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Thomas provides isolation tips

Midfielder Geoff Thomas was on his own after being diagnosed with leukaemia in 2003.
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HBO’s I Know This Much Is True Starring Mark Ruffalo Delayed Until May

HBO’s I Know This Much Is True Starring Mark Ruffalo Delayed Until May HBO’s six-part limited series, I Know This Much Is True, has been delayed and will now debut on Sunday, May 10. The series was originally scheduled to premiere on Monday, April 27. From creator Derek Cianfrance, the limited series adaptation, based on the best-selling novel by Wally Lamb, stars three-time Oscar nominee Mark Ruffalo (Spotlight, Foxcatcher, The Kids Are All Right) as Dominick as he struggles to take care of ...
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Summer Olympics in Tokyo to Start on July 23, 2021

The new date for the Games, postponed for a year in response to the coronavirus pandemic, gives athletes time to recalibrate their training schedules.
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Opinion analysis: Court finds particular maritime safe berth clause constitutes charterer’s warranty of safety

In a 7-2 decision announced today, the Supreme Court held that a safe berth clause in a particular maritime charter party agreement constituted a warranty of safety, making the charterer, who designated the unloading berth, liable for costs to clean up an oil spill. In concluding that the charter party agreement allocated such a risk to the charterer (collectively referred to as CARCO), the court umpired a dispute involving more than $130 million dollars between the parties, resolved a circuit s...
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What’s Your Problem?

WE HEAR A LOT about reframing, but do we actually do it? True. We get busy, and we start looking for a solution without first analyzing the problem. We want a quick solution so we can move on. And we “solve” the wrong problem. Reframing helps us to avoid this. Reframing helps us to see solutions that we would otherwise not see, as we see the issue from different angles. Sometimes the process of reframing leads us to discover that what we thought was the problem is not really the problem at all....
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Monsey Stabbing: Rabbi Dies Three Months After Hanukkah Attack

Josef Neumann had been gravely injured in the machete assault in a Hasidic rabbi’s home in Monsey, N.Y., northwest of New York City.
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Westworld Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Westworld Season 3 Episode 3 Recap In the previous episode of HBO’s Westworld, Serac recruited Maeve to help him find Dolores, and Bernard gave Stubbs a new directive to protect him. In Westworld Season 3 Episode 3, Caleb’s encounter with Dolores led to an awakening, and the host posing as Charlotte struggled with her identity. High Value Targets Caleb called an ambulance for Dolores, but as they struggled to treat her, a police car pulled them over. Through an alert f...
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Coronavirus: Shoppers Notice More Used Protective Items Littering Store Parking Lots

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Rebecca Beuttel said she’s been seeing plenty of people protecting themselves at stores in Roseville during the coronavirus pandemic. She told CBS13 not everyone is disposing of their protective masks, gloves and disinfectant wipes into garbage cans. “We gotta take care of what we can take care of,” Beuttel said. Others have noticed it too. “People just leave them in their carts when they come out here and it’s kind of disgusting,” Anthony Booros said. Beuttel said some are j...
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Robin Thomas

Graph Theorist and Georgia Tech Math Professor Robin Thomas passed away Thursday after his long battle with ALS. He was one of the giants of the field and a rare double winner of the Fulkerson Prize, for the six-color case of the Hadwiger Conjecture and the proof of the strong perfect graph theorem. If you start with a graph G and either delete some vertices or merge vertices connected by an edge, you get a minor of G. The Hadwiger conjecture asks whether every graph that is not (k+1)-colorabl...
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The Government’s Speech and Its Complexities

For the Symposium on Helen Norton, The Government's Speech and the Constitution (Cambridge University Press, 2019).Helen Norton My thanks to Jack Balkin for hosting this symposium on my book, “The Government’s Speech and the Constitution,” and to each and every one of the symposium’s terrific contributors. For those who do what we do, there may be no greater gift than a thoughtful, engaged, and generous read of one’s work. That this gift comes from colleagues whose own work I have long admired—a...
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Millions of dollars are at stake as big advertisers and agency holding companies consider sitting out the Cannes Lions ad festival

Advertising's biggest and most expensive event, the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, was postponed to October from June in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Each of five biggest ad holding companies spends upward of $20 million on Cannes every year, but multiple sources told Business Insider they are leaning toward sitting 2020 out due to health and reputational concerns. These people say agencies and Cannes parent company Ascential have been in talks that included the possibility of C...
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Coronavirus fallout: Homebuyers balk, local escrows plummet 16%

Coronavirus is slowing Southern California homebuying, with new signed sales contracts for existing homes plummeting 16% in the past week, according to one real estate data tracker. Various efforts to limit the spread of the coronavirus has throttled the state’s economy, costing perhaps 1 million Californians their jobs. In the past week, the state has issued a stern stay-at-home order that limited even more businesses, including home sales. The California Association of Realtors told its member...
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Amazon, Apple, and others are making shows, books, and sporting everts free to access online for users staying home during the coronavirus pandemic (AMZN, AAPL)

Companies like Amazon and Apple, and organizations including the NBA and NFL, are giving away free content while people are stuck at home. A third of Americans are now under some kind of shelter in place order due to the coronavirus. People who've been told to stay home and shelter in place are supposed to avoid leaving home except for essential purposes or work in a few specific sectors. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. While stuck at home, people are finding ways to stay ...
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AI Versus the Coronavirus

A new consortium of top scientists will be able to use some of the world's most advanced supercomputers to look for solutions. From a report: Advanced computers have defeated chess masters and learned how to pick through mountains of data to recognize faces and voices. Now, a billionaire developer of software and artificial intelligence is teaming up with top universities and companies to see if A.I. can help curb the current and future pandemics. Thomas M. Siebel, founder and chief executive of...
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‘Strange Brew’ and ‘SCTV’ Hosers Bob & Doug McKenzie Immortalized As Statues in Edmonton, Canada

Canada is known for giving us maple syrup and Ryan Reynolds, not to mention their undying love for hockey and inexplicably endless politeness. But when I think of Canada, there are two lovable hosers that come to mind, and that’s beer-chugging, hockey-loving brothers Bob and Doug McKenzie, played by Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis in both the Canadian sketch comedy series SCTV (or Second City Television) and the cult classic comedy feature film Strange Brew. Now the knuckleheads from the Great Whi...
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I.O.C. and Japan Agree to Postpone Tokyo Olympics

The decision came after swelling resistance from nations and athletes to holding the Games amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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Why Olympic Leaders Clung to the Plan to Have the Summer Games in Tokyo

The International Olympic Committee had said the Tokyo Games would offer hope against the coronavirus this summer, even as sports leaders and medical experts insisted that the event be delayed.
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Opinion analysis: Court sides with immigrants on availability of judicial review of removal orders

Today, the Supreme Court issued its decision in the consolidated cases of Guerrero-Lasprilla v. Barr and Ovalles v. Barr. The court ruled in favor of the noncitizens who were challenging the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit’s denial of their motions to reopen their removal cases. The 5th Circuit had said it lacked the ability to review their cases. With the court’s decision, Pedro Pablo Guerrero-Lasprilla and Ruben Ovalles will now be able to continue their legal efforts to come back in...
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SCT: States can Keep Infringing Copyright With Immunity/Impunity

By Dennis Crouch This case is welcome news to state-employed teachers infringing copyrights like crazy as they post materials online.  Allen v. Cooper (Supreme Court 2020) Justice Kagan offered the US Supreme Court’s opinion siding with the State of North Carolina (Cooper) in a Copyright federalism question — holding that US Congress does not have the authority to abrogate State immunity from copyright infringement lawsuits. The 11th Amendment (1795) provides that: The Judicial power of the ...
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Opinion analysis: Congress cannot subject states to suit for pirating and plundering copyrighted material

A state cannot be sued for copyright infringement because Congress did not validly abrogate sovereign immunity when it enacted the Copyright Remedy Clarification Act of 1990, the Supreme Court held Monday in Allen v. Cooper . Justice Elena Kagan wrote the opinion for six justices; Justice Clarence Thomas joined the opinion in part; and Justice Stephen Breyer, joined by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, concurred in the judgment. The case arose from a salvage operation for Blackbeard’s flagship Qu...
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A 2020 Olympics Delay Seems Inevitable. Is a 4-Week Decision Needed to Get There?

As organizers of the Tokyo Games consider the complexities of shifting such a big event, athletes and others grow more upset with their uncertainty.
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An Olympic Delay Seems Inevitable. Is a 4-Week Decision Needed to Get There?

As organizers of the Tokyo Games consider the complexities of shifting such a big event, athletes and others grow more upset with their uncertainty.
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Canada Withdraws From Summer Olympics as I.O.C. Weighs Postponement

Faced with growing frustration from athletes and some national committees, the International Olympic Committee said it would decide within four weeks on the Tokyo Games.
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Coronavirus angst cuts Southern California homebuying 4% in 4 weeks

Southern California house hunters were already balking at buying existing homes amid coronavirus fears and business closings before real estate agents were told to halt most selling activities. The number of new escrows in the six-county region in the 30 days ended March 19 was 16,619 — down 766 or 4% in four weeks, said ReportsOnHousing. Author Steve Thomas follows homebuying trends found in the home-selling listing services for Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Vent...
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An Olympic Showdown: The Rising Clamor to Postpone the Tokyo Summer Games

Athletes and sports organizations are pushing back against the I.O.C.’s insistence that the Games go on this summer despite the coronavirus pandemic.
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I Know This Much Is True Trailer Has Double the Ruffalo

I Know This Much Is True trailer: Don’t give up on the people you love HBO has released the official trailer for creator Derek Cianfrance’s upcoming limited series adaptation of I Know This Much Is True, featuring Mark Ruffalo’s Dominick as he struggles to take care of his schizophrenic twin brother Thomas, who is also portrayed by Ruffalo. Based on Wally Lamb’s best-selling novel of the same name, the six-episode miniseries will be making its debut on April 27. Check out the video in the pl...
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How Leaders Overcome Adversity

We believe that great leaders possess four essential skills, and...these happen to be the same skills that allow a person to find meaning in what could be a debilitating experience. First is the ability to engage others in shared meaning... Second is a distinctive and compelling voice... Third is a sense of integrity (including a strong set of values)... But by far the most critical skill of the four is what we call "adaptive capacity..." It’s composed of two primary qualities: the ability ...
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Olympics President: ‘Of Course We Are Considering Different Scenarios’

In a lengthy interview, Thomas Bach, the president of the I.O.C., said “cancellation is not on the agenda,” but that it was too early to make a decision about postponing the Summer Games in Tokyo beginning this July.
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Coronavirus is the new black. COVID-19 hits the stars and the Royals in this week’s dubious tabloids

“Tom Hanks & Wife Rita . . . Fighting For Their Lives” claims the sensationally over-the-top ‘National Enquirer’ cover story about the couple who have spoken openly about feeling “a bit tired” with “some body aches” and “slight fevers,” and who were released from hospital after only a week and assure they are fever-free. “How They Caught It,” promises the cover. The banal answer: “. . . either flying to Australia or traveling around the country.’ Which of course tells us (vaguely) where they cau...
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What's next? Free-agent fits for the Vikings secondary, offensive line and more

The Vikings' free-agent splash might be limited to Wednesday's agreement with ex-Ravens nose tackle Michael Pierce, who will replace Linval Joseph on a deal charging $9 million annually. But there are still plenty of holes left on the roster, so let's take a look at remaining free agents who make sense as fits in Minnesota. The Vikings' cap space is among the least in the NFL, while the team could still re-sign some of its own players like kicker Dan Bailey and safety Andrew Sendejo. Many of the...
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