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Amazon Is Rolling Out a 'Robotic Tech Vest' to Keep Workers From Getting Hit by Robots

Amazon has begun rolling out a “new worker safety wearable” to over 25 of its locations over the past year, TechCrunch reported on Friday—namely, a “Robotic Tech Vest” that alerts robots to the location of workers within a facility in order to prevent workplace accidents.Read more...
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Report: The FTC May Slam Facebook With 'Record-Setting' Fine Over User Privacy

Federal Trade Commission staff assessing whether social media giant Facebook violated a legally binding user privacy agreement with the agency are considering slapping the company with a “record-setting fine,” the Washington Post reported Friday, citing “three people familiar with the deliberations but not authorized…Read more...
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At Least 66 Dead in Mexican Gasoline Pipeline Explosion, Dozens More Injured

At least 66 people are dead and over 70 more are injured following a massive gasoline pipeline explosion Friday night in the town of Tlahuelilpan, north of Mexico City in the state of Hidalgo, with authorities putting the blame on fuel thieves.Read more...
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From WhatsApp to Alexa : why the ad-free era is over

As we grow wiser to marketing, advertisers are finding new ways and places to plug productsWe’ve weaned ourselves off banner advertisements, with a fifth of us using ad blockers in our internet browsers, according to research firm eMarketer. So-called “native advertising” online, where advertising is presented in a similar way to editorial, has failed to take off. A US study last year from found native advertising is no better at getting us to buy than standard online ads.“Consumers are very goo...
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Psychology Around the Net: January 19, 2019

Within this week’s Psychology Around the Net, you’re going to meet a psychiatrist who uses social media for good, get a plethora of self-care tips (many of which I guarantee you haven’t thought of), find out just exactly how many happy facial expressions we have, and more. Enjoy! You Have 17 Different Facial Expressions to Show Happiness (and That’s Reason to Smile): After a recent study involving more than seven million online images and 30 countries, Aleix Martinez, a cognitive scientist an...
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Cranky on the Web: Hacking Your Reservations, Southwest Computer Problems in Baltimore

A Hacker Exposed the Ancient Flaw That Makes Airlines So Hackable – Popular MechanicsI missed this when it first happened, but apparently there was some glitch through El Al that allowed this guy to hack into passenger reservations on Amadeus. I went back and forth with the author in detail about why I didn’t think this was likely as big of a deal as they’re making it sound. I’ve been trying to do more research on my own, but Amadeus won’t talk to me outside of giving me a bland statemen...
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Tips for Creating Successful Social Media Apps

Social media apps dominate mobile app usage. A recent survey found that smartphone owners listed social media apps as their most frequently used type of app almost 4x more than the second-place finishers, communication/messaging apps and gaming apps. Any business seeking to build a mobile app – no matter if it’s social media or not – should understand what makes social media apps so addicting and powerful. Using recent data from 511 smartphone owners, the following article offers tips and topics...
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Why 'upgrading' humanity is a transhumanist myth

Though computer engineers claim to know what human consciousness is, many neuroscientists say that we're nowhere close to understanding what it is, or its source. Scientists are currently trying to upload human minds to silicon chips, or re-create consciousness with algorithms, but this may be hubristic because we still know so little about what it means to be human. Is transhumanism a journey forward or an escape from reality? Team Human...
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Seattle software firm Zipwhip raises $51.5 million

The company, with more than 260 employees, plans to use the new financing for product development and expansion.
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Oracle systematically underpaid thousands of women, lawsuit says

Class action alleges female workers were paid average of $13,000 less per year than men doing similar jobsThousands of women were systematically underpaid at Oracle, one of Silicon Valley’s largest corporations, according to a new class-action complaint that details claims of pervasive wage discrimination.A lawsuit filed in California on Friday seeks to represent more than 4,200 women and alleges that female employees were paid on average $13,000 less per year than men doing similar work. An ana...
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PayPal offering cash advances to federal workers affected by shutdown

As the U.S. government shutdown drags on, a California tech giant is pitching in: PayPal is offering interest-free cash advances of up to $500 to each affected federal employee. The San Jose-based payments company will make up to $25 million in cash advances available to any existing or new PayPal Credit customers, it said in an announcement Friday. “No matter where you stand on the issues, the fact is that 800,000 of our fellow Americans suddenly find themselves without a paycheck,” PayPal CEO ...
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Conflicts can arise when moving Windows 10 to a new drive

Patrick Marshall answers your personal technology questions each week.
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Understanding How Judges Write, Reason And Rule [Sponsored]

Legal Analytics Turns its Focus to the Language of Case Law.
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Ford Will Make All Electric F-150 With More Towing Power to Fight Off Tesla and Rivian

Ford will make electric and hybrid F-150 trucks that will come with more towing and off-road power than traditional gasoline and diesel trucks can offer today. Ford revealed a hybrid 2020 Explorer... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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KW iBuyer ‘probably’ coming in Q2, Gary Keller confirms

Keller Williams will "probably" launch its own iBuyer program in the second quarter of 2019, Gary Keller confirmed during a multi-hour presentation of the company's 2019 technology plans on Friday, January 11. In audio obtained by Inman, Keller said the franchisor will likely launch in Arizona.
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How The GDPR Is Still Ruining Christmas

GDPR tells you if your loved ones hated your gifts.
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Billionaire-backed discounter shuts brokerage offices

SRE Matrix, a low-fee, tech-focused brokerage that launched in 2014, recently closed its Honolulu office, completing a wind-down of the firm's company-owned brokerage offices.
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Grimes and Azealia Banks subpoenaed in Elon Musk lawsuit

Musicians ordered to preserve evidence related to a tweet by Musk that shareholder plaintiffs claim caused financial losses to TeslaThe US district court of northern California has granted a motion to subpoena the musicians Grimes (AKA Claire Boucher) and Azealia Banks in the ongoing lawsuit against Tesla founder Elon Musk brought by a group of the company’s shareholders.Additional subpoenas will be served against the publications Business Insider, the New York Times and tech website Gizmodo. Th...
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Key Findings from the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Survey (Part I)

Last week, I shared some compelling results from the World Economic Forum’s 2018 Future of Jobs Survey. To recap, this research set out to represent the current strategies, projections and estimates of global business, with a focus on large multinational companies and more localized companies of significance due to their employee or revenue size. Let’s examine some additional highlights from the report: Emerging in-demand roles: Among the range of established roles that are set to experience in...
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Space toilets: How astronauts boldly go where few have gone before

When nature calls in micro-gravity, astronauts must answer. Space agencies have developed suction-based toilets – with a camera built in to ensure all the waste is contained before "flushing".Yes, there have been floaters in space. The early days of space exploration were a learning curve!Amazingly, you don't need gravity to digest food. Peristalsis, the process by which your throat and intestines squeeze themselves, actually moves food and water through your digestive system without gravity at ...
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Vintage Geological Maps Get Turned Into 3D Topographical Wonders

What good is an old-fashioned map in the age of apps? One need not be a mountaineer, geoscientist, or civil engineer to get the topographical lay of the land with a speed and accuracy that would have blown Lewis and Clark’s minds’ right through the top of the lynx and otter toppers they took to wearing after their standard issue army lids wore out. There’s still something to be said for the old ways, though. Graphic designer Scott Reinhard has all the latest technological advances at his di...
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Funny Caption 54: Drag Walk

[Author: [email protected] (Francis Q)]
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What apps and software does this top team rely on?

Josh Mente, owner and founder of The MD Home Team, discusses some of his favorite software and apps for boosting productivity.
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10 Graphic Design Elements and How to Apply That in 2018

Creating stellar designs is not only about inspiration or the outcome of great ideas rather requires a basic understanding of the design concept. Although, nuances of design tend to vary there are some basic principles that every designer whether pro or amateur needs to swear by. Here are 10 elements of graphic design that will help you come up with polished and professional looking designs. 1. Color- Color is an important element of graphic design, it is used to create visual interest, ge...
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Can a computer be creative? Chips with Everything podcast

In our latest collaboration, Jordan Erica Webber teams up with Ian Sample of the Guardian’s Science Weekly podcast to look at why artwork produced using AI is forcing us to confront how we define creativityIn October 2018, the British auction house Christie’s became the first to sell a work of art created by an algorithm.The Portrait of Edmond Belamy was sold for $432,500 (£336,000), which was much higher than anyone had expected. This groundbreaking sale was controversial, not least in the AI a...
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Activists propose Amazon shareholder vote on facial recognition software

A group of activist shareholders are proposing that stop selling facial recognition software to government agencies until its board determines the technology doesn’t threaten people’s civil rights.
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MoxiWorks goes for Upstream’s jugular

Real estate technology firm MoxiWorks has thrown down the gauntlet, casting its own data service MoxiCloud as a replacement for Upstream, the controversial broker data management platform funded by the National Association of Realtors until a sudden split last month.
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Offerpad launches in Houston, eyes further expansion

That marks the Arizona-headquartered Offerpad's second operational market in Texas and 10th across the U.S. At the moment, Offerpad also operates in Phoenix, Atlanta, Tampa, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Charlotte, Tucson, Orlando and Los Angeles.
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VC funding of cybersecurity companies hits record $5.3B in 2018

2018 wasn’t all bad. It turned out to be a record year for venture capital firms investing in cybersecurity companies. According to new data out by Strategic Cyber Ventures, a cybersecurity-focused investment firm with a portfolio of four cybersecurity companies, more than $5.3 billion was funneled into companies focused on protecting networks, systems and data across the world, despite fewer deals done during the year. That’s up from 20 percent — $4.4 billion — from 2017, and up from close to d...
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Microsoft is putting up $500M to help affordability crisis in Seattle

Microsoft announced Wednesday a plan to invest $500 million in affordable housing solutions for Seattle and the Puget Sound area in Washington, to alleviate the stress tech job growth is putting on the housing market.
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