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Protect Scarface

"I been to the point where I felt like I was gonna die, bro," says Scarface. His thundering old-testament voice creaks and catches, a desiccated echo of its usual self. His eyes are watery and bloodshot, and his face is lined. He's got on a baseball cap and no shirt, and his camera is pointed … More »
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Stream Conway The Machine & The Alchemist’s LULU EP

Veteran rap producer the Alchemist has been making truly incredible rap music for a very long time, and every time he hunkers down with a single rapper for a collaborative project, it demands your attention. Earlier this year, Alchemist and introspective Detroit hardnose Boldy James came out with The Price Of Tea In … More »
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Conway the Machine & The Alchemist – “LULU” (EP Review)

Conway the Machine is an emcee that blew up as 1/3 of the trio Griselda with Westside Gunn & Benny the Butcher. Last year we saw him dropping a total of 3 short projects last year & now with the 1st quarter of 2020 coming to a close, he’s enlisting West Coast veteran The Alchemist to produce his 6th EP in it’s entirety. After the intro, we get into the first song “14 KI’s”. Where Conway of course talks about pushing coke over an ominous beat. “The Contract” speaks on how nobody’s on his leve...
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Conway The Machine & The Alchemist – “Shoot Sideways” (Feat. Schoolboy Q)

Conway The Machine is maybe the straight-up hardest rapper in Griselda, the surging Buffalo rap crew currently resurrecting the bloodthirsty spirit of late-'90s street rap. The Alchemist is the veteran rap producer who played a role in shaping the bloodthirsty spirit of late-'90s street-rap. In recent years, Alchemist has evolved into a thoughtful, … More »
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Watch Boldy James Freestyle With Kenny Beats & The Alchemist

If you ever get a chance to hang out in a room with two or more rap producers, do that immediately. Do not hesitate. It's amazing. They clown each other relentlessly, and then they get into arcane production talk that sounds like a secret language, and then they gossip shamelessly about the rappers they're working … More »
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Boldy James & The Alchemist Made A Hard-Hearted, Cold-Blooded Rap Masterwork

Less than 30 seconds into his new album, the Detroit rapper Boldy James murmurs the kind of line that can rattle around in your head all day: "My friends came and went, but most of them was murder victims/ Dead before 20, or caught a frame and had to serve a sentence." There's an implacably … More »
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Boldy James – “Surf & Turf” (Feat. Vince Staples) Video

The Detroit rapper Boldy James has been making stark, dead-eyed street-life music for a long time now; we put him in our old Mixtape Of The Week column way back in 2012. A couple of weeks ago, Boldy James released The Price Of Tea In China, a truly excellent new album produced entirely … More »
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Boldy James & The Alchemist – “The Price of Tea in China” (Album Review)

This is the long-awaited sophomore album from Detroit emcee Boldy James. A man who rose to fame with his Alchemist produced 2013 debut M.1.C.S. (My 1st Chemistry Set). This resulted in a contract with Nas’ independent label Mass Appeal Records, but unfortunately Boldy got locked up for a while. He eventually made his comeback a few years ago with his House of Blues mixtape & now after reuniting with the Uncle Al on his Boldface EP a couple months ago, they’re back again with The Price of Tea in...
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Boldy James & The Alchemist – “Boldface” (EP Review)

Boldy James is a 36 year old MC from Detroit, Michigan who blew up on the scene with his Alchemist produced 2013 debut M.1.C.S. (My 1st Chemistry Set). He then landed a contract with Nas’ independent label Mass Appeal Records, but sadly went to prison for a while. Boldy eventually made his comeback a couple years ago with his House of Blues mixtape & now it seems like he’s trying to rekindle the flame with Uncle Al on his 3rd EP. It all starts off with “Ill Advised”, where Boldy gets mafioso...
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Action Bronson & The Alchemist – “Lamb Over Rice” (EP Review)

This is the 3rd EP from New York rapper, writer, chef & television presenter Action Bronson. Who blew up with release of his first 2 studio albums Dr. Lecter & Well-Done in 2011. This resulted in a joint venture with VICE Music & Atlantic Records along with a couple EPs & mixtapes. The most notable being the Blue Chips duology, Saab Stories & my personal favorite: Rare Chandeliers. Then came Bronson’s major label debut Mr. Wonderful in 2015 which has some of his best songs on there, but the end...
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Breaks With Tradition: “Midnight Theme”

Sometimes the most fascinating breaks come from songs we probably wouldn't even know about at all unless someone sampled them. It's a testament to how hip-hop and other sample-based genres aren't necessarily about recognition but innovation and discovery -- and a hopeful sign that as long as there's the possibility of some strange undiscovered gem … More »
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Lucki’s Depressive Drug-Rap Can Punch You In The Soul

There's an old joke about a lost-dog poster: "LOST: Male dog. One eye. Mangled ear. Paralyzed hind leg. Crooked tail. Answers to the name 'Lucky.'" The Chicago rapper Lucki, formerly Lucky Eck$, was not joking when he settled on his rap name. Lucki's rap name is his real name; he was born Lucki Camel, Jr. More »
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New Music: The Alchemist Feat. Meyhem Lauren “Still Playing Celo”

True to his name, The Alchemist has chemistry with countless rappers: Freddie Gibbs, Curren$y, Action Bronson, Evidence, Prodigy (RIP). Meyhem Lauren definitely belongs in that category, too. After linking up on cuts like “No Mystery God,” “Dragon VS Wolf” and “Four Fifteens,” the pair cook up another heater with “Still Playing Celo,” a classic Queens dope boy anthem punctuated punctuated by ALC’s grimy, piano-laced production. And no, that’s not a typo. If you know, you know. Catch The Alch...
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The Alchemist – “Bread” (EP Review)

The Alchemist is a 41 year old producer, DJ & rapper from Beverly Hills, California who started out as 1/2 of the duo The Whooliganz in 1993 with Scott Caan. The duo disbanded a year later after recording a debut album that eventually got shelved & Scott went onto acting. Alchemist however, quickly established himself as a household name in hip hop production by working with a handful of legends from Mobb Deep to Eminem. He dropped a short 4-track EP back in April of this year called Lunch Meat...
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New EP: The Alchemist ‘Bread’

After giving rap fans FETTI with Freddie Gibbs and Curren$y last month, The Alchemist heads back to the kitchen with his new project. The veteran L.A. producer offers a tightly packaged new eight-song EP, Bread. Black Thought, Earl Sweatshirt, Roc Marciano, Westside Gunn and Conway the Machine make guest appearances on Bread. Along with the original records, ALC has also included the instrumentals for all the songs. Out now on iTunes, stream Bread in full below. Continue after the jump…. ...
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New Music: The Alchemist Feat. Earl Sweatshirt “E Coli”

The Alchemist has a new project on the way, an EP titled Bread set to drop this Friday (Nov. 30). Available for pre-order now on iTunes, the eight-track collection features appearances by Black Thought, Roc Marciano, Westside Gunn and Conway the Machine. Earl Sweatshirt, who is also dropping his new album Some Rap Songs this week, contributes to ALC’s project on the song “E Coli.” Watch the Jason Goldwatch-directed video that features archived footage below. Continue after the jump…. ...
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The Alchemist – “E Coli” (Feat. Earl Sweatshirt)

Earl Sweatshirt: He's doing things again! On Friday, the enigmatic rap cult hero will release Some Rap Songs, his third proper solo album. We've already heard his songs "Nowhere2Go" and "The Mint," as well as his brief appearance on Vince Staples' album FM! And now we learn that Sweatshirt … More »
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Curren$y & Freddie Gibbs Make Sense Together

Curren$y and Freddie Gibbs had it figured out before almost everyone else. Near the beginning of this decade, when the rap landscape completely and irrevocably changed, both of them were right there. Both of them figured things out on their own. They saw rap music becoming a decentered system, a fractured landscape that no longer … More »
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The Quick Atomization Of SOB x RBE

"It feels like they're just getting started." That's something I wrote about the young Vallejo, California rap group SOB x RBE eight months ago. It turns out that they were really just getting finished. Eight months ago, SOB x RBE had enormous momentum behind them. They'd made "Paramedic!," maybe the single best song … More »
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Stream Curren$y & Freddie Gibbs’ Alchemist-Produced Album Fetti

Seven years ago, Curren$y, the endlessly prolific New Orleans rap stoner who was on a ridiculous hot streak at that point, teamed up with the veteran producer Alchemist to record the EP-length mixtape Covert Coup. One of that EP's tracks, "Scottie Pippen," had a guest appearance from the Indiana-bred G-rap virtuoso … More »
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Album Stream: Freddie Gibbs, Currensy & The Alchemist ‘FETTI’

Nearly two years after first making the announcement, Freddie Gibbs and Curren$y drop their long-awaited collaborative project. FETTI is a nine-track joint LP from the two MCs hailing from Gary and New Orleans respectively. The full album is produced by The Alchemist, making this anticipated project even more lethal. Right in time for Halloween, stream FETTI in its entirety below and get it on iTunes. Continue after the jump…. Previously:
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New Video: The Alchemist Feat. ScHoolboy Q, Westside Gunn & Conway “Fork In the Pot”

As if his upcoming project (out Oct. 31) with Freddie Gibbs and Curren$y isn’t enough of a treat, The Alchemist celebrates his born day by blessing us with this new joint, “Fork In the Pot,” featuring ScHoolboy Q, Westside Gunn and Conway. Director Jason Goldwatch puts the icing on the cake by supplying a set of truly psychedelic visuals, fitting for the world’s first TDE x Griselda collaboration. Alc recently dropped another joint with Westside Gunn and Conway called “94′ Ghost Shit.” Wat...
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Freddie Gibbs, Curren$y & The Alchemist Share ‘Fetti’ Release Date, Tracklisting

Good news: Freddie Gibbs and Curren$y’s long awaited joint project Fetti is finally dropping this month. Even better news: The Alchemist is handling all the beats. Continue reading below… After leaving rap fans in limbo for the better part of two years, Gangsta Gibbs, Curren$y Spitta and A-L-C took to social media today to share the artwork (see above), tracklisting (which clocks in at nine songs) and release date (October 31) for their enticing collaboration. “And the internet shall be ...
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Lil Wayne’s Triumphant Return

Here's how I think about it: A new Tha Carter album is like a new Die Hard movie. We can't expect it to be like the first three. We can't even expect it to get close. That's not realistic. Bruce Willis can't jump off of buildings like that anymore. Maybe we don't even want to … More »
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New Music: Wiz Khalifa “Universal Studios” (Prod. The Alchemist)

Wow. Wiz Khalifa x The Alchemist? There’s a collaboration I wasn’t expecting. But given their mutual love of mary jane, I guess it makes sense. For the latest installment in his Craft Singles series, A-L-C laces Wiz with the kind of smoked-out, soul-chopping beat I wish he picked more often. Not least because of the Ferrante & Teicher sample (as flipped by Premo on Jay-Z’s “A Million & One Questions/Rhyme No More”). “Universal Studios” is available on vinyl via Bandcamp. Listen below… ...
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Live Your Best Life (with Necole Kane) – Episode 6 of Rants and Randomness

Hey y’all! We’re six episodes into Rants & Randomness and I’m excited that so many of you are listening and loving it! In fact, Rants & Randomness is a featured podcast on Spotify. So dope! Thanks to everyone who’s been tuning in so far. This episode, I’m talking about how I’m on my first solo magazine cover, ranting about the royal womb, and I’m interviewing Necole Kane of This week’s feel-good moment is that I’m on my first solo magazine cover! You can catch me on the cover of M...
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Action Bronson playing Queens College, on new Alchemist EP, preps mixtape

Bronson parted ways with his major label, and his next project will be the self-released 'White Bronco' mixtape. Continue reading… [Author: Andrew Sacher]
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