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5 Comics To Read If You Love Marvel's Hawkeye On Disney+

Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), has been relegated to the side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since he was first introduced in "Thor," but now he's finally been given the chance to show why he is and has always been such an awesome Avenger in the Disney+ series, "Hawkeye." Clint tackles street-level villains and tries to put his traumatic past behind him, while also serving as a mentor for Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) and her trusty companion, Pizza Dog. During the Battle of ...
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The Fast And The Fratelli — Shootout Round: Mike’s Sinn 144 St S Anniversary II Vs. Nacho’s Hamilton Intra-Matic H38416711

It’s time for a good, old-fashioned shootout! You might have noticed already that this week the pre-quarterfinal shootout for The Fast And The Fratelli began, with Lex and Ben, RJ and Thor, and Brandon and Rob battling it out. This is the stage where the voting really counts. It will decide who drops out of […] Visit The Fast And The Fratelli — Shootout Round: Mike’s Sinn 144 St S Anniversary II Vs. Nacho’s Hamilton Intra-Matic H38416711 to read the full article.
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Friday Night Lights: Phantom Hill CTF-1 MFAL

Happy post-Thanksgiving and welcome to another installment of Friday Night Lights. Today we will take a close look at a relative newcomer to the MFAL (Multi-Function Aiming Laser) market – Phantom Hills’ CTF-1. Friday Night Lights is sponsored by ATN Corp, manufacturers of night vision and thermal optics like the THOR LT. As with all of our […] Read More … The post Friday Night Lights: Phantom Hill CTF-1 MFAL appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Superhero Bits: A Fresh Look At Black Adam, Spider-Man: No Way Home IMAX Teaser & More

(Superhero Bits is a collection of stories, updates, and videos about anything and everything inspired by the comics of Marvel, DC, and more. For comic book movies, TV shows, merchandise, events, and whatever catches our eye, this is the place to find anything that falls through the cracks.)In this edition of Superhero Bits:Marvel Future Revolution won an awardA new glimpse at The Rock in "Black Adam"The many great looks of Loki"Spider-Man: No Way Home" and "Peacemaker" postesAll that and more! ...
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Upcoming Christian Bale Movies To Keep On Your Radar

(Welcome to On Your Radar, a series where we take a look at what's next for the biggest actors and filmmakers, and why you should be excited...or not.)When you stop to think about it, Christian Bale has led a pretty wild acting career. Since breaking out with his role in Steven Spielberg's WWII drama "Empire of the Sun" when he was just a young teenager, Bale has starred in Disney musicals (both live-action and animated), Queer New Wave cult classics, a trilogy of Batman movies, multiple auteur ...
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The Fast And The Fratelli — Shootout Round: Thor’s Massena LAB Uni-Racer Vs. RJ’s Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 “Ed White”

It’s time for a shootout round! This week, the pre-quarterfinal shootout for The Fast And The Fratelli has begun, with Lex and Ben in a blistering fight. Your voting counts, as it decides who drops out ignominiously, and who comes one step closer to the podium. Today, lined up on the grid is the powerful […] Visit The Fast And The Fratelli — Shootout Round: Thor’s Massena LAB Uni-Racer Vs. RJ’s Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 “Ed White” to read the full article.
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Thor: Love And Thunder Is So 'Crazy Wild,' Taika Waititi Is Surprised He's Allowed To Make It

When you have as many spinning plates as Marvel Studios does, it can be easy for some projects (as excited as fans may be for them) to take a backseat to others at any given time. With "Hawkeye" currently streaming on Disney+ in weekly installments and, on the cinematic side of things, all eyes focused on the multiverse madness in this month's "Spider-Man: No Way Home," our collective attention spans can't quite keep up with every production currently in-development -- understandably so. Once th...
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Best Names For Rottweilers – Our Top Picks For 2021

With the year coming to a close, people are compiling lists of their favorite names for everything from babies to dogs. In fact, one website found that parents named their puppies in 2019 more than they did in 2018 – and it’s no wonder! This is because – unlike other animals – most dog breeds have standard names with only slight variations. The “unique rottweiler names male” is one of the best names for Rottweilers. It’s a unique name that will make your dog stand out from other dogs. It’s poss...
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The 100 best drama movies of all time, according to critics

"The Godfather Part 2"Paramount Pictures We ranked the 100 best dramas of all time based on Rotten Tomatoes' adjusted score. The adjusted score is based on a weighted formula that gives newer movies an advantage. The list includes classics like "Citizen Kane," recent Oscar winners like "Parasite," and blockbusters like "Black Panther." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. As a cinematic genre, "drama" has taken many forms over the decades.The list we compiled here is ba...
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Superhero Bits: Hawkeye And Kate Bishop Go To Disneyland, WandaVision Gets A Grammy Nod & More

(Superhero Bits is a collection of stories, updates, and videos about anything and everything inspired by the comics of Marvel, DC, and more. For comic book movies, TV shows, merchandise, events, and whatever catches our eye, this is the place to find anything that falls through the cracks.)In this edition of Superhero Bits:Hailee Steinfeld reveals a set photo of herself as Kate Bishop from "Hawkeye"A couple of new "Spider-Man: No Way Home" TV spots surface"DC's Legends of Tomorrow" is giving Be...
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The 10 highest-grossing movies of all time at the worldwide box office

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in "Avengers: Endgame."Marvel Studios "Avatar" reclaimed its title as the biggest movie of all time this year, topping "Avengers: Endgame." It was re-released in China, earning $50 million. Disney dominates the list of the top 10 highest-grossing movies ever. "Avatar" took back its crown as the biggest movie in the world this year, topping Marvel's "Avengers: Endgame" over a decade after it was released.The 2009 James Cameron-directed sci-fi film earned an addition...
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Where Hawkeye Fits In The MCU Timeline

Get ready to celebrate the holidays with "Hawkeye." When "Iron Man" launched in 2008, no one could've predicted the extent to which superheroes would eventually overtake the box office. Comic book content is not only ubiquitous on the big screen, but on the small screen as well. Continuing on in its quest for world domination, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now premiering its newest series, "Hawkeye," on Disney+.As the MCU continues to expand, it can be difficult to keep track of when events a...
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Find The Perfect Name For Your Big Male Dog

The “big dog names male mastiff” is a difficult task for some people. It can be hard to find the perfect name for your big male dog. How do you find a great name for your big male dog? This article will help answer that question. It’s possible that some of the links in this article are affiliate links. The businesses featured in this article may pay us money or provide us with things. It might be difficult to come up with a unique yet fitting name for your dog. This is particularly challengin...
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Hawkeye Director Rhys Thomas Reveals The Movies That Influenced The Marvel Series [Exclusive]

Over the years since his brief introduction in 2011's "Thor" and particularly his mostly brainwashed role in "The Avengers" the following year, Hawkeye has been cast as something of an underdog amid the much more powerful heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Clint Barton even hangs a lampshade on this in "Age of Ultron," laying out the absurd facts that, "The city is flying and we're fighting an army of robots. And I have a bow and arrow. None of this makes sense."You might be mistaken to ta...
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How Hawkeye Makes Clint Barton More Than The MCU's Punching Bag [Exclusive]

Let's face it: Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye has never been the most impressive Avenger. When you stack him up against the other founding Avengers: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, the Hulk, and Black Widow — all of whom have had their own solo movies — Hawkeye comes out looking like the least mighty of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. He's basically just a guy in a sleeveless shirt with a bow and arrow.Now, that guy, Clint Barton, is getting his own Disney+ series, "Hawkeye." It's a consolation prize for 10...
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These Are The Eternals Characters Cut From Early Drafts The Screenwriters Hope Appear In Future Movies [Exclusive]

That "Eternals" movie sure had a lot of characters! But what if there were even more?Marvel's latest release, a wildly ambitious space epic that's guilty of overextending itself, has a whopping 10 characters leading the story, all superpowered beings sent to defend Earth from other superpowered beings. The massive ensemble cast is full of stars, including the comedic force of Kumail Nanjiani, a flying Richard Madden who's ripe for Superman comparisons and Angelina Jolie, wielding cosmic-made wea...
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King Richard And How Megastar Will Smith Became A Serious Actor

Will Smith is a megastar. He's an undisputed legend, one of the most instantly recognizable faces in Hollywood of the past 30 years. He is the only actor to have starred in eight consecutive films which grossed over $100 million in the United States box office. In 2013, Forbes named Smith the world's most bankable star thanks to movies like "Men in Black," "Independence Day," and the "Bad Boys" trilogy. Overall, his films have grossed over $8.5 billion worldwide (that's more than Harrison Ford, ...
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The sky’s the limit

Last week’s post was devoted to the word earth. Time to move on, as they say after a serious but unresolved crisis (not the best Wellerism in the world). We can progress to Cloud Nine or seventh heaven, or wherever, but in all cases, we will notice that English (uncharacteristically) has two, if not even three, words for the sphere above us: sky, heaven, and firmament. The case of English is not unique but rare: usually a single word suffices. Sky and heaven can be used in the plural (for heaven...
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Cowboy Bebop Early Buzz: Critics Aren't That Jazzed About Netflix's Live-Action Anime Adaptation

3,2,1 ... let's jam. Netflix's newest offering to subscribers is a take on one of the most influential anime shows of all time, but the early word on the street is that the live-action adaptation of "Cowboy Bebop" does not translate the old jazzy spirit of the original series.The synopsis, from Netflix:Long on style and perpetually short on cash, bounty hunters Spike, Jet and Faye trawl the solar system looking for jobs. But can they outrun Spike's past?This ten-episode iteration of "Cowboy Bebo...
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Easter Eggs In Eternals You Might Have Missed

Watch out! Big spoilers for "Eternals" ahead.Easter eggs are the part of Easter most children remember. After all, it's fun to hunt for brightly-colored treasures. Cinematic Easter eggs function largely the same way. They're not essential to the plot, but they are treats for die-hard fans, who love to hunt for them while viewing and often begin discussing them as soon as the movie ends. But Easter eggs didn't begin as a game. As academic and historian Carole Levin tells Time, they were first eat...
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Antique Versions of Modern Appliances

During the Victorian era, many new time-saving devices were designed to run on the brand-new energy source; electricity. For the first time, the world had electrical home appliances that performed menial chores faster and more efficiently than before. The Electric Toaster, the Best Thing since Sliced Bread Bread has been a staple food in many cultures for centuries. It is dipped in soups or used to create sandwiches. It can be crumbed, fried or used to soak up other foods such as gravy or sauces...
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Eternals Writers Blame This Marvel Character For Thanos' Snap

When "Avengers: Infinity War" first released in 2018, it seemed as if everyone was in a mad scramble to assign blame for Thanos (who, let us remember, is a fictional character) succeeding in his evil plot to wipe out half of all life in the universe (which, to be clear, did not actually happen). Apparently, the decision to make the Avengers come this close to defeating Thanos on multiple occasions caused some fans to more or less lose their minds, getting genuinely angry enough to pin sole respo...
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The Wheel Of Time's Rand And Perrin Talk Acting Against Wolves And What To Expect In Season 2 [Interview]

"The Wheel of Time" is an ensemble series, a show that starts out focused on a group of young people from a small village (and a powerful ) who find themselves thrown into a battle where they will influence the fate of the world.Two of those youths who find themselves thrust onto this journey are Rand al'Thor and Perrin Aybara, who are respectively played by Josha Stradowski and Marcus Rutherford. /Film talked with Stradowski and Rutherford about taking on these major roles for Amazon's adaptat...
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All 26 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, ranked by how much money they made at the global box office

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man in "Avengers: Endgame." Marvel Studios "Eternals," the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, arrived in theaters over the weekend. It could struggle at the box office compared to past MCU entries as it faces harsh reviews and hasn't been approved for release in China. Insider ranked all 26 MCU movies by their global box office according to IMDb Pro data, and included their original domestic gross and budgets when available. In total the MCU has earned m...
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Things Only Comics Fans Know About Eternals' Dane Whitman, Aka The Black Knight

Those who've seen director Chloé Zhao's "Eternals" have been introduced to Dr. Dane Whitman ⁠— played by Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow in HBO's "Game of Thrones" ⁠— as a professor at the Natural History Museum in London, where he's been dating his colleague, fellow classroom instructor and scholar Sersi (Gemma Chan).Subsequent events see Sersi explain her backstory as an Eternal to Dane, but it's ultimately Dane who stands poised to tell Sersi about his recently discovered and "complicated" family...
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Superhero Bits: Beware Of Spider-Man Spoilers, Marvel Introduces A Villain Worse Than Thanos & More

(Superhero Bits is a collection of stories, updates, and videos about anything and everything inspired by the comics of Marvel, DC, and more. For comic book movies, TV shows, merchandise, events, and whatever catches our eye, this is the place to find anything that falls through the cracks.)In this edition of Superhero Bits:Tom Holland confirms a certain villain for "Spider-Man: No Way Home"Hulk and Thor are gearing up for an epic fightRyan Reynolds weighs in on a Marvel vs. DC brawlBeware of "S...
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Eternals Just Opened The Door To Countless Potential Marvel Movies

Spoiler warning: this article discusses some very specific surprises and plot points.Marvel's newest high profile team has now graced our theaters in "Eternals," exploring vast new swaths of territory on the cosmic side of the Marvel universe. Following a group of the long-living, powerful Eternals as they wrestle with both the apex predator Deviants and the desires of the powerful Celestials (basically, massive space gods), it's a film full of big swings that basically upends the entire history...
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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Has Begun Filming As James Gunn Shares Image From The Set

At long last, "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" has begun filming. For real this time. While we had a bit of a false alarm last month when Chris Pratt revealed he was on set, leading many fans to believe filming had begun, but it was a bit premature. However, writer/director James Gunn has confirmed on social media that filming has actually kicked off on the long-awaited sequel, while sharing a photo of himself with the cast on the first day. Check it out."It's been a strange & long & at times ch...
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Eternals Spoiler Review: A Cosmic Superhero Family Dispute Where It's Complicated, Real Complicated

This review contains major spoilers for "Eternals."Marvel's "Eternals" opens with the biblical words, "In the beginning..." and what follows is a 157-minute film that reframes human history and life on Earth as the birth pangs of a godlike Celestial named Tiamut. Our overpopulated planet is a cocoon for Tiamut, and when he's born, Earth will be destroyed, but the death and rebirth cycle of Celestials will ensure that new worlds live elsewhere in the cosmos. "Eternals" retrofits the Marvel Cinema...
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Audiences gave 'Eternals' the worst reviews of any Marvel Studios movie, according to CinemaScore

"Eternals." Marvel Studios "Eternals" received a B grade from CinemaScore, a company that surveys audiences on opening night. It's the worst CinemaScore grade for a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Only one other MCU movie has received a grade below an A-. Marvel's latest movie, "Eternals," opened over the weekend with $71 million.That was in line with analyst projections and the fourth biggest domestic debut of the pandemic, but still an underwhelming result for a Marvel Cinematic...
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