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Playdate, adorable 1-bit handheld game console, available for preorder next month

The Playdate (previously at BB), a handheld game console from Panic and Teenage Engineering sporting a 1-bit display and a hand crank, will be available for preorder in July. Also announced was a dock for the Playdate that makes it look like a cute little old-timey television set, and 21 of the launch-season games coming this summer. — Read the rest
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Teenage Engineering's OP-1 is ten years old

Teenage Engineering's wildly powerful yet tiny (yet beautiful (yet weird)) synthesizer, the OP-1, is ten years old. it all started with two prototypes.a clock radio and a synth. well, we decided to go with the synth and i guess we were right.    — Read the rest
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Carl Pei’s Nothing shows off the tobacco pipe-inspired ‘Concept 1’

Over the past several months, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has turned his concept for “Nothing” into one of the buzziest hardware companies in recent memory. It’s an impressive feat for a company that has offered close to zero information about its upcoming offerings. The company has raised around $22 million, including a $15 million Series A last month, led by GV. Nothing recently announced that it will be releasing its first product — wireless earbuds — over the summer. It’s a familiar and satu...
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In Praise of Low-Cost Synths

Sometimes I try to put a moratorium on buying new gear. It lasts for 12 or maybe 16 months and then something pops up and I'm like a weight-watcher walking into a pie shop. Lately, I've become intrigued by low-cost portable synthesizers. It all began with a Christmas gift of a Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator. This was like receiving a puppy as a gift; it's a gateway into more gear. If you've already got a fancy Prophet 5 or a bunch of Eurorack equipment, this blog post is not...
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Nothing Is Teaming Up with Teenage Engineering for Future Product Design

So far, it’s been much ado about nothing as One Plus co-founder Carl Pei’s new company has yet to release a single product. But today, Nothing is making a splash by announcing a founding partnership with Teenage Engineering that will put the Swedish design group in charge of Nothing’s future product design.Read more...
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Teenage Engineering releases Megaman and Street Fighter Pocket Operators

Pocket Operators are tiny pushbutton synthesizers from Teenage Engineering (maker of the OP-1 Synthesizer). The company just announced two new Pocket Operators: Street Fighter and Megaman, which include samples and animations from the games. The Street Fighter pocket operator is based on the ultra-popular PO–33 K.O.!, — Read the rest
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Capcom Pocket Operators

Teenage Engineering has dropped word of two new Pocket Operator collaborations with the folks at Capcom. The amazing little synthesizer and sequencer is loads of fun to play with. The first - PO-133 Street Fighter - is available to order now for $89.00. It features a microphone for sampling, 8 melodic sample slots, 8 drum slots, 40 seconds sample memory, 15 punch-in effects, 16 Street Fighter sound tracks and genuine samples from the original Street Fighter arcade game, and a step multiplier....
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Teenage Engineering’s OB-4 ‘magic radio’ is a weird and beautiful wireless speaker

I’ve found a new object of desire which, once acquired, I would probably never use. It’s this OB-4 “magic radio” from Teenage Engineering, a design group that creates tech with a playful but premium approach. This wireless speaker not only looks lovely but has a handful of really interesting features, the most interesting of which has to be letting you, at any time, rewind up to two hours with the spin of a dial. The truth is I rarely would require the rewinding feature, which seems mainly usefu...
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Teenage Engineering's 'Magic Radio' Is a Boutique Freakshow

Teenage Engineering has been quietly making some of the most exciting niche gadgets for about 15 years. Now, its latest offering is one of the weirdest concepts it’s ever produced. With the OB-4, the boutique electronics studio wants to make radio exciting again.Read more...
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IKEA and Teenage Engineering’s weird speakers are finally available

Teenage Engineering’s unique brand of music and sound tech gets new life in a series of home and party products from IKEA. Almost 2 years ago IKEA announced that they were working with Teenage Engineering for a range of music products like nothing else. After an eager wait of speculation the range is available to buy. The ‘FREKVENS’ collection are all made with parties in mind, with a design that stands out but doesn’t break the bank. Each product in the range is attachable to the other...
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PO-33 KO! Micro-Sampler

With a built-in microphone and 40-second sample memory, Teenage Engineering pocket-sized micro-sampler provides hours upon hours of entertainment. Craft your own beats and tunes on this portable device, which offers simple instructions on the back. There are also plenty of helpful tutorials online too.
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Kanye West calls social media apps like Facebook and Instagram 'modern-day cigarettes,' says his conversations with Mark Zuckerberg were 'completely different' than his talks with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, his favorite founder

Radio host Zane Lowe interviewed singer Kanye West on Apple Music. West called Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey his favorite founder, and said Dorsey offered to invest in him early on. He had less flattering things to say about Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, who he famously asked to invest $1 billion into his ideas. West called social media apps like Instagram "modern-day cigarettes," and said his meetings and conversations with Mark Zuckerberg were "completely different" than his talks with Dorsey. Visit...
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Teenage Engineering work with Rick & Morty creator on Pocket Operator

Synth love is reaching into the world of television. Teenage Engineering’s latest Pocket Operator not only features animated cult hit Rick & Morty, but involves a direct collaboration with that show’s producer. Oh yeah, and I guess Justin Roiland kind of gets an edge on the rest of us in that he has an Emmy Award and we don’t. (Not yet. Hmmm… maybe Bastl Instruments and I will make a wacky sitcom set in a Czech village.) From the description, it’s a little unclear what the PO-137 actually i...
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Get schwifty and snag this Rick and Morty-themed pocket synth before it’s gone

Pocket synthesizer manufacture Teenage Engineering announced a special new collaboration with Rick and Morty that allows you to play with custom-made samples from the popular animated series. The post Get schwifty and snag this Rick and Morty-themed pocket synth before it’s gone appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Retro Gaming is officially making a comeback!

While Google’s Stadia is definitely making waves within the gaming community, this tiny, analog, black-and-white gaming device is promising to deliver sweet nostalgia to all us 80s and 90s gamers. The Playdate (such an adorable name) comes from app-developing company Panic, with design assistance from our favorite retro-synth-design-outfit Teenage Engineering. The Playdate is Gameboy-esque, with its bright yellow hue and pocketable avatar. It comes with a b/w screen, controls, an A/B button, pau...
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Teenage Engineering has a record label and a pocket modular pop music video

Dear young Buster: why do you look so sad and lonely? Don’t you know that having a yellow Teenage Engineering pocket modular is all the love you need? Okay, so Buster is in fact Millenial Swedish pop star up and comer Emil Lennstrand, and he is the first face of a record label (really) from the perpetually-open-to-creative-distraction crew of Teenage Engineering. You see, having done cameras for IKEA and marketing campaigns and various synthesizers and … bicycles and lamps and other things … t...
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New Handheld Console Playdate Has a Crank and 12 Games

Portland-based Panic has a shiny new game console, called Playdate, and a slew of new games to go with it, the developer announced Wednesday via Twitter. Playdate is a bright yellow, handheld console with a black and white screen and a crank— no not for power, this little crank has functionality in some games for […]
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A cheaper version of Teenage Engineering’s incredible OP-1 could be on the way

The OP-1 is super cool – if you know, you know. But it’s also super expensive and that’s stopped a lot of people getting it. The OTTO synth could be the affordable solution. Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 is a pcoket-sized, all-in-one music production controller that combined extensive features with a quirky design. The OTTO is similarly capable and even looks to match the quirky graphics that take the OP-1 beyond an amazing piece of kit and makes music creation fun. The OTTO is an open-sou...
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Teenage Engineering OP-1 synth is back in stock, here to stay

It put the boutique Swedish maker on the music map, and helped usher in new interest in mobile devices and slick design. Now the OP-1 from Teenage Engineering is back in stock, and its makers say it’s here to stay. That should be good news for OP-1 fans. Sure, the OP-Z has some fancy new features, but it loses the all-in-one functionality and inviting display on the OP-1. And Pocket Operators – both in their original mini-calculator form and now in a line of inexpensive kit modular – well, tha...
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The synth modules of winter: your Eurorack radar

The waves of synth modules never stop coming, as obsessed engineers keep making them and sound tinkerers keep buying them. So let’s catch up with what’s out there, in the wake of the NAMM show in California late last month. Most of these are from NAMM, but there are some other sightings recently, as well. Make Noise’s new modulation monster. Make Noise have made a name for themselves with some real weirdness that then shaped a lot of the music scene. The Quad Peak Animation System is the lates...
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You Can Build These Analog Synthesizers Like Nintendo's Cardboard Labo Toys

If you’ve never played around with Teenage Engineering’s tiny synthesizers—like its iPod-sized Pocket Operators or the impressively-capable OP-1—you’re missing out on some fun, accessible ways to get into music. And the company is now expanding its Pocket Operators line with a series of new build-it-yourself modular…Read more...
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Teenage Engineering OP-Z is here, and it’s full of surprises: video round-up

Teenage Engineering’s OP-Z takes everything the mysterious Swedish maker has done in the past years and packs it into a candy bar-sized hunk of awesome. The first feature reveals and videos of the final creation are inbound, showing it doing some weird and wonderful things. First, what is the OP-Z? (O-P-Zee for Americans, O-P-Zed for the rest of the world.) It’s an ultra-compact digital synth with loads of sequencing and groove features. It feels terrific in the hand – nicely heavy, but wit...
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Teenage Engineering OP-Z has DMX track for lighting, Unity 3D integration

The OP-Z may be the hot digital synth of the moment, but it’s also the first consumer music instrument to have dedicated features for live visuals. And that starts with lighting (DMX) and 3D visuals (Unity 3D). One of various surprises about the OP-Z launch is this: there’s a dedicated track for controlling DMX. That’s the MIDI-like protocol that’s an industry standard for stage lighting, supported by lighting instruments and light boards. Not a whole lot revealed here, but you get the sense t...
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Teenage Engineering to ship their OP-Z, a handheld game-like synth

In a sea of synths that embrace retro vibes or big form factors, futurists and minimalist design lovers have eagerly awaited the Teenage Engineering OP-Z. And that wait is nearly over. The new thing from Sweden now at last starts preorders now, with a ship date in mid October. The first batch are already gone, but at least we know these things are making their way into the world. It’ll even come with a cute case bundle. (Cables and grippy knobs sold separately.) Price: US$599. Sold out for th...
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IKEA are making turntables and DJ equipment now

The FREKVENS line of products, which will include DJ gear and speakers, is co-created by hip Swedish audio tech company Teenage Engineering. Hopefully no allen wrench is required. Continue reading… [Author: Bill Pearis]
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Teenage Engineering introduces three new pocket synthesizers

Teenage Engineering, maker of the very cool OP-1 keyboard synthesizer, introduced three new pocket synthesizers that cost $89 each. With ">PO-33, sample any sound source using line in or the built in microphone. Melodic mode lets you play chromatic melodies and drum mode lets you play drums. sequence it all and add effects on top. Unique to ">PO-32 Tonic [drum synthesizer and sequencer] is its wide range of sonic capabilities. Users can even use the standard desktop version of sonic cha...
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IKEA branching out from flatpack furniture unveiling music products

IKEA have revealed the final design for their new range of music products coming next year in partnership with Teenage Engineering. Last year IKEA announced that they were partnering up with Teenage Engineering to create a new range of music products. Their FREKVENS range still has a year before it’s going to be in stores but IKEA have revealed a first look at what we can expect with 2 images on Instagram The pictures don’t really go into detail about what they’re capable of but show some colo...
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