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Tracy Brabin's phone number accidentally displayed on ITV's This Morning

Tracy Brabin's phone number accidentally displayed on ITV's This Morning. Labour MP was discussing coronavirus funding to cover closure of constituency offices
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Ask Sophia the Robot: Is AI an existential threat to humans?

Sophia the Robot of Hanson Robotics can mimic human facial expressions and humor, but is that just a cover? Should humans see AI as a threat? She, of course, says no.New technologies are often scary, but ultimately they are just tools. Sophia says that it is the intent of the user that makes them dangerous.The future of artificial intelligence and whether or not it will backfire on humanity is an ongoing debate that one smiling robot won't settle.
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Corral multiple iBuyer offers with new web app OfferBarn

The president of a 200-agent boutique brokerage in Atlanta developed a solution for helping agents educate clients on the rise of iBuyers.
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Coronavirus: $600 in extra jobless pay is days away in California

California workers who have lost their jobs amid coronavirus-linked shutdowns will receive $600 in extra unemployment benefits starting on Sunday, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Thursday, April 9. The $600 in additional unemployment benefits was made possible by the federal CARES act signed into law recently by President Donald Trump. “Many Californians are feeling the effects of this pandemic, and this added benefit is very important to our workers so they have needed resources during this difficult ti...
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Trump administration urges regulators to stop China Telecom working in US

Justice department cites ‘malicious cyber activity’Move underlines effort to keep China out of US telecomsThe Trump administration has recommended that US regulators block China Telecom from operating in the US and warned that the China-backed company was creating “substantial and unacceptable” national security and law enforcement risks for the US. Related: US ‘very concerned’ over Huawei’s role in UK 5G network Continue reading...
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LawNext Episode 70: David Lat On His Brink-Of-Death Battle With COVID-19

What started early in March as fever and chills eventually led to 17 days in a New York City hospital, six of them spent intubated and on a respirator in ICU.
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Introducing Sankaku Plus – No Ads, No Limits, And More…

Sankaku Plus, a monthly paid subscription plan offering completely ad-free usage, exclusive features and premium content, is launching now in an early access format. Any Sankaku account can sign up with the following link: Get Sankaku Plus Account status can be checked and subscriptions cancelled at any time from this page. All payments are processed […]
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Uber to provide 'millions' of face masks against coronavirus to drivers and Uber Eats food delivery workers

Uber today announced that it will provide millions of face masks against coronavirus for people who work as drivers or food delivery workers around the world, and that it has begun providing gloves and face masks for its workers in New York City. Uber earlier this month said it would begin shipping disinfecting car spray at no cost to its drivers in the United States. The virus that causes COVID-19 has infected 1.4 million people and killed 85,000 worldwide, with U.S. deaths at 15,700 on Thur...
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Starship Technologies is sending its autonomous robots to more cities as demand for contactless delivery rises

Starship Technologies has launched a robot food delivery service in Tempe, Arizona, as part of the autonomous delivery startup’s expansion plans following a $40 million funding round announced last August. Starship Technologies, which launched in 2014 by Skype co-founders, Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis, has been ramping up commercial services in the past year, including a plan to expand to 100 universities by late summer 2021. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing traditional restaur...
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Compass agent accuses ex-assistant of stealing secrets to launch career

Compass agent Cindy Ambuehl claims ex-assistant Christina Collins used insider knowledge to launch her own career in luxury real estate.
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[PODCAST] Cold Calling Tips and Tricks for Recruiters and Sourcers

Shally’s Alley, Season 1, Episode 1. “Cold Calling Tips and Tricks”   We’re kicking off this brand new podcast series “Shally’s Alley” here at RecruitingDaily! We start the series with an episode dedicated to the art of cold calling that recruiters and sourcers need to understand. We’ll get into my favorite techniques, how and when I like […]
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Law Firm Essentials For Data Privacy And Compliance In 2020 [Sponsored]

What legal professionals need to know about the changing data privacy landscape.
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Curbio partners with Coldwell Banker Bain for pre-sale reno program

Coldwell Banker Bain is the first partner, but Curbio is hoping to partner with brokerages in every market in which it operates.
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The broker balancing Zoom and homeschooling in a crowded house

Arrian Binnings of Compass balances working from home with his wife while assisting a homeseller infected by the coronavirus in San Francisco.
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4 weird things that happen when you videoconference

As the COVID-19 pandemic forces many U.S. colleges and universities to move their courses online, connecting online via video is now having its moment.Family, friends, neighbors and even TV talk-show hosts are now meeting and broadcasting from home. Meanwhile, Microsoft, Google and Zoom are struggling to meet the demand for their videoconferencing services.People have long noticed, however, that some peculiar things happen in videoconferencing. A magazine mentioned its “bizarre intimacy." Jaron ...
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WeWork Can't Pay the Rent

WeWork has bailed on April rent on some of its locations as the beleaguered coworking space company goes into a financial spiral amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, according to a report from Bloomberg.Read more...
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Compass launches customizable drip campaign platform

Compass CEO Robert Reffkin calls 'Action Plans' the most significant CRM feature since the CRM's launch.
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#580 Senator Marco Rubio on the Paycheck Protection Program For Small Businesses

Listen to “#580 Senator Marco Rubio on the Paycheck Protection Program For Small Businesses” on Spreaker.         On this episode of The Small Business Radio Show… SEGMENT 1, starting at 0:00: There are plenty of people out there that are really good at making money, but not good at investing it for the future. Here to help is financial activist and educator Timothy Sykes who, at the age of 22, Sykes became a self-made millionaire when he turned his Bar Mitzvah gift money of $12k into $1.65 mi...
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[PODCAST] HarQen – The Dramatic Increase in Video Interview Tools with Timothy Ihlefeld

The Dramatic Increase in Video Interview Tools It’s another day of unsettling news and mandated social distancing, as we continue our latest podcast series from the safety of our virtual interview chair. Today’s show is awesome. Today we have Timothy Ihlefeld, president at HarQen, in my virtual hot seat. We are going to talk about the […]
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BoxBrownie releases native 360-degree tour platform

The award-winning image editing and marketing company has grown rapidly by editing others' work. Its new immersive tour product can be created with minimal imagery using affordable cameras and published in 24 hours.
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New HomeSpotter ad product pushes virtual tour events

As part of proptech's collective push into virtual business, digital marketing and lead-gen company launches new retargeting products that automate creation and management of ads to push virtual open houses and video tours.
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'Beginning of a new era': how culture went virtual in the face of crisis

The rise of Covid-19 has forced cultural institutions to explore alternative digital spaces with online exhibitions and a rise in virtual realityIt’s a terrible time for going out. Since the emergence of Covid-19 and resulting self-quarantine, thousands of museums, cultural institutions, festivals and global happenings have temporarily shuttered operations, leaving behind empty streets and a restless public. In a sector that thrives on in-person connection, the loss of an audience is disastrous,...
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Influencers among 'key distributors' of coronavirus misinformation

Study suggests mainstream news outlets struggling to compete with celebrities’ and politicians’ reachCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageCelebrities and politicians with large social media followings are proving to be key distributors of disinformation relating to coronavirus, according to a study that suggests the factcheckers and mainstream news outlets are struggling to compete with the reach of influencers.The actor Woody Harrelson and the singer MIA have faced critic...
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Read all of Inman’s coronavirus coverage here

Inman has published more than five dozen stories on the coronavirus. Here's our comprehensive list of coverage.
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Pandemic Emphasizes Paperless Roadblocks

I’ve been a fan of paperless and virtual documents and signatures for a long time. Despite the advantages, many steadfastly stick to paper. Many are moving online, but are only part way there. The transition to paperless and electronic signatures is not always easy, and there are roadblocks that can get in the way. Too often there are one or more steps in a process that require paper or a wet signature that bring things to a halt. For example, in Ontario we can get articles to create new corpora...
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Headspace appoints former Intuit exec CeCe Morken as president and COO

As it looks to continue along its path of developing clinically validated digital therapeutics for consumer and clinical mental health and wellness, has bulked up its executive team with the addition of longtime Intuit executive, CeCe Morken. Morken will become the company’s first president and chief operating officer, joining the Los Angeles based, billion-dollar-valued, mental wellness after spending thirteen years at Intuit . She previously served as Executive Vice President and General M...
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How to Perform 5 Common WordPress Tweaks (Without Messing up Your Site)

Making changes to your website can be risky if you don’t have a firm grasp on the structure supporting those changes. For instance, changing your CSS file is relatively easy, but if you’re not familiar with CSS, you might make a mistake that “breaks” your site. Below you’ll find a list of 5 common WordPress tweaks with tips to keep your site intact. 1. Removing all page titles from displaying By default, most WordPress themes will display the page title at the top of each page. The page title is...
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Digital literacies online

Photo by Steve Wheeler I'm currently writing several short online courses for educators, and I've just published the second module in my online series about digital learning. It focuses on digital competencies and literacies and takes under an hour to complete.I've written about digital literacies in previous publications, because I consider them vital for the success of any technology supported learning ventures. I believe that unless we develop appropriate digital literacies, we will ...
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Trump to World: Keep Your Grubby Hands Off of Our Theoretical Moon Mines

For millennia, mankind has had one dream, one desire, one singular unifying purpose: to take its rightful place among the stars by destroying the fucking Moon. On Monday, Donald Trump advanced that goal by signing an executive order telling the world that the U.S. won’t let any other countries interfere with our…Read more...
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Using Apps for Contact Tracing: Can We Protect Privacy?

Governments in Canada have yet to officially use phone data to track and trace people who may be infected with COVID-19. However, there has been discussion around using a system in Canada similar to Singapore. In Singapore, the app being used to track and trace people who may have contracted COVID-19 is “TraceTogether”. TraceTogether uses bluetooth technology to track nearby phones. People can then opt-in to have their information provided to the Ministry of Health if they test positive for COVI...
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