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Manchin’s Voting Compromise

Joe Manchin has put out his own version of a voting right/democracy protection bill. Tierney Sneed has the details here. Broadly speaking it seems like a watered down version of a Voting Rights Act upgrade and a stripped down version of H.1/S.1, the For the People Act. Like everything else with Manchin, it's hard to know whether it means anything anyway since his baseline is needing 10 Republicans in support and there's virtually no chance that happens. But there is one detail which immediate...
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With The Filibuster Still A Problem, Dems Hope To At Least Get 50 Votes For Ballot Access Bill

For years, a question has loomed over Democrats’ sprawling democratic overhaul bill: whether they could find 50 votes in the Senate to gut the filibuster and circumvent certain GOP opposition. The answer to that question remains unknown. And yet, Democrats had a reason to feel energized Thursday, as they headed into a vote next week that will be the first time the Senate is put on record on the bill since it was introduced in 2019. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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Manchin Puts Forward His Compromise Proposal For Voting Rights Bills

Sen. Joe Manchin (D) has indicated what changes he'd like to see to both the sprawling democracy overhaul bill the Senate is slated to vote on next week and a measure to restore the Voting Rights Act that has yet to be formally introduced. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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DOJ Drops Its Lawsuit Over John Bolton’s Trump Tell-All

The Justice Department indicated Wednesday that it was dropping its civil lawsuit against John Bolton for allegedly publishing his memoir without properly scrubbing it of classified materials. The dismissal was indicated in a barebones filing submitted jointly by the department's and Bolton's lawyers. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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New DOJ Emails Include Hints About Atlanta USA’s Abrupt Exit Amid Trump Pressure

New Justice Department emails released by the House Tuesday give a look into the behind-the-scenes machinations around the shady departure of a Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney in early January. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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Judge Again Torches DOJ For Mueller Memo Handling, But Pauses Order To Release It

The Justice Department scored a temporary win Monday in its fight to keep secret parts of a key memo concerning the Mueller investigation. But that victory came with another blistering order from a federal judge, who has accused the department of misleading her in the litigation over the memo's release. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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Garland: DOJ Voting Rights Push To Include Focus On Sketchy Audits, Elex Worker Threats

Attorney General Merrick Garland laid out on Friday a muscular approach he says the Justice Department will take to protect the right to vote. In a policy speech at the department's D.C. headquarters, Garland addressed not only the slew of restrictive voting measures advancing in GOP statehouses, but the harassment of election officials and the recent phenomena of dubious post-election "audits" that cast doubt on the 2020 results. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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The Bogus Maricopa Audit Has Become A Mecca For MAGA Politicians Nationwide

If you're a Republican politician who wants to prove your loyalty to President Trump and his election fraud lies, a stop at Arizona's shambolic recount has become a must. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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Senate Confirms First Biden Judge

The Senate has allowed President Joe Biden to officially begin making his mark on the bench with its confirmation Tuesday of Biden's first judicial nominee. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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Schumer Recommends Two Powerhouse Voting Rights Attorneys For Federal Bench

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is recommending that President Biden nominate to the federal bench two voting rights attorneys who were involved in some of the most pivotal voting rights cases in recent years. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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Trump Will Be Banned From Facebook Until At Least 2023

Facebook announced Friday that the ban it has imposed on President Trump from using the platform will last until at least two years from the Jan. 7 decision the company made to suspend his account. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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WaPo: FBI Probing DeJoy’s Political Fundraising Tactics From Time As A Business Owner

Claims about the political fundraising conduct of U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy when he was a private business owner, have apparently attracted an FBI investigation, the Washington Post reported Thursday. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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PA GOPers Are On A ‘Fact-Finding Mission’ In AZ To Scope Out Sketchy Maricopa Audit

If you were involved in the Trump-aligned efforts to overturn the 2020 election, Phoenix's Veterans Memorial Coliseum is the hottest place to be. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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FEC Fines National Enquirer Publisher For Role In 2016 Trump Hush Money Scheme

The Federal Election Commission slapped the National Enquirer's parent company with a $187,500 fine for its role in 2016 in silencing a Playboy model who claimed she had an affair with Donald Trump. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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‘The Sickness Is Spreading’: MAGA’s 2020 Amateur Audit-Mania Is Sweeping The Nation

Retired cops hired by a top Wisconsin Republican. A litmus test in Pennsylvania's U.S. Senate race. A fight in rural Michigan over a small town's election equipment. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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AZ GOPers Target Dem SoS Hobbs—And Hobbs Only—In Mad Dash To Rewrite Election Rules

Arizona Republicans are looking to put an end to the state’s top election official’s ability to defend election laws in court. Recently added language to the state's budget package, which could be passed by the legislature as soon as this week, deprives Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs of any role in elections-related litigation. The bill rests that authority solely with the state’s attorney general, who currently is a Republican, Mark Brnovich . [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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Senate Confirms Kristen Clarke As First Black Woman To Lead DOJ Civil Rights Division

The Justice Department will get another prominent civil rights attorney added to its leadership, with the Senate, in a 51-48 vote, confirming Kristen Clarke on Tuesday. Clarke has been tapped by President Biden to lead the department's civil rights division, which is where Clarke started her legal practice as a career attorney in the voting section. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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Unsealed Manafort Docs Shed New Light On Sharing Of 2016 Data With Alleged GRU Officer

The evidence that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had suggesting that Paul Manafort was sharing polling with a shady figure with links to Russian intelligence was more extensive than previously known, as revealed by documents unsealed Monday in Manafort’s case.  [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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Biden’s Slog To Counter Trump’s Imprint On The Judiciary Is Just Beginning

President Trump was able to remake the federal judiciary by nominating a flood of young, conservatives judges. Now the Democratic counter-offensive is underway. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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AZ SoS Says Maricopa Election Equipment Shouldn’t Be Used Again After Sketchy Audit

The price of the sketchy, already-expensive Arizona audit may have gotten even higher. According to a letter Thursday from Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, Maricopa County — the target of a 2020 recount ordered by the state's GOP Senate — may need to replace the election equipment it turned over to the auditors under a legislative subpoena. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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NH GOPers Are Plotting A Way To Get Around Dems’ Big Voting Rights Bill

Democrats’ sweeping democracy overhaul bill, the For the People Act, may have virtually zero chance of becoming law. But Republicans in New Hampshire are plotting a backup plan for evading it, just in case. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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Introducing The Franchise!

For a few years now, I have covered voting rights closely for TPM. Needless to say, the developments around ballot access and representation are moving more quickly than ever. The stakes have only gotten higher in the wake of President Trump's election reversal crusade and the restrictive laws that have flowed from it. So we're happy to announce that we're launching a weekly voting rights newsletter — The Franchise — that will go right to TPM members' inboxes every Monday. In it, I'll keep yo...
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A Trumpified SCOTUS And A Wide-Open Abortion Case Puts Roe At Its Greatest Risk Yet

It's not just the Supreme Court's recent jerk towards the right that makes its grant Monday of a major abortion case such a big deal. It's how the justices went about deciding that they were going to wade into the issue. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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SCOTUS Makes First Major Abortion Move Since Amy Coney Barrett’s Arrival

The anti-abortion activists who spent big to help former President Trump put three justices on the Supreme Court will finally get to see the value of that investment. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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Senate Dems To Garland: Release DOJ Mueller Memo That Inspired Fiery Rebuke From Judge

Senate Democrats, in a letter Friday to Attorney General Merrick Garland, weighed in on a judge's recent opinion accusing the Trump-era Justice Department of misleading her about the purpose of an internal memo related to the Mueller probe. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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Key DOJ Civil Rights Nom Gets Closer To Senate Vote In Face Of Fierce GOP Resistance

President Biden's nominee to lead the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division is one step closer to a confirmation vote by the full Senate. But Senate Republicans are mounting a full-scale resistance to Kristen Clarke, a prominent civil rights attorney. Thursday's deadlocked vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Clarke's nomination was the latest sign of wholesale GOP opposition to her nomination. The tie vote means Democrats will have to use a separate procedural maneuver to have her ...
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MoJo Obtains Video Of Heritage Activists Bragging About Writing GOP State Voting Laws

Long-held suspicions that GOP statehouses were outsourcing the writing of restrictive voting laws to far-right activists were seemingly confirmed in a video obtained by Mother Jones via the watchdog group Documented. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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Manchin Compromise Idea For Voting Rights Gets A Shot Across the Bow From Cornyn

It didn't take long for a supposedly bipartisan compromise on voting rights legislation that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is floating to get dumped on by a key Republican. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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Republicans Don’t Want You To Think They Ousted Liz Cheney Because Of The Big Lie

Republicans don’t want to dwell on the apparent fact that, to be a member of GOP leadership, one must be willing to go along with President Trump’s stolen election claims. [Author: Tierney Sneed]
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Voting Rights Bill Creeps Closer To The Senate Floor, But Now Comes The Hard Part For Dems

Tuesday's Senate committee mark-up of Democrats' sprawling democracy overhaul lasted more than eight hours, included dozens of amendment votes and featured plenty of sharp partisan barbs about a Democratic "takeover" of elections and Republicans' willingness to double down on President Trump's "big lie." The Senate Committee on Rules and Administration deadlocked on partisan lines on whether to approve the bill — meaning that Democrats will have to use a complicated parliamentary maneuver to get...
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