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Marvel's First Big-Screen Queer Couple Will Be Eternals' Haaz Sleiman and Brian Tyree Henry

Last summer, Marvel head Kevin Feige cleared up some confusion about when audiences could expect to see the studio’s first queer superhero fighting to save the world on the big screen. After initial reports that Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie would explore her canonical bisexuality in Thor: Love & Thunder, Feige explained…Read more...
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Marvel Studios’ First Gay Couple Revealed in ‘Eternals’ – Here’s Who They Are

We’ve known for a while that Eternals, the upcoming Marvel Studios movie directed by Chloe Zhao, is supposed to be the first MCU movie to include LGBTQ representation in a significant way. The studio has had an…interesting relationship with LGBTQ portrayals on screen thus far, but it sounds like a major barrier is being broken in Eternals. Read on to find out which actors are playing those roles. In a new interview with Logo (via io9), actor Haaz Sleiman (The Visitor, Amazon’s Jack Ryan) reve...
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe May Produce Blockbusters, But It Doesn’t Create Movie Stars

The old-fashioned concept of movie stardom, depending on how you look at it, has been on life support for a long time or just flat-out dead. The premise is simple: actors open a movie, not intellectual property. But even if you had a slightly more positive outlook on the state of movie stardom, the recent film Dolittle should have served as the final nail in the coffin of any hopes you had for a 21st-century movie star. That film’s stumbles at the box office are only further evidence that ...
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Jennifer Kaytin Robinson Co-Write Thor: Love and Thunder

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson to Assist Taika Waititi with Thor: Love and Thunder Script According to The Wrap, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson will assist newly-minted Academy Award-winning Jojo Rabbit screenwriter Taika Waititi as he updates the Thor: Love and Thunder script before the August production start date. Robinson wrote and directed Someone Great for Netflix, which starred Gina Rodriguez, Brittany Snow and DeWanda Wise. Thor: Love and Thunder will be directed by Waititi (Jojo Rabbit) which w...
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‘Men in Black: International’ Honest Trailer: Anyone Have a Neuralyzer So We Can Forget This Nonsense?

What happens when you take two of the charismatic, beautiful stars of Thor: Ragnarok and team them up in Sony’s blockbuster sci-fi comedy franchise Men in Black? Turns out you get the absolute minimum amount of effort from everyone involved, and the most fun you’ll have is seeing how long you can last before you fall asleep. Watch the Men in Black: International Honest Trailer below for some more jabs at the expense of and MiB movie that’s somehow worse than Men in Black II. Men in Black: In...
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Tessa Thompson Sundance Romance ‘Sylvie’s Love’ Goes to Amazon Studios

“Sylvie’s Love,” a sweeping period romance starring Tessa Thompson, has sold to Amazon Studios out of this year’s Sundance film festival, sources close to the deal told Variety. The sale, brokered by Endeavor Content on behalf of the filmmakers, closed in the high seven-figure range, insiders added. “Sylvie’s Love’ marks Amazon’s third acquisition at the […]
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‘Sylvie’s Love’ Review: A Sexy, Simmering Romance Starring Tessa Thompson and Rising Star Nnamdi Asomugha [Sundance 2020]

Hollywood’s Golden Age is full of grand, sweeping love stories, but that era of cinema history didn’t exactly provide an equal playing field for filmmakers and actors of color. So Sylvie’s Love, writer/director Eugene Ashe’s new grand, sweeping love story, feels less like a pure homage than him making a movie that should have existed back then but was never given the chance. The result is an exquisite piece of old-school filmmaking, one in which star-crossed lovers and rain-soaked streets and a...
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‘Sylvie’s Love’: Film Review

Sultry music swells as the camera swoons over a young couple in a tender nighttime embrace. The 1950s residential New York City street is carefully rain-slicked and lined with shiny classic cars: an obvious stage set. Gene Kelly might just have swung on that lamppost; Doris Day might lean out of an upstairs window to sigh […]
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‘Bad Hair’ Review: ‘Dear White People’ Director Delivers a Horror Thriller for the Ages [Sundance 2020]

Writer/director Justin Simien premiered his feature film debut Dear White People at Sundance in 2014, and later went on to adapt that movie into a Netflix streaming series. Now he’s back at the festival with something completely new: an ‘80s-set horror thriller about a killer weave. It’s 1989, and Anna (Elle Lorraine) is a down-on-her-luck assistant at Rock Music Video, an MTV-style network based in Los Angeles. All of her best ideas are swiped by others and passed off as their own, leaving A...
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Breaking: Christian Bale Cast in Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder!

Breaking: Christian Bale cast in Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder! Collider is reporting (and THR confirms) that Oscar-winner Christian Bale (The Fighter, Vice, Ford v Ferrari) is in talks with Marvel Studios to join the fourquel Thor: Love and Thunder! While the outlet has not revealed which character Bale is earmarked to play, he would make an excellent Balder the Brave, and will also prove a grand opportunity to use his proper Welsh accent! This will mark Bale’s first foray back into the co...
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Laughing at the Days to Come

A book about suffering is usually born from adversity in the life of the author, and that’s exactly the case with Tessa Thompson’s Laughing at the Days to Come: Facing Present Trials and Future Uncertainties with Gospel Hope. When she was in her mid-teens, she was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2) and began to lose her hearing. Her father had been diagnosed a short time before, so she had been a first-hand witness to his struggles to adjust to a difficult new realit...
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Marvel Universe chief says trans character coming soon: “Absolutely”

Marvel’s best-known superheroes (Image: Disney/Marvel) Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios, appears to have suggested a trans character will feature in an upcoming Marvel movie. Feige took the stage at the New York Film Academy (NYFA) for an interview. During the audience Q&A section, one of those attending asked him: “Are there any current plans on bringing more LGBT+ characters into the MCU, specifically the T – the trans characters?” Feige replied: “Yes. Absolutely. Yes. Very soon...
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The 100 Best Movies of the Decade [Part Four]

(Welcome to /Film’s countdown of The 100 Best Movies of the Decade, examining the absolute best movies that were released between 2010 and 2019. This is part four of a five-part series and part of our Best of the Decade series.) Last week, the /Film team sat down for an extended two-part podcast to narrow down the 100 best films of the past decade. When the dust settled, we were left with a family of movies that could not be more different: action films and intimate dramas and horror flicks and...
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Free Stuff Fridays (Reformation Heritage Books)

This week’s Free Stuff Friday is sponsored by Reformation Heritage Books. They have 5 packages to give away, which means 5 winners will each receive the following titles: Follow Me: Bible Stories for Young Children Follow Me is an illustrated book of Bible stories for young children. These stories tell the eternal message of the Bible, highlighting the scarlet thread of God’s redemptive history. In the Old Testament, we are pointed to the Lord Jesus as we see how much we nee...
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Attn: filmmakers, we need more than ‘little moments’ of LGBTQ visibility

This Internet was abuzz this week that the news that Kristen Stewart’s character in the new big-screen reboot of Charlie’s Angels is “definitely gay.” How will viewers know that secret agent Sabina prefers the company of women? Apparently, there’s a “little moment” in the film. Elizabeth Banks, writer, director, and star of the film, tells PrideSource: “Kristen’s character is definitely gay in the movie. I mean, she wanted to be gay in the movie and I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ I made sure we kept that li...
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Lady and the Tramp Clips Tease the Iconic Spaghetti Scene

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Lady and the Tramp clips tease the iconic spaghetti scene Walt Disney Pictures has revealed two new clips from their upcoming live-action remake of Lady and the Tramp, with the first one giving us a preview of the iconic spaghetti scene between our titular couple. Starring Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux, you can check out the videos below along with the newly released featurette, featuring the cast talking about their characters. RELATED: The Simpsons Dressed Up as Di...
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‘Lady and the Tramp’ Review: The First Disney+ Original is…Totally Adequate?

The slew of live-action and computer-animated remakes of Disney’s hand-drawn animated classics have largely managed to feel creatively bereft, but they have never been entirely pointless. Why does a remake of Aladdin or Dumbo or The Lion King exist? If nothing else, to further fill the coffers of the Walt Disney Company, so that its executives can pull a Scrooge McDuck and dive through the cash. It’s a cynical view, and arguably a point that doesn’t impact anyone who isn’t a shareh...
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How Disney Plus, HBO Max, Peacock Are Banking on Splashy Movies in the Streaming Wars

It seemed like any other movie premiere. Journalists and photographers swarmed the red carpet as stars Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux smiled gamely for pictures and struck a pose, just as they would for any other Hollywood screening. Except there was one key difference. The film they were in New York City to promote last […]
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‘Lady and the Tramp’ Cast on Remaking a Classic, Premiering on Disney Plus

The divas on display at Tuesday’s special screening of “Lady and the Tramp” were of the four-legged variety. It was a night that brought out A-listers such as Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux, but those stars were outshone by Rose and Monte, the two canine actors who portray the title characters in the live-action remake […]
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Beck – “Uneventful Days” Video (Dir. Dev Hynes)

Last week, Beck announced his forthcoming album Hyperspace and shared a couple of new songs, including the lovely synth ballad "Uneventful Days," which Beck co-wrote and co-produced with Pharrell. Today, Beck has shared his new video for "Uneventful Days." Beck has a long history of teaming up with visionary music-video directors, and on … More »
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Rebecca Hall’s Passing Adds Castle Rock’s Andre Holland

Rebecca Hall’s Passing adds Castle Rock’s Andre Holland The film adaptation of Harlem Renaissance novel Passing from Rebecca Hall (Godzilla vs. Kong) in her directorial debut has expanded its already strong cast with the addition of Moonlight and Castle Rock alum Andre Holland, according to Deadline. RELATED: Tessa Thompson & Ruth Negga to Star in Passing Based on Nella Larsen’s novel from 1929, Passing follows the events set off by a reunion of two high school friends named Clare Kendry (R...
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Lisa Joy’s Reminiscence Has Landed Tomb Raider’s Daniel Wu

Lisa Joy’s Reminiscence has landed Tomb Raider’s Daniel Wu The cast of Lisa Joy (Westworld)’s upcoming action-thriller Reminiscence has found another major star in the form of Into the Badlands vet and Tomb Raider‘s Daniel Wu to star alongside Hugh Jackman (Logan) and Rebecca Ferguson (Doctor Sleep), according to Deadline. RELATED: Thandie Newton Partnering With Westworld’s Lisa Joy For Reminiscence Reminiscence will follow the story of Nick Bannister (Jackman), a private investigator who d...
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Mark Ruffalo Was Worried About ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Ruining Hulk and Thor

Thor: Ragnarok is one of the best movies on Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that’s largely thanks to director Taika Waititi breathing new life into the comic book franchise and really pushing Thor in an exciting new direction. Chris Hemsworth was very much excited to give the God of Thunder a new path to follow, but not everyone on the cast was quite so confident in this more comedic approach. Mark Ruffalo was particularly worried about the trajectory of Hulk and Thor. Appea...
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‘Lady and the Tramp’ Trailer: Must Love Dog Romances

If you were thrown off by the photorealistic animals of Disney’s The Lion King, the upcoming Lady and the Tramp live-action remake has none of those problems. With real rescue dogs playing the beloved characters, Lady and the Tramp is kicking it old school, featuring voice actors narrating over dogs who are trained to share meatballs and chase after dog pound vans. While a little CGI trickery is used to make the dog’s mouths move, it’s all real and good doggos. Watch the Lady and the Tramp trai...
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caroldanversenthusiast:Thor: Protector of Lesbians

caroldanversenthusiast: Thor: Protector of Lesbians
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New Lady and the Tramp Trailer for the Disney+ Movie

BEGIN SLIDESHOW New Lady and the Tramp trailer for the Disney+ movie Walt Disney Pictures has revealed a brand new trailer for Lady and the Tramp, the live-action remake of the classic animated film coming to the Disney+ platform. Featuring the titular romantic couple, voiced by Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux, you can check out the new Lady and the Tramp trailer in the player below! RELATED: Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu Bringing Disney Streaming Content to D23 Expo 2019 Lady and the Tramp tell...
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Brie Larson Reaffirms Passion for a Marvel Female Team-Up, and Kevin Feige Is Very Much Aware

While many of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are dominated by male superheroes, the women have really started to push forward and take a prominent role. It’s a shame that Captain Marvel was the studio’s first solo movie for a female superhero, and that movie just came out earlier this year, but Avengers: Endgame also gave all our key female characters a big moment in the final battle (even if some fans weren’t entirely satisfied), and that has Captain Marvel star Brie Larson and the rest ...
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Dr. Jonathan Hemlock's Artsy-Fartsy, Historical-Shmistorical Sanctionistic Summer Vacation Movie Quiz

Dennis Cozzalio of the Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule blog has posted another of his famous movie quizes, and as always, I'm excited to participate. Previous installments answering questions from Professor Hubert Farnsworth, David Huxley, Professor Fate, Professor Russell Johnson, Dr. Smith, Professor Peabody, Professor Severus Snape, Professor Ed Avery, Dr. Anton Phibes, Sister Clodagh, Professor Arthur Chipping, Miss Jean Brodie, Professor Larry Gopnick, Professor Dewey Finn, Ms. Eliza...
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Tessa Thompson Is A Metallic Goddess At Men In Black: International Premiere

It’s been a while since we ran a celeb style feature, because to be quite frank none of the recent red carpet outfits of have really rocked our boat. That was until we scrolled through Instagram and came across Tessa Thompson wearing this beauty of a dress at the premiere of Men In Black: International. Opting for a metallic, silver, one-shouldered gown with a ton of ruffles, Thompson gave us serious 80’s vibes (in a good way). The actress completed her custom-made look created by Rodarte with a...
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