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Tesla Nears China Model Y Production and Has Foundations Started at Tesla Texas Gigafactory

Tesla’s Model Y factory in Shanghai could be start production in November. The Q3 earnings report showed that the megacasting and other production equipment appears to be mostly installed.... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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In World First, 100% of South Australia's Power Supplied By Solar Panels

1.76 million people live in the 983,482 square kilometer (379,725 square mile) state of South Australia. This weekend Australia's national broadcaster made a big announcement: South Australia's renewable energy boom has achieved a global milestone. The state once known for not having enough power has become the first major jurisdiction in the world to be powered entirely by solar energy. For just over an hour on Sunday, October 11, 100 per cent of energy demand was met by solar panels alone. ...
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Kanye West envisions a "Coliseum for God" with 100,000 gospel singers and imitates the sound of 100,000 people singing "glory, glory" in unison.

I've just clipped out one section of this podcast, so please listen to the end of my cut. There's some great stuff about running everything on water and how we would all be happy by now if Edison had not defeated Tesla: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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RBW Roadster: When Those Classic Vibes & Creative EV Engineering Meet

Now this, Elon, is a roadster. Specifically, this is the RBW Roadster from RBW EV Classic Cars. Constructed in the British Midlands, it’s got style for days and green cred to match. RBW says their EV Roadster is “Inspired by the MGB Roadster of the 1960s,” which is obvious. Less obvious is all the cool tech that lies beneath its skin. That skin, it’s worth noting, is a brand new body shell from British Motor Heritage. This is not a junkyard special with some batteries, and a big motor bolted ...
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Tesla Insurance Could Be 30

In Tesla's Q3 earnings call the other day, Elon Musk touched upon some of the most valuable business units within Tesla. One of those...
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Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta Testers Share Their Thoughts With Me

Several of Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta testers, who have permission from Tesla to share their experiences with FSD online,...
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Wall Street analysts tore down 7 competing electric-vehicle batteries — and say Tesla is once again leading the pack

Tesla China-made Model 3 vehicles are seen during a delivery event at its factory in Shanghai Reuters Tesla's held a comfortable lead on electric-vehicle manufacturing and sales for years, after virtually inventing the industry on its own.  But now it's not the only player in town, and competitors are quickly catching up, according to UBS.  To understand manufacturing costs and technology, analysts at the bank tore down seven battery models used by various competitors. They found Tesla sti...
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Tesla's 'full self-driving' vehicles can't drive themselves

Earlier this week, Tesla sent out its "full self-driving" software to a small group of owners who will test it on public roads. But buried on its website is a disclaimer that the $US8000 ($NZ11,960) system doesn't make the vehicles... [Author: [email protected]]
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Tesla Recalls Almost 30,000 Cars From China, Citing Suspension Issues

Tesla’s issues with faulty production and inconsistent quality extend outside the U.S. market: As first reported by Bloomberg, the automaker is set to recall close to 30,000 of its imported Model S and Model X cars from China, citing problems surrounding the vehicle’s suspension systems.Read more...
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Tesla Recalling 30,000 Cars Exported to China, Claims They’re Fine

Tesla is recalling some 30,000 imported Model S and Model X vehicles in China over claimed defects in the suspension. According to China’s State Administration for Market Regulation, cars manufactured between September 2013 and January 2018 suffered from two distinct issues, with some vehicles having both. But, almost as quickly as the story was brought […] The post Tesla Recalling 30,000 Cars Exported to China, Claims They’re Fine appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Streaming As Infringement

Some basic questions on streaming and internet and copyright can be found on this (oldish) video about Youtube. But it comes down to that if you created something, you have some rights in dictating how people use that thing when it creates a derivative work. By derivative work I mean the legal version of this term, better explained by real lawyers. I remember sitting in a class about this stuff 15 years ago and it was already well-understood that the internet, as used by individuals back then...
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Some Tesla drivers may start testing ‘full self-driving’ software this weekend. Here’s a look at the hype — and the safety fears.

Buried on Tesla's website is a disclaimer that the $8,000 system doesn’t make the vehicles autonomous and drivers still have to supervise it.
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More Tesla drivers may start testing ‘full self-driving’ software this weekend. Here’s a look at the hype — and the safety fears.

Tesla has sent out its “full self-driving” software to a small group of owners who will test it on public roads. But the $8,000 system doesn’t make the vehicles autonomous.
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This guy tries out Telsa's new full self-driving beta

This guy got access to Tesla's Full Self Driving (FSD) beta. The display changed to an animation of what the Tesla saw, and the car was able to stay in the right-hand lane of residential streets without lane markers as well as make left and right turns.
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Elon Musk's manufacturing obsession could make Tesla into an industry — and make him a 21st century Henry Ford

Elon Musk is preoccupied with machines that build machines. Tesla Tesla just reported its fifth-consecutive profitable quarter, setting itself up for its first-ever full-year profit.  On a call with analysts and investors to discuss the Q3 results, CEO Elon Musk returned to a preoccupation with manufacturing, an area that he believes could be Tesla's greatest achievement. Musk wants Tesla to do things very differently from the rest of the car business, in order to go beyond building cars t...
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GM Sells Out First Year of Electric Hummer Production

General Motors said it has sold out the first year's worth of its hulking GMC Hummer EV electric pickup truck after a splashy video reveal on Tuesday. Reuters reports: The GMC website showed a "reservations full" banner over the Hummer EV "Edition 1," due to start production in the fall of 2021. The next version of the truck, the $99,995 Hummer EV 3X, is not scheduled to begin production until the fall of 2022. The least expensive Hummer EV, starting at $79,995, is scheduled to go into productio...
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Tesla is recalling 30,000 Model S and X cars in China over suspension problems

Johannes Eisele/AFP via Getty Images Tesla is recalling around 30,000 Model S and X vehicles in China, the country's State Administration for Market Regulation said Friday. Tesla issued the recall because of two different suspension defects, but some vehicles may have both, regulators said. The recall impacts the bulk of imported Model S and Model X cars made between September 2013 and January 2018. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Tesla is recalling around 30,000 vehic...
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Elon Musk Sells the Gene Wilder House to Wilder’s Nephew

Much as he’s done in business, Elon Musk appears to be blazing his own trail when it comes to buying and selling houses. After listing all six of his Bel Air estates earlier this year to much fanfare, the Tesla and SpaceX tycoon is proving the naysayers wrong, slowly but surely unloading each of the […]
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Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta Rolls Out To Rave Reviews

Rei writes: "Oh, it's going dude!" "But there's no lanes -- there's cars on the side of the road!" "DUDE, it's navigating through it ALL, bro!" ... "It paused to look DUDE!" "There's NO LANES! Elon, you madman!" Such was one of the many reaction videos to come out overnight as Tesla released a major upgrade of Autopilot to a limited public beta. Complete with a new LIDAR-like visualization system, the car now provides a detailed display of how it perceives the world as it dodges parked cars, tak...
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Dow climbs 153 points after Nancy Pelosi suggests stimulus deal is close

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images US stocks clawed back early losses on Thursday to finish the day higher, driven by positive comments from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the potential for a fiscal stimulus deal.Pelosi told reporters that negotiations on another round of fiscal stimulus were "just about there," adding, "The president wants a bill — that's part of the opportunity that we have."New weekly jobless claims totaled 787,000 last week, coming in below th...
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Tesla Takes $331 Million in 5th Consecutive Profitable Quarter

Tesla continued to prove itself as the electric automaker par excellence by posting its fifth profitable quarter in a row on Wednesday. The California-based (for now) automaker reported a net income of $331 million and a 39 percent improvement in revenue to $8.8 billion. Of course, a huge amount of that money came via regulatory […] The post Tesla Takes $331 Million in 5th Consecutive Profitable Quarter appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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After release of Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ beta, Elon Musk promises roughly $2,000 price hike

In a tweet posted early Thursday morning, Tesla chief executive Elon Musk said that prices for the Full Self-Driving (“FSD”) upgrade to Tesla vehicles would increase by roughly $2,000. It’s potentially an indication that the company is realizing that it needs to find new ways to make up for the rapidly diverging cost of the company’s electric vehicle hardware and the suite of software and services that are the ingredients for much of the secret sauce that make Tesla’s vehicles so popular. Now...
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India's richest state invites Tesla after Musk hints entry into country

In a tweet on Thursday, state tourism and environment minister Aaditya Thackeray said he and industries minister Subhash Desai held a video call with Tesla executives earlier in the day to invite them to the state. Earlier this month, Musk said "Next year for sure" on Twitter in reply to a post with a photograph of a T-shirt with the message: "India wants Tesla".
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'Another major step forward': Here's what 6 Wall Street analysts had to say after Tesla's earnings beat expectations

Reuters Tesla's third-quarter earnings report beat expectations on multiple key metrics including cash flow and gross margins. The electric vehicle automaker also reiterated its goal of 500,000 deliveries in 2020, a statement many analysts were anticipating before the report. Shares of Tesla soared nearly 5% at the market open on Thursday.Here's what six Wall Street analysts had to say about Tesla's third-quarter earnings report. Watch Tesla trade live here.Tesla's third-quarter earnings r...
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The new GMC Hummer EV is aimed directly at the heart of traditional, gas-guzzling pickup truck buyers

2022 GMC Hummer EV. GMC The new Hummer EV looks like and is sized similarly to the original Hummers from the 2000s, which is a good thing. It is the halo car that will hopefully convince truck buyers and owners that EVs are cool. GM has built good electrified vehicles before, like the Volt plug-in hybrid and the Bolt EV, but neither are "cool" like the Hummer EV. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Hummer is back like the Great Recession never happened. Sort of.On Tuesday n...
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RepTrak partners with Onclusive to combine reputation and PR data

RepTrak and Onclusive are announcing a partnership that Onclusive CEO Dan Beltramo said will combine corporate reputation tracking and PR analytics for the first time. RepTrak, founded in 2004, helps businesses measure their reputations (and their competitors’ reputations) through a database of more than 1 million company ratings collected every year. Meanwhile, Onclusive (formerly known as AirPR) offers a variety of tools to analyze the impact of PR and earned media coverage on a company’s bott...
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Tesla is knocking on the door of the S&P 500

Tesla could have been added to the S&P 500 earlier this year. Instead, it was snubbed, shocking the bullish investors that have driven the company's shares up more than 400% this year.
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Tesla stock jumps after record-breaking Q3 earnings, adding $22 billion in market value

Tesla CEO Elon Musk. AP Photo/Jae C. Hong Tesla's strong third-quarter earnings sent its stock price up as much as 5.5% on Thursday.Elon Musk's electric-car maker delivered nearly 140,000 vehicles last quarter, fueling record operating income of $809 million and free cash flow of $1.4 billion.Tesla's bosses are aiming to deliver 500,000 vehicles this year, requiring the company to produce about 181,000 cars this quarter — 29% more than their quarterly record.The automaker's stock price h...
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10 things you need to know before the opening bell

Andrew Burton/Getty Images Welcome to 10 Things Before the Opening Bell. Sign up here to get this email in your inbox every morning.Here's what you need to know before markets open.1. Global stocks slide as progress on stimulus stalls. A top US official said Russia and Iran took "specific actions to influence public opinion" relating to the election. See how markets are reacting here.2. Tesla stock surges after the automaker posts record profits. The EV-maker's vehicle deliveries jumped 44...
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