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Thomas Kinkade Studios presents "The Mandalorian"

Thomas Kinkade Studios — a group of artists continuing in the tradition of the late "Painter of Light" who masterfully commodified domestic commercial home artwork, for better and for worse — has released a new series of painting prints inspired by The Mandalorian. — Read the rest
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Why Was There Just A Twitter War Over Van Gogh And Realism?

Way back on August 9, “Margarita” tweeted side-by-side images of van Gogh’s Café Terrace at Night and a rendition of the same scene in Arles by contemporary painter Haixia Liu (not to be confused with Thomas Kinkade); she appended the message “Should expose how overrated Van Gogh is.” It took until this past weekend, but the Twitterverse did notice, and it … reacted. – ARTnews
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Cool Stuff: More Star Wars Celebration Exclusives Include Artwork, Watches, Statues & More

The first wave of exclusive merchandise that was meant for release at Star Wars Celebration is now available in the official online store. Now the Star Wars Celebration licensee exclusives from various official collectible creators have been revealed and are available while supplies last. They include some outstanding artwork from The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and The Mandalorian, a pair of sleek Garmin watches, and some detailed premium collectibles from the Galactic Empire. ...
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Thomas Kinkade painting of toilet paper available as puzzle and print for charity

The Kinkade Family Foundation turned up this Thomas Kincade unseen masterpiece "Untitled (Toilet Paper)," c. 1978, oil on canvas, 8" x 10, and have issued it as a puzzle and print. The proceeds benefit the New Art Dealers Alliance's (NADA) fund to support galleries impacted by COVID-19. The canvas print is $150.00 unframed and $750 framed. The 100-piece puzzle is $45.00.
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Never-Before-Seen Thomas Kinkade Art Released for Galleries Hit By Coronavirus

Rare and never-before-seen artwork by famed artist Thomas Kinkade has been released by the Kinkade Family Foundation. The foundation has partnered with New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA), to release the prints in support of its members and art galleries nationally. Millions of Americans have been left unemployed due to coronavirus, and the arts and entertainment […]
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Bill Clinton’s party on Epstein’s Lolita Express jet, Two Meghans demand millions, and a very Merry Christmas, in this week’s dubious tabloids

“Meghan Demands $90m Payout!” screams the ‘National Enquirer’ cover about the imminent ex-Royal. No, she doesn’t. As the story inside makes clear, the Duchess of Sussex has made no such demand. Allegedly “Royals fear Harry’s wife will demand hush money . . . in return for keeping silent about the shocking details about her relationship with her blue-blood in-laws.” Meghan supposedly “wants the monarchy to buy her silence!” Why are there reportedly “Fears she’ll tell all on TV”? Here’s how the ta...
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Star Wars Themes Added To Thomas Kinkade Paintings

Artist Jeff Bennett has created ‘Wars On Kincade’, a series of paintings by the late Thomas ‘Painter of Light’ Kinkade with epic Star Wars themes added in. More: DeviantArt h/t: Source
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Artist lovingly paints Texas fast food joints in Kinkade-esque scenery

San Antonio artist Michael Esparza's oil paintings put Texas-based fast food restaurants in the center of bucolic landscapes. It's hard not to compare his work to Thomas Kinkade's but that's the point. (The main difference, imo, is that Esparza's pieces are actually palatable.) Texas Monthly: The idea for the series, which Esparza describes as “a little bit Bob Ross and a little bit Thomas Kinkade,” came to him 2012, just after he came back to Texas from a year of studying art in Italy. In Italy...
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Robert Zemeckis Movies Ranked

Robert Zemeckis Movies Ranked On December 21st, Robert Zemeckis is releasing his new film, Welcome to Marwen .  It is a dramatic retelling of the true story exhibited in the astonishing 2010 documentary, Marwencol.   It is about Mark Hogancamp, a man who after a brutal assault, has massive physical and emotional problems.  He builds a model WWII town in his backyard and pours his heart and soul into the project. It is his artistic and therapeutic outlet to make sense of the tragedy that be...
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Wholesale performer Handbags ( Space Another Feather In E-marketing’s Cap

Like Mister. Kors, Mister. Jacobs, 50, has insistently opened vendors internationally as well as a marketed lower-price collections. The also enjoy ties that would LVMH, which one once found a minority interest inside of Mr. Kors’s business and also employed Mister. Kors like creative residence of LVMH’s Celine variety. For top ladies your company present would be wise to be behind an extraordinary character. Professional present for a lady is a particular combination among price and / or beauty...
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Modernist homes get a Thomas Kinkade-style makeover

This is one of those genius "I can't believe this hasn't been done already" kind of things. An architect from Indiana has photoshopped recognizable modernist homes into the overly sentimental, idyllic world of a Thomas Kinkade painting, making for a funny mashup series. It all started with this tweet from another architect, Donna Sink, where she instigates, "Does anyone do paintings of Modern buildings in the style of Thomas Kincade?"
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The Rise Of Sacred Brands And Experiences

Traditional marketing communications erected a big wall between what anthropologists term Sacred vs. Profane. Sacred consumption occurs when we “set apart” objects and events from normal activities and treat them with respect or awe. Note that in this context the term sacred does not necessarily carry a religious meaning, although we do tend to think of religious artifacts and ceremonies as “sacred.” Profane consumption in contrast, describes objects and events that are ordinary or everyday; ...
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Romantic Spring Mountain Styled Shoot

Captured beautifully by JoPhoto, today's Tennessee fete comes to us with color, color, and more color! Yes, it's a color explosion. And we're 100% in love, you guys!The Cardinal's Nest is one of the Great Smoky Mountains’ newest wedding venues in Sevierville, and we couldn't be more thrilled to give you a glimpse of this lovely property nestled in the foothills of the Tennessee mountains.If you love the beauty of the lush green forest and rolling hills of East Tennessee, then you're going to fa...
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Lakeside manor Thomas kinkade (los gatos) $100

I got this art at San Cruz and never use it yet Still new in a box dimension 12 1/2 " long 10 1/2 " height
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Shop Your Way to Success With These 2018 Planners, Agendas, & Calendars

Who knew Target and could help you organize your life? Want to be your most productive self this year for only $30 (or less)? The answer lies in your 2018 agenda.According to Lifehack, jotting down notes and reminders to yourself — including phone numbers and upcoming academic deadlines — can greatly reduce your stress level and keep you at an all-time efficiency high. It also helps you to maintain a facade of successful #adulting.If you don't have an up-to-date monthly planner, check ou...
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'Thor: Ragnarok' Is a Flashy, Trashy Comic Opera

It says something when one of a movie's main attractions is Cate Blanchett slinking around in a slinky black unitard and a halo of horns saying things such as "Kneel before me!" and it doesn't quite capture your attention. That's just the kind of ride that Thor: Ragnarok is. This is a "Damn the torpedoes!" operation. One imagines Marvel turning the keys of the studio over to director Taika Waititi, and saying to him, "There's a couple hundred million on the kitchen counter, hav...
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Stuff I Liked in Missouri

Entry sign on the road to Big Cedar Lodge. Not total hyperbole. I went to Missouri to speak at the Governor’s Conference on Tourism. They flew me in a few days early so I could get a look at the place. All my travels, meals, accommodations, were paid for by the tourism board. Hotel Vandivort: My room had a weird view of the HVAC system and the neighboring parking garage, but it was a gorgeous room with a super comfortable bed, a nicely appointed bathroom, and it was walking distance from a...
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The IM Saturday Brunch: August 5, 2017

THE INTERNET MONK SATURDAY BRUNCH ”It is talk-compelling. It puts you in a good temper, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings, it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week.” WELCOME TO AUGUST 2017 Welcome to the dog days. It’s August. These days, ’round our part of the country that means “back to school” now that most districts have gone to a full year-round or modified calendar. But August will never mean that to me. This was the month to endure before going back ...
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Mod Podge a Puzzle

I really enjoy doing puzzles, especially with my wife. I often buy puzzles with images and themes pertaining to something we like or something special for us. For example, the Disney movie Bambi is very special to us, so when a set of puzzles featuring Thomas Kinkade's Disney artwork was released, I...By: Wolfgang_HaneyContinue Reading » [Author: Wolfgang_Haney]
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What Master of None and Thomas Kinkade Have in Common

Posted on 06/19/17 “Going to Whole Foods, want me to pick up anything?” One of the most memorable lines from  Master of None season two is never spoken. Instead, it’s a calculated text, recycled to a sea of potential online dates. In the context of comedian Aziz Ansari’s ripped-from-real-life narrative, it’s presented as a breath of fresh air amid a thousand “hey”s and “hi”s from other serial daters. Dev is a serial dater too, of course. Everyone in his world is. B...
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What ‘Master of None’ and Thomas Kinkade Have in Common

Posted on 06/19/17 “Going to Whole Foods, want me to pick up anything?” One of the most memorable lines from  Master of None season two is never spoken. Instead, it’s a calculated text, recycled to a sea of potential online dates. In the context of comedian Aziz Ansari’s ripped-from-real-life narrative, it’s presented as a breath of fresh air amid a thousand “hey”s and “hi”s from other serial daters. Dev is a serial dater too, of course. Everyone in his world is. B...
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Thomas Kinkade - 16 X 12 canvas painting of Victorian Garden (aptos) $150

Thomas Kinkade Canvas Classic, "The Victorian Garden" Mint w/COA Out of Print. Featured in a canvas and gold frame. Measures 21 1/2" x 17 1/2" including the frame, painting alone is 16" x 12". Photos 1 & 2 are front and back of actual painting f [...]
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Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light (petaluma) $100

Four Thomas Kinkade paintings in oak frames $100 each. Because of glass reflection the photo is not as great. Come and see.
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Thomas Kinkade Victorian Christmas Snow Globe Brand New (san jose south) $20

Thomas Kinkade Victorian Christmas Snow Globe Brand New In Box runs on 2 AA batteries and the lights light up in the house and it plays 3 different songs $20.00
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Thomas Kinkade Paintings (campbell)

Thomas Kinkade paintings. They were part of an inheritance. Please email me image # and I will send you the price of the one(s) you are interested in. The ones that are framed will come with their frame. I'm open to offers and possibly trades. I have [...]
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Thomas Kinkade "A New Day Dawning" Canvas Oak Frame 25.5" x 34" COA (aptos) $2200

Gorgeous canvas painting, "A New Day Dawning - Romance of the Sea I" by Thomas Kinkade on canvas. Canvas size is 25.5" x 34" full size including frame: 42" wide x 34" tall. Cert. of Authenticity - 2493/ 3950 S/N Original owners purchased in 1997 - [...]
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Thomas Kinkade Cedar-Nook Cottage Plate (sunnyvale) $12

This is a 1991 Thomas Kincaid Cedar Nook Cottage China Plate. The plate measures 8 1/4"
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Thomas Kinkade- Great North (milpitas) $1500

Great North, by Thomas Kinkade 25.5 x 34 Canvas Certified Limited Edition Dark Walnut frame (37.25" x 45. 625" overall dimensions) Engraved brass nameplate included. $1680.00 List Title: Great North Painted: 1987 Published: 2006
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Last Minute Christmas Save with Teleflora

explanations" target="_blank" class="bk-button default left rounded small">Press Sample Santa is almost here!!! Did you forget to send your aunt, grandma, dad, or dearest friend something? Teleflora is still able to send same day or next day flowers, and with beautiful collections like the Thomas Kinkade variety, it is sure to win them over.  Teleflora’s “You, Delivered” holiday campaign will capture hearts and fill homes with holiday cheer with Teleflora’s Christmas floral arrangements and co...
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