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Thomas Kinkade Studios presents "The Mandalorian"

Thomas Kinkade Studios — a group of artists continuing in the tradition of the late "Painter of Light" who masterfully commodified domestic commercial home artwork, for better and for worse — has released a new series of painting prints inspired by The Mandalorian. — Read the rest
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Someone added lyrics to THE MANDALORIAN theme song

Here are the delightfully self-aware (but a little too long for an intro) lyrics: VERSE 1Here's a man in an Beskar suit Who's a walking armory Bounty hunting to just make do In the gig economy His name is on the show But we know who the star is (space flute) This puppet who's adorable and green Turned out to be a tiny cash machine VERSE 2 Through the dustiest worlds he rides Kicking ass and slinging guns Like a mystery cowboy type Hate to say, it's all been done He's just Clint Ea...
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T-shirt and jeans is not the Mandalorian way

In the latest episode from The Mandalorian's second season, "The Siege", an anachronism was spotted by viewers. Some guy, presumably working on the movie, was visible in the background of a shot featuring the main characters in an Imperial space station. — Read the rest
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Check out this customized He-Mandalorian action figure with Baby Orko

From the New Hampshire-based customizable toy company Wicked Joyful, this is the way. View this post on Instagram A post shared by WickedJoyful (@wickedjoyful) For the first season of The Mandalorian, Wicked Joyful also made a "Stah Wahs" figure to celebrate Bill Burr's curiously Boston-accented character from the episode "The Prisoner."
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