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What Do I Do about Intrusive Sister-in-Law?

From the U.S.: Met my sister-in-law in 2004 she is heavy set and had an ordinary style. I have pin up style and platinum blonde hair, several tattoos. Soon after she went from dark brown hair to blonde. Started wearing flower clips in her hair, buying same brand pin up purses as me. Then she bought the same car as mine (black) hers white and had my bro buy same truck as my husband (black) his white. She got two monarch butterflies tattooed on her back shoulders like me, lily tatted on right foot...
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Unsure about Past Trauma

I’m 16 now and since I can remember I’ve been avoiding a topic I don’t even know for certain happened. When I was younger I used to get flashbacks of sexual things I was involved in that included another young girl that was around the same age as me. The reason I have avoided talking about it is that it involves homosexuality and I don’t/didn’t feel comfortable talking about it to my family. In one of my flashbacks, I remember getting caught but now whenever the person that participated in the s...
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the doctor is in!

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Why Do Sounds and Touch Bother Me?

From a teen in the U.S.: This started in 7th grade, but its been getting really bad. i’ve always been irritated by certain sounds, mainly ones other people make. Like breathing loudly, clearing throat, tapping pens, any repetative motion. It’s now sending me into panic attacks, i have to leave the classroom several times and i cant look at anyone, i cant pay attention in class at all because my heart is pounding and i cant breath. I cry it out in the bathroom and miss a lot of class. Its worse r...
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things my therapist told me!

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I Want to Move Back to My Ex But My Family Won’t Let Me

So I want to get back with my daughter’s father. We broke up originally because I cheated which was my mistake. Please, no bashing I suffered enough already. Point what I am getting to is I moved 1000kms away from him because of the fights and accusations and threats that was happening. So I moved to my parents it has been One and a Half months since the fights we both want to get back together and his family wants me home too, as I was living with him for almost a year. Now that we have sorted ...
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Child Sexual Abuse

I’m having flashbacks of being involved in sexual activity from the age of around 7, the boy was 4 years older than me. I remember waking up to him touching me during a sleepover and telling me to be quiet. I didn’t know what he was doing and was too scared to say anything. This sparked a long series of events where this boy would force me to perform sexual acts, he would tell me that he would tell all my friends that I was homosexual if I didn’t perform the sexual act. Of course now I realise t...
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things my therapist told me

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Slowly Losing My Mind

It’s actually 5 am and I can’t sleep because I feel like I am losing it. I am so disconnected, and I have strange thoughts that I don’t want to have and are making me doubt my sanity. I had a big panic attack a month ago where I lost it completely. The morning after, I was feeling off, self-doubtful and scared. Since then, I had a lot of them and I have unwanted thoughts, but what bothers me the most is the fact that I am feeling really disconnected, like reality is slipping away from me. I wake...
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Constant Intrusive Thoughts

I have OCD and intrusive thoughts because of my OCD. But for as long as i can remember i have this constant fear of someone being in my house and them going to kill me. I constantly check closets and around corners. The fear never goes away and im always on edge that some random person is in my house and i could die. Im not sure if its apart of my OCD or not. Thank you for reading and helping me. It’s difficult to know what may be causing this fear. If I had the opportunity to interview you, I w...
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If I Share with My Therapist, Will I Be Locked Up?

From the UK: i have this problem that i have been dealing with for 1 year now and it has not worsened and during times when i am occupied with my education or work it seems to get better (and basically stop). I see things in my peripheral vision for a split second and then they disappear. I dont know what it is that i actually see and its different every time and i am not saying this in the sense that i cant describe what i saw but in the sense that i actually do not know as it was my periphary ...
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Fear of Doing My Homework and Checking My Grades!!!!

I have no idea why I have this fear or anxiety. I am taking online classes full-time right now and have been for the last 3 year. I will always start the school quarter off well and be on track with Homework and grades but then if I don’t get online for just one single day (which is completely fine to do. We aren’t required to go online everyday) it becomes extremely hard for me to get back online to do homework and to check my grades. It is very similar to another fear I have which is when I fe...
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I’m Super Stressed and Don’t Know What to Do

From a college freshman in the U.S.: I am always very stressed with school. I’m in the most rigorous classes, five clubs, and sports, I’m not happy. Before winter break, my mental health was very poor. I was depressed and honestly close to becoming suicidal (This was my first major mental conflict other than in middle school when I was developing an eating disorder until I did a research project on them) I fixed this over break and got back into a good state of mind. When I got back to school, I...
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Sister Has Lymphoma; Thinks My Diagnoses Are Excuses

My Sister has Stage 4 Lymphoma and throughout everything I have only been able to help her once. During the time that my vehicle was working I drove her around to help her with errands (depositing money from her benefit), taking her to pay bills, etc. She filled up my tank in exchange, but a month later my car’s transmission failed. She texted me recently and said “You need to step up”, I’m currently without a car, I have no sleeping schedule (it varies as my SO works nights), and I am experienc...
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I Don’t Want to Feel So Helpless Any More

From a teen in the U.S.: Hello, I’m a freshman in college struggling with bouts of depression as well as some intense social anxiety. I’;m typically a pretty happy person and I’ve never gone to a specialist mostly because the thought of it makes my skin crawl just thinking about it as does doing a lot of things that involves meeting or speaking to people I don’t know to the point where sometimes I want to cry. Somedays are good and I can communicate with people without a problem but when it’s ba...
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Spouse’s Disturbing Behavior

Been married about 10mth. We’ve known each other 10 years, mostly not together as he is from overseas. He moved to the US and we got married recently. Seemed a bit homesick and perhaps depressed after a few months, but that’s it. Recently he started not coming home. It started small. He was late from work or school, didn’t text or respond to texts or calls. Then he just wouldn’t come home until next day and wouldn’t say or would just say be home late and ignore any follow-up question. After the ...
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I’m Very Confused & I Think I’m Slowly Going Crazy

its very hard to explain how I feel, I cant really explain my emotions at all, being in a relationship is hard because I feel like I cant talk about what im feeling in a way that I think will make sense to other people. I tend to feel like im somehow not in control of my thoughts at all, its one thought after another sometimes with no connection at all I doubt myself so much, ill constantly think that what I feel is wrong and I shouldn’t even feel or think the way I do but I cant stop it. I some...
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things my therapist told me!

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Torch takes $10M to teach empathy to executives

When everyone always tells you ‘yes’, you can become a monster. Leaders especially need honest feedback to grow. “If you look at rich people like Donald Trump and you neglect them, you get more Donald Trumps” says Torch co-founder and CEO Cameron Yarbrough about our gruff president. His app wants to make executive coaching (a polite word for therapy) part of even the busiest executive’s schedule. Torch conducts a 360 interview with a client and their employees to assess weaknesses, lays out imp...
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Why Am I Forgetting Things?

From a teen in the U.S.: I’m not sure if it’s just my anxiety, but I’ve been feeling like I’m acting differently even though I don’t have proof I am. I have been feeling a little more anxious lately, but I’ve been able to handle it. I have been experiencing some depersonalisation, could be because I’ve been living in a basement and I rarely go outside anymore or even upstairs. I might be depressed, and really I want to know how to get over that. I just hope this isn’t something worse. I just rea...
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Lonely But Not Wanting to Be with Anyone

I suffered from traumatic brain injury and have sense found out that i have a higher chance for certain conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Since finding out i do not want to enter any love relationship because i feel it is unfair to ask someone to be ok with the higher risk involved with that. Is there any kind of mental illness that could be causing me to feel this way or am I kist choosing to live my life alone even though I am lonely? Depression is one possibility that comes...
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Are my Emotional Issues Related to Early Separation from my Mother?

From a young man in South Africa: What is the emotional issues caused by my mother passing about 2 months after my birth. Simply stated in facts is that I was born in August. 1980. My father(not married or interested in me or my mom) passed away that September from diabetes. My mother then died after an horrific car accident on her way to fetch me from a state owned foster care, also in September. She was banned from her family because of me being born out of wedlock. As far as i know she did ev...
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Why Therapists Break Up With Their Patients

Lori Gottlieb: "Nearly every therapist has initiated a breakup at some point"
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things my therapist told me!

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Imagining & Seeing Weird Things

Recently, I have been imagining and having visions of people being killed. I have had multiple dreams where people have been killed, mostly stabbed, in all of which I have killed them. Murder has never appealed to me until quite recently and I find this very weird. I frequently have visions of random people being killed in some way and sometimes, if I’m stood in a large crowd and am feeling particularly anxious I see multiple people being murdered around me. It doesn’t scare me or disturb me, in...
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There’s Something Wrong with my Brain

From a teen girl in the U.S.: I haven’t been able to interact with people normally at any point in my life. When I was in elementary school I was extremely aggressive and prone to tantrums far past the age where that behavior is normal. This behavior continued into jr high and high school. My tantrums went from scratching my arms up and screaming to punching myself, banging my head on walls, hitting myself in the face, biting my arms and making non human sounds. I’ve never had control of these o...
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Feelings of Jealousy

I had my third and last baby 9 months ago. I have 3 girls. I have longed for a boy and will never have one. My sister and brother in law had their first child and it’s a boy. I was/am heartbroken. It’s the first grandchild that’s a boy so it’s a hot topic. On top of it all, I just found out my sister in law went in to the hospital with zero pain and was fully dilated and had the baby. I went through 3 very hard medicated difficult deliveries. I am relieved it all went safely for them but I canno...
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I’m Looking for a Therapist, But Not Sure What My Future Therapist Should Specialize In

I am a crossdresser. I’ve been cross dressing since a very young age. I am at a point where I need a therapist or someone that I can talk to about my cross dressing. Problem is when I try finding a therapist that specializes in cross dressing all I seem to find are therapist specializing in gender dysphoria and it really sounds like they are all catering to transgender people. I have yet to see one that says they deal with crossdressers. Is that the kind of therapist I have to settle for? Or is ...
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Nightmare, Memory, Confusion of Being Sexually Abused

When I was 14-17, I lived with a physically and verbally abusive step-father who constantly insinuated that I was gay. I didn’t know how to stand up for myself then. I remember a particular night, waking and feeling barely aware, as if I’d been drugged, and unable to move. I actually don’t know if this is, in fact, a memory or if it was a nightmare, but it was very realistic. I was in my room, in my bed, and every detail about the room is there. I distinctly remember seeing the hallway light and...
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Why Is this Woman Competing for My Daughter’s Affection?

From the U.S.: My daughter’s friend’s Mother is acting strangely. I found out that she wants my adult daughter to call her “Mom”. She takes my daughter’s side when my daughter and I argue, and has since my daughter was a teenager. She competes with me. An example of this right now is that my husband and I are taking my daughter on a 3 week trip this summer. I found out today that she has planned a trip now for this summer for her 2 daughters and mine. My daughter does not tell me these things. I...
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