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Report: Grand jury considers case against ex-Interior boss

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Washington Post reports that a grand jury is considering evidence concerning whether former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke lied to federal investigators. The Associated Press reported in November that the Interior Department’s inspector general had referred an investigation of Zinke to the Justice Department. The Post reported Friday that the case the […]
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This Week: Wilbur Ross Gets Called Out By A Trump Appointee For Faulty Financial Report

The Office of Government Ethics on Friday told Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross that it would not certify the secretary’s annual financial disclosure because, essentially, Ross hadn’t told the truth. After submitting the required annual filing claiming that, among other things, he’d divested from his stock in BankUnited Inc. in early 2017, Ross submitted another filing claiming that, actually, he’d only divested from the stock in October 2018. As a result, the annual filing contained an error, ...
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Covington Student’s Lawyer Claims He Could Sue ‘Hundreds,’ Hints There Will Be More Suits

The lawyer for a Covington Catholic High School student — whose family just sued The Washington Post for defamation — told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday evening that there’s potential for his client to file “hundreds” of lawsuits, and hinted there are more coming down the pike. “The good news is that we have two and a half years to identify and file lawsuits against the wrongdoers,” the student, Nick Sandmann’s lawyer, Lin Wood said. “Because he is a minor, Nick will turn 18 in July of 202...
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Covington Catholic student's legal team files $250M suit against The Washington Post

An attorney for Nick Sandmann says a $250 million lawsuit against The Washington Post was filed Tuesday for coverage of the CovCath incident.
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Dershowitz Calls Covington-WaPo Suit ‘Reasonable’: ‘The World Was Guilty Of Libel’

As President Trump offered up his support to the Covington Catholic student whose family is suing The Washington Post for defamation, one of his most vocal defenders jumped on the bandwagon. During an interview with The Hill’s “Rising” online TV channel Wednesday, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz called the lawsuit “reasonable” and suggested “the world was guilty of libel” against the high school students after videos of their encounter with a Native American activist at the National Mal...
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Covington Student Sues WaPo, Trump Adds His Fuel To The Fire: ‘Go Get Them Nick’

The parents of a Covington Catholic high school student who became the face of an encounter between a group of teen Trump supporters and a Native American activist have sued the Washington Post for $250 million alleging defamation. And President Trump is cheering the Kentucky teenager on. “Go get them Nick,” Trump tweeted on Wednesday morning. “Fake News!” “The Washington Post ignored basic journalistic standards because it wanted to advance its well-known and easily documented biased agenda ag...
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"The suit alleges that The Post 'targeted and bullied' 16-year-old Nicholas Sandmann in order to embarrass President Trump."

I'm reading about the lawsuit against The Washington Post in The Washington Post.“In a span of three days in January of this year commencing on January 19, the Post engaged in a modern-day form of McCarthyism by competing with CNN and NBC, among others, to claim leadership of a mainstream and social media mob of bullies which attacked, vilified, and threatened Nicholas Sandmann, an innocent secondary school child,” reads the complaint.It added, “The Post ignored basic journalist standards becaus...
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A woman who went viral for interrupting a Kirsten Gillibrand campaign stop says it was non-political and she just really likes ranch dressing

The woman who went viral for looking for ranch dressing during a Kirsten Gillibrand event said theories she interrupted for political reasons are false. Hanna Kinney told The Washington Post that she just wanted the dressing and that people "are grasping at straws." A video of Kinney accidentally interrupting Gillibrand's event in an Iowa restaurant and saying "Sorry, I’m just trying to get some ranch" has been viewed more than 720,000 times. Kinney said: "I’m literally just a girl getting som...
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The Teen From the Lincoln Memorial Protest Is Suing the Washington Post for $250 Million

The family of a Kentucky teen who was caught up in a viral encounter with a Native American elder during a January rally has filed a defamation lawsuit against The Washington Post. The suit claims the newspaper falsely accused 16-year-old Nicholas Sandmann of racist behavior because of its “biased agenda against President Donald J. Trump.”…
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Covington Catholic student's legal team files $250M suit against The Washington Post

An attorney for Nick Sandmann says a $250 million lawsuit against The Washington Post was filed Tuesday for coverage of the CovCath incident.            [Author: Cincinnati Enquirer]
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Space Force will be a Marines-like branch under Air Force authority

President Trump is expected to sign into creation the Space Force today, as a special branch of the military overseen by the Air Force Department, according to a report in The Washington Post. The President’s decision is considered a win for the Air Force and Defense Department broadly, which had argued against setting up an independent military department based on their concerns that it would add new layers of bureaucracy, according to the Pentagon . Speaking at an event at The Brookings Inst...
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Teen’s locker-room rape case to be sent to juvenile court

DAMASCUS, Md. (AP) — The case against one of four Maryland teens charged as adults with rape in a Damascus High School locker room attack is now being sent to juvenile court. The Washington Post reports Friday’s ruling is the first of requests by the teens attempting to have their adult cases sent to the […]
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Obama’s Golf Simulator Wasn’t Sophisticated Enough For Trump. So He Upgraded

Thanks to Axios, we now know that President Trump spends most of his work day in executive time, tending to his Twitter account, talking on the phone and watching TV. Now, add hitting the virtual links to that list. According to a new report from The Washington Post, President Trump paid out of his own pocket to replace the golf simulator that President Obama installed at the White House with a more “sophisticated” system, in the Post’s words. The simulator takes up an entire room and allows ...
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The global tide is turning against Mohammed bin Salman | Financial Times

The global tide is turning against Mohammed bin Salman | Financial Times:The savage murder last year of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, dismembered by Saudi Arabia’s agents in its consulate in Istanbul, surprised in the way it accelerated into the worst crisis between the kingdom and the west since September 11 2001, when 15 of the 19 hijackers who attacked the US turned out to be Saudis. It seems just as surprising that, as 2019 progresses, there is little let-up in the pressure on the Saudi leader...
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The Washington Post Names Joy Robins, Formerly of Quartz, as Chief Revenue Officer

Joy Robins is leaving Quartz as global chief revenue officer to join The Washington Post as its new CRO. She replaces Jed Hartman, who abruptly exited the company in October last year. Robins will oversee advertising at the publisher, including WP BrandStudio, video, audio and programmatic. Her first day will be March 11. "Joy will...
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The Power of the Gospel and the Meltdown of Identity Politics

American politics increasingly resembles a soap opera and, at least for now, Virginia has taken center stage. The drama in the state continues to unfold as the Commonwealth’s top three Democrats face pressure to resign. The Governor’s personal yearbook page from medical school contained a racially insensitive photo of a man in blackface shoulder-to-shoulder with a person dressed in Ku Klux Klan regalia. Later, the Governor also admitted to performing in blackface at a party in the 1980s. The Att...
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Bezos Probe Concludes Mistress’ Brother was Enquirer Source

WASHINGTON (AP) — Private investigators working for Jeff Bezos have concluded that the brother of the Amazon CEO’s mistress leaked the couple’s intimate text messages to the National Enquirer, a person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press on Monday. The person wasn’t authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke to AP on condition of anonymity. The findings add to the intrigue surrounding the clash between the pro-Trump tabloid and the world’s richest man. Bezos’ investigat...
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Impeachment Reluctantly Floated In VA After Second Allegation Against Fairfax

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia lawmakers on Monday will reluctantly face the unprecedented prospect of impeaching the state’s second most powerful leader as they struggle to address revelations of past racist behavior and allegations of sexual assault roiling its highest levels of office. At least one lawmaker said he will try to pursue impeachment of Democratic Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax after two women accused Fairfax of sexual assault in the 2000s, a move that experts believe would be a first ...
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The National Enquirer vs. Jeff Bezos: Legal experts break down what's at stake in battle between the world's wealthiest man and a supermarket tabloid

Federal prosecutors are reviewing claims made by Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos in a post published on Medium last week that accused the National Enquirer and its publisher, American Media Inc., (AMI) of "extortion and blackmail," sources told The New York Times. Bezos published several emails from the National Enquirer's chief content officer Dylan Howard and from Jon Fine, an attorney representing AMI — one of which lists compromising photographs of Bezos that the supermarket tabloid says...
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Bezos won't be blackmailed by a naked selfie

Naked selfies or no naked selfies, Jeff Bezos is not going to be blackmailed or extorted by anybody. That's what Bezos, the Amazon founder and owner of The Washington Post, told David Pecker, publisher of the National Enquirer, in a blog post on Medium that had a lot of people making the wide-eyed emoji face Thursday.
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Opinion: 'So over the top'

Naked selfies or no naked selfies, Jeff Bezos is not going to be blackmailed or extorted by anybody. That's what Bezos, the Amazon founder and owner of The Washington Post, told David Pecker, publisher of the National Enquirer, in a blog post on Medium that had a lot of people making the wide-eyed emoji face Thursday.
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The Virginia Democrat told The Washington Post he will use the rest of his term to pursue racial 'equity'

Embattled Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam said Saturday he feels he should remain in office to help his state heal and use the rest of his term to pursue racial "equity" -- hoping to move on from a racist photograph scandal and admission of donning blackface in the past.
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Actor Terry Crews says the National Enquirer's publisher tried to 'silence' him with fake stories as Jeff Bezos accuses the tabloid of blackmail

Terry Crews has accused American Media Inc (AMI), publisher of the National Enquirer, of making up a false story to "silence" him. Crews said Radar Online, which is owned by AMI, tried to run a fake story about him buying prostitutes after he went public in accusing a talent agent of sexual assault. He published an alleged email from Radar Online back in 2017, and said the publication did not run the story because it was fake and he had publicly exposed them. Crews resurfaced his allegations a...
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"But look, I was trying to write a seamless narrative, and to keep breaking it up with 'according to' qualifiers would have been extremely clunky. But in retrospect, I wish I’d done that."

Jill Abramson, caught and waffling. Interviewed at Vox.Sean Illing —Would you call any of this plagiarism?Jill Abramson — No, I wouldn’t. This was completely unintentional. I mean, I have 70 pages of footnotes and I tried to credit everyone’s work as best I can. What we’re talking about here are sets of facts that I borrowed; obviously, the language is too close in some cases, but I’m not lifting original ideas. Again, I wish I had got the citation right, but it’s not an intentional theft or tak...
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The evidence is mounting that Amazon's New York HQ2 deal is in trouble (AMZN)

Amazon is reportedly reconsidering its plans to open part of its HQ2 in New York City, following local backlash.  Many New York politicians and residents have pushed back against Amazon's HQ2 plans since the company announced in November that it would open a campus and bring 25,000 jobs to the city. "The question is whether it's worth it if the politicians in New York don't want the project," one person familiar with Amazon's plans told the Washington Post.  Amazon's plan to open a second hea...
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Khashoggi murder: Pressure mounts on Saudi government and Trump four months after killing

Pressure is mounting on Saudi authorities over the killing of Jamal Khashoggi and the case’s aftermath this week as a deadline for action imposed on President Donald Trump by the US lawmakers last year passed without any response from the White House. A series of rapid-fire developments showed continuing outrage over the murder and dismemberment of The Washington Post columnist at the hands of Saudi spies and security officials dispatched to the Istanbul consulate more than four months ago. A ...
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National Enquirer Publisher Promises Investigation After Bezos Claims Extortion

Jeff Bezos, owner of The Washington Post and founder of Amazon, has accused The National Enquirer of extortion and blackmail. Bezos, in a lengthy Medium post on Thursday evening, detailed how the publication, led by David Pecker and owned by parent company American Media Inc., told Bezos' team that it would release more texts and...
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AMI defends ‘good faith negotiations’ with Jeff Bezos but will investigate blackmail allegation

It’s the morning after the night before for AMI. And what a night it was. The company is officially in damage control mode after it released a short statement defending its communication and behavior with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who published evidence of blackmail that used leaked messages and nude photos of the billionaire that AMI had acquired. AMI today defended its efforts. It claimed it had “acted lawfully” with its reporting of Bezos and that it engaged in “good faith negotiations” with him...
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Bezos Tells Of Nat’l Enquirer Blackmail To Publish His Intimate Pictures

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says he was the target of “extortion and blackmail” by the publisher of the National Enquirer, which he said threatened to publish revealing personal photos of him unless he stopped investigating how the tabloid obtained his private exchanges with his mistress. Bezos, who is also owner of The Washington Post, detailed his interactions with American Media Inc., or AMI, in an extraordinary blog post Thursday on The billionaire did not say the...
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'Now the reality is hitting them, and they're freaking out': The National Enquirer's former LA bureau chief says the tabloid is in over its head with Jeff Bezos

On Thursday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos published an extraordinary blog post detailing what he alleges to be an "extortion and blackmail" plot by American Media Inc. (AMI), the publishing arm of The National Enquirer. Jerry George, the tabloid's former LA bureau chief, in an interview with CNN, characterized the feud as "baffling." George believed that in trying to blackmail Bezos, The Enquirer might have taken things too far and acted prematurely. Jerry George, the former LA bureau chief of The N...
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