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‘Theater That Gets In The Way’ — A Company Puts Itself On The Front Lines Of Poland’s Culture Wars

Two years ago, the actors of the Powszechny Theater in Warsaw had to barricade themselves inside their building against conservative Catholic protesters angry about their production The Curse, about the suxual abuse of children by priests. This year, the company is following up with a staging of Mein Kampf. No wonder its slogan is “Theater that gets in the way.” – The New York Times
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Oregon Shakespeare Festival Names Bill Rauch’s Successor As Artistic Director

“Nataki Garrett, currently serving as acting artistic director for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, will take the reins in August … The announcement ends a nearly yearlong search following Rauch’s February 2018 announcement that he would step down from the post — also this August — for his new artistic directing job at the Ronald O. Perelman Center for Performing Arts at the World Trade Center in New York City.” – The Mail Tribune (Medford, OR)
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James Corden To Host This Year’s Tonys

“The Late Late Show” host previously emceed the annual theater awards show in 2016, and won the Tony for best actor in a play for his performance in “One Man, Two Guvnors” in 2012. – Variety
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Leadership At Top US Nonprofit Theatres Is Finally Becoming More Diverse

“Across the country, scores of artistic directors, most of them white men who have served as community tastemakers for years, are leaving their jobs via retirements, ousters, and an industrywide round of musical chairs. As their successors are appointed, a shift is underway: according to a national survey conducted by two Bay Area directors, women have been named to 41 percent of the 85 jobs filled since 2015, and people of color have been named to 26 percent.” – The New York Times
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The Mysterious (And Disgusting) Pooper Of Broadway

The stealthy stink bomber struck during tryouts for the “Magic Mike” musical at Pearl Studios at 500 Eighth Ave. on Feb. 26, and again on March 6 at the Ripley-Grier space down the block. “There was a lot of disbelief,” said actress Eunice Bae of the first incident, when she saw a show rep slip on something on the floor. – New York Post
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La Scala opera house to return Saudi donation of €3m after outcry

Human rights groups and Italian politicians decry deal to give €15m over five yearsThe prestigious La Scala opera house in Milan has decided to return around €3m (£2.6m) to Saudi Arabia following a backlash against a plan that would have seen the Gulf state’s culture minister become a board member.The plan, orchestrated by Alexander Pereira, La Scala’s chief executive and artistic director, was unanimously rejected by the board after it drew widespread criticism from human rights groups and Ital...
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Hello, Actor, Please Star In This Off-Broadway Play – For One Night Only

Tracy Letts, who was one of the performers in playwright Nassim Soleimanpour’s Nassim, didn’t get a rehearsal ahead of time (no actor does), and he was a bit worried he might cry while acting – because, he says, “in the time we’re living in right now, most people I know walk around trying not to cry most of the time. And the show touches on a lot of things — storytelling, language, transcending borders, connection — and connection with anybody is moving.” – The New York Times
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These Are The Lengths Actors Will Go To In Order To Put On A Play

Dang, Chicago. Here’s the story’s start, when actors get to the theatre, but the set doesn’t: “The cast arrived at the theater and got into costume. No wrestling ring. It’s 5 p.m. and getting dark. Still no ring. Calabrese and Mayberry started looking for a plan B, and fast. ‘We gotta do something,’ Calabrese said. A U-Haul truck was a rented, a ring was found in Villa Park — delivery not included — about an hour away in evening traffic. In the rain.” (Now wait for the part where the set d...
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How Can Theatre Be More ‘Human’ To Those With Children?

Well, for one thing, it could encourage actors (stage managers, lighting crew members, etc.) to job-share. Also, with professionals, idea: “We need to make sure we are not rehearsing into the evenings and we don’t need to rehearse every night.” – The Stage (UK)
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Russia Bans A Teen Theatre Production; Police Question Director

The show, called The Pinks and the Blues, “developed by the activist troupe Merak, triggered intense scrutiny from local authorities who saw it as a dangerous and subversive activity promoting ‘hatred against men and non-traditional family relations.'” The teens in the theatre troupe were also questioned by police. – Global Voices
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When Your World Spins Too Fast

It's an ugly time in our culture. I see pundits on cable news trying to explain why it's ugly and what we can do about it. But almost all of them miss the central point.America is changing in big ways, very quickly, and to a substantial minority, that is terrifying. And right now, for those folks, fear motivates everything in them. These people fear losing power (that they never really had), fear losing social status (that they never really had), fear losing their culture (which was never as Whi...
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Off-Broadway’s Best-Connected, Best-Loved Talent-Spotter

“For the past 15 years, [Jason Eagan] has been the remarkably well-connected, stealthily low-profile, principal creative force shaping the innovative Off-Broadway incubator Ars Nova. … He’s the guy who plucked an obscure Billy Eichner out of one Manhattan basement and an unknown Lin-Manuel Miranda out of another; who discovered the alt-cabaret comedian Bridget Everett at midnight at a karaoke bar; who looked upon the glorious excess of Dave Malloy’s nascent War and Peace musical, Natasha, Pierr...
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Working To Diversify The Buncha-White-Guys World Of Improv

“Improv may still skew white, but things are changing. … The following folks are currently working to alter perceptions and expectations about improv. Some are longtime warriors, others are new to the scene. But all point toward a future in which the stage presents a more diverse mix of ages, nationalities, body types, skin tones, gender identities, sexual orientations, and, yes, even political affiliations.” – American Theatre
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Leonard Bernstein Awkwardly Turns the Screws on Tenor Jose Carreras While Recording West Side Story (1984)

What have we here? Evidence that the Maestro is a monster? Or a behind the scenes reminder that Arrested Development’s wannabe actor Tobias Fünke is not too far off base when he says that to make it in “this business of show, you have to have the heart of an angel and the hide... of an elephant.” Both? Neither? Any way you slice it, the recording session above is not for your typical cast album. West Side Story, with a book by Arthur Laurents, music by Leonard Bernstein, and lyrics b...
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The World’s First Virtual Reality Theatre Service

The platform, called LIVR, aims to make theatre “more accessible to all” by giving users a “fully immersive 360-degree experience” of live performance from their homes. Subscribers can stream shows using a mobile phone app for LIVR and watch them via a free virtual reality headset that is provided by the service. – The Stage
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Jewish Theater Is A Real Thing In The US — Why Not In Britain? (There’s No Shortage Of Jews In Theatre There)

“Jewish theatre artists have been central but often unidentified.” (Harold Pinter, Janet Suzman, Antony Sher, David Lan, Tracy Ann Oberman, Nicholas Hytner, …) “Is this an immigrant people’s anxiety around unwelcome attention? ‘We’re a self-effacing community,’ says playwright Samantha Ellis, ‘we’re afraid to put our heads above the parapet.'” – The Guardian
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The B-Side: "Negro Folklore From Texas State Prisons," A Record Album Interpretation - Where messages can be found between the lines

Reviewed by Judd Hollander People of a certain age may recall the joy of going through dusty bins of vinyl recordings at a record store or flea market and seeing one that unexpectedly caught their eye. Said discovery opening a window to a world the finder never new existed and which was now long forgotten by all but a precious few. Such is the effect one has after attending "The B-Side: Negro Folklore From  Texas  State Prisons,” A Record Album Interpretation.  The show being the bra...
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Brain Scans Of Actors Find Different Neural Functioning When They’re In Character

“Writing in the journal Royal Society Open Science, [Canadian researchers] report how 15 method actors, mainly theatre students, were trained to take on a Shakespeare role – either Romeo or Juliet – in a theatre workshop, and were asked various questions, to which they responded in character. They were then invited into the laboratory, where their brains were scanned in a series of experiments.” – The Guardian
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Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred Two

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Two And once again, Rob and Jon are at it, with another freewheeling, off-the-cuff conversation that just flows and entertains.  Listen in as they discuss the current political climate, new music, sports, current events around the country, a stellar “In Our Heads” and so much more! With the boys being back in top form, how can you resist?  You can’t – so sit down, get comfortable and enjoy this latest installment of the wildly succes...
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Backstage Workers Are Being ‘Pushed To The Breaking Point’, Say UK Unions

“BECTU and Equity and professional associations for stage managers and lighting and sound practitioners have argued that ‘excessively long working hours’ are leading to ‘burnout and serious mental health issues’.” How long are these hours? Up to “15 to 18 hours per day, six days per week.” – The Stage
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Mine Have Naked People

Midway through Act II of La Cage aux Folles we get the number "Cocktail Counterpoint." It doesn't really feel like the other songs in the show. I used to think it was just filler because they felt like they needed a song there.I was really wrong.This is a deceptively complex piece that delivers so much information. On the surface, it feels like just an Irving Berlin style stunt, introducing several independent melodies, then combining them into counterpoint. But it's more than that. Berlin did ...
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Britney Spears, The Musical?

The show will have its world premiere this fall in Chicago at the James M. Nederlander Theatre. Previews begin in October. The show’s story centers on classic fairytale princesses like Cinderella and Snow White learning that being happy ever after may take some work. – Washington Post (AP)
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Actors Theatre Of Louisville Appoints Artistic Director

“After a nationwide search that began in 2017, Actors Theatre of Louisville has found its new artistic director — Robert Barry Fleming, a Kentucky native who was previously working as associate artistic director of the Cleveland Play House. Fleming will replace Les Waters, who announced his departure from the organization after leading it for seven years.” – Inside Louisville
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In Gaza, A Theatre Revives Itself Amidst The Wreckage

ASHTAR Theatre had made its home in a Gaza City cultural center that was destroyed last August in an Israeli airstrike (launched to retaliate for rockets from Gaza fired at Beersheva). Nevertheless, they persist: ASHTAR members have been continuing the theatre’s work, throughout the territory and literally on the ruins of its old home. – American Theatre
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Edinburgh Fringe Teams Up With Kickstarter

As part of the collaboration, Kickstarter will offer a series of incentives to companies using the platform to crowdfund their show, including support for artists before and during the festival through online videos about fundraising and one-to-one coaching. – The Stage
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Broadway Gets A Tech Startup Accelerator

Alongside venture capital firm Exponential Creativity Ventures and tech training company IT Mentors, the Shubert Organization is launching a startup accelerator that will provide companies with funding, training and the ability to test products in Broadway theaters or within the Shubert ecosystem. In exchange, the Broadway Tech Accelerator will take an equity stake in each company. – Broadway News
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Tracing A Passion For Theatre To The Performance That Sparked It All

Theatre can be magical, yes – but if you work in the theatre,”it’s easy to forget what compelled us into the profession in the first place. It can be lost amid the realities of the job at hand, chasing the next opportunity and our familiarity with the things that enthralled us once upon a time. It is also easy to forget what a personal experience theatre can be, where actors walk out of stage doors every night to waiting fans. It’s an experience that cannot be replicated by movies and televisio...
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Daddy - Looking Behind The Eyes

Reviewed by Judd Hollander Making a relationship work becomes problematic when those involved are not completely honest about what they want in such a union. It's a message that rings loud and clear in Jeremy O. Harris’ powerful new work, Daddy, currently having its world premiere at The Pershing Square Signature Center; as presented by The New Group and Vineyard Theatre. In  Los Angeles ,  California , Franklin (Ronald Beet), a young gay black man, is riding high. An aspiring arti...
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The Saga Of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Adds A New Chapter As Publisher Of Older Play Sues Harper Lee’s Estate

The older production, familiar to millions, is the one threatened by the Broadway play and planned national tour. The problem? Too many agreements. “The latest dispute, over whether and when the Sergel adaptation can be staged now that the Sorkin adaptation exists, pits an agreement Ms. Lee signed with Dramatic Publishing in 1969 against one she signed with Mr. Rudin in 2015.” – The New York Times
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