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Best places to eat near Vatican City

There are a handful of religious sites around the world that every traveler should see, regardless of their beliefs or background. Vatican City is one of those. While you walk on the holy cobblestones, however, you’re far more likely to hear echoes of vendors barking “tickets” and “skip the line” than you are to hear angels singing soothing melodies. But if you know where to look, the Roman area around the Vatican offers secluded beauty, incredible food, and locations where you can take some ...
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Site of Caesar’s murder will open

Visitors to Rome are about to be able to add a pretty iconic stop on their next tour of the city. Last week Rome’s mayor, Virginia Raggi, announced the restoration and opening of the Largo di Torre Argentina — the site where Julius Caesar was stabbed 22 times to death by rival Roman senators on March 15, 44 BC. The remains of the complex that includes the Theater of Pompey, the Senate House, and four temples, were first excavated back in the 1920s by Benito Mussolini. Since then, however, th...
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Tour the Colosseum after dark

The Colosseum is spectacular at any hour, but this new tour lets you experience it as few have done before: after dark. Launched by Italian tour company Roma Experience, the new Under the Moon tour not only allows visitors to experience the Colosseum at night, but also to access restricted areas of the iconic structure. These include the arena stage and underground dungeons, which are off-limits during the day. And this VIP tour is limited to 25 participants, meaning a far more personal, crow...
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