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What to Do When Your Child Fails a Test

As our kids begin to wrap up this Pandemic School Year From Hell, they are likely to face some final exams in the coming weeks. While it would be great for them to ace every single class and individual test, realistically, they may struggle—whether with anxiety, with poor study habits, or with mustering the enthusiasm…Read more...
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Speakers Learn How To Deal With The Challenge Of Remote Presentations

Keeping your remote audience engaged can be a real challenge Image Credit: Gaetan Maerten The world that we live in continues to change all around us. As speakers, what this means is that more and more often when we are asked to deliver a speech there is a good chance that our audience may not be sitting in front of us. Instead, they may be remotely located. When we find ourselves in this kind of situation, because of the importance of public speaking, we need to adjust how we deliv...
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China's plan for anal swabs to test for COVID-19 is 'not nice but it's the obvious thing to do,' says a microbiology professor

A medical worker takes a swab sample from a resident. STR/AFP via Getty Images China is using anal swabs test for COVID-19, in "key groups," because it's reportedly more accurate. An anal swab test involves inserting a small cotton-tipped swab into the rectum. Anal swabs are "not nice," but the tests makes sense, said microbiology professor Joanne Santini.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. China has introduced anal swabs, as a new type of test that could detect coronavir...
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A public health professor explains the difference between rapid COVID-19 tests from a pharmacy and the 'gold standard' lab results - and says people should be tested every 3 days

14 October 2020, Berlin: A member of the medical staff performs a rapid IgG/IgM test for COVID-19 antibody detection Getty Rapid antigen testing has become central to stopping the spread of coronavirus — but some experts have questioned their accuracy. Iain Buchan, a leading public health professor, spoke to Insider about the differences between rapid tests and the 'gold-standard' PCR tests. He said rapid antigen tests, also known as lateral flow tests, were a valuable tool in reducing the...
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Be Ready to Answer These Questions at Just About Any Job Interview

Most job interviews come with a set of stock questions, with a few additional that are specific to the job and company culture. And while many of the stock questions seem easy to answer, it’s always best to know and rehearse your answers before you head into an interview. Preparation is key, even for a simple question…Read more...
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SpaceX Starship Plans To Make Its First High Altitude Test Flight Next Week

SpaceX fired the engines on its Starship SN8 prototype on Tuesday evening, with billionaire CEO Elon Musk tweeting that the resultant “good static fire” produced during the final test had likely paved the way for the vehicle to take its first test flight sometime next week. Read more...
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iPhone 12 Mini et Max Pro, Déballages, Tests et Comparatifs (video)

Source : iPhone 12 Mini et Max Pro, Déballages, Tests et Comparatifs (video) Comme prévu, les nouveaux iPhone 12 Mini et Max Pro sont déjà arrivés chez nos amis américains qui nous proposent un déballage, des tests et même un comparatif on ne peut plus concluant… iPhone 12 Mini et Max Pro, tests et comparatifs Ce sont encore une fois des YouTubers stars ainsi que des journalistes qui […] The post iPhone 12 Mini et Max Pro, Déballages, Tests et Comparatifs (video) appeared first ...
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iPhone 12 et 12 Pro, Les Premiers Tests et Comparatifs (videos Fr)

Source : iPhone 12 et 12 Pro, Les Premiers Tests et Comparatifs (videos Fr) En attendant l’arrivée imminente chez nous des iPhone 12 et 12 Pro, ce sont les YouTubers américains qui ont été les premiers à les recevoir pour des tests et des comparatifs, l’occasion donc d’en savoir un peu plus sur leur performances… Premiers tests et comparatifs iPhone 12 et 12 Pro C’est presque un festival de […] The post iPhone 12 et 12 Pro, Les Premiers Tests et Comparatifs (videos Fr) appeared ...
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“Dual Duties” Regulation Set to be Released for Restaurants; Tip Credit at Issue

You may recall that back in December 2019 (doesn’t that seem like so long ago?), the General Assembly and Governor Lamont fashioned a compromise on so-called “dual duties” legislation. The bill required the Department of Labor to revisit a 1950 regulation that has been interpreted by some as requiring time that a server spends on “non-service duties” be segregated.  The DOL was required to propose a “notice of intent” to modify the regulations by April 1, 2020 and, in making its proposal “shall ...
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Diffblue launches a free community edition of its automated Java unit testing tool

Diffblue, a spin-out from Oxford University, uses machine learning to help developers automatically create unit tests for their Java code. Since few developers enjoy writing unit tests to ensure that their code works as expected, increased automation doesn’t just help developers focus on writing the code that actually makes a difference but also lead to code with fewer bugs. Current Diffblue customers include the likes of Goldman Sachs and AWS. So far, Diffblue only offered its service through a...
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3M and MIT partner to develop a new, affordable rapid COVID-19 test

A heavyweight partnership between industry and academic sciences is throwing their considerable weight into an important task: Creating a new low-cost, rapid diagnostic test for COVID-19. Chemical industry leader 3M has partnered with MIT to create a diagnostic tool for COVID-19 that’s easy-to-use, and that can be manufactured cheaply and in large volume for mass distribution and use. The test is currently the research phase, with a team led by MIT’s Professor Hadley Sikes of the school’s Dep...
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It’s quiz time: 10 ski questions for your next virtual quiz

You might not be able to race your mates down the slopes right now but you can still share your love for the mountain and go head-to-head with the Crystal quiz. Here are 10 questions to add to your next virtual meet-up, or just to test your own ski expertise. How many can you get right? Questions 1.What’s the biggest ski area in the world? A. Dolomiti Superski, Italy B. Paradiski, France C. SkiWelt, Austria 2.In what year was the first ever Winter Olympics? A. 1954...
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iPhone SE 2020 vs 11 Pro – Comparatif Photo (video)

Source : iPhone SE 2020 vs 11 Pro – Comparatif Photo (video) Le dernier iPhone SE 2020 a presque les mêmes caractéristiques techniques que celles de l’iPhone 8 y compris son appareil photo qui va être comparé … The post iPhone SE 2020 vs 11 Pro – Comparatif Photo (video) appeared first on
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iPhone SE 2020 Testé et Approuvé par les Pros (videos)

Source : iPhone SE 2020 Testé et Approuvé par les Pros (videos) Alors qu’il n’est toujours pas disponible à la vente et chez les opérateurs téléphoniques, le nouveau iPhone SE 2020 a déjà été testé et approuvé … The post iPhone SE 2020 Testé et Approuvé par les Pros (videos) appeared first on
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Panda RS1 ski goggle review

I have always had a problem with finding ski goggles that fit. They are either too big (I have a slim face) or it looks like I am wearing kids goggles! I have been wearing Panda Optics Cobalt goggles for the last few years and have been extremely happy with them. I was intrigued to review the Panda RS1 goggles to see what, if any, improvements have been made. Panda RS1 goggles review Looks are not everything but the Panda RS1 ski goggles are aesthetically stunning! Especially with the mirrored...
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Color is launching a high-capacity COVID-19 testing lab and will open-source its design and protocols

Genomics health technology startup Color is doing its part to address the global COVID-19 pandemic, and has detailed the steps it’s taking to support expansion of testing efforts in a new blog post and letter from CEO Othman Laraki on Tuesday. The efforts include development of a high-throughput lab that can process as many as 10,000 tests per day, with a turnaround time of within 24 hours for reporting results to physicians. In order to provide the most benefit possible from the effort of stand...
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TEUFEL marque audio allemande à l’assaut de votre salon !

  Connaissez-vous Teufel ? L’audio dédié à l’habitat est très concurrencé, les grandes marques ne laissent que très peu de place aux nouveaux entrants, devant pour se démarquer prendre des positions radicales, communiquer originalement et surtout innover ! A la différence des « petits nouveaux« , Teufel est la marque audio la plus importante et innovante d’Allemagne. Fondée en 1979 du côté de Berlin, elle regroupe depuis, de nombreux produits de l’enceinte nomade en passant par le home cinéma j...
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Spotify look at adding ‘Stories’ for playlists

Spotify might follow in the steps of Instagram and YouTube  by letting influencers add video clips to their playlists. Spotify are testing a feature that lets users add a short video clip to their playlists. They work the same as social media Stories so that listeners can simply tap the playlist picture to watch the clip promoting the playlist and its latest tracks. The icon at the top of the playlist shows a small circular animated preview of the story to let you know it’s there. The f...
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Kevin Pollak discusses Jack Nicholson and “A Few Good Men”

Kevin Pollak is hilarious as he discusses Jack Nicholson and “A Few Good Men,” providing some excellent Nicholson impressions along with way and explaining how cool and laid back Jack was off camera.
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Solarius Zenith, l’iPhone 11 Pro le plus Cher au Monde

Source : Solarius Zenith, l’iPhone 11 Pro le plus Cher au Monde Après avoir greffé au dos d’un iPhone XS une horloge complication, Caviar récidivée avec le dernier iPhone 11 Pro et va même jusqu’à l’offrir pour … The post Solarius Zenith, l’iPhone 11 Pro le plus Cher au Monde appeared first on
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Jimmy Stewart discussed “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Jimmy Stewart discusses the importance of “creating moments” in movies as he explains why “It’s a Wonderful Life” is his favorite film from his incredible career. Jimmy Stewart talked to Parkinson in 1973 about why It’s A Wonderful Life was the favourite of his films. You can watch more of the interview here – — BBC Archive (@BBCArchive) December 25, 2019
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Mac Pro 2019 Déballage et Tests Professionnels (video)

Source : Mac Pro 2019 Déballage et Tests Professionnels (video) Malgré son prix de vente relativement élevé, le tout nouveau Mac Pro édition 2019 a d’ores et déjà été déballé, testé et approuvé par Marques … The post Mac Pro 2019 Déballage et Tests Professionnels (video) appeared first on
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The 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S Is A Crystal Ball To The Future Of Porsche

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Le Mode Nuit Augmente l’Autonomie des iPhone (video)

Source : Le Mode Nuit Augmente l’Autonomie des iPhone (video) Passer en mode sombre ou mode nuit sur les iPhone dont le 11 Pro Max sous iOS 13 peut augmenter l’autonomie de leur batterie comme … The post Le Mode Nuit Augmente l’Autonomie des iPhone (video) appeared first on
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Déballage et Comparatif de 11 Générations d’iPhone (video)

Source : Déballage et Comparatif de 11 Générations d’iPhone (video) Faire un comparatif entre 11 générations d’iPhone c’est déjà une belle performance, mais réussir à mettre la main sur des appareils neufs et les déballer … The post Déballage et Comparatif de 11 Générations d’iPhone (video) appeared first on
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This fun Adobe’s quiz will tell you what creative type you are

What do you think of personality tests? I am a fan of those and I’ve done quite a few of them for fun. If you like them too and you’re a creative, then you’ll love this fun and simple test Adobe has just released. Through a series of slightly abstract questions, you’ll get to reveal […] The post This fun Adobe’s quiz will tell you what creative type you are appeared first on DIY Photography.
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10,000 Rounds of 5.56 PolyFrang Frangible Ammo Cause ZERO Barrel Wear

Well, that’s what PolyFrang claims in a report published on their website. The test rifles and barrels were made by Armalite. The test was requested by a company called Exelon Nuclear Security and it was conducted during a three month period to determine the amount of barrel wear that could possibly be caused by the use of PolyFrang […] Read More … The post 10,000 Rounds of 5.56 PolyFrang Frangible Ammo Cause ZERO Barrel Wear appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Le Face Unlock du Galaxy S10 + Piraté avec une Vidéo (video)

Source : Le Face Unlock du Galaxy S10 + Piraté avec une Vidéo (video) Annoncé par Samsung comme plus performant en termes de sécurité que le Face ID d’Apple, le Face Unlock du tout nouveau Galaxy The post Le Face Unlock du Galaxy S10 + Piraté avec une Vidéo (video) appeared first on
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OnePlus 6T vs. Honor View 20: We compare the cameras in these ‘flagship killers’

For less than $600, you can buy either the OnePlus 6T or the Honor View 20, two extremely capable smartphones with plenty of exciting features. But which one has the best camera? We found out on a recent trip to France. The post OnePlus 6T vs. Honor View 20: We compare the cameras in these ‘flagship killers’ appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Pathron XT Bindings review – Rear entry snowboard bindings

Pathron XT with the Fastec system It is fair to say I was more than a little excited to carry out this Pathron XT Bindings review, as I was interested to see how I would get on with their rear entry Fastec system. Rear entry snowboard bindings When Burton launched their step-on bindings to a frenzied media, it felt like a shift in snowboarders mentality who were eager to explore possibilities away from the conventional strap in bindings. Lets all be honest, it has always been a bit of a hassl...
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