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Daily Crunch: Telegram soars after Facebook outage

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Telegram gets 3M new signups during Facebook apps’ outage In a message sent to his Telegram channel, founder Pavel Durov wrote, “I see 3 million new users signed up for Telegram within the last 24 hours.” Durov doesn’t offer an explicit explanation for Telegram’s sudden spike in signups, but he does ta...
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As Massive Outage Plagues Facebook, Telegram Welcomes Millions of New Users

Slowly but surely, it appears that Facebook is getting its “family of apps” back online. The consequences of the longest outage in the company’s history, however, remain to be seen. On Thursday, one of Facebook’s underrecognized competitors, Telegram, said that it added three million new users in the last 24 hours.…Read more...
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Telegram Gained 3 Million New Users During WhatsApp, Facebook Outage

WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram faced a widespread outage yesterday with users from around the world reporting issues with sending messages on WhatsApp and Messenger, posting feeds on Facebook and accessing other features on the three Facebook-owned platforms. While the outage was quite troubling both for the social media giant and its millions of users, guess who benefits the most out of [Author: [email protected] (Mohit Kumar)]
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Telegram gets 3M new signups during Facebook apps’ outage

Messaging platform Telegram claims to have had a surge in signups during a period of downtime for Facebook’s rival messaging services. In a message sent to his Telegram channel, founder Pavel Durov’s just wrote: “I see 3 million new users signed up for Telegram within the last 24 hours.” It’s probably not a coincidence that Facebook and its related family of apps went down for most of Wednesday, as we reported earlier. At the time of writing Instagram’s service has been officially confirme...
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Facebook said to be in talks with crypto exchanges for listing its crypto coin for WhatsApp

Facebook, Instagram, Signal are said to be planning to roll out new cryptocurrencies over the next year which are aimed at allowing users to send money to contacts on their messaging systems like Venmo or PayPal that can move across international borders. Facebook is silently working on a coin that user of WhatsApp could send to friends and family instantly, according to a latest report from The New York Times. The social media giant has held conversations with cryptocurrency exchanges about ...
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Facebook Is Working On a New Cryptocurrency For WhatsApp Payments

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The New York Times: Some of the world's biggest internet messaging companies are hoping to succeed where cryptocurrency start-ups have failed by introducing mainstream consumers to the alternative world of digital coins. The internet outfits, including Facebook, Telegram and Signal, are planning to roll out new cryptocurrencies over the next year that are meant to allow users to send money to contacts on their messaging systems, like a Venmo or PayPal tha...
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Telegram 5.4 brings autoplaying videos, automatic download settings, multiple accounts for iOS and more

Telegram is gaining a new update which brings a host of new features including auto-playing smaller videos; smaller videos will start playing without sound. To unmute them, simply press the volume buttons on your device. Furthermore, it also gets new auto-download settings to control your data usage. The telegram also added a quick new way to switch between Low, Medium and High preset for Mobile, Roaming, and Wi-Fi. You can also manually set up automatic downloads by chat type, media type, ...
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Telegram V5.3 update brings motion and blur effects to backgrounds

Telegram is gaining a new update bringing with it chat background where you can now search the web for wallpapers, add effects and then share your backgrounds with friends via links. Telegram backgrounds now support motion and blur effects. You can also set any color as your background, apply a pattern and more.  Just like before, you can set any photo from your gallery as your chat background. On Android, you can add some extra effects to the built-in photo editor. As said, you can also sh...
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The Best WhatsApp Alternatives

Facebook is planning to merge its three messaging services—WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram’s private messages—into a single messaging platform.Read more...
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Telegram v5.2 update expands group limit to 200,000 members, ability to recover deleted chats and more

Telegram is bringing new group permissions which would allow admins to restrict all members from posting specific kinds of content. Or even restrict members from sending messages altogether. Telegram is bumping up the group limit to 200,000 members. To make managing groups more enjoyable, Telegram has streamlined all group interfaces, including the Settings screens, Admin pan, ls and Member lists. Supergroups and basic groups are now simply groups. Telegram will no show a prompt when you are ...
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Indonesia unblocks Tumblr following its ban on adult content

Indonesia, the world’s fourth largest country by population, has unblocked Tumblr nine months after it blocked the social networking site over pornographic content. Tumblr — which, disclaimer, is owned by Oath Verizon Media Group just like TechCrunch — announced earlier this month that it would remove all “adult content” from its platform. That decision, which angered many in the adult entertainment industry who valued the platform as an increasingly rare outlet that supported erotica, was a res...
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Telegram Messenger for Android and iOS updated with support for custom languages, Instant View 2.0 and more

Telegram's Translations Platform allows you to suggest a better wording for Telegram interfaces in any language. The company has pushed out an update which brings equal treatment to the smaller linguistic communities around the world. Anyone can now use the translation platform to create their own custom language packs – and translate Telegram into any minority language or local dialect. To translate the interface of your app, simply follow the dedicated sharing link of the desired language. ...
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Twitter named best emergency communication platform

The majority of experts from 90 countries recognized Twitter as the best emergency communication platform when interviewed at the headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on 2 October, BelTA learned from Vitaly Novitsky, official representative of the Belarusian Emergencies Ministry. The IAEA headquarters in Vienna is hosting the International Symposium on Communicating Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies to the Public. It is attended by 400 experts from 90 countries. Whe...
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WhatsApp is finally adding stickers

WhatsApp is finally adding stickers to its hugely popular messaging app. The company said today that support for stickers will roll out to Android and iOS users over “the coming weeks.” Initially, the app’s 1.5 billion users will have a seemingly limited selection with the first packs provided by WhatsApp’s own design team and some “other artists” chosen by the company. However, that’s likely to change in the future since WhatsApp will allow anyone to add stickers that can be used inside t...
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China’s fast-rising Bullet Messenger hit with copyright complaint

Bullet Messenger, a fast-rising Chinese messaging upstart that’s gunning to take on local behemoth, WeChat, has been pulled from the iOS App Store owing to what its owners couch as a copyright complaint. Reuters reported the development earlier, saying Bullet’s owner, Beijing-based Kuairu Technology, claimed in a social media posting that the app had been taken down from Apple’s app store because of a complaint related to image content provided by a partner. “We are verifying the situation wi...
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Instagram said to be testing on feature that would share your location history with Facebook

Instagram is said to be prototyping a new privacy setting that would allow it to share your location history with Facebook. Meaning, your exact GPS coordinates can be collected by Instagram, even when you’re not using the app, which would helo Facebook to push targetted ads and recommend you relevant content. This geo-tagged data of yours would appear in Facebook's profile's activity log which also includes daily maps of the places you been. This would definitely upset the users who are conce...
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Telegram leaked IP addresses while initiating P2P calls

Security researcher Dhiraj Mishra found that Telegram’s desktop app was leaking public and private IP addresses during voice calls, reports Engadget. The messaging app, which is known for its adherence to privacy and security norms, was leaking the data via its peer–to–peer calling... ...
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Telegram Calling Feature Leaks Your IP Addresses—Patch Released

The desktop version of the security and privacy-focused, end-to-end encrypted messaging app, Telegram, has been found leaking both users' private and public IP addresses by default during voice calls. With 200 million monthly active users as of March 2018, Telegram promotes itself as an ultra-secure instant messaging service that lets its users make end-to-end encrypted chat and voice call [Author: [email protected] (Swati Khandelwal)]
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Telegram to replace iOS messaging app with Telegram X Swift rebuild

Telegram has announced it will be migrating iOS users of its messaging app to a rebuilt-from-scratch Swift version. It’s been running two versions of its app in parallel on iOS and Android during 2018 — officially announcing Telegram X in January, when it billed it as an experiment and said the alternative app “may or may not eventually replace the existing official apps”. Well, that maybe has now become a certainty — at least on iOS. In a post on his Telegram channel, founder Pavel Durov say...
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Telegram’s updated privacy terms make it unsafe for terrorists – but what about the rest of us?

Messaging service Telegram has updated its privacy policy to include a clause which states that it may hand over users’ IP address and phone number if it receives a court order that indicates those people are terror suspects. The company added that this hasn’t ever happened yet, and that if it does, it’ll disclose it in a semiannual transparency report. With that, Telegram believes it’s now in compliance with the European Union’s GDPR guidelines. But what does this spell for users? Founder Pavel...
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Telegram updated with chat export tool, Telegram passport improvements, Exceptions in Notification and more

Telegram, a cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service has rolled out an update lately bringing an array of distinctive features including chat export tool, improved password hashing algorithm, new “Exception” section in notification settings, improved Telegram passport and more. Talking about it in detail, the most recent update allows the user to save conversations/chats and other media content on your disk by exporting it through Telegram desktop app. Consequently, the exporte...
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Florida Police Make Arrest in Alleged Multi-State SIM Card Hijacking Ring

Florida police made an arrest last month in an alleged “SIM-jacking” ring, with court documents claiming the scammers involved stole SIM cards belonging to other individuals and used them to amass a small fortune.Read more...
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Telegram Introduces Unique Authorisation Service, Telegram Passport

Instant messaging software Telegram has introduced Telegram Passport — a unified authorisation service. The service provides cloud storage where one can upload their identification documents and then share them with any platform or service that require a real-world ID. All documents will be stored... ...
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Telegram 4.9 brings ‘Passport’ that securely stores and shares identification documents

Telegram today has introduced a new feature; Telegram Passport a unified authorization method for services that require personal identification. Once you upload the documents, you can share the data with services that require a real-world ID.  The telegram says that the identity documents and personal data will be stored in the Telegram cloud using End-to-End Encryption and no one can read them and no one will have access to the information stored in Telegram Passport. The company also says t...
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WhatsApp just rolled out a giant Internet megaphone

Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp has debuted a new feature for groups to create one-way broadcast communication streams -- essentially handing them a massive megaphone for shouting at people.  The post WhatsApp just rolled out a giant Internet megaphone appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Russia blocking Telegram showed us how fragile the internet is

Certain governments have been censoring web content for years; with China, Iran and Turkey among the biggest offenders. But if there was something unique about Russia’s block of the Telegram messaging service in April, it was the extent to which the government was willing to go to. Russia went for a wholesale, indiscriminate blocking of major cloud service providers’ IP addresses (to overcome Telegram’s attempt to port its services there). This incident exposed three unsavory truths about the mo...
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WhatsApp copies Telegram to add one-way ‘broadcast’ mode to group chats

“Good artists borrow great artists steal” is a phrase that Facebook seems acutely aware of. It’s common to speak of Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo-app-now-social-network, borrowing from Snapchat, but now Facebook’s WhatsApp chat app is increasingly drawing its innovation from others such as Telegram. This week, WhatsApp outed a new feature for its groups that is essentially a replica of Telegram’s channels — that is, a one-way broadcast communication stream. Telegram channels are popu...
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Telegram update brings replace media, vCards sharing, mark as unread, 2X voice messages, and more

Telegram is receiving a new update bringing the version number to 4.8.3 for iOS and 4.8.10 for Android, and this brings several nifty features and improvements. With the new Telegram update, you can now just replace photos or videos with the correct versions right away in case if you have sent a wrong image by accident. To replace the image, start editing the image and then tap the paperclip button to replace the attached media. You can also add captions to photos or videos. You can now switc...
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The Effects of Iran's Telegram Ban

The Center for Human Rights in Iran has released a outlining the effect's of that country's ban on Telegram, a secure messaging app used by about half of the country. The ban will disrupt the most important, uncensored platform for information and communication in Iran, one that is used extensively by activists, independent and citizen journalists, dissidents and international media. It will also impact electoral politics in Iran, as centrist, reformist and other relatively moderate political...
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Russian Censorship of Telegram

Internet censors have a new strategy in their bid to block applications and websites: pressuring the large cloud providers that host them. These providers have concerns that are much broader than the targets of censorship efforts, so they have the choice of either standing up to the censors or capitulating in order to maximize their business. Today's Internet largely reflects the dominance of a handful of companies behind the cloud services, search engines and mobile platforms that underpin the ...
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