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What is Android TV? Google’s smart TV platform fully explained

Brands like Sony, Hisense, and AT&T now use it, so you'll soon be hearing a lot more about the new service.
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What’s new on Amazon Prime Video in June 2020

Amazon Prime Video adds new titles every month. Here is all of the content arriving in May and June 2020.
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The most common PS4 problems, and how to fix them

Just because the PlayStation 4 is a remarkable system doesn't mean that it's immune to the occasional hiccup. Lucky for you, we vetted some of the bigger PS4 problems and found solutions for whatever might ail you.
Tags: Gaming, Trends, Problems, How-to, Other, Sony, Playstation 4, Ps4, Tier 4

The best indie games on PC

Many indie games are on consoles, but there's still a larger selection on PC. Here are our favorite picks.
Tags: Gaming, Trends, Computing, Best Of, Indie games, Pc Games, Buying Guides, Tier 4

How to transfer contacts between iPhone and Android devices

Don't stress over losing your contacts when you set up a new phone, even if it's on a different platform.
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The best co-op games for 2020

These classic titles prove that multiplayer doesn't always have to be a high-stakes, competitive experience.
Tags: Co-op, Gaming, Trends, Best Of, Buying Guides, Cooperative, Co-op Games, Tier 4

How to use Apple Pay with your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Mac

Apple Pay makes payments quick and easy. Here's how to set it up on your iOS, MacOS, and WatchOS devices.
Tags: Apple, Ios, Mobile, Wearables, Small Business, Trends, How-to, Apple Pay, Contactless Payment, Tier 4

Dolby Atmos takes movies and music to the next level. Here’s how you can get it

Dolby Atmos can add a whole new dimension to your movie and music experience, but only with the right gear.
Tags: Trends, Other, Home Theater, Dolby Atmos, Pioneer, ONKYO, Denon, Movies & TV, Marantz, Tier 4

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a PS4

Here's our quick primer on how to connect a Bluetooth headset (or really any Bluetooth device) to your PS4.
Tags: Gaming, Bluetooth, Trends, How-to, Sony, Playstation 4, Ps4, Playstation 4 pro, Tier 4

The best PS4 headsets for 2020

You don't have to stick with a shoddy headset because it came bundled with your console. These are the best headsets for the PlayStation 4, whether you're in the market for virtual surround sound or merely a comfortable build.
Tags: Gaming, Trends, Sony, Home Theater, Playstation 4, Ps4, Best Of, Headsets, Buying Guides, Tier 4

How to convert WMV files to MP4

WMV files may have great quality, but they're not as versatile as MP4. Here's how to convert WMV files to MP4.
Tags: Windows, Trends, How-to, Other, Computing, Convert, WMV, MP4, Tier 4

Everything you need to know about Red Dead Online

The online cooperative and competitive multiplayer experience has come a long way since its beta in 2019.
Tags: Gaming, Trends, Rockstar Games, Red Dead Online, Red Dead Redemption 2 News, Tier 4

The best Wear OS apps for your Google-powered smartwatch

Looking for some ways to spruce up your new Android smartwatch? Here are the best Wear OS apps available.
Tags: Google, Android, Mobile, Wearables, Android Wear, Trends, Smartwatches, Best Of, Wear OS, Tier 4

How to turn off notifications in Android from Android 10 and earlier

Here's how to find and turn off notifications on your Android device, no matter what version you're running.
Tags: Android, Mobile, Trends, How-to, Notifications, Android notifications, Tier 4

How to set up a dedicated Terraria server for networking newbies

Want to set up your own gaming server? You can get it done without having any technical networking knowledge.
Tags: Gaming, Server, Trends, Multiplayer, Computing, Terraria, Tier 4, Port Forwarding, Re-logic

Laptop buying guide: What to look for in 2020, and what to avoid

If you want a new laptop, buy it at the right time, with the right specs, and you'll be off to the races.
Tags: Trends, Macbook, Chromebook, Other, Computing, Laptops, Buying Guides, Tier 4

Sling Orange vs. Blue: What’s the difference?

The base packages offer solid streaming options, and you can also bundle them for the best of both worlds.
Tags: Trends, Home Theater, Sling TV, Versus, Movies & TV, Dish Sling TV, live TV streaming, Subscription Streaming Services, Tier 4

What’s new on Hulu in June and what’s leaving soon

From a documentary featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda to the arrival of Dirty Dancing, there's plenty to enjoy this month
Tags: Trends, Other, Home Theater, Streaming, Hulu, Lin Manuel Miranda, Movies & TV, July, Tier 4

HBO Go vs. HBO Now vs. HBO Max

We break down the differences between HBO's three streaming services to see how they compare to one another.
Tags: Hbo, Trends, Streaming, Hbo Go, Hbo Now, Buying Guides, Versus, Movies & TV, HBO Max, Tier 4

A Paint-esque app does exist on your Mac — and here’s how to find it

Looking for a Paint app on your Mac? It's hidden inside Preview, which has tools for drawing and much more.
Tags: Apple, Image Editing, Trends, How-to, Paint, Other, Computing, Mac Os X, Tier 4, Image Editor

Here’s how to listen to podcasts on Android and iOS

Podcasts have become a cultural staple. Here's how to download and play them on your Android or iOS device.
Tags: Apple, Ios, Android, Mobile, Podcasts, Trends, How-to, Buying Guides, Pocket Casts, Podcatchers, Tier 4

The best Netflix original series that you can stream right now

The popular streaming service is a powerhouse of original content. These are the top shows you should watch.
Tags: Trends, Netflix, Best Of, Streaming Tv, Movies & TV, Original Series, Tier 4

The best toaster ovens for 2020

Check out our top toaster ovens of the year, with options for both the eat-to-live folks and expert foodies.
Tags: Trends, Smart Home, Best Of, Buying Guides, Toaster Ovens, Toasters, Convection Ovens, Tier 4

What is a motherboard?

Ever asked, "What is a motherboard?" Let's go over a useful definition and why it's vital to know the details.
Tags: Trends, Computing, What Is, Motherboard Computer Guide, Motherboard Definition, Motherboard Explanation, Motherboard Facts, What Is A Motherboard, Tier 4

The best funny and useful Siri commands for iOS and MacOS

You may not know everything you can say to Siri. We've got you covered with a list of the best Siri commands.
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Trends, Siri, How-to, Best Of, Commands, Virtual Assistants, Tier 4

How to use WhatsApp on your desktop or laptop

WhatsApp isn't just for phones anymore. You can field messages on your desktop or laptop. Here's how to do it.
Tags: Mobile, Trends, Sms, Text Message, Whatsapp, How-to, Computing, Whatsapp Web, RamBox, Tier 4

The best energy-efficient space heaters to keep you warm in June 2020

Stay warm during the cold months without breaking the bank.
Tags: Deals, Trends, Smart Home, Best Of, Tier 4

The best Google Pixel 3 cases and covers

If you want your new Google phone to stay pixel perfect, check out the best protective cases we recommend.
Tags: Google, Android, Mobile, Trends, Cases, Covers, Best Of, Buying Guides, Google Pixel, Pixel 3, Tier 4

The best RAW photography apps for Android and iOS

Take advantage of your phone's full capabilities with mobile RAW photography using these apps
Tags: Apple, Android, Mobile, Photography, Trends, Vsco, Best Of, Raw, Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom, Mobile Photo Editing, Tier 4

The best ring lights for 2020

For flattering portraits, circular catchlights, or evenly lit macro photos, a ring light is an essential tool.
Tags: Mobile, Photography, Trends, Best Of, Macro Photography, Ring Light, Photography Lighting, Video Lighting, Tier 4