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The Walking Dead’s Negan and Maggie Join Brawlhalla

The 2D platforming fighting game Brawlhalla is adding two more characters from The Walking Dead universe, as Negan and Maggie will join the game’s roster later this year, developers Blue Mammoth Games announced. RELATED: Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Adds Ren & Stimpy to Roster The announcement was made on the game’s official Twitter account, with a brief trailer shown that highlights Negan and his iconic bat Lucille, and Maggie, who sports a street sign that she’ll use to damage opponents during b...
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‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘The Wonder Years’ Among Series on PaleyFest Fall TV Preview Lineup

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Universe and ABC’s “The Wonder Years” are among the series the Paley Center for Media announced as a part of its special 15th annual PaleyFest Fall TV Preview lineup. Other series making the cut this year are Showtime’s “American Rust,” Fox’s “The Big Leap” and “Our Kind of People,” CBS’ “CSI: […]
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AMC Plus lets you stream movies and shows from the AMC network, BBC America, IFC, Shudder, and more - plans start at $7 a month

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon in season 11 of "The Walking Dead." Josh Stringer/AMC AMC Plus is an ad-free streaming service with a variety of TV shows, movies, and originals. The service costs between $7 and $9 a month depending on how you subscribe. Members can unlock access to new episodes of "The Walking Dead" one week before they air on TV. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky (Amazon Prime Video Ch...
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New Looks at Dune, Stargirl, Archer, and More

Archer goes poacher hunting. Attack on Titan’s Rina Takeda is headlining a new Hong Kong zombie movie. Plus, a new clip from the next Walking Dead, and what’s to come on Roswell, Riverdale, Supergirl, and more. To me, my spoilers!Read more...
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Guys, I Think The Walking Dead Might Be Losing It

When it was announced The Walking Dead’s eleventh season would also be its last, I assumed the show would get itself together to end the zombie series with a bang, something to rekindle the interest of the millions of viewers that used to watch the show. Instead, I have no idea what it’s doing, and I don’t think The…Read more...
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A Very Important Walking Dead Star Is Heading to World Beyond

Not a ton of people are watching The Walking Dead, and even fewer are watching its second spin-off series, World Beyond. So little, in fact, that its soon-to-premiere second season will also be its last. But the show is clearly trying to draw some extra viewers for its swan song by bringing aboard a main TWD character…Read more...
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Pollyanna McIntosh’s Jadis Returns in TWD: World Beyond Extended Trailer

The worlds of The Walking Dead universe are colliding once more as Pollyanna McIntosh’s Jadis, last seen rescuing Rick Grimes on a CRM helicopter in the TWD Season 9 episode “What Comes After,” was revealed in the extended trailer for the final season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. RELATED: The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 First Look Revealed McIntosh will reprise her role in the two-season spinoff series with a new look, sporting a haircut and a black Civic Republic Military uniform....
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Creepshow Season 3 Has a Trailer, and It Looks Like a Scream

Creepshow, Shudder’s anthology series inspired by the George A. Romero-Stephen King cult films, returns in just a few weeks—and the show, which is executive produced and showrun by Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead), has just unleashed its first season three trailer. Feast your eyes!Read more...
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Well, That Was a Thoroughly Unpleasant Episode of The Walking Dead

I can’t count all the times The Walking Dead has disappointed me. I think the show has infuriated me even more so. But I don’t think I’ve even been so disgusted, so disappointed, and so fed up as I am after tonight’s episode.Read more...
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TV Ratings: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11 Debut Dips Below Last Season Premiere, but Gooses AMC Plus

The 11th and final season of AMC Network’s “The Walking Dead” took a ratings hit in its linear premiere compared to its most recent season opener nearly two years ago. But viewership was on par with the Season 10 finale in April, proving there’s life in the franchise yet on linear TV even as more […]
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Atlanta Launches Production Assistant Training Program

The City of Atlanta and Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Film & Entertainment have launched the Set South Production Assistant Training Program, a partnership with United Way of Greater Atlanta, and The Georgia Film Academy (GFA),  with guidance from Bloomberg Associates, a pro-bono municipal consulting firm founded by Mike Bloomberg. The free, full-time training program, set […]
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The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Explains Last Night's 'Twist'

The Walking Dead’s Negan hasn’t always made the right decisions; for instance, there was the time he ruled as a bloodthirsty, post-apocalyptic tyrant and murdered dozens of people. Since then, though, he’s been trying to become a better person... emphasis on the word trying, as last night’s season 11 premiere showed.…
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The Walking Dead Season 11 Premiere Lurches Unsteadily to the Show's Finale

AMC has touted tonight’s premiere of The Walking Dead as “The Beginning of the End.” Technically, that’s true…but that’s about it. It’s not a bad episode of TWD, just a very middle-of-the-road one. After 10 seasons of wildly veering over that metaphorical, zombie-filled highway, that’s fine with me.Read more...
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The Walking Dead is coming to an end, but its life lessons will stick around

As The Walking Dead enters its final season, the life lessons taught by the show over more than a decade will stick around with its longtime fans.
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Like Marvel's Eternals, Funko Pops Will Never Die

Only three things are truly eternal in this life: death, taxes, and Funko Pops. That must be a bittersweet irony for Marvel Studios’ new superhero team, the Eternals, given that long after their upcoming movie has left theaters their only true legacy will be a pile of big-headed, tiny-bodied toys produced by Funko—a…Read more...
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How Renewables Could Help Us Survive a Walking Dead-Style Zombie Apocalypse

When it comes to gore, I am a really big baby—my weak stomach and low startle point have kept me far away from The Walking Dead for the decade it’s been on TV. But after a year and a half of mostly staying inside and binge-watching everything else worth watching, the arrival of the comic book adaptation on Netflix…Read more...
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The Walking Dead Season 11 Opening Minutes Debuts Ahead of Sunday Premiere

Ahead of the long-running horror series’ return this Sunday, AMC has revealed the opening minutes for the upcoming premiere of The Walking Dead’s eleventh and final season. The nearly 5-minute long clip teases an intense zombie encounter, with our main survivors including Daryl and Maggie accidentally waking up a horde of undisturbed walkers while on a hunt for supplies.  The debut episode of the first part of the final season is now available for streaming on AMC+ and is slated to air this Sund...
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‘Walking Dead’ Takes a Shot With Whiskey Ad Deal for Final Season

“The Walking Dead” has for more than a decade lured audiences with a unique focus on zombie violence and dystopian societies. Now that the series is entering its 11th — and final — season, it’s really getting into the hard stuff. The Sexton, a single-malt Irish whiskey distributed by Proximo Spirits, has struck a deal […]
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Carol and Daryl's Walking Dead Spin-off Will Be Different (Somehow)

This week for The Walking Dead, but like the zombies on the show itself, it’s pretty damn hard to kill. The final season is broken into three eight-episode arcs that will air into next year. Fear the Walking Dead is still on. A new season of World Beyond is coming. There’s also a Rick…Read more...
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Updates From Shang-Chi, Titans, and More

Robert Rodriguez has signed a big new deal with HBO Max. Get a look at Tom Hanks’ cute dog in the post-apocalyptic drama Finch. The My Little Ponys are here for a whole new show. Plus, what’s in store for Supergirl, Riverdale, Stargirl and more, and new teases for The Walking Dead’s final return.Read more...
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The Walking Dead's Latest Season 11 Teaser Has Lots of Stabbing

In a zombie apocalypse, the best weapon is a blade. It’s quiet. There’s no need to worry about ammunition, It’s just something sharp and strong to put into an undead head. The latest look at The Walking Dead season 11 has a lot of action, much of which involves knives, swords, and the occasional . You know how…
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Nicholas Hoult Will Star as Dracula's Henchman in Universal Monster Comedy Renfield

He’s played J.R.R. Tolkien, the X-Men’s Beast, and a romantic zombie—plus, we all witnessed him in Mad Max: Fury Road. Now Nicholas Hoult is adding another notch to his already impressive genre resume, signing on to star as the title character in Chris McKay’s Dracula-adjacent Universal monster movie Renfield.Read more...
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The Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer: The Beginning of the End

During the show’s [email protected] panel, The Walking Dead Season 11 trailer was released, teasing the beginning of the end when the series returns on August 22 on AMC. The premiere will be available to stream on AMC+ starting on August 15. Season 11 will air in three 8-episode parts, with 11B and 11 C airing in 2022 following 11A’s debut in August. RELATED: TWD Season 11 Key Art & Video Spot Featuring Footage From Final Season The virtual panel featured Chief Content Officer for The Walking Dead ...
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The Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer Just Zombie Smashed Into SDCC 2021

Over the past decade, The Walking Dead has become as big a part of San Diego Comic-Con as the comics. Or San Diego. It’s just expected that each summer, the cast and crew of AMC’s hit zombie show are going to fly into San Diego, hold a huge panel (first in Ballroom 20, eventually in Hall H) and bring new footage from…Read more...
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‘Walking Dead’ Final Season Drops First Trailer, Will Air in Three Parts Through 2022

“The Walking Dead” dropped a full-length trailer for its final season, Season 11, during a panel for San Diego Comic-Con at Home on Saturday. The trailer saw plenty of zombified action, while also highlighting fan favorite characters like Daryl, Carol, Maggie, Gabriel, Ezekiel, and Negan among many others. Fans also got more in-depth looks at […]
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Gets a First Look at SDCC 2021

The last season of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead really went as far as possible to wipe the slate clean: it literally ended with multiple nuclear blasts going off. Because of that, where things are going now is anyone’s guess. But thankfully, the cast and crew of the show showed up to San Diego Comic-Con @ Home 2021 to…Read more...
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The Walking Dead: World Beyond Teases Huge Revelations at SDCC 2021

The Walking Dead isn’t the only zombie show coming to an end soon. One of AMC’s spinoffs, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, will too. After a that began in October, its upcoming second season will be its last. Why? Well, the cast and crew took to the computer screens of virtual San Diego…Read more...
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From ‘The Walking Dead’ to ‘Star Trek,’ the Buzziest Panels for Comic-Con ‘At Home’

For the second year in a row, San Diego Comic-Con — the largest fan gathering in North America — has been forced by the pandemic to hold its annual convention as a virtual event. Last year’s [email protected] was a valiant effort to keep the 51-year tradition alive, but without marquee draws such as Marvel Studios […]
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The Walking Dead Universe Book Cover Revealed by AMC Networks

AMC Networks, Skybound Entertainment, and Image Comics revealed the new cover to the book The Art of AMC’s The Walking Dead Universe from illustrator Brian Rood.Read more...
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Walking Dead Lawsuit Ends in $200 Million Settlement

Frank Darabont, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker behind The Shawshank Redemption, was a key figure in bringing The Walking Dead to AMC way back in 2010. A few years later though, the showrunner and executive producer realized he wasn’t be compensated properly for his stake in the show, and a lawsuit was filed.Read more...
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