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Check Out Sean Astin’s Audition Video for The Goonies

Check out Sean Astin’s audition video for The Goonies Here’s something fun. Sean Astin has taken to Instagram (via ) to share his audition video for the 1985 Richard Donner classic The Goonies — and no, it’s not just for kicks. The actor is using the post to seek donations for the American Cross. You can view the Instagram post below. RELATED: Elton John To Host Coronavirus Relief Effort Special With Guest Artists “Never before seen footage!!! My Goonies Audition. Hey you guuys, I’ve been w...
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8 Sibling Teams Who Paved the Way for Onward's Fantasy Adventure Brothers

When you’re a kid and you suddenly find yourself part of a big movie adventure, chances are good that if you have a sibling around, they’ll come too. That happens in Pixar’s Onward—just the latest in a long line of sci-fi and fantasy movies featuring siblings who become hero teams along the way. Here are eight of our…Read more...
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‘Goonies’ TV Series Will Follow Kids Creating a Shot-For-Shot Remake of the ’80s Adventure Film

Here’s an idea that is sure to appeal to people in their late-30s/early-4os: A Goonies TV series! But wait, there’s a catch. This isn’t going to be a TV adaptation of the Richard Donner movie where a group of children screams for two full hours while dealing with skeletons. Oh, no. Instead, this show is about a teacher who helps her students create a shot-for-shot remake of The Goonies. And of course, lessons will be learned and friendships will be formed, and so on. Look, I know lots of peo...
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The Goonies Re-Enactment Series Gets Pilot Order at Fox

The Goonies re-enactment series gets pilot order at Fox Nearly 35 years since Richard Donner’s iconic film The Goonies had made its theatrical release in 1985, Deadline reports that Steven Spielberg‘s Amblin Television is bringing back the beloved iconic comedy film in the form of a new untitled drama series which has just been given an official pilot order by Fox. The series will feature a group of aspiring young filmmakers as they attempt to recreate The Goonies shot-by-shot. RELATED: Rick...
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Fox Orders Drama Pilot About ‘Goonies’ Re-Enactment From ‘Bold Type’ Creator

Fox has ordered a film re-enactment drama pilot from Sarah Watson, the creator of “The Bold Type.” In the untitled project, Stella Cooper returns to her distressed automotive hometown to substitute teach after failing to make it in New York and carrying a heavy secret. She finds inspiration, hope, and ultimately salvation when she agrees […]
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Celebrate ‘The Goonies’ 35th Anniversary with Four-Day Fan Event and Screening Tour in Oregon

The Goonies is one of the most beloved films to come out of the 1980s. This year, the movie directed by Richard Donner and producer Steven Spielberg is celebrating its 35th anniversary, and Oregon Film and Travel Oregon are teaming up to pay tribute from where the adventure unfolded. The state where the movie takes place, in the town of Astoria, will host a special fan event spread across four days, as well as public screenings of the movie in five cities around the Beaver State. Find out all a...
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Sequel Bits: ‘Undercover Brother 2’, ‘Halloween Kills’, ‘The Goonies 2’, ‘Zombieland: Double Tap’, ‘Coming to America 2’, ‘Frozen 2’

In this edition of Sequel Bits: Hey! Did you know there’s an Undercover Brother 2? Yet another original Halloween cast member is back for Halloween Kills. Corey Feldman is here to dash your dreams of Goonies 2. Blame Deadpool for the long Zombieland 2 delay (if that’s something you were upset about). Coming to America 2 will be rated PG-13 for some fucking reason. See some new footage from Disney’s Frozen 2. Remember Undercover Brother? It was a 2002 comedy starring Eddie Griffin. And n...
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Halloween mask of Sloth from The Goonies deemed inaccurate

Trumpetcake spotted a remarkable item on Amazon being sold as "The Goonies Sloth Mask", perfect for Halloween. The sole customer review awards it 5 stars, but people on Twitter seem unimpressed with its versimilitude. P.S. You can buy Babe Ruth bars on Amazon by the crate.
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Cool Stuff: ‘The Goonies’ Score By Dave Grusin is Now Available on Vinyl

The Goonies has become one of the most beloved movies of the 1980s. It’s the kind of adventure movie that studios don’t really make for kids anymore, and now you can own the score that brings life to the film from producer Steven Spielberg and director Richard Donner. Composer Dave Grusin‘s score for The Goonies has been available in various formats over the years, but this year marks the first time that it’s been widely available on vinyl. Not only does it include the score from the film, but ...
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2019 New York Toy Fair: The Coolest New Toys and Collectibles from Movies & Television

Over the weekend, the 2019 New York Toy Fair revealed an endless amount of toys and collectibles that you’ll see be throwing all your money at. We already shined a special light on some of the cool new Funko POPs on the way this year, including new figures from The Office, The Simpsons, Jaws, Community, Forrest Gump and more. But there was much more than little vinyl figures at the Toy Fair. We’ve assembled our first look at some of the coolest new toys and collectibles that were on display at ...
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There's a Hawaiian shirt of Chunk doing the "Truffle Shuffle"

I came across the strangest Aloha shirt on Instagram the other day, one called the "Hawaiian Shuffle" ($55). It depicts Chunk of The Goonies, amongst the shirt's tropical foliage, doing his "Truffle Shuffle." Two things: 1. I'm 99.9% sure this is an unlicensed Goonies product, which means child-actor-turned-entertainment-lawyer Jeff Cohen (aka Chunk) won't see a dime from its sales (maybe I'm wrong!); 2. A 2015 UPROXX article describes how the film's director Richard Donner felt about that sc...
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Guided by Voices, Luna, Kevin Devine, Kevin Morby & more playing The Bell House Summer Series at Industry City

Guided by Voices, Kevin Devine, Kevin Morby, Luna and more will play "The Bell House Summer Series at Industry City" at Sunset Park's Industry City Courtyard from June through October. There will also be comedy events, podcast tapings (Reductress Live, Between Two Bushes) and more. Continue reading… [Author: Bill Pearis]
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/Answers: Our Favorite “Kids on an Adventure” Movies

Every week in /Answers, we answer a new pop culture-related question. In this edition, we celebrate the release of A Wrinkle in Time by asking “What is your favorite ‘kids on an adventure’ movie?” Vanessa Bogart: Stand By Me While there are many colorful tales of children expressing their imaginations through impossible journeys and learning powerful life lessons through magic and wonder, my favorite childhood adventure was always the one about the four foul-mouthed boys in 1959 who go ...
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Fantastic ‘Ready Player One’ Posters Pay Homage to Your Favorite Movies from the Past

The end of this month will see the release of the anticipated adaptation of Ready Player One. The novel from Ernest Cline is coming to the big screen courtesy of director Steven Spielberg, who seems like the only director who could pull off a pop culture mash-up of this scale – especially with all of its key references to some of the most iconic blockbusters ever made. Now a new set of Ready Player One posters ups the ante when it comes to mashing up nostalgic movies from decades past. Each of ...
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‘Titanic,’ ‘The Goonies,’ ‘Field of Dreams,’ ‘Memento’ Added to National Film Registry

James Cameron’s disaster epic “Titanic,” the beloved fantasy “The Goonies,” Christopher Nolan’s “Memento” and 1989’s “Field of Dreams” are among the 25 films selected for inclusion in the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry. The 2017 selections range from obscure documentaries to a Mexican-American family’s home movies from 1920s Texas to Disney’s 1941 animated classic […]
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Does ‘Jurassic Park’ Have ‘The Goonies’ Wardrobe Easter Eggs Hidden in Plain Sight?

It’s been 24 years since Jurassic Park hit theaters, and while the movie has been examined in-depth over and over again plenty of times since then, it appears one possible Easter egg may have gone unnoticed until now. In Jurassic Park, Seinfeld star Wayne Knight plays the sneaky, weasel of a Jurassic Park employee named Dennis Nedry who is being paid millions to steal dinosaur embryos so an unknown competitor could create their own dinosaurs. It turns out that in addition to concealing dinosaur...
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‘The Goonies 2’ Will Still “Likely” Happen, But in What Form?

The Goonies actor Sean Astin is back in the public eye with his turn as the delightfully normcore Bob Newby in Stranger Things 2, and while he was making the press rounds to promote the show, the inevitable happened: someone asked him about the possibility of The Goonies 2. But instead of shrugging it off, Astin seemed hopeful about the odds of the long-discussed sequel coming to fruition. But would it happen as a live-action movie, or something else entirely? Speaking with The Huffington Po...
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Cool Stuff: Mondo’s New ‘The Goonies’ Prints Will Make Your Day (and Night)

Hey, you guys! Mondo has two new prints inspired by Richard Donner‘s kid-friendly action adventure classic The Goonies. Artist George Bletsis has delivered two gorgeous prints commemorating the ragtag group of kids who went looking for treasure, get caught up with a dangerous criminal family, and meet a big, special friend in the process. One sees the sunlight shining on The Goonies while the other has them glowing in the moonlight. Check out both of The Goonies prints from Mondo below. Here ...
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‘Stranger Things’ Throwback Thursday Posters: The Duffer Brothers Never Say Die

We’ve still got about two and a half months until the second season of Stranger Things starts streaming on Netflix just before Halloween. The brand new trailer that debuted at Comic-Con was good enough to hold us over for awhile, but we’re going to need another trailer soon to whet our appetite. In the meantime, the official Stranger Things Twitter account is partaking in a promotional endeavor called #StrangerThursdays, where they rewatch each episode of the first season every Thursday (leadin...
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The Morning Watch: A Zombie and His Dog, Eclectid Method’s ‘The Goonies’ Remix & More

(The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.) In this edition, watch an animated short about a zombie and his dog living in a post-apocalyptic world. Plus, check out a remix of The Goonies from Eclectic Method, as well as a video essay focusing on the odd trend in cin...
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Eclectic Method's latest: 'Goonies Remix'

Barcelona-based DJ and music producer Eclectic Method (aka Jonny Wilson) has brought back Mikey, Data, Mouth, Chunk, and the rest of The Goonies gang in his latest remix music video. (more…)
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Chunk is the coolest kid ever

The Goonies' Chunk, performed by Jeff Cohen, is so wonderful. I can not stop laughing when he spills his guts! My 10-year-old and I enjoyed The Goonies last night, it really holds up. Corey Feldmans' Mouth is also a delight. His Spanish translations are a masterpiece.
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POTD: Josh Brolin Dressed As His Character in ‘The Goonies’ For a 1980s Party

Today, Josh Brolin is an Oscar-nominated actor who is playing, not one, but two major comic book characters in the upcoming sequels Deadpool 2 and Avengers: Infinity War. But way back in 1985, Josh Brolin was just a nobody getting his big break as Brandon “Brand” Walsh in the classic adventure movie The Goonies. And he recently paid tribute to his early career in a surprising way. Josh Brolin took to Instagram a couple days ago with a picture of him decked out in costume for a 1980s party being...
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/Response: Your Favorite Film and Television Pirates

(Welcome to /Response, the companion piece to our /Answers series and a space where /Film readers can chime in and offer their two cents on a particular question.) Earlier this week, the /Film team wrote about our favorite pirates from film and television. We then opened the floor to our readers: who is your favorite onscreen pirate? And you let us know! We have collected our favorite answers (edited for length and clarity) below. Next week’s question, in honor of Wonder Woman: who is your favo...
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/Answers: The Greatest Movie Pirates to Sail the Seven Seas (or Outer Space)

Every week in /Answers, we attempt to answer a new pop culture-related question. This week’s edition, tying in with the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, asks “Who is your favorite movie or TV pirate?” As always, we have submissions from the /Film writing crew and podcast team. If you’d like to share your pick for your favorite movie pirate, please send your thoughts to [email protected] for a chance to be featured on the site. Find our choices below! ...
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When people hear you are from Oregon

Photo: Artem Popov 1. “Oregon? Where’s that?” To the Spanish man on the train, the Thai guesthouse owner, and the friendly Australian I met in a New York City bar who thought Oregon was a province in Canada, the answer remains the same: It’s the state right above California. 2. “Seattle’s the capital, right?” Whether you mean it as a subtle dig at our “sibling rivalry” with Washington, or you’re just misinformed, Seattle is neither the capital of Oregon or Washington. After all, who needs S...
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The Goonies, Gremlins, Adventure Time, the A-Team, and More Will Soon be Joining Lego Dimensions

As Lego Dimensions, the video game that mashes up all of your favorite pop-culture franchises, moves into its second year, the toymaker is pulling out all the stops when it comes to introducing new characters, worlds, and vehicles. If you thought you could give your credit card a rest after the first series, you’re so very, very wrong.Read more...
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Earth to Echo movie review

Movie Title:  Earth To Echo PG, 1 hour 29 minutes Now on DVD Grade:  C In a Nutshell:  This tween flick feels like an attempt at remaking E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial or even Super 8with The Goonies (1985) , but not as magical and charming as any of those.  Relativity producers could learn a lesson from Spielberg.  Even the ad imitates the beloved E.T. movie poster. The film takes some misfit kids on a scavenger hunt to help an extraterrestrial find the pieces he needs to rebuild his spaceship an...
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