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Texas AG Seeks to Oust San Antonio Police Chief

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's legal battle against San Antonio Police Chief William McManus and the city's top leadership has entered a new phase.
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Texas AG Ken Paxton and wife, Texas state Sen. Angela Paxton, left for Utah during Texas freeze to have meetings about antitrust lawsuits

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton testifies in front of the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, just a few days before a grand jury indicts him on three felonies. Robert Daemmrich Photography Inc/Corbis via Getty Images Texas AG Ken Paxton and his wife, state Sen. Angela Paxton, left for Utah last week as Texas froze, according to the Houston Chronicle. Paxton is one of several Texas public officials to have left in the middle of the crisis. Visit the Business section of Insider...
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Texas AG Also Pulled A Ted Cruz-Like Texit Amid State’s Energy Crisis

Much like Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-TX) Cancún getaway during one of his state's worst disasters in modern history, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and his wife, state Sen. Angela Paxton, fled to Utah last week while millions of Texans suffered from a power outage crisis in freezing temperatures. [Author: Summer Concepcion]
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Texas AG Was in Utah After Historic Freeze Back Home

A spokesman for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says the Republican took a previously scheduled trip to Utah during a historic winter freeze back home.
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Lawsuit: Donor Involved in Texas AG's Home Renovations

New court documents allege a wealthy donor, whose relationship with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is the subject of an FBI investigation, played a role in the renovation of Paxton’s million-dollar home in Austin.
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Texas AG Ken Paxton announces probe into Robinhood, Discord and hedge funds

Texas' top prosecutor said he was launching an investigation into the GameStop market surge Friday, accusing Wall Street "elites" of rigging the markets and corruption.
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Texas AG sues Biden administration over ‘unlawful and perilous’ deportation pause

Texas Attorney Ken Paxton on Friday sued the Biden administration over what he described as an "unlawful and perilous" 100-day pause on...
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Texas AG sues city of Austin over Covid-19 dining restrictions for New Year's weekend

Attorney General Ken Paxton sued the city, its mayor, Travis County and a judge over new coronavirus guidelines amid a surge in cases.
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Texas AG sues Austin over New Year's weekend bar, restaurant restrictions

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) sued the city of Austin on Wednesday seeking to stop it from enforcing a temporary ban on...
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Texas sues Google for its unlawful monopoly in the ad business

Texas state’s attorney general, Ken Paxton, has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google, accusing the company of malpractice to create a monopoly in the digital ad business. The case also alleges that the search company co-conspired with Facebook to rig ad auctions and fix prices. This suit was co-signed by nine other Republican-led states aside from Texas. Paxton made this announcement through a strange video on a Texas AG‘s official Twitter account. He said that this lawsuit is for Google’s ...
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FBI subpoenas Texas AG Ken Paxton for bribery, abuse of office probe - Business Insider

Paxton this week filed a lawsuit to the Supreme Court to change the election results for President Trump, but faces potential legal woes...
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Texas AG’s SCOTUS Suit To Cancel The Election Manages To Get Even Stupider Somehow

Don't mess with Texas, 'cause they're already knee-deep in bullshit.
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Fact Check: Debunking five voter conspiracies in Texas AG's election case

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has petitioned the United States Supreme Court to take up a lawsuit against Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, claiming that there are voting irregularities in each state that still require investigation.
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Trump Looks Past Supreme Court Loss To New Election Lawsuit From Texas

The suit from Texas AG Ken Paxton, a Republican, demands that 62 total Electoral College votes be invalidated.
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Opinion: Hypocrisy of Texas AG election case

Ken Paxton is a lawman being chased by the law. And when the Texas Republican attorney general filed a suit on Tuesday with the US Supreme Court on behalf of his state, he also became an even more rank hypocrite.
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The rank hypocrisy of the Texas AG's election case

James Moore writes that it was hypocritical for Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton to file a lawsuit with the US Supreme Court that Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia must be found to have used the Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to manipulate the outcome of the 2020 election. "If that argument has merit, he ought to have included his home state in the lawsuit."
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Texas AG asks Supreme Court to overturn Trump's losses in key states. Don't hold your breath.

Five weeks after Election Day and with states locking down electoral votes, Texas attorney general Ken Paxton has asked the high court to step in.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Texas AG Ken Paxton sued for allegedly abusing office, retaliating against whistleblowers

Paxton abused his office to benefit himself, a campaign donor and a woman with whom he was reportedly having an affair, per the suit.         [Author: Austin American-Statesman]
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Texas AG whistleblowers sue for wrongful firing, retaliation

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton abused his office to benefit himself, a woman with whom he was said to have had an affair and the wealthy donor who employs her before retaliating against the members of his staff who reported him to the FBI, a lawsuit by four of the Republican's former senior deputies claims. The lawsuit adds to the deepening legal and political peril for the high-profile Texas official, who is facing calls for his resignation and a potential federal investigation over his sta...
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AP sources: Texas AG's affair tied to criminal allegations

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton had an extramarital affair with a woman whom he later recommended for a job with the wealthy donor now at the center of criminal allegations against him, according to two people who said Paxton told them about the relationship. Austin developer Nate Paul said in a deposition this week that Paxton recommended the woman for her job with Paul’s real estate company, according to a transcript of his deposition obtained by the AP. The attorney general's top deputies...
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Developer tied to Texas AG says feds tampered with warrants

On a summer morning last year, FBI agents arrived at the home of a prominent real estate developer in Austin and began scouring the palatial French-style chateau for documents, videos and photographs as part of an investigation that remains under wraps. Nate Paul alleges in a criminal complaint obtained by The Associated Press that the agents detained him during their hours-long search and repeatedly refused to show him their warrant. Meanwhile, details of the FBI probe remain undisclosed.
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Turbulence in Texas AG's office to delay Google ad suit

The state took the lead on a probe investigating Google’s conduct in the advertising technology market.
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Second whistleblower who accused Texas AG of bribery fired from position: report

A second whistleblower was fired this week from the Texas attorney general’s office after being among those who brought forth...
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Donor threatens to sue embattled Texas AG over dropped case

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is already facing calls to resign and accusations of crimes by his own staff over an investigation sought by one of his wealthy donors. In a letter sent Sunday, a lawyer for Austin real estate developer Nate Paul wrote that Paxton's staff was always hostile to the probe. The letter adds to the confusion surrounding investigations and legal disputes that came to public attention this month when seven top lawyers in Paxton's office accused him of bribery, abuse ...
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Texas AG Ken Paxton took bribes and abused office, top aides say in call for federal investigation

Top aides of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton have asked federal authorities to investigate allegations of potential crimes.         [Author: Austin American-Statesman]
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Texas Dems Declare ‘Big War’ on Gov Over Mail-In Vote Restriction

HOUSTON—Texas Democrats are planning to take Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) to federal court over his controversial move on Thursday to shutter locations across the state where voters can drop off their mail-in ballots to be counted for the general election.“We’re in a big war right now with the state of Texas,” Gilberto Hinojosa, the chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, told The Daily Beast. “We’re probably going to be filing suit on that in the next day or so.”Abbott announced Thursday that effect...
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Google’s Sundar Pichai grilled over ‘destroying anonymity on the internet’

Google’s Sundar Pichai faced an awkward line of enquiry during today’s House Antitrust Subcommittee hearing related to its 2007 acquisition of adtech platform DoubleClick, and how it went on to renege on an original promise to lawmakers and regulators that it would not (nor could not) merge DoubleClick data with Google account data — automagically doing just that almost a decade later. By linking internet users’ browsing data, as harvested via the DoubleClick cookie, to Google accounts ...
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Texas AG probing Facebook over biometric data collection that may violate state law

“Texas is investigating Facebook for possibly running afoul of state laws on the collection of biometric data, according to June documents uncovered by a tech watchdog group,” reports Ashley Gold at Axios. And the attorney general of Texas may just be on to something. Facebook users in Illinois recently secured a major settlement over the issue of biometric data collection. Excerpt: The Texas AG is investigating Facebook for possibly violating its Texas Deceptive Trade Practices — Consumer Pr...
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Apple Targeted in Multi-State Consumer Protection Investigation

Several states have undertaken an investigation that is seeking to determine whether Apple deceived customers, according to documents discovered by the Tech Transparency Project and shared by Axios. Details on the investigation are sparse, and it's not clear what Apple is under investigation for. The documentation suggests that the Texas attorney general could sue Apple for violating deceptive trade practices in the state as part of a multi-state investigation, but little else is known. The ...
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Reasonably Suspicious podcast back from hiatus: Austin police chief under fire, COVID in TX prisons and jails, Harris DA calls to overturn shady drug convictions, and other stories

After a three-month hiatus while your correspondent underwent throat-cancer treatment, here's the May 2020 episode of Just Liberty's Reasonably Suspicious podcast, co-hosted as always by me and Mandy Marzullo. Grits must admit, until I was editing all this together, I hadn't realized how much the radiation treatment had affected my vocal chords: I sound like a different person, decidedly heading in the raspy, Tom-Waits-ish direction. (Really that's wishful thinking; my singing voice is completel...
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