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Congress Wants Answers on Who Sent Millions of Pro-Vaping Posts From Bot Accounts

The House Energy and Commerce Committee and the Massachusetts attorney general’s office are investigating exactly who spammed millions of bot posts promoting e-cigarettes while downplaying or misleading viewers on its effects on human health.Read more...
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Bird’s chief legal & policy officer is leaving the company

Bird, the $2.5 billion electric scooter business, is losing its chief legal and policy officer. David Estrada, who was hired last year from Kitty Hawk, is joining another mobility company, SoftBank-backed Nuro. A spokesperson for Bird tells TechCrunch Estrada is leaving the Santa Monica-based company to be closer to his family. Nuro, for its part, is based in Mountain View, CA. Bird’s former chief legal officer, David Estrada. Estrada, who previously oversaw public policy at the electric ai...
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Despite defections, Facebook officially launches Libra

NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook officially moved forward with its plans Monday to create a new digital currency called Libra, despite several high-profile defections from the project and intense criticism from U.S. regulators and politicians. The Libra Association, the nonprofit that will govern the currency, officially signed on 21 charter members on Monday at the […]
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Uber lays off 350 employees in Eats, autonomous vehicles

NEW YORK (AP) — Uber is laying off 350 employees from its food delivery, autonomous vehicles, safety, insurance and other teams. The move is the latest in a string of staff reductions at the ride-hailing giant since its ill-fated initial public offering. CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said in an email to employees Monday that it would […]
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Opendoor appoints new batch of executives, board members

The new leaders — none of whom have backgrounds in real estate — have previous experience working at Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and in the venture capital industry.
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Warren escalates Facebook fight with ad targeting Zuckerberg

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has escalated her tiff with Facebook by running an ad — on Facebook — taking aim at its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. It’s the latest example of growing resentment of Big Tech by Republicans and Democrats alike. The list of grievances is long: Companies like Google, Facebook […]
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China has built 'massive global data-collection ecosystem' to boost its interests

Chinese use state-owned enterprises, local tech companies and foreign partnerships, ASPI report saysThe Chinese government is sweeping up vast amounts of data from all around the world to bulwark the nation’s security, but most critically to secure the political future of the Communist party, a new report argues.Engineering Global Consent, a policy brief by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Dr Samantha Hoffman, argues that the Chinese party-state seeks to influence – and where possible...
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San Francisco Is Getting Sick of All Your Dumbass 'Disruption'

The Wild West days of unapproved or unwanted technology infiltrating public spaces in San Francisco without permission from the city may be nearing their end.Read more...
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Switchpod Unboxing and Review

In this video, I unbox and review the new Switchpod. This is a brand new tripod designed for vloggers and content creators. Before the Switchpod, the most popular vlogging tripod was the Joby Gorillapod, which in my opinion was the worst tripod in the world because the legs keep breaking. Unlike the plastic Gorillapod, the Switchpod is made of mental and pretty much indestructible. It’s my new favorite vlogging tripod. The Switchpod is available now for $99. You can save $10 on the Switchpod by...
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In late-night Instagram spree, Justin Bieber attempts to unload $8.5M mansion to 120M followers

While some followers offered low-ball $1 bids, at least one user sagely advised him to, "Get a Realtor my guy."
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Does technology make moving nukes safe? Depends whom you ask

RENO, Nev. (AP) — The plutonium core for the first atomic weapon detonated in 1945 was taken from Los Alamos National Laboratory to a test site in the New Mexico desert in the backseat of a U.S. Army sedan. Officials put other bomb parts inside a metal container, packed it into a wooden crate and […]
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Las Vegas MLS to give agents new CRM, mobile app products

The Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors will now provide members with Prospects CRM and MLS-Touch, it was announced Monday.
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047: Standing in Line

How does a man use his years of experience working for IBM as they introduced computers to business, leverage that experience to invent a worldwide phenomenon that you have used many, many times? He uses Uncommon Sense. Show Page:
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All Bright MLS members to get Remine Pro

Remine Agent Pro includes a host of tools including a feature that predicts the likelihood a home will sell. Subscribers to Bright MLS now get it for free.
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Has tech made it safer to move nukes? Depends whom you ask

RENO, Nev. (AP) — A fight is raging in courts and Congress over where radioactive materials should be stored and how to safely get the dangerous remnants of decades of bomb-making and power generation to a permanent resting place. Nationwide, spent fuel rods lie in temporary cooling ponds at commercial nuclear power reactors without a […]
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All Bright MLS members to get Remine Agent Pro

Remine Agent Pro includes a host of tools including a feature that predicts the likelihood a home will sell. Subscribers to Bright MLS now get it for free.
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The Presidential Candidates Need a Plan for Big Tech That Isn’t “Break Up Big Tech”

On October 15 the Democratic presidential candidates will once again have the opportunity to debate their positions on a range of issues affecting this country. Let’s hope that this go-round we hear their visions for Digital America. Yes, health care, immigration, climate change and other topics that consumed the previous debates are important. Yes, impeachment…
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Digital dystopia: how algorithms punish the poor

In an exclusive global series, the Guardian lays bare the revolution and the wreckage that is engulfing the welfare state worldwideAll around the world, from small-town Illinois in the US to Rochdale in England, from the Pacific shore of Perth, Australia, to Dumka in northern India, a revolution is under way in how governments treat the poor.You can’t see it happening, and may have heard nothing about it. It’s being planned by engineers and coders behind closed doors, in secure government locati...
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Digital pervasion and loss of identity

Image from Pixabay “We are all digital now” claimed Paul Longley of University College London, in a research report (BBC News, 2006). In so doing, he identified a global digital tribe. Taking into account the fact that much of the world’s population is more than a day’s walking distance from a fixed line telephone, and even allowing for the growing trend toward mobile phone usage in developing countries, or the paucity of computers in the third world, Longley’s claim could be considered...
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Inman Success Stories: MoxiWorks

It’s not an overstatement to say that MoxiWorks plays well with others. As a complete broker platform, they pride themselves on being able to securely and elegantly partner with other tools -- including competitors. “Let’s face it,” said Marc Chouaniere, MoxiWorks VP of Marketing. “This is a complex environment that brokers are working in."
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Security vs privacy – who wins? Chips with Everything podcast

Ministers from several countries have written an open letter to the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, asking him not to fully encrypt all of the company’s messaging services. This week, Jordan Erica Webber talks to the Guardian’s tech reporter Julia Carrie Wong and the security expert Alan Woodward about the implications of restricting end-to-end encryption Continue reading...
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Airline seatback screens may be an endangered species

Three of the largest U.S. airlines — American Airlines Group, United Airlines Holdings and Alaska Air Group — are removing screens from their domestic workhorses, the family of medium-range 737 and A320 aircraft sold by Boeing and Airbus, respectively
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Deep learning nails correlation. Causation is another matter.

Did you know that people with bigger hands have larger vocabularies?While that's actually true, it's not a causal relationship. This pattern exists because adults tend know more words than kids. It's a correlation, explains NYU professor Gary Marcus. Deep learning struggles with how to perceive causal relationships. If given the data on hand size and vocabulary size, a deep learning system might only be able to see the correlation, but wouldn't be able to answer the 'why?' of it. ...
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Tech firms still seeking venture capital in UK despite high-profile flops

Marriage market for entrepreneurs and investors could be sign of a flourishing sector – or suggest bubble about to burstIn a wood-panelled auditorium in central London, a procession of entrepreneurs are explaining to more than 100 investors how they will change the world. They just need a few million pounds first.One promises to solve hair loss with a gadget in a cap; another will make fabric out of CO2: all come armed with PhDs, slick presentations and rictus grins. Continue reading...
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To live or die by Google search brings an escalating cost

Google defends its system, saying in order to offer more choice when searching for products or services, they allow competitors to bid on trademark terms.
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INTRUDER ALERT – Important Tip Learned For Reaching 911 When You’re Not Local

Last week, our boat was broken into while in storage ‘on the hard’. We’re currently nearly a 1000 miles away from the boat, traveling by van and staying with family in the St. Louis area. As we were settling in for the evening to watch a cop show (ironically), we got a motion alert on […]
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Ballet Crypto Hardware Wallet Review Update

In this video, I update my review of the Ballet Crypto multi-currency non-electronic hardware wallet and explain why you shouldn’t reused a bitcoin address. I also had lunch. You can watch the updated review, plus the original Ballet crypto wallet video below. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Subscribe to my YouTube Channel
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Physicists solve a 140-year-old mystery

Researchers discover a method of extracting previously unavailable information from superconductors.The study builds on a 19th-century discovery by physicist Edward Hall.The research promises to lead to a new generation of semiconductor materials and devices. None New research, led by IBM, made a breakthrough in resolving a mystery that has baffled physicists for 140 years. It promises to lead to a new generation of semiconductor materials and devices that use them.The invention of semiconduct...
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Huh, Bill Gates Sure Hung Out With Jeffrey Epstein a Lot More Than He Admitted

Billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates had a much closer relationship with late financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein than Gates has previously stated, the New York Times reported on Saturday, including multiple visits to Epstein’s now-infamous New York townhouse.Read more...
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Utah tech CEO reported missing in San Francisco Bay Area

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — The CEO of a Utah-based tech company has been reported missing during a business trip to the San Francisco Bay Area. Family members say Erin Valenti, head of Tinker Ventures, was last seen in Palo Alto on Monday. Her husband, Harrison Weinstein, wrote on Facebook that phone activity suggests Valenti […]
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