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Let It Be Thin

E verything Is So Fragile. I named this that. Awhile back. Form is temporary... Direct link to audio if you see no player above.
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I don't know why this one is so difficult to photograph, just elusive in some sort of way. Perhaps I see something that cannot be seen outside a dream. The thing that remains in between. The X emerged, I don't think I have talked about that symbol much. I have been gathering thoughts for a while. It is a combination of conflicting thoughts having to do with the unknown, crossing over, and placekeeping.  Not to be confused with the cross (which is here too.).  But my words seem ina...
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Report: FTC Will Review Amazon’s Acquisition of MGM

The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly preparing to review Amazon’s planned $8.45 billion deal with MGM, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal (via Deadline).   The move comes as the FTC gains a new chairwoman who has recently called for the reining in of the power tech giants and other online platforms have had over the past few years. Both an FTC and Amazon spokesperson had no comment when reached out to by Deadline, so it’s unknown just how long the investigation could last...
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Managing Edges

I suppose I have composed one of my selves. Made the base cloth a bit longer because I felt the need for more space. An old print overdyed with indigo. Ripped to size. I cut along the side of the print so I might slide the patchwork into the base cloth. Integrate the two. For Oneness. Of course, I could have slit the base cloth and woven her right in... like I did here . ( long I have been at this One-Ness thing) To stabilize the cut and place, I added a strip of very light cloth ...
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The Drama of Facing Through

T he Cut: The cut is hard sometimes, but I have come to love it. It is a wound, a hole, an opening, a separation, a new edge, a space, a way through, an undoing and a challenge. A letting go. The Patch: The patch is, well, quite simply a way to solve a problem. So it might be anything and everything we might use to do that. We could whittle it down to simply, an idea.  The evidence of path: Story. How did it happen?  Most often, I cut through to make things smaller, to look thro...
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Design Mending

... continued from my last post... Yeah, so ok, good. Better. Attached but needs some stitching through. Quilting. Posting again today because I will be needing a few days offline for a few reasons. A few folks contacted me about Whispering White . I hope you used an active email address. I could not make contact back. Please check your spam folder. 
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Travelling Well

In the Spirit of Going/Knowing, I stitched on this yesterday, all day. While patiently waiting for someone else, anyone, to tell me what I already knew.  And this morning, by lamplight, reflecting on how often that actually happens. The sense of things before the words come. I am going to relax into wordlessness for a bit.  To renew my sense of things.
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Just Growing

T hat's what the going is for.   The shift has taken hold, this is probably the last summer like day here. Typepad is tired, as grace said to me, and so am I. Sometimes you just have to move on. I will consider how to do that, but today I am just talking.    Your browser does not support the audio element. audio link if you see no player . (note, comments are off because I cannot see them, and I cannot comment back, and that is true with any other Typepad blogs I visit. I wi...
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What if

When what you have imagined, begins to take form... You can rest for a while before continuing.
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A Seeing Morning

G ood Morning. It's cool. Cool for the first time in a long time. Evidence of cycle. I feel like this one was left for me.  Right outside the porch door. Yesterday's confusion led me to a small eye sampler started a couple of years ago .  Some eyes still colorless... "complete the full spectrum of vision" I said to myself.  There are Shells of Summer everywhere. They seem like eyes today. New eyes. Old eyes. A reminder that we need all eyes. To see. The first stitching was done on a...
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Day 121 ( just a personal tally)

...still quilting a Nest of Days video link if you see no player above  
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How it Mostly Goes

T ogether , glued with pins and a bit of stitch. continuing from here. Aligned, and I am looking. Uncomfortable though. Then, making the concept smaller, to explain, showing, and then, telling myself. video link if you see no player above Pulled apart. Unpinned.  Resting on a cloth I call the Nest of Days. Still informed by one another, through touch and logic. But free.  Entangled, still one, yet free and on the same side.  Your browser does not support the audio element. ...
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about Just Looking

Y esterday. The front door has glass you cannot see through except a little square in the center. Today , from a back window. A light snow at dawn. Apparently there was a little garden out back.  I bet it could be a great animal watching place if I plant something.
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It's OK

  T ime brings easier answers. He seems to be trying out all the baskets here. Seeing what fits. I'm considering face in new ways. By getting outside my box/self.    A few new thoughts in Part 1 of Patchwork in Perspective today. And it finally stopped raining.
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Running Through

2 short stories. T his is a chipmunk running very fast past the studio door. And this is me... Stitching quite slowly, helping a thread run through a few loose patches. And then naming it Love is a Life Force .
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The Tendency to make it through...

  W e are on the path to June. A cold May but it's OK. I'm gardening small this year. So many little things that I started here along the path, not sure they would make it through winter, they did! And I'll start a pot of indigo today. Small and portable seems good to me lately.  Maybe carry it with me.  Like thoughts. Miss Aloe. I put her outside a little too early this year. It looks like she will make it. I cobbled a few scraps together.  They came together so nicely.  I name...
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A s the season turns , the stray is like a thin cloth... and time moves through...
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Looking Through so much

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How it Really Is

  C h a n g i n g my point of view has softened the online time. I look at this, this morning, and remember the thought about the illusion of just one thing moving through, feeling much better about the blur. A Newsletter to myself. How it really is.  It's in motion. I am all-ways in motion. Sharing that is difficult and often time unexpected because the Thing is what we all seem to be after.  And how to get that, get there. Some of us would like to buy that if we could.  And as ...
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Strange Days

M aybe. I've been a bit scattered lately. Early this morning I was moving things around, furniture, studio stuff. And I was feeling like my head was not attached. I moved my computer stuff upstairs so I could look out at the sea through the bare trees. In the process I lost my mouse. Hours, I patiently looked. Tried to remember. Finally I just decided I must have put it out with the trash in a blank moment.  Then, while watering the plants, I found it in the center of the aloe cactus that...
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I t's cold. This is an old drawing. From what I now call the library of selves. Not that old but it isn't dated (still not sure that is important, not sure about time). I have a sense it was just yesterday. It surfaced yesterday anyway. I wanted to make a series about this question. In a way I think I'm doing that with the next sharing thing. Expect a Feel Free newsletter soon. But it's so cold. And this morning I am thinking about weather. How the cold is moving through me. B...
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Letting Go

of the T he Chill that was haunting me. Got up, lit a fire. Inside. I'm not so good at idle. Juice some ginger and think positive. It can work. I think Dad said that. When I used to draw all the time. I used tiny black ink dots a lot. I was looking for some of my old drawings. They must be somewhere. For now, in cloth, the hand stitched stipple. I think I will let this one never be finished . I think I will even name it that.   I will send out another Feel Free Newsletter test tomor...
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A s I get older . Spaces open up in the expected. Long enough and frequently enough to consider them more. And more. Maybe I just cannot hold on to the illusions as easily any more. You know, those things we build and expect to last forever. They seem these days to be walls with no doors. Yes as I get older the gaps have become more like the real building blocks. I like this arrangement. The Mountain, the emptiness, the way the moon highlights only part of the pattern, that I might call natura...
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Slow Answers

O h ha! Now I feel like I'm back.   I looked at these pics here on the blog and it felt like home. Again. It took the worry out of Eventually. If you look closely. She's dusty. The spirit of slow going had become dusty! This is all from way back , when I began blogging. For those who don't remember. Possibly even before (I think I can say if it's ok...) slow stitch was even  buzzing. Yup, back then there were mostly bees. I caught a bee and it's shadow on the rail yest...
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A Path

Y es it's on the wall. No, it's not right yet. I used some old sample cloth from my old job, to frame it on 2 sides, the word sample still scribbled on it. I see a path. I think normally I consider a path as a clearing, something simple and open through the wilder,chaos. I notice today, looking, I reconsider the path as the chaos. Something that flows through peace. That will lead me. She is becoming fierce, more complex. I've plans to undo a lot of what's around her.
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Considering What Is as the Path to Change

C hange can seem abrupt. But it's not, the edge of it stretches right into what is and out the other side. Design Mending. It's life. Your browser does not support the audio element. audio link if you see no player There's a for sale sign at the edge of the property and another at the head of the private road/driveway. I see it every time I look out. Seems like everything has changed, but really it's pretty much the same. Which is to say, everything has changed. I...
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Love needs Transparency

A nd so sew , it begins. A little bit of a rocky beginning but love is not about easy. Mo's pennant project, coming along ... I stitched a piece of old Japanese silk to the pennant. Stitched around the edge and then across here and there  to stabilize.  Then I cut away two sections. Leaving a bit of a skeleton. The old  cloth supports another old cloth. One softening the other. And I felt a sense of transparency was good here. Love  needs that.   I will use very sheer cloth to comple...
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How Things Grow

N ever before has the asparagus fern flowered. Probably because I put it outside after watching it reach for the light. And now, especially with all the rain, it has everything it needs. It's happy. I think about people. How that works for them too. How important place might be. And access to what you need. I stitched a little pathwork . (Most simply, a word I made up for a cloth (or any composition really) made in a long format. Which I have found encourages story. Because it is lik...
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T is for Tapestry

T apestry is a key concept for me. I've added it to the Glossary at Feel Free. Just so there is a place to catch my thoughts as I reconsider its importance.   direct video link of you see no player   The light test. Layers are so important, but so is transparency. You cannot share it if it can't move through you.   I mentioned the split back stitch here.  I'll be adding the stitch menu to the Method Index at Feel Free this week. Under stitch.  Some catchin...
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Turbulence in Perspective

D ark day . Early morning rain. I'm working my way through Turbulence. Turbulent Times continued from here . Story and spirit and composition are related in my language system. It will take more than one page to gather thoughts on that.  
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