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Character Analysis: Your Younger Self

We are all about character analysis — it’s a great tool for helping students develop a deeper understanding of characters in plays that they are studying, performing in, or creating. Read on to find four mini exercises that your students can do to analyse a character and come up with interesting backstory details. It’s time […]
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Actors’ Equity And Producers Settle On COVID Safety Rules For Broadway Tours

“The 17-page agreement says that producers must require all members of the traveling company to be fully vaccinated and mandates free weekly virus tests. Also: ‘absolutely no interaction’ will be permitted between performers and audience members.” – The New York Times
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Andrew Lloyd Webber’s New ‘Cinderella’ Could Start Performances Despite Extension Of UK Shutdown

Declaring “Come to the theatre and arrest us,” Lord Lloyd Webber vowed last week to reopen all his West End venues at full audience capacity on June 21, “come hell or high water.” At the beginning of this week, with caseloads of the Delta variant of COVID rising, Boris Johnson postponed the lifting of theatre restrictions from the 21st until at least July 19. Even so, Johnson and Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden have offered to make Cinderella part of a pilot scheme of public performances in the...
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The Rodgers & Hammerstein Sound

So once in a while, I write parody lyrics. As a working writer and lyricist, I think of it as good exercise. Some of these parodies are surely funny only to me. But I always try very hard to stick exactly to the rhythm and scansion of the original lyric, and to comically dip into the original lyric now and then just for fun. Here's one I wrote during the Great Pandemic, only a totally random whim. I just came across it, and it made me laugh, so I thought I should share... If you really love R&H...
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Running A Theatre From The Kitchen Table During A Pandemic

Marissa Wolf was midway into her first full season as artistic director at Portland Center Stage and had just opened The Curious Incident of The Dog In the Night-time in March of 2020. – The New York Times
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A Critic Watches The RSC Rehearse

Despite some trepidation from the actors, the Royal Shakespeare Company is live-streaming for the public select rehearsals for the upcoming production of Henry VI Part One. “I’m intrigued by how much I’ve learned,” writes Michael Billington — who wasn’t more impressed than anyone else ever is by watching actors warm up but was fascinated by seeing the actors work closely with RSC specialists on Shakespearean verse. – The Guardian
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Theatre In A Slowly Reopening Canada Worries It’s Being Left Behind

One Vancouver AD says that his colleagues are extremely burned out – and also worried about what’s coming. On the other hand, post-pandemic: “I don’t know that it’s the same art form anymore. And that’s interesting to me.” – CBC
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Bard day’s work: what I learned from eavesdropping on RSC rehearsals

The Royal Shakespeare Company is letting the public watch the usually secret processes towards performance – from clapping games to verse sessionsThe creative process normally takes place behind closed doors. But the RSC has boldly upended that idea by streaming its Open Rehearsal Project for Henry VI Part One. What this means, in practice, is that cameras are admitted for three sessions each day. At 10am we watch a half-hour company warm-up. From noon, for 90 minutes, we get to see either a cla...
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Theatre Workers With Long Covid Worry About A Return To Work

Theatre working conditions often aren’t ideal for anyone, much less people whose bodies and minds have been harmed by the virus. “Theatre artists and practitioners with chronic illnesses and disabilities have long documented how the industry is inaccessible or even unkind.” Can theatre change? – American Theatre
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Edinburgh fringe performers feel ‘jilted’ as Covid closes venues again

Only a handful of events will be staged this year as producers complain about ‘dithering’ by council and Scottish governmentCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageAudiences and performers from around the world will once again have no anarchic festival home in the Scottish capital to head for this August. The vast Edinburgh festival fringe – the largest annual concentration of live comedy, drama, cabaret, music and dance – is to be restricted to just a few events and an array...
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Sir Ian McKellen: ‘What does old mean? Quite honestly I feel about 12’

It’s half a century since Sir Ian McKellen first played Hamlet. Now he’s starring as the Dane again – at 82. He talks about his extraordinary life, why he’ll never write his memoir – and his one lasting regretOh, birthdays,” Sir Ian McKellen growls, on the occasion of his 82nd. “At my age I don’t do birthdays.” The wider world has not yet been informed, however, and cheerful cards have come in stacks to McKellen’s London townhouse. Messages chime in on his computer and two landline phones ring o...
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So Women Can’t Act In ‘Godot’, Eh? Take *This*, Beckett Estate!

In Godot Is a Woman by the theatre company Silent Faces, “three glum, bowler-hatted clowns … are waiting for the Beckett estate to answer their call about performance rights for Godot. They wait … and they wait, until a message that they have moved up to eighth in the queue sends them into a [dance routine]. … They become theatre historians, listing all the productions that have been banned, then judge and jury in a travesty trial of the Beckett estate.” – The Guardian
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As LA’s Center Theatre Group Director Retires, The Enterprise Needs A Rethink

“The character of Michael Ritchie’s audience has not been shaped in this devout manner. The marketing of hits has replaced more time-consuming forms of outreach. On the level of scale, this may make sense. But theater isn’t a traditional business. And while loyalty may not register on year-end financial statements, it pays long-term dividends.” – Los Angeles Times
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Britain Now Has Its First All-Black-Female Shakespeare Troupe

Says actor Gabrielle Brooks, one of four co-founders of the Mawa Theatre Company, “Shakespeare remains a staple of British theatre. He’s still the most produced playwright in the world and I think if we want to tackle diversity, representation and inclusion, then why not start with the Bard himself? … If we can, as black British women, embed ourselves into the history of classical texts, then I think we can bring about real change.” – The Guardian
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In Vegas, The Shows Are Coming Back. Will The Tourists Come To See Them?

“The change since last spring, as measured by the return of surging morning-to-midnight crowds, is head-snapping. While just 106,900 tourists visited Las Vegas in April 2020, according to the Convention and Visitors Authority, some 2.6 million people visited this April — a big rebound, but still almost a million shy of what the city was attracting before the pandemic.” – The New York Times
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A First Look At Stratford’s New $70 Million Theatre

Its physical beauty is a far cry from the rough-and-ready look of the previous Tom Patterson Theatre: a converted curling rink. – Toronto Star
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‘Come To The Theatre And Arrest Us’: Andrew Lloyd Webber Says He’ll Reopen His Theatres At Full Capacity ‘Come Hell Or High Water’

In response to news that Boris Johnson’s government is considering postponing the full reopening of performance venues scheduled for June 21, the musical theatre mogul said he cannot afford to operate his West End theatres at the 50% occupancy permitted now and might have to sell them if capacity controls aren’t removed. – BBC
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Lloyd Webber says he will risk arrest to reopen his theatres on 21 June

Impresario is determined his production of Cinderella will start this month in London as plannedAndrew Lloyd Webber has said he is determined to open his theatres on 21 June regardless of whether rules are relaxed, and is prepared to be arrested if authorities try to intervene.The composer said he may have to sell his six West End venues if the government does not remove restrictions that have forced venues to run with reduced capacities. Continue reading...
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Garth Drabinsky’s Comeback Will Be Broadway’s First Fully New Musical Since COVID Arrived

The first production on Broadway that hadn’t been previously scheduled and postponed will be Paradise Square, a show about the origins of tap dance, set in the 19th-century Manhattan slum called Five Points and featuring songs by the pre-Civil War composer Stephen Foster, directed by Moisés Kaufman and choreographed by Bill T. Jones. Drabinsky, a three-time Tony-winning producer in the 1990s, has spent the past few years restarting his career after serving a prison sentence in Canada for fraud....
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Plays & Musicals for Pride Month

If you’re looking for plays and musicals to include in your drama classroom library, look no further — here are 35 plays and musicals featuring LGBTQ+ characters, stories, and themes. Introduce these plays and musicals to your students, read them as a class, and check out performances of them (many have filmed or movie versions).  […]
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How Lin-Manuel Miranda And Friends Made The Drama Book Shop New

From the 140-foot long sculpture of scripts and songbooks to replicas of armchairs from Hamilton, the Drama Book Shop in Manhattan will be reborn this week, from the ashes (and flood, pandemic, and rent hikes) of the old. – The New York Times
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The National Black Theater Makes A High-Rise Decision

The National Black Theater is trading up – and up. It will replace its current building with a 21-story high-rise, where the theatre can have three floors while retail and housing occupy the rest. “National Black Theater leaders see the $185 million project, and the partnership they are entering with developers, as a new chapter with the financial and institutional backing to allow them to live out the dream of [their founder, Barbara Ann] Teer, who died in 2008: to nurture a space where Black ...
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A Mining Company Sponsors A Fringe Festival No More

In Perth, Australia, the multi-arts Fringe World loses its decade-long sponsor, the decidedly non-edgy mining company Woodside, after three years of protests by festival artists. – The Guardian (UK)
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Anna Friel: ‘I thought acting would be a hobby – never a job’

The actor, 44, on learning to relax, the double edge of kindness, and the power of herbsI don’t know which memory came first: falling down the stairs and knocking down our Christmas tree, being bought my first nail varnish and getting it on my Wonder Woman pyjamas, or accidentally setting my brand-new parka on fire the first day I wore it. Each probably reveals something about my soul.Pop stardom was my plan for a while, although briefly. Coming from an Irish family, I’d often walk into the livi...
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Creating a Safe Space for Your LGBTQ+ Students

In 2021, you would think we’d be at a point where inclusivity and acceptance are the norm. However, LGBTQ+ students are still frequently the victims of bullying, harassment, and discrimination, and are often made to feel alone, uncomfortable, scared, or unsafe in school. In drama class, we ask our students to open themselves up and […]
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Strong to the Finich: In Defense of Popeye the Musical

I’m working on a new book called Play / Back: A Different History of Movie Musicals, and it’s been such a fun exercise for two reasons. First, I’m discovering incredibly weird, cool movie musicals I had never heard of before, like Madam Satan, Volga-Volga, The Happiness of the Katakuris, Zachariah, and lots of others. Second, I’m really studying films that I have seen before, but I’m seeing them with entirely new eyes, and finding so many wonderful new details. Especially with those films that ...
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Kneehigh, Acclaimed Theatre Company, Abruptly Shuts Down

The Cornwall-based company, a frequent visitor to the US whose production of Brief Encounter was nominated for Tony and Olivier Awards, said in a statement that it was financially stable, but that “recent changes in artistic leadership raised questions as to whether Kneehigh could sustain their vision going forward.” Founding artistic director Mike Shepherd had resigned in March after 41 years; deputy artistic director Carl Grose left in January.- The Guardian
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So Many Acting Students, So Few Living Wage Jobs

Is the theatre industry training too many students? The pandemic sure made it seem so. “There is a vital need for creative practice and an equally critical need to earn a living. It’s not a binary consideration, but one that increasingly feels antithetical.” –
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Broadway Theatre Owner Cited In Stagehand’s Death

The citations from the federal government’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration were issued to the Shubert Organization for the Winter Garden Theater “six months after Peter Wright, a 54-year-old stagehand, fell nearly 50 feet from a narrow, raised platform while performing routine maintenance in the theater.” – The New York Times
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‘Why Should The Best Show People Somehow Keep Making The Dullest, Tackiest Hodgepodge Of A Tony Awards Show?’

“Even when not being manipulated by moneybags, the awards have regularly represented Broadway as a neurotic mess: defensive about its marginality, embarrassed by its serious works and insecure about its commercial appeal. … Now is the time for the Tonys to pull their act together.” Jesse Green has a few ideas, and even argues that the recent decision to split the telecast in two could be a good idea. – The New York Times
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