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The world’s tiniest bottle opener and multitool is deceptively small

The TiBO is small enough to be underestimated. Roughly the size of your thumbnail, it’s easy to dismiss the TiBO as something that’s too small to be useful… but it’s also a wildly inaccurate thing to do, because at just 21.5mm in length, the TiBO is the smallest multitool, packing a bottle opener, a flathead screwdriver, and a prybar into its deceptively tiny footprint.Conceived in 2016, the TiBO went through its share of design iterations before it reached what it looks like today. Optimized ...
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Huddersfield Town 0-3 Chelsea - Who the hell is number 29?

I am most definitely not match fit. My right arse cheek is cramping from standing up for so long.Us: We were eighth at kick off. F*ck this. I blame the board. And Torres. No place for CHO even on the bench - picked up a knock apparently. Kepa started in goal, and they'd just about managed to get his whole surname on the back of his shirt. Kante being Kante went right into the side after fifteen minutes of training.Them: Not a clue.So, a sunny afternoon in Huddersfield, which was in Yorkshire, s...
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TIBO Plus 3 active speaker system w/Bluetooth review

I know I’ve said this before, but one of my favorite things about reviewing products is being pleasantly surprised because a product performs better than I expected. It also makes it harder to review, because it is much easier to explain why you don’t like something than it is explaining why you do like it. Tibo fits into this category. I have tested and listened to their Plus 3 active speakers for a few months and have realized that for the sound and the size, they give you quite a bit for th...
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