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Five Small Theaters Sue City Of New York Over Vaccine Requirements

The issue: the venues must require audiences to wear masks and be vaccinated, but similar buildings, or even the same one, are exempt from those rules when used for church services. The mandate “applies differently to venues depending on who is speaking and what they are saying.” – Gothamist
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Is Flying To London To See Ian McKellen’s Hamlet Worth The Risk?

A very 2021 question – and the risk doesn’t run one way. – The New York Times
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Running A Small Los Angeles Theatre In The Midst Of A Pandemic

It’s not exactly easy, but Boyle Heights’ Casa 0101 is giving arts and educational opportunities a real go, but it’s prepared to go back online if transmission rates go up. – Los Angeles Times
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Theatrefolk Featured Play – Shuddersome: Tales of Poe by Lindsay Price

Welcome to our Featured Play Spotlight. Shuddersome: Tales of Poe by Lindsay Price is a creepy, cross-curricular masterpiece with tons of flexibility, theatricality and a whole lot of fun. The thumping of a heartbeat. The creek of a door. The howl of a bitter wind. The gong of a clock tower. The clang of alarm bells. […]
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Rebellion and redemption: how the Slits gave a voice to female prisoners

Playwright Morgan Lloyd Malcolm on how the groundbreaking female punk band helped her tell the story of women suffocating in the prison systemIt was a bit of a “pinch me” moment, to be honest. Earlier this month I sat in the rehearsal room for Typical Girls and watched our incredible cast play the music of the Slits to Tessa Pollitt, an original member of the band.When I first started writing this show, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined we would get to this point. This absolute le...
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Portland’s Damaso Rodriguez Steps Away From Artists Rep

Shepherding the theatre’s downtown building through a sale, debt restructuring, capital campaign and construction isn’t easy. Oh, and then there’s the pandemic. Rodríguez says his discussions with theatre friends “became kind of existential: ‘Why do you do this? What do you want? What’s the future look like?'” – Oregon ArtsWatch
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Mugabe, My Dad & Me review – a powerful personal tale of celebration and healing

York Theatre RoyalTonderai Munyevu’s semi-autographical show addresses Zimbabwe’s traumatic history with honesty and humourClothes hang in broken rows above the bare stage (Nicolai Hart-Hansen’s design). Dresses, suits, uniforms – they are presences that suggest absences, the “ghosts” of the people in the stories that Tonderai Munyevu and Millie Chapanda are bringing to life through words and music.The text of Mugabe, My Dad & Me, written by Munyevu, is an assemblage of the events that have shap...
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20 Self-Reflection Journal Prompts

Continuing on with our focus on Social and Emotional Learning (check out our other posts about SEL here), this post is filled to the brim with self-reflection journal prompts. Teachers can use these prompts for start-of-class brainstorming, end-of-class exit slips, journaling exercises, or classroom discussion prompts. You can also have students answer the questions as […]
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Wave Of New Plays By Black Playwrights…

The plays are arriving at an existentially challenging moment for Broadway, when theaters have been closed for a year and a half, when the Delta variant has   from Covid, when  . – The New York Times
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Stephen Sondheim, At 91, Is Working On A New Musical

As he told Stephen Colbert this week, “I’ve been working on a show for a couple years with a playwright named David Ives, and it’s called Square One. … With any luck, we’ll get it on next season.” – The New York Times
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Mugabe, My Dad and Me review – a personal lesson on empire and identity

York Theatre RoyalTonderai Munyevu reflects on the men who have loomed large in his life in a thought-provoking show‘Where are you from?” It’s a question that writer and actor Tonderai Munyevu gets a lot. In the opening moments of Mugabe, My Dad and Me, he recalls it being asked by a white man he was serving in a bar, who went on to offer strong, ill-informed opinions about Munyevu’s native Zimbabwe. This show is Munyevu’s response.As the title suggests, it revolves around two men who have loome...
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After 35 Years, Chicago’s Goodman Theatre Artistic Director Robert Falls To Depart

“[His] decision, which he said was not made under any kind of internal or outside pressure, brings the exit of Chicago theater’s premier auteurist director, … known for the expansiveness of his ambition, the boldness of his risk-taking and the richness of his conceptual productions.” – Chicago Tribune
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The Story of My Life

We never stop discovering hidden treasures in The Story of My Life, the Broadway musical that New Line opens in a couple weeks at the Marcelle Theater in Grand Center. We ran the whole show for the first time last night, and for the first time on the set, and it went really well! Putting all the pieces together, even in a slightly rough form, reveals so much about this wonderful, intricately constructed, richly detailed musical! We originally (and over-optimistically) planned to do Something Ro...
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There’s Lots Of Complex, Intricate Movement In The Broadway Play ‘Pass Over’. Don’t Call It Choreography

“There’s not even blocking,” says director Danya Taymor (Julie’s niece). “I mean, there’s a little blocking.” That was worked out by the director and actors with Broadway’s great clown, Bill Irwin. He and Taymor talked to Lauren Wingenroth about the play’s non-choreography. – Dance Magazine
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How 9/11 Changed Comedy

Some of the comedic experimentation that immediately followed 9/11 tested the limits of free speech for entertainers, who made up the new rules as they went along and found that even jokes about 9/11-adjacent subject matter occasionally crossed a line. – The Atlantic
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Broadway’s Biggest Hits Are Back Onstage At Last

Eighteen months after the novel coronavirus shut them all down, the long-running audience favorites — Hamilton, Wicked, The Lion King, Chicago — resume their runs on Tuesday. Reporter Michael Paulson looked in on the preparations. – The New York Times
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As London’s West End Reopens, It May Scrap Wednesday Matinees

There’s plenty of demand for seats from theatregoers within England, but the audience for midweek afternoon shows is almost entirely tourists from abroad, of whom (thanks to COVID) there are still very few. – The Guardian
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‘It’s the balm we need right now’: how Broadway fought its way back

The long theatre shutdown in New York has taken its toll on the industry but a renewed and reinvigorated outlook towards diversity could have a major impactWhen Ruben Santiago-Hudson walks on stage at the Manhattan Theatre Club on Tuesday night, the electric charge between actor and audience will spark back to life. Then the healing will begin.“It is the balm that we all need right now, not just on stage, but in our city,” says Santiago-Hudson, writer, performer and director of Lackawanna Blues,...
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Theatre Has An Internship Problem

Or, you might say, an exploitation problem. – American Theatre
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Back to the Future: The Musical review – the car’s the star

Adelphi theatre, LondonThis is a splashy theatre-film mashup, with gravity-defying effects, cute quirks and offbeat gagsHow does a car speed at 88mph on stage? That must have been the biggest challenge for this musical adaptation of the hit 1985 film about Marty, Doc and the time-travelling DeLorean, which has to achieve that ferocious velocity to tear back across the decades to 1955. Kudos to the production for pulling off the effect so spectacularly.It really does seem as if the DeLorean is de...
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The Real-Time September 11 Conversation Between August Wilson And John Lahr

August Wilson, responding to Lahr, on the morning of September 11, 2001: “Yesterday was a different world, and I am mourning for it.” – Slate
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Disney's remaining movies for 2021 will premiere exclusively in theatres for up to 45 days, following the 'Black Widow' furore

The cast of Disney's "Eternals." Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney Disney said on Friday it will release the remainder of its 2021 movies exclusively in theatres. Musical "Encato" will play for 30 days, while another five movies will have a 45-day window. Scarlett Johansson filed a lawsuit against Disney in July for "Black Widow's" dual-release. See more stories on Insider's business page. Disney plans to release the remainder of its 2021 movies exclusively in theatr...
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A Florida state park is holding auditions for mermaids. Here's what it takes to play the role of a mythical aquatic creature.

Mermaids performing underwater. Weeki Wachee Springs State Park Weeki Wachee Springs State Park in Florida is hiring mermaids for its underwater theatre. Auditions are "rigorous and challenging," a state spokeswoman told Insider. Weeki Wachee mermaids are required to swim in 72-degree waters, 16 feet below surface level. See more stories on Insider's business page. If you're a strong swimmer who loves to entertain, you're in luck: Weeki Wachee Springs State Park in Florida i...
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Homebody or hellraiser: Our autumn arts preview has you covered

From online comedy to cinema’s new blockbusters to all-night rave festivals, a look at the cultural highlights for all levels of commitmentNew streaming gems to enjoy from within the comfort of your own four walls. Continue reading...
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Change the Decision: Analyzing Character Choice

In this article, we’re focusing on responsible decision making, which is one of the five areas of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). If the concept of SEL is new to you, check out this article for a basic overview: Social and Emotional Learning in the Drama Classroom: What Is It?.  Decisions are often what drive […]
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Stand-Up Comedians Look Back On Their First Shows After 9/11

“Every comedian’s response to the attack wasn’t necessarily positive, just like every American’s wasn’t. Comedy didn’t save the country after 9/11, but it did reflect it.” Penn Jillette, Marc Maron, Judy Gold, Alonzo Bodden, Maz Jobrani, Dean Obeidallah, and 30 other comics recall how they handled it. – Vulture
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RSC Chief Gregory Doran Steps Down Temporarily

The Royal Shakespeare Company’s artistic director is taking indefinite compassionate leave (the UK equivalent of family/medical leave) to care for his husband, actor Antony Sher, as he faces a terminal illness. – The Guardian
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Demon twins and sci-fi raves at Galway’s gobsmacking arts fest

With theatre for an audience of one, a whirlwind set of Kevin Barry stories and sparky songs, the Irish festival is in fine formAdapting to Covid-19 restrictions with ingenuity, Galway international arts festival has embraced hybrid forms of performance: live in theatres, streamed, filmed, recorded for headsets or available for a single audience member to encounter alone. In the case of Attic Projects’ arresting Volcano (★★★★☆), presented in four 45-minute parts, viewers have the intense experie...
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How On Earth Did Experimental Downtown Drama Land On Broadway?

“An unusually large proportion of the 10 plays opening this fall are what one producer calls ‘formally inventive’ and others might label downtown, avant-garde, or (that dread word) challenging.” Jesse Green considers three of them: Is This a Room?, Dana H., and Pass Over. – The New York Times
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Rethinking The Idea Of Theatre As Public Space

In a world dominated by Netflix, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Twitter, the idea of using theatre to drive change and inform our political life may seem naïve, even quaint. But theatre offers something none of these platforms can: space. – American Theatre
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