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First drive: 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Mercedes-Benz has used the “best or nothing” tagline to market its vehicles for the last 21 years. To ensure its 2021 Mercedes-Benz S580 sedan ticks that “best” box, the German automaker has loaded its flagship vehicle with technology, including an infotainment system that learns to anticipate its owner’s needs, some new rear-steering tricks and upgrades to its advanced driver assistance features. With a price tag that starts at a steep $110,850, it’s the luxury car for the exceedingly well-heel...
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Nvidia Looks to Boost Its Smart Car Tech With Acquisition of DeepMaps

In another effort to boost its tech portfolio for self-driving cars, Nvidia recently announced a deal to acquire startup DeepMaps.Read more...
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How Nintendo could use A.I. to bring 4K gaming to the Switch Pro

To bring 4K support to the rumored Switch Pro, Nintendo could be making its console act more like a PC by leveraging machine learning and DLSS.
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Arm launches new chip designs for autonomous systems

Chip designer Arm today announced the launch of a new set of solutions for autonomous systems for both automotive and industrial use cases. These include the Arm Cortex-A78AE high-performance CPU, the Mali-G78AE GPU and Arm Mali-C71AE image signal processor. What makes all three of these chips stand out is that they have built-in safety features. ‘Safety,’ in this context, means that the chips feature additional capabilities that ensure that every calculation is essentially double-checked. Tradi...
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NVIDIA is in “advanced talks” to acquire Arm from SoftBank

NVIDIA is in “advanced talks” to acquire the company behind the ARM chip architecture, British chipmaker Arm from SoftBank The post NVIDIA is in “advanced talks” to acquire Arm from SoftBank appeared first on
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New NVIDIA Shield Android TV streaming device leaks via Amazon listing

The fact that NVIDIA is updating its Shield TV hardware has already been telegraphed via FCC filing, but a leak earlier today paints much more of a detailed picture. An Amazon listing for a new NVIDIA Shield Pro set-top streaming device went live briefly before being taken down, showing a familiar hardware design, a new remote control, and listing some of the forthcoming feature updates new to this generation of hardware. The listing, captured by the eagle-eyed Android TV Rumors and shared vi...
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Nintendo Switches Hacked to Run Linux—Unpatchable Exploit Released

Two separate teams of security researchers have published working proof-of-concept exploits for an unpatchable vulnerability in Nvidia's Tegra line of embedded processors that comes on all currently available Nintendo Switch consoles. Dubbed Fusée Gelée and ShofEL2, the exploits lead to a coldboot execution hack that can be leveraged by device owners to install Linux, run unofficial games, [Author: [email protected] (Mohit Kumar)]
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The 'Unpatchable' Exploit That Makes Every Current Nintendo Switch Hackable

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: A newly published "exploit chain" for Nvidia Tegra X1-based systems seems to describe an apparently unpatchable method for running arbitrary code on all currently available Nintendo Switch consoles. Hardware hacker Katherine Temkin and the hacking team at ReSwitched released an extensive outline of what they're calling the Fusee Gelee coldboot vulnerability earlier today, alongside a proof-of-concept payload that can be used on the Switch. "...
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Tesla updates user interface, web browser in older Model S and Model X vehicles

A new update is bringing an improved user interface to older Tesla vehicles. According to this report citing forum users, the v8.1 (2018.12) update improves the speed and capability in Model S and Model X vehicles equipped with an Nvidia Tegra 3-powered MCU. This was expected; Musk stated in late December 2017 that Tesla was working to improve the browser for all its vehicles. Users discovered the browser speed is dramatically faster, able to download at an average of over 5 Mbps. HTML5 capab...
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Arm chips with Nvidia AI could change the Internet of Things

Nvidia and Arm today announced a partnership that’s aimed at making it easier for chip makers to incorporate deep learning capabilities into next-generation consumer gadgets, mobile devices and Internet of Things objects. Mostly, thanks to this partnership, artificial intelligence could be coming to doorbell cams or smart speakers soon. Arm intends to integrate Nvidia’s open-source Deep Learning Accelerator (NVDLA) architecture into its just-announced Project Trillium platform. Nvidia s...
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NVIDIA's Shield 2 prototype shows up in a Canadian pawn shop (engadget)

Back in 2013, NVIDIA released the Shield, a handheld gaming unit that looked like a heftier Xbox controller paired with a fold-up screen. Powered by the company's then-current Tegra 4 chips, it ran on Android as a small powerhouse. The company rename... [Author: David Lumb]
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Tegra Arms Cuts Prices of Carbon Fiber AR-15 Lower Receivers in Half

Tegra Arms Cuts Prices of Carbon Fiber AR-15 Lower Receivers in Half Orem, Utah –-( Tegra Arms, a pioneer in carbon fiber AR-15 lower receivers just announced a significant price adjustment on their remarkably lightweight lowers.Weighing in at 3.65 ounces, Tegra’s carbon fiber-reinforced composite lower receiver has been the favorite of thousands of rifle enthusiasts looking for a lighter solution without sacrificing strength and reliability -and they just became much more afford...
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The Troubled Life of Wii U and Nintendo’s Switch to a Promising Future

Ceasing production of the console just four years after its launch in November of 2012, Nintendo has closed the book on Wii U. The breakout success that was the Wii naturally gave Nintendo high hopes for its successor, but Wii U sales failed to come anywhere close to the 100 million-unit benchmark surpassed by its predecessor. (The new console barely broke 13 million as of September 2016.) How could Nintendo go from dominating the console landscape, with Wiis filling nursing homes, college dorm...
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50,000 Nvidia Xavier chips would deliver a quintillion operations (EXAOPs) with one megawatt of power in 2018

Nvidia Xavier is a complete system-on-chip (SoC), integrating a new GPU architecture called Volta, a custom 8 core CPU architecture, and a new computer vision accelerator. The processor will deliver 20 TOPS (trillion operations per second) of performance, while consuming only 20 watts of power. As the brain of a self-driving car, Xavier is designed to be compliant with critical automotive standards, such as the ISO 26262 functional safety specification. At the inaugural GPU Technology Conferenc...
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What we know (and what we can guess) about Nintendo Switch’s insides (ars technica)

Enlarge / What's inside the Switch? We recap what we know and what we can guess. (credit: Nintendo) The first trailer for Nintendo's Switch console told us a lot about the console's central gimmick but almost nothing about the details. How big is it? How powerful is it? How long will its battery last? What will it cost? What accessories come bundled, and which will be aftermarket add-ons? We don't have definitive answers to any of those questions, but if you take all the available information...
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Nintendo Reveals The Switch Game Console

Nintendo has finally broken the silence about their long rumored new gaming platform. Revealed today via a YouTube video was the Nintendo Switch. It is a tablet-based gaming platform with detachable controllers that you can dock at home and play games on your TV as well.
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New Nintendo NX Details Potentially Revealed

New Nintendo NX details potentially revealed No official Nintendo NX details have been revealed by the company, though a new report from Eurogamer may have shed light on the mysterious new console.  The outlet reports that the new console is actually portable, with its own display screen and detachable controllers on either side; they provided their own visual interpretation of this which you can see below. When players bring the console home, however, they can connect the NX’s “base unit/doc...
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Could Nvidia’s upcoming Shield Tablet refresh feature its unannounced ‘Parker’ chip?

Documents pointing to a new tablet from Nvidia can be read on the FCC's website. The specs are unavailable, but do show its size, and support for Wireless AC, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth LE. The tablet could feature Nvidia's upcoming "Parker" processor. The post Could Nvidia’s upcoming Shield Tablet refresh feature its unannounced ‘Parker’ chip? appeared first on Digital Trends.
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NVIDIA Corporation Shares Surge on Strong Data Center, Automotive Sales

This self-driving race car runs on NVIDIA's Pascal-based Tegra processors. Image source: NVIDIA.Graphics processor specialist NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) reported results on Thursday night, covering the first quarter of fiscal year 2017. In after-market trading, investors reacted to the report with an instant share-price boost of more than 7%. [Author: [email protected] (Anders Bylund)]
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Snap-in Tegra K1 COM tackles vision processing, deep learning

Toradex’s SODIMM-style “Apalis TK1” module runs Linux on a 2.2GHz quad-core Tegra K1 SoC, and offers extensive I/O including SATA, A/V, USB 3.0, and PCIe. The SODIMM-style, 82 x 45mm Apalis TK1 computer-on-module is pin-compatible with Toradex’s earlier Nvidia Tegra 3 based Apalis T30 and i.MX6-based Apalis iMX6 modules. The Apalis TK1 moves up to […]
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Marshmallow arrive sur la SHIELD Tegra K1

La SHIELD Tegra K1 de Nvidia a enfin sa mise à jour vers Marshmallow. NVidia l’avait promis, c’est désormais fait. La tablette, l’une des premières à passer sous Android 6.0, dispose donc de toutes les nouveautés de cette nouvelle version, comme par exemple Now on Tap ou un stockage plus flexible pour l’utilisateur. D’ailleurs, si […]
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Taking The 2016 Audi TT’s Virtual Cockpit For A Spin

 The new 2016 Audi TT virtual cockpit boasts high-definition, crystal-clear digital graphics, Google Earth imagery and navigation, haptic feedback, Google-like search, voice command operation and “just write” touch features. The display is pretty slick, with 60fps PC gaming speeds and Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 processing technology that is reminiscent of the Tesla Model… Read More
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Review: Acer Chromebook 13

The Chromebook 13's great looks and long battery life don't make up for poor performance. The post Review: Acer Chromebook 13 appeared first on WIRED.
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