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George Lucas Says The Phantom Menace Is One of His Favorite Films

The maker wasn’t there in person, but he was there in spirit. And via video.Read more...
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Football Has Its Super Bowl, But These Sci-Fi Sports Are Actually 'Super'

As sports fans around the world gear up for this year’s Super Bowl, you may think, what makes it so “super?” There aren’t any robots. No one flies. Everyone lives at the end. Sure, it’s the two best football teams playing for a championship, but is it really “super?”Read more...
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Yes, You Will Love This Hilarious Star Wars Video

They’re two of the first words we ever learn. We use them every day and, in many cases, probably don’t even think about it. They can be used to agree to life-changing events or get out of horrible situations. They can also be used to hilarious effect when edited and counted in all 10 Star Wars movies.Read more...
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The Star Wars Canon Behind Solo's Biggest Surprise

Solo: A Star Wars Story offers a shadier look into the period between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, removed from stories of the Rebellion vs. the Empire, and Jedi vs. Sith... mostly. But if you’ve only kept up with the Star Wars movies, and not the entirety of the multimedia behemoth that the franchise has…Read more...
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‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Has Warwick Davis Reprise One of His Previous ‘Star Wars’ Roles

We’re still a little over a week away from Solo: A Star Wars Story hitting theaters. But since the film played the Cannes Film Festival, there have been some screenings a bit earlier in advance than usual, and that means some interesting details are coming to light. We’re not going to dive into any of the spoilers from the movie just yet, but we do have one intriguing detail that even the most hardcore Star Wars fans wouldn’t realize upon their first viewing of Solo. Warwick Davis first appeare...
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Natalie Portman Isn't About to Take Any Sass on The Star Wars Prequels in New SNL Rap

Several years ago, Natalie Portman took to Saturday Night Live alongside Lonely Island to show everyone what a bad shut-your-mouth she really was. Now, she’s returned, taking on the most controversial topic of all: the Star Wars prequels. Read more...
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Jar Jar’s Hope

I’m looking forward to the porgs, myself. But I’m also a big fan of puffins. Here are more Star Wars comics to prepare you for The Last Jedi. [Author: Doug]
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The Star Wars Prequels Have Never Looked as Good as On These Posters

The Star Wars prequels will forever be a point of contention. Some love them as their Star Wars trilogy. Others find them mindless and painful. But even people with opinions as opposing as those would agree, these new posters by Eric Tan are the best of what those films offer.Read more...
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Carrie Fisher, Script Doctor: Her Unknown Legacy Examined

This week we’ve all been thinking about Carrie Fisher, who died earlier this week at the age of 60. While most people know her for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, a lot of people don’t realize that her written career spans farther than the bestselling books and novels that she penned over the years. Entertainment Weekly once described Carrie Fisher as “one of the most sought after [script] doctors in town.” She worked without credit on films ranging from Hook to Last Action He...
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I Took the Official Phantom Menace Quote Quiz and Failed Miserably

Star Wars has some of the most iconic lines of dialogue in movie history. From the first “Use the Force, Luke” to the latest “Chewie, we’re home,” we will be reciting these lines long after movie theaters are replaced by VR implants. But, there’s still a sad truth we must face: Does anyone remember a damn thing Qui-Gon Jinn said?Read more...
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13 Terrifically Terrible Sci-Fi Movies to Watch on a Stressful Weekend

You know that great line from Party Down: “I’m into hard sci-fi. Fantasy is bullshit.” That’s me.Read more...
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This Amazing Fan Film Showcases All The Things We Love About Darth Maul

There is one good thing to come out of Episode I: The Phantom Menace: Darth Maul. This fan film, Darth Maul: Apprentice showcases all of the things that we loved about the red-and-black Sith Lord.Read more...
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