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Thailand's prime minister may lift emergency measures

Prayuth Chan-ocha seeks to end conflict but protesters give him deadline to resignThailand’s prime minister has said he may lift severe emergency measures that were imposed last week to halt months of pro-democracy protests but which have instead sparked even bigger, nationwide rallies against his government and the monarchy.Prayuth Chan-ocha, a former army general who first came to power in the 2014 coup, said he was moving to de-escalate the situation, adding that the country “must now step ba...
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In 1967, American businessman Jim Thompson disappeared from a cottage in Malaysia

In 1967, Jim Thompson left his silk business in Thailand for a Malaysian holiday with three friends. On the last day, he disappeared from the cottage in which they were staying. In this week's episode of the Futility Closet podcast we'll review the many theories behind Thompson's disappearance, which has never been explained. — Read the rest
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Thailand protests: court orders news outlet to close as PM accuses it of 'inciting unrest'

Voice TV, which has links to former PM Thaksin Shinawatra, faces closure over coverage of youth-led protests against government and monarchyA Thai news outlet connected to exiled former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra has been ordered to shut down over its coverage of anti-government protests in Bangkok as demonstrators prepared to take to the streets for a sixth consecutive day.Voice TV, a website partly owned by Thaksin’s family, was one of four media organisations under fire for their repor...
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Did Ducati Get Lifan to Stop Selling its Scrambler Clone?

Lifan Just Shrunk Ducati’s Bike Are you a huge fan of the Ducati Scrambler, but you want to ride 125cc motorcycles? Lifan had the bike for you. It was the Lifan Hunter 125. The bike almost perfectly morphed Ducati’s Scrambler styling onto a small 125cc motorcycle.  The bike had the same trellis frame, the round headlight, the paint scheme, the leather saddle, and the silhouette of the Ducati Scrambler. Even the license plate holder is the same. The way the tank is shaped and colored looks more ...
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Dusit partners with Pixel One to provide safe, dynamic and affordable solutions for hybrid meetings in Thailand

Dusit International, one of Thailand's leading hotel and property development companies, has teamed up with innovative Bangkok-based event management company Pixel One Production Co., Ltd, which specialises in audio-visual production solutions for MICE business, to deliver new services for virtual and hybrid meetings at Dusit Hotels and Resorts throughout Thailand.
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Eat Just partners with Proterra to launch a new subsidiary in Asia

Eat Just, the plant-based food startup, is launching a new Asian subsidiary through a partnership with Proterra Investment Partners Asia. The agreement includes building Eat Just’s first factory in Asia, which will be based in Singapore. As part of the deal, Proterra, which focuses on agri-tech, will invest up to $100 million in the facility, while Eat Just will invest $20 million. The new subsidiary, called Eat Just Asia, will focus on creating a fully-integrated supply chain, working with manu...
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Thailand protests: Authorities move to ban Telegram messaging app

Internet providers have been ordered to block the secure messaging app used by activists.
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Thailand's government vows to protect the monarchy after weekend of unrest

Thailand's government has vowed to protect the monarchy after tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters rallied in Bangkok and other cities over the weekend, as calls for a new constitution and curbing the King's powers continue to grow.
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Thailand calls on telcos and ISPs to censor information about pro-democracy protests

Selfies of rallies can score fines or land you in the slammer Thailand calls on telcos and ISPs to censor information about protests Selfies can score fines or land you in the slammer Thailand has called on the nation’s telcos and internet service providers to censor communication about a wave of protests sweeping the country and made it an offence to take a selfie at protest events.…
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Thai protest leaders play cat and mouse with police as thousands rally

Government is struggling to control unprecedented student-led pro-democracy movementWearing hard hats and dressed in black, thousands of people rallied in Bangkok on Sunday, using Hong Kong-inspired tactics to defy the authorities and demand that the prime minister resign and the power of the royal family be curbed.The government is struggling to control an unprecedented student-led movement that began on university campuses and has since spread to streets across the country. Protesters have ris...
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Thailand protests continue for fifth day, stretching beyond Bangkok

The movement, which is calling for the prime minister’s resignation, a more democratic constitution and a reformed monarchy, began in March
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Dispatch 24: Return to America: Drugs, Drugs, Homeless, Drugs

Today, a long day. Out with an Army vet friend who did two EOD tours in Iraq. Name is Al Johnson. Al and I have been fighting China together around Asia since 2014. We've done more than our share to CCP and are plotting more. Today we were out with Proud Boys. Checking them out in Salem, Oregon. The Proud Boys are not a concern. The ones we met are fine. They like to drink a lot of beer but they were not up to any trouble. One even had moonshine. The Proud Boys numbering 40-50 (including ...
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Thailand protests: 'My father is blinded by his love for the monarchy'

Young Thais are falling out with their parents over calls to reform an institution seen as untouchable.
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Thailand’s protest movement gains momentum amid a government crackdown

Thai protesters defied a ban on large gatherings to call for the prime minister’s resignation.
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Thailand's young pro-democracy protesters challenge military and monarchy. A young progressive movement in Thailand is demanding reform...

A young progressive movement in Thailand is demanding reform to the country's traditional political structure. They are up against a...
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Thailand protests: Thousands rally for third straight day despite government ban

Many are angry that the authorities used water cannon to disperse protesters on Friday.
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Thailand police use water cannon vehicle against protesters

Thousands of protesters hit the streets of Bangkok, Thailand, for a third consecutive night. Police used a water cannon vehicle to clear the demonstrators, who gathered after Prime Minister Prayut responded to calls for his removal Friday saying, "I won't quit."
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Thailand Curtails Mass Transit as Protesters Defy Gathering Ban

Almost all mass rail transit in Bangkok was shut down as thousands of antigovernment protesters took to the streets, defying a ban on...
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Dispatch 23: Thailand Uprising -- Danger on the Streets

I am American living in Thailand. Currently in Portland, Oregon, embarking on a journey around America to check our situation in United States. We got problems. So does Thailand. And Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. All of which are on my mind seven days per week. Many folks know that during a break from the Iraq/Afghanistan wars, I covered serious fighting with many casualties in Bangkok. Taking a slight ricochet myself. No damage to me other than a good sting, but many others were killed or...
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Thousands of Thais defy crackdown on protests in Bangkok

Police use water cannons on demonstrators and close down city’s transport systemThousands of Thais have joined protests across Bangkok in defiance of a crackdown on three months of demonstrations aimed at the government and the monarchy.Police used water cannons for the first time on Friday and closed much of the city’s transport system on Saturday to try to thwart protesters, but they gathered where they could. Continue reading...
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Thousands of anti-government protesters giving 'Hunger Games' salutes defy a ban on mass gatherings in Thailand

Pro-democracy protesters show the three-finger salute as they gather demanding the government to resign and to release detained leaders in Bangkok, Thailand on October 15, 2020. Reuters/Jorge Silva Protests have erupted in Thailand as anti-government demonstrators demand democratic reforms, the removal of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha, and curbs on the royal family's power and budget. King Maha Vajiralongkorn is famous for his mistresses, crop tops, and globetrotting ways.  The student...
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Transit shutdowns fail to deter Thai pro-democracy protests

Pro-democracy activists in Thailand staged a fourth straight day of high-profile protests in the capital on Saturday, thwarting efforts by the authorities to stop them, including a shutdown of the city's mass transit systems. Unlike protests a day earlier, in which police used a water cannon to disperse protesters, Saturday's demonstrations were peaceful, with no reports of any clashes by the time participants started heading home in the evening. The protesters are calling for Prime Minister P...
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Bangkok shuts down transit systems as protests persist

BANGKOK (AP) — The authorities in Bangkok shut down mass transit systems and set up roadblocks Saturday as Thailand’s capital faced a...
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Two Thai protesters could face life imprisonment for violence against the Queen

Two activists in Thailand have been arrested on charges of attempting violence against the Queen, which could result in a possible life sentence.
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Tens of thousands protest across Thailand in defiance of ban

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in a wave of protests across Bangkok and other Thai cities on Saturday in defiance of a government crackdown following three months of demonstrations aimed at the prime minister and monarchy. Many protesters said they had been stirred into action by the police's use of water cannon on Friday to disperse thousands of youth-led protesters who included many children. Police attempts to thwart protesters by shutting down Bangkok's public transport ne...
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Germany says Thai king cannot rule from there

Germany's foreign minister has said that Thailand's King Maha Vajiralongkorn should not be conducting politics from the European...
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Thousands of protesters in Thailand's capital have...

Thousands of protesters in Thailand's capital have rallied in recent days, defying a government emergency decree aimed at quelling pro-democracy demonstrations that have gripped the country for more than three months.
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Thailand: Use of water cannons to disperse tear gas and dye slurry against peaceful protestors marks deeply alarming escalation in...

The use of water cannons and irritants not only poses serious risk of injury, the use of dye is indiscriminate and could lead to the...
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15 Amazing Photos You Missed This Week

Protests in Thailand, a moonrise in New York City, and a Supreme Court nominee round out this week's best images.
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Thailand declares emergency after unprecedented protest

BANGKOK — Thailand’s government declared a strict new state of emergency for the capital on Thursday, a day after a student-led protest...
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