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How can we fix the research bias from industry sponsorship?

Late last year the New York Times reported that Dr. José Baselga, the chief medical officer of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, had resigned for failing to disclose his conflicts of interest at professional meetings and in scientific and medical journals. The Times report says that Dr. Baselga — who also served as physician-in-chief at the center — “had failed […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Sports of The Times: At Colorado, a Breach in Football’s Wall

The University of Colorado has come closer than most institutions to wrestling with an urgent question: Is running a college football program morally unconscionable?
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Washington AD Jennifer Cohen quietly received large raise, contract extension in August 2018

Washington athletic director Jennifer Cohen received a 63 percent raise in annual base salary — from $460,000 to $750,000 — and a three-year extension in August 2018, The Times learned this week. That includes a two-year option that would run through May 31, 2026.
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Martha Stewart’s brand gets a new owner, again. Plus, doubts about the T-Mobile-Sprint merger: Wednesday Wake-Up Call

Welcome to Ad Age’s Wake-Up Call, our daily roundup of advertising, marketing, media and digital news. You can get an audio version of this briefing on your Alexa device. Search for "Ad Age" under "Skills" in the Alexa app. What people are talking about today How much is the Martha Stewart brand worth? Way less than it was just a few years ago, according to the New York Post. The Post reports that Stewart’s homemaking empire is being sold to Marquee Brands for $175 million, plus up to $40 mil...
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Books of The Times: Two Novels by Ann Petry, a Writer Who Believed in Art That Delivers a Message

Petry’s debut, “The Street,” was the first book by a black woman to sell more than a million copies. A new volume collects it with another novel, “The Narrows,” and a sampling of her criticism.
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Report: House Dems Subpoena Deutsche Bank, Others For Trump Docs

Democrats on the House Intelligence and Financial Services committees have subpoenaed Deutsche Bank and multiple other banks seeking information about President Donald Trump’s finances “and the lenders’ business dealings with Russians,” The New York Times reported Monday citing several unnamed people with knowledge of the investigation. The reported subpoenas come as House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) subpoenaed Trump’s accountant on Monday. In addition to Deutsche...
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Books of The Times: In ‘Baby, I Don’t Care,’ Droll and Fierce Poems Influenced by Film Noir

The endlessly quotable pieces in Chelsey Minnis’s latest collection play with notions taken from Hollywood’s golden era.
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Welby: Barring gay bishops’ spouses ‘painful’ but necessary

Speaking to The Times of London, the Archbishop of Canterbury has broken his silence on his decision to exclude the spouses of gay bishops from this summer’s Lambeth Conference. He said the decision was “painful” but he was in a “lose-lose” in which he made the choice that would attract the most bishops to the conference. From The Times (in a largely pay-walled article): The Archbishop of Canterbury has said that he had to make the “painful” decision to ban gay bishops from bringing their spouse...
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Sanders Complains About ThinkProgress Coverage, Blames Parent Think Tank

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) sent an angry letter to the Center for American Progress on Sunday complaining about coverage he’d received from ThinkProgress, an associated but editorially independent journalistic wing of the organization. Referring to a ThinkProgress article about his status as a millionaire following the 2016 presidential campaign — one largely attained through book sales — Sanders said its author “criticiz[ed] me for my appearance and for the income I earned from writing my bo...
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Police Are Using Google's Location Data From 'Hundreds of Millions' of Phones

"When law enforcement investigations get cold, there's a source authorities can turn to for location data that could produce new leads: Google." An anonymous reader quotes CNET: Police have used information from the search giant's Sensorvault database to aid in criminal cases across the country, according to a report Saturday by The New York Times. The database has detailed location records from hundreds of millions of phones around the world, the report said. It's meant to collect informatio...
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Pete Buttigieg to formally launch 2020 presidential run as national buzz grows

South Bend mayor to make announcement at afternoon rally in his hometown against a backdrop of improving poll numbersMayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, flashes a thumbs-up after speaking at a meet and greet event at MadHouse Coffee on Monday, April 8, 2019, in Las Vegas. Photograph: Bizuayehu Tesfaye/APPete Buttigieg was ready to officially launch his run for the White House on Sunday, against a backdrop of improving poll numbers and increasing national interest. The 37-year-old mayor...
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Michael Avenatti faces 36-count grand jury indictment, vows to fight

LOS ANGELES — Attorney Michael Avenatti responded Thursday to widespread reports that he faces a 36-count grand jury indictment alleging financial crimes, asserting that he plans to plead not guilty and fight the charges. The indictment could be announced later Thursday morning, when U.S. Attorney Nick Hanna and IRS Criminal Investigation Acting Special Agent in Charge Ryan L. Korner are expected to hold a news conference in downtown Los Angeles. The purported indictment expands federal charges ...
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A timeline of Julian Assange's 6.5-year confinement in a 330-sq.-ft. space in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he hung out with Pamela Anderson and hardly saw the sun

UK police on Thursday arrested WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after Ecuador rescinded his asylum, bringing an end to a nearly seven-year stay in the embassy. During his stay, he dressed his cat in bow ties, befriended Pamela Anderson and Jesse Jackson, and worked out with soccer legend Eric Cantona. Here's a timeline of how Assange filled his time in 330 square feet of space in London. On Wednesday, May 30, 2012, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange lost an extradition case to Sweden, where he ...
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A timeline of Julian Assange's six-and-a-half year confinement in a 330-square-feet space in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he hung out with Pamela Anderson and hardly saw the sun

UK police arrested WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Thursday after Ecuador rescinded his asylum, bringing an end to a nearly seven-year stay in the embassy. During his stay he dressed his cat in bow ties, befriended Pamela Anderson and Jesse Jackson, and worked out with soccer legend Eric Cantona.  Here's a timeline of how Assange filled his time, permitted to roam around just 330-square-feet of space in London. On Wednesday May 30, 2012 WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange lost an extradition...
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"The F.B.I.’s surveillance of [John] Lennon is a reminder of how easily domestic spying can become unmoored from any legitimate law enforcement purpose."

"What is more surprising, and ultimately more unsettling, is the degree to which the surveillance turns out to have been intertwined with electoral politics. At the time of the John Sinclair rally, there was talk that Lennon would join a national concert tour aimed at encouraging young people to get involved in politics — and at defeating President Nixon, who was running for re-election. There were plans to end the tour with a huge rally at the Republican National Convention. The F.B.I.’s timing...
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Corrections officials’ claims of contraband in used books mailed to Washington inmates doesn’t add up

Defending a ban last week that it has since walked back, the state Department of Corrections cited 17 instances last year involving contraband. But information provided to The Times shows only three of those instances involved contraband hidden in books.
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Books of The Times: In ‘Working,’ Robert A. Caro Gives Us a Brief Look at the Process of Writing His Epic Books

This assemblage of personal reflections and interviews arrives as readers wait for the final volume of the 83-year-old historian’s multivolume life of Lyndon Johnson.
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Books of The Times: Sally Rooney’s ‘Normal People’ Explores Intense Love Across Social Classes

Rooney’s second novel tracks two gifted but troubled teenagers across four years of friendship and occasional romance.
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KPMG plans overhaul of British business - The Times

KPMG is planning an overhaul of its British business to create an independent audit firm, regardless of any decision by the competition regulator to force a break-up of the Big Four accounting firms, The Times reported on Monday.
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ABLC 2019 Round-up

If you missed ABLC last week or were so busy networking with others in the industry, we’ve got a quick round-up of the biggest ABLC news you don’t want to miss. ABLC 2019 kicked off on Wednesday with about 540 delegates in Washington, D.C. at the U.S. Department of Agriculture building complete with secret service protection and escorts for some big-name super star speakers, with a pretty exciting vibe in the room. In ABLC terms, nothing moved up so dramatically this year as much as the numbers...
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Trash pickers in San Francisco make a living by going through billionaires' garbage and selling the designer jeans, vacuum cleaners, and iPads they discover

In San Francisco, trash pickers are going through the garbage of billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, The New York Times reports. The trash pickers then sell the items they find to make a living. Recent discoveries include a coffee machine, designer jeans, and Nike sneakers. It highlights the severe inequality in San Francisco, which is the worst in the US. San Francisco trash pickers rummage through their billionaire neighbors' garbage and sell the discarded treasures they find, The New York T...
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Deadly Drug-Resistant Fungus Is 'Quietly Spreading Across the Globe'

A drug-resistant fungus called Candida auris "is quietly spreading across the globe," reports the New York Times: Over the last five years, it has hit a neonatal unit in Venezuela, swept through a hospital in Spain, forced a prestigious British medical center to shut down its intensive care unit, and taken root in India, Pakistan and South Africa. Recently C. auris reached New York , New Jersey and Illinois, leading the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to add it to a list...
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News Leaders Fight Back Against Trump’s Claims That Journos Wrong On Mueller

NEW YORK (AP) — News industry leaders are fighting back against the charge by President Donald Trump and his supporters that the administration’s summation of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report proved that journalists were “so wrong for so long” in their coverage of the Russia investigation. The latest to weigh in was Steve Coll, dean of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, who wrote in a New Yorker magazine essay this week that it’s wrong to conclude journalism failed be...
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The Times Have Found You: Heard on the Floor at ABLC 2019

“The Times Have Found You and Caught Up with your Vision,” said former Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus in his opening keynote at ABLC 2019, as the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference got underway in Washington DC.   “Now, make sure you do not make perfect the enemy of good. Deploy the technologies of today and keep working on the innovations for tomorrow, but don’t delay because those new technologies will one day arrive. Move into this generation, and then to the next, and then the next...
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Books of The Times: In ‘Women Talking,’ Miriam Toews Ponders Punishment and Justice After Horrifying Crimes

Toews’s eighth book was inspired by a real-life series of attacks in a Mennonite community.
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in her words: Womansplaining the Pay Gap

I asked the gender editor of The Times to walk us through the details.
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Socialism, and gangsterism, stalk Malta

Socialism, and gangsterism, stalk Malta This Friday, April 5, George Vella is due to become the tenth president of the Republic of Malta (Repubblika Ta’Malta). Vella, who was nominated by Labour Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, will succeed President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca and continue her efforts to oversee potentially dramatic amendments to the Maltese constitution. The 76-year-old is also likely to support the left-leaning policies of the prime minister...
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Reports: Warren Finance Director Resigned After High-Dollar Fundraiser Debate

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) presidential campaign finance director resigned over her insistence that she would not hold high-dollar fundraisers, CNN and The New York Times reported Sunday. Warren first announced in late February that “my presidential primary campaign will be run on the principle of equal access for anybody who joins it. That means no fancy receptions or big money fundraisers only with people who can write the big checks.” The Times reported that Warren made that decision “...
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Syria Dispatch: A Syria Detention Camp Struggles to Hold the Women and Children of ISIS

“I just want to go back to a normal life”: The Times visited a camp in Syria where women and children who fled ISIS territory are stuck in limbo.
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Possible threat closes Tarzana private school

TARZANA — The Woodcrest School in Tarzana will be closed Friday because of a possible threat against the campus. A posting on the school’s Facebook page Thursday evening told parents to check their emails for an important message. Parents were advised in the email to tell students that a “plumbing issue” at the school caused the closure, the Los Angeles Times reported. “Please stay calm and know that our number one priority is the safety of your children,” the email read. The Los Angeles Police ...
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