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The White House Made a List of All the Times Fauci ‘Has Been Wrong’ on the Coronavirus

The White House has undertaken behind-the-scenes efforts in recent months to undercut and sideline Dr. Anthony Fauci—even going so far as to compile a list of all the times he “has been wrong on things,” according to The Washington Post. After canceling some of his planned TV appearances and keeping him away from the Oval Office, White House officials and President Trump have taken to publicly expressing a loss of confidence in the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Dis...
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Trump needs to find a better nickname for Biden, and fast.

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the new edition of Insider Today. Please sign up here. QUOTE OF THE DAY "I would put on my old uniform and go to war all over again to protect the right of Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump to say offensive things on TV and Twitter." — Sen. Tammy Duckworth, responding in The New York Times to Carlson and Trump's attacks on her patriotism. WHAT'S HAPPENING Death tolls are rising in key states. Caseloads continue to rise at alarming rates especially in the South an...
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RNC Is Now Considering An Outdoor Option For August Convention

The Republican convention in Jacksonville, Fla., next month could be moved from an indoor arena to an outdoor stadium as coronavirus cases continue to climb in the state, officials with knowledge of the convention’s planning told The Washington Post.  While a formal decision has not been made, two outdoor sports stadiums near the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena — where the convention is currently set to be held — are under consideration, according to The Post.  The news comes after severa...
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Betty Buckley Saved Rufus Wainwright From Drowning as a Kid

A new story from The Washington Post profiles singersongwritercomposer Rufus Wainwright, but it begins with an interesting story featuring someone familiar to the Broadway world. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Officials Terrified That Trump’s Jacksonville Convention Will Be ‘Another Tulsa’

Sam Newby was excited at first when the Republican National Convention decided to head to his city. But the Republican vice president of the Jacksonville City Council, who was hospitalized with COVID-19 back in March, has grown more worried as the late August convention fast approaches. There weren’t many cases in the area when the move was first announced, Newby said, but he warned that “now it's really starting to spike.”   “In a normal situation, I would be glad for the RNC to come here, ...
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As COVID Surges Again, Experts Forecast Hundreds Of Thousands More US Deaths

The United States could see hundreds of thousands more deaths this year than earlier anticipated, as COVID-19 cases surge across several states. Epidemiologists and demographers painted a dark picture in conversations with TPM, estimating that total U.S. COVID-19 deaths this calendar year could range from 260,000 to 500,000. Those projections of the total U.S. death toll in 2020 come as questions about the disease’s fatality rate persist, with new outbreaks in southern states leading to large...
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"Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. suffered a fall at a Maryland country club last month that required an overnight stay in the hospital..."

"... a Supreme Court spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday night," after an inquiry from The Washington Post. The incident had not been disclosed voluntary, but The Washington Post had heard a tip.The 65-year-old chief justice was taken by ambulance to a hospital after the June 21 incident at the Chevy Chase Club.... Roberts has twice experienced seizures, in 1993 and in 2007, but Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathleen Arberg said doctors ruled out that possibility in the latest incident. Doctors believe he...
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Report: Washington NFL franchise's three minority owners launching search to sell shares of team

The three minority owners of Washington's NFL franchise are soliciting potential buyers for their shares of team, according to The Washington Post.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Hundreds of Armed US Counter-Protesters Fall for 'Apparent Hoax' (slashdot)

Yesterday as America celebrated its Independence Day, the Washington Post reports something unusual happened at the historic Civil War battefield at Gettysburg: For weeks, a mysterious figure on social media talked up plans for antifa protesters to converge on this historical site on Independence Day to burn American flags, an event that seemed at times to border on the farcical... There would be antifa face paint, the person wrote, and organizers would "be giving away free small flags to chil...
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Hundreds of Armed US Counter-Protesters Fall for 'Apparent Hoax'

Yesterday as America celebrated its Independence Day, the Washington Post reports something unusual happened at the historic Civil War battefield at Gettysburg: For weeks, a mysterious figure on social media talked up plans for antifa protesters to converge on this historical site on Independence Day to burn American flags, an event that seemed at times to border on the farcical... There would be antifa face paint, the person wrote, and organizers would "be giving away free small flags to chil...
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A Facebook recruiter filed a federal complaint alleging the company is biased against Black employees and job candidates (FB)

A Facebook recruiter and two rejected job applicants filed a complaint Thursday with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission accusing the company of discriminating against Black workers, as first reported by The Washington Post. The three workers, all of whom are Black, alleged that Facebook has a pattern of "racial discrimination in hiring, evaluations, promotions, and pay" for Black employees and job applicants. "There may be Black Lives Matter posters on Facebook's walls, but Black work...
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Jeff Bezos' net worth just hit an all-time high. Here's how the richest person in the world makes and spends his $171 billion fortune.

Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest person alive, is now richer than he's ever been. Bezos pledged to spend $10 billion to fight climate change in February and promised $100 million to food banks in April. As Amazon's founder and CEO, Bezos was the first person in modern history to accumulate a fortune of over $100 billion — and he currently has a net worth of $171.6  billion, Bloomberg estimates. He spends his fortune on real estate across the US, a $65 million Gulfstream Jet, and his space exploratio...
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Jeff Bezos' fortune just surpassed $171 billion. Here's how he built Amazon into a $1.4 trillion company and became the world's richest man. (AMZN)

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' net worth just reached a new high of $171.6 billion. Bezos founded Amazon in 1995. The company has since grown to one of the most valuable, powerful companies on the planet. Bezos has gone from a New York hedge-funder to the richest man in the world, but in the process, he's weathered a high-profile divorce and hacking scandal, faced antitrust scrutiny from lawmakers, and everything in between.  These days, Bezos is focused on making Amazon more climate-friendly, growing...
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More Tesla employees say they were fired for staying home over COVID-19 fears even though CEO Elon Musk said they could (TSLA)

Three more employees of Tesla's Fremont factory told The Washington Post they were fired for staying home for fear of catching COVID-19, despite Elon Musk's guidance telling workers they're not obligated to come to work. The recent firings come days after Tesla reportedly fired two other employees for the same reason. Musk sent an email to workers in May when the factory reopened, saying if "you feel uncomfortable coming back to work at this time, please do not feel obligated to do so." Since ...
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'Bar Lives Matter' concert promoted by Texas bar owner to protest coronavirus restrictions

The coronavirus is thrilled to learn that a bar owner in Texas is organizing a 'Bar Lives Matter' concert to protest the state's restrictions to slow the COVID-19 outbreak. Protesters are upset @GovAbbott shut down bars in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19. More than 30 bar owners are suing over the executive order. Protesters are demonstrating at the State Capitol and soon at the Governor’s Mansion. @KVUE — Jenni Lee (@JenniL_KVUE) June 30, 2020 It's pre...
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National Mask Mandate Could Save 5 Percent of GDP, Economists Say

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Washington Post: After a late-spring lull, daily coronavirus cases in the United States have again hit record highs, driven by resurgent outbreaks in states such as Florida, Arizona and California. Hospitals in Houston are already on the brink of being overwhelmed, and public health experts worry the pandemic's body count will soon again be climbing in tandem with the daily case load. The dire situation has raised the specter of another round of state...
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"Both The Washington Post and The New York Times have front-page articles touting Chief Justice John Roberts as the new 'swing vote.'"

That's a post of mine from 2 years ago... in case you want to act surprised at the Roberts vote in yesterday's abortion case.Back then, I said:The center position is so powerful. Having seen the attention and (faux) adulation given to Justice Kennedy over the years, the Justices must be eyeing the vacancy. Some new person will get Kennedy's seat, but he is likely to be a staunch conservative like Gorsuch. The real vacancy we're seeing is in the "swing vote" position, and any Justice could feel p...
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Facebook has bent its hate speech and misinformation policies around Trump since before he was president, report says

A Washington Post report claims Facebook has steadily weakened its hate speech and misinformation policies to adapt to Donald Trump. The report says the company began bending its policies in 2015, when then-candidate Trump posted a video saying he would ban Muslims from entering the US. CEO Mark Zuckerberg was reportedly in favor of taking action against the post, but sources said Facebook executive Joel Kaplan talked him out of it. Facebook's approach to Donald Trump's posts over the past mon...
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Fauci says task force 'seriously considering' new testing strategy

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, said Friday that the White House coronavirus task force is "seriously considering" pool testing for Covid-19 and acknowledged to The Washington Post that the Trump administration's current testing strategy has proven inadequate.
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Bill Gates says the 'final hurdle' to a COVID-19 vaccine will be ensuring that people actually use it

Bill Gates says a "final hurdle" to distributing a COVID-19 vaccine will be ensuring that people decide to take it. Given the urgency of the pandemic, testing vaccine candidates with a wide variety of populations and age groups can prove challenging, Gates said. Still, Gates believes that "a lot" of people will take a vaccine when one becomes available, and believes herd immunity can be achieved if 70% to 80% of people take it. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The final roa...
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Apple is re-closing stores in states like Texas that have already reopened. It's a sign the COVID-19 crisis is going to get much worse. (AAPL)

Apple has re-closed a handful of stores throughout the US in areas that are seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases. On Wednesday, Apple said it would close seven stores in the Houston, Texas area, coming after it already re-closed stores elsewhere on Friday. The closures suggest that Apple is relying on the available data about coronavirus cases as more of an indicator as to whether its stores should remain open than the reopening plans that are in place across the country. That's important because ...
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Trump Threatens Potential Protesters Ahead of Tulsa Rally

President Donald Trump took to Twitter Friday morning to warn potential protesters at his Saturday rally that Oklahoma “will be a much different scene” and that they “will not be treated like [they] have been in New York, Seattle, or Minneapolis,” calling them “lowlifes.” The president shortly thereafter shared another tweet that said “THE SILENT MAJORITY IS STRONGER THAN EVER BEFORE.”The city of Tulsa, where Trump’s Saturday rally is set to be held, ordered a last-minute curfew Thursday night t...
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A TikTok mansion in turmoil, YouTube rebrands FameBit, and the investors funding creator businesses

Hi, and welcome back to Influencer Dashboard, our weekly rundown of what's new in the influencer and creator economy. This is Amanda Perelli and I'll be briefing you. As the influencer industry has grown, so has the need for capital from investors.  This week, my colleague Dan Whateley and I highlighted some investors and VC firms funding innovative startups built around YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok creators. Investors are funding a wide range of companies geared toward influencers, from the ...
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Cops’ Most Deranged Lies and Bizarre Claims About the Protests

Protesters are not filling ice cream containers with concrete. Shake Shack employees are not putting bleach in milkshakes. And buses full of anti-fascists are not about to descend on a small town near you.That’s just what police are saying.As protests over racial justice and police brutality unfold across the country, police departments are taking to social media to tell their side of the story. The trouble is, they’re frequently wrong—and sometimes so wildly so that it begs the question of why ...
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Pelosi Urges Sergeant At Arms To Refuse Entry To Congress Members Who Resist Wearing Masks

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is urging committee chairs to enforce a new requirement to wear masks at all hearings, even authorizing the sergeant at arms to refuse entry to anyone who resists covering their face. “This requirement will be enforced by the Sergeant at Arms and non-compliant Members will be denied entry,” a senior aide told The Washington Post in an email. “Ultimately, Chairs will have the option of not recognizing Members in committee proceedings that fail to comply with t...
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Should have?

I'm giving this my "Althouse the pedant" tag, so stop now if you don't like where this is going. I'm reading the headline at The Washington Post, "Why Scalia should have loved the Supreme Court’s Title VII decision." The man is dead. There's NOTHING he should have done.Why not say "Why Scalia would have loved the Supreme Court’s Title VII decision"? I think I know why. The article is by George Conway. It's in WaPo. I'm going to say: They don't want to concede that Scalia would have joined the ma...
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The CIA's massive 'Vault 7' leak resulted from 'woefully lax' security protocols within the agency's own network, an internal report found

The theft of highly classified cyberweapons from the CIA in 2016 resulted from the agency's elite hacking unit's failure to secure its own systems from intruders, according to an internal report obtained by The Washington Post. The CIA discovered the breach when the radical pro-transparency group WikiLeaks published the information in a release dubbed "Vault 7." US officials say the breach was the largest unauthorized disclosure of classified information in CIA history. Security protocol withi...
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2 Black women publicly resigned from Pinterest, saying they faced humiliation and retaliation and were passed over for promotion

Two Black women who quit Pinterest are tweeting about some negative experiences they say they had while working at the tech company. The women were highly visible and respected members of Pinterest's public-policy team. Ifeoma Ozoma, a Google and Facebook alum, said a male colleague shared her private information to scary groups on the internet and that she struggled to get higher pay and was subjected to what she believed was a retaliatory performance review. Aerica Shimizu Banks, another Goo...
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Washington Post: Officials familiar with Lafayette Square confrontation undercut Trump administration narrative

More than a half-dozen officials from the National Guard, federal law enforcement and public safety agencies have challenged the Trump administration's narrative that the clearing of peaceful protesters outside the White House earlier this month was unrelated to President Donald Trump's subsequent walk to a nearby church for a photo-op, The Washington Post reported Sunday.
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Pompeo Fired Me for ‘No Valid Reason,’ Inspector General Says

Former State Department Inspector General Steve Linick told Congress that he was “shocked” to find out President Trump decided to remove him from his post last month and said that senior officials in the State Department had consistently told him they were satisfied with the office’s work.“I can tell you… that I've been given no valid reason that would justify my removal,” Linick said, according to his interview transcripts released by multiple congressional committees Capitol Hill Wednesday...
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