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Hollywood assistants have always been underpaid, but this is different

One of my first jobs in Hollywood was as an assistant. It was 1994. I was just finishing film school, and felt lucky to get a job working for two busy producers. I spent my days answering phones, reading scripts and making copies. It wasn’t glamorous, but it was exactly the position I knew I needed, learning how the business works. My assistant salary1 was enough to pay rent, buy groceries, and see all the movies I could. I wrote on nights and weekends. Like every assistant I knew, I aspired to...
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‘Succession’: Jesse Armstrong on the Season Finale’s Stunning Twist

The Emmy-winning creator discussed when he knew how the season would end and his response to early critics who called the characters unsympathetic.
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Original ‘The Rocketeer’ Star Joins Disney’s Animated ‘Rocketeer’ Series

A strong case could be made that Disney’s 1991 film The Rocketeer is the best comic book movie Hollywood has ever produced. Director Joe Johnston delivered pitch-perfect execution of the film’s soaring adventure story, sparking the imaginations of a generation and wonderfully capturing the spirit of comic book writer/artist Dave Stevens‘ 1930s-era stories of derring-do. Sadly, the film tanked at the box office (it opened the same weekend as Terminator 2), and a sequel has yet to materialize. Bu...
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John Hodgman on the Two Celebrity Corgis That Shattered His World

After a decade and a half of semi-fame, the writer and performer thought he had things figured out. Until he met two dogs more famous than he was.
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Disney+ tweets all the movies and shows coming to its streaming service

In an impressive bit of pre-launch marketing, Disney today announced basically every movie and TV show coming to its upcoming streaming service Disney+ by way of a massive Twitter thread. The thread, which was posted in chronological order starting with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, reveals not just Disney’s best-known titles but also its long tail of cult classics, flops, oddities, and other lesser-known films. It. Is. Time. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to The Mandalorian,...
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‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Season 3 Trailer Has a Surprise ‘Gilmore Girls’ Cameo

It’s Amy Sherman-Palladino‘s world, and we’re all just living in it. The creator of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is bringing the best of both worlds in the third season of the Emmy-winning Amazon series, which features not one, but two Palladino-verse veterans making an appearance in the official trailer. The trailer follows Midge Maisel (Emmy winner Rachel Brosnahan) as she embarks on a jetsetting USO tour and meets a slew of new and familiar faces along the way. Watch the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel s...
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NBC News Hits Back Against Ronan Farrow’s ‘Catch and Kill’ Book

NBC News president Noah Oppenheim, in a detailed memo to employees, described the book as a “smear” and a “conspiracy theory.”
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William Burroughs Meets Francis Bacon: See Never-Broadcast Footage (1982)

The writing of William S. Burroughs and the paintings of Francis Bacon take us into often troubling but nevertheless compelling realities we couldn't possibly glimpse any other way. Some of that effect has to do with the inimitable (if often unsuccessfully imitated) styles they developed for themselves, and some with what was going on in their unusual lives as well as the even wilder realms of their minds. And though no scholars have yet turned up a Burroughs monograph on Bacon's art, or...
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H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds Becomes a New BBC Miniseries Set in Edwardian England

H.G. Wells began writing the novel that would become The War of the Worlds in the England of the mid-1890s. As a setting for this tale of invasion from outer space, he chose the place he knew best: England of the mid-1890s. Staging spectacles of unfathomable malice and fantastical destruction against such an ordinary backdrop made The War of the Worlds, first as a magazine serial and then as a standalone book, a chillingly compelling experience for its readers. Orson Welles understood th...
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‘Star Wars Resistance’ Gets Tangled in a Web of Dilemmas in “A Quick Salvage Run”

Star Wars Resistance has now certainly sailed into The Last Jedi era. After a harrowing hyperspace jump away from the First Order clutches, the Colossus is out of the needed hyperfuel to make another space jump to safety. Kazuda Xiono (Christopher Sean) hopes the Resistance base on planet D’Qar can refuel them. But those who watched The Last Jedi know the Colossus won’t find salvation in the base. Because as The Last Jedi era stipulates, the base is wiped out. Unable to reach Poe Dameron and Ge...
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‘Saturday Night Live’ Turns David Harbour into a Gritty Oscar the Grouch in a Mildly Amusing Episode

Based on David Harbour‘s general enthusiasm in any given situation, we knew that he would have plenty of fun hosting Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately, it seems like the writers might have been tired in their third episode in a row, because the sketches were rather middling in their comedy. Thankfully, there were a couple of great standout sketches, including one that has David Harbour giving a Joker-inspired gritty take on Oscar the Grouch. Without further adieu, let’s run through the best an...
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Lights. Camera. Prayer. A Mini-Hollywood Grows in Utah.

Movies made by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are an important part of a film and TV ecosystem in northern Utah. And there’s not an R-rating in sight.
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‘Saturday Night Live’ Gives Julián Castro His Moment

The cold open was a highlight of this week's episode, which got some help from several A-list stars.
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Find Out If Your OLED TV Has Burn-In Using This Tool

If you have an OLED television in your home, then burn-in is probably a concern. Burn-in happens when the same image is shown on your television’s display for a long period of time. It can be something like a screensaver, or even the menu from something like your Apple TV.Read more...
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Dario Argento TV Series ‘Longinus’ Will Be “Suspended Between the Real and the Supernatural”

Dario Argento hasn’t directed a film since 2012’s rather awful Dracula 3D, but it looks like he’s ready to get back behind the camera – for TV. Argento is set to direct a TV series called Longinus, and while specifics about the show are unknown at this time, a new Argento project is always something worth paying attention to (even though it’s been a long, long time since he’s directed a genuinely worthwhile film). More on the Dario Argento TV series below. Dario Argento is a legend. He’s the...
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TV Bits: ‘The Crown,’ ‘Jeopardy!’, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘The End of the F***ing World’, and More

In this edition of TV Bits: Helena Bonham Carter did some…interesting research for her role in The Crown The Walking Dead overseer suggests that ninjas could be involved going forward Alex Trebek is staying realistic about his chances to continue hosting Jeopardy! Netflix’s The End of the F***ing World gets a season 2 premiere date And more! When Helena Bonham Carter was cast as Princess Margaret in The Crown, the actress says she reached out to Margaret (who died in 2002) via a psychic –...
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‘Truth Be Told’ Trailer: Octavia Spencer May Have Wrongly Accused Aaron Paul of Murder

Podcasting can be a dangerous vocation – especially if you’re a true crime podcaster who may have accidentally condemned an innocent man to life in prison for a murder he did not commit. And even more so if you are that podcaster who decides to re-examine said murder case and uncovers even more secrets. Octavia Spencer stars as this podcaster in Truth Be Told, the upcoming Apple TV+ crime series that posits the question: what if Serial actually came up with a concrete answer? Truth Be Told ...
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Headsup: Girls, Guns, and Genius

Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment requests we note that it provided a free copy of “Doom Patrol: The Complete First Season”. The opinions I share are my own. “Following the mysterious disappearance of their leader, Dr. Niles Caulder (“The Chief”), these reluctant heroes will find themselves in a place they never expected to be, called to action by none other than Cyborg, who comes to them with a mission hard to refuse. Part support group, part Super Hero team, the Doom Patrol is a band...
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‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Spin-Off Series in the Works at Will Smith’s Westbrook Production Company

Over three years ago, rumors were swirling about Will Smith‘s production company developing a possible The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot that would have put “a new spin on the fish-out-of-water tale while maintaining the spirit of the original series.” However, once Smith finally got asked about the project, he said a reboot of the NBC sitcom that he led back in the 1990s would probably happen “when hell freezes over.” Well, the devil might want start shopping for a winter coat. In a recent pr...
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Florida Women Are No Joke. I Should Know.

What is it really like to love, work and struggle in the Sunshine State? The characters in a new wave of books and TV shows have not just survived — they’ve thrived.
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Poland’s State Media Is Government’s Biggest Booster Before Election

With state television firmly under the control of the ruling party, it has proved itself more valuable than any billboard or advertising campaign.
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Ranking the 10 Best ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ Sketches on the Show’s 50th Anniversary

It’s not hyperbole to note that the Monty Python comedy troupe changed the state of comedy. The six men who made up the group — Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin — came together as an unstoppable force that reshaped what TV comedy could be, before they then upended expectations of what film comedy could be in the late 1970s. But it all started with the sketch TV series Monty Python’s Flying Circus , which turns 50 this month. That’s when the...
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Elizabeth Olsen on Grief, the Scarlet Witch and Her Next Life

The actress talks about juggling “Sorry For Your Loss” with the Marvel juggernaut, while dreaming up her next great adventures.
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Review: ‘El Camino,’ a ‘Breaking Bad’ Sequel, Is Suspenseful and Superfluous

The well-executed Netflix movie entertainingly extends the “Breaking Bad” cinematic universe without really adding to it.
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Cool Stuff: ‘The Mandalorian’ Life-Size Helmet Replica Is Already Available for Pre-Order

The Mandalorian may not hit Disney+ for another month, but you can already pre-order a life-size replica of the trademark helmet worn by the titular bounty hunter in the new Star Wars series. EFX Collectibles has recreated the shimmering helmet that resembles Boba Fett’s headpiece from the original trilogy, just with a metallic paint job, a less damaged surface and the lack of an antenna. Chronicle Collectibles is distributing The Mandalorian helmet replica in the US. Find out how to get it bel...
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How Did Rudy Giuliani Get Here?

The man hailed as “America’s Mayor” after 9/11 is now at the center of an impeachment inquiry of President Trump.
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Review: El Camino Transforms Breaking Bad‘s Jesse Pinkman Into an Action Hero for the Ages

Vince Gilligan expands the Breaking Bad Televisual Universe—and it works
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Bachelorette blow-up: Noosa councillor urged to quit after bragging about unwanted advances

Sunshine Coast politician Jess Glasgow calls his behaviour on reality show ‘despicable’A Queensland councillor has been asked to resign after he appeared on the reality television show The Bachelorette, bragged about kissing women against their will and is alleged to have made unwanted sexual advances towards the show’s crew.Jess Glasgow, a Noosa councillor, told the bachelorette, Angie Kent, not to “mind if I’ve got some wandering fingers” in an episode aired on Thursday night. Continue reading...
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Ronan Farrow Goes After NBC News Executives in His New Book

In “Catch and Kill,” the reporter says they blocked his monthslong investigation of Harvey Weinstein. The network disputes his claims.
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‘El Camino’: What to Remember 6 Years After ‘Breaking Bad’

A new feature-length sequel comes to Netflix on Friday. But it’s been a while since the series ended in a cloud of gun smoke. Here’s where we left the major characters.
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