blueprints, tools to add jokes, houseguest instructions, or other custom content to the voice-activated software without learning how to code.
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Morning Docket: 04.19.18

* The proposed cap on federal student loans for graduate students will make life a lot rougher for law students who will have to resort to the more expensive private market for tuition bucks. On the other hand, it could devastate the bottom-tier schools who rely on the government gravy train to bilk students into buying a degree they can't use. So it's not all bad news. [] * When it comes to appointing a Special Master, the government and Michael Cohen have wildly different preferences. ...
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What’s the best email service that doesn’t scan emails for ad-targeting?

Jim doesn’t want his emails scanned for targeted ads, but while there are ways to avoid it, surveillance-based advertising is rifeWhat’s the best free email service provider that does not scan or use the data in your emails for advertising? JimFree email services are usually paid for by showing you advertisements. Some email services scan your emails in order to show you personalised or targeted ads. You could argue that that’s a benefit, because you’ll see ads in which you might have some inter...
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Virtual Reality at your Fingertips

It will probably come as no surprise to you that the Virtual Reality market is growing rapidly; partially due to an increased interest in the field and products becoming more accessible. Zerokey, a Canadian Start-up, are developing a special technology that enables millimetre-level digital interaction, by using your fingers. This technology is being brought to life in the form of the sleek and advanced Zerokey VR Glove.The complex, technological inner workings of Zerokey are covered by a careful...
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