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How to Tell Time

“Took me until my early twenties to learn how to read an analog clock, and it is still very difficult,” says Lifehacker reader Albert Peters, commenting on our post about basic life skills. Others agreed. As digital clocks take over, people get less practice telling time on an analog clock. We’ll help. Here are two…Read more...
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Travel, Vacations, and the Issue of Time

Posted: 10/14/19 | October 14th, 2019 When I was growing up, my family didn’t “travel.” Like most modern, middle-class American families, if we went anywhere, it was because we were on vacation — short leisure trips with a fixed start and end, tied to the calendar of the working year, centered more often than not around visiting relatives: to Philadelphia to see my cousins or long road trips to see my grandmother in Florida. Long car rides, nights at big chain hotels, and visits to theme parks...
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Robert Iger's 20 Leadership Lessons

ROBERT IGER has worked for the same company for forty-five years: twenty-two of them at ABC, and another twenty-three at Disney, after Disney acquired ABC in 1995—the last fourteen of those years, as the CEO of Disney. He shares it all in The Ride of a Lifetime. Like the biggest, most exciting rides were once called at Disneyland, he says his time as CEO of Disney has been like a fourteen-year ride on a giant E-Ticket attraction. After sharing a bit of his background, he quickly delves into his...

Time is Running Out – Don’t miss Velocity Europe – Get Your Tickets Now!

Time is running out! Don’t miss your opportunity to experience Velocity Europe October 21-23 at the iconic Myriad by Sana hotel in Lisbon, Portugal. Velocity Europe has compiled private brand’s most senior and diverse speaker roster with a focus on pushing forward and creating the future of private brand. Groundbreaking presentations include: Why Using Private Brands Helps Retailers to Successfully Turnaround Business Paulo Peereboom, CEO, MAKRO, Netherlands Building Authenticity through T...
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Eastern Canada

When you work on a cruise ship your priorities completly changen. When ever you get a chance to get off the ship the main goal is to find some free wifi and a place where they serve proper food. Time is limited when going a shore at least for crew members.

10 Inventive Ideas to Reward and Engage Employees

How vital are rewarding and engaging employees? Employees who are engaged at work perform better, stay longer, and invest more of themselves in their job. However, a Gallup survey found the following: Only 34 percent of the US workforce is engaged in their jobs. 53 percent is not engaged. 13 percent is actively disengaged.   The numbers imply that less than half of US workers strive for high performance while the majority of them only give the minimum to reach expectations. Still, the most al...
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By Exporting, the Female-Owned GlobalCare Clinical Trials Saves Lives Worldwide

What if there was a clinical trial that could save your life, but traveling to the clinic for the procedure is out of the question because leaving home could compromise your health? This is the kind of scenario that drove Gail Adinamis to found GlobalCare Clinical Trials. Established in 2010, GlobalCare Clinical Trials, a sponsor of Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global, brings Phase I-IV clinical trials to patients, instead of the other way around. Today, the company’s in-home and alternate-sit...
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Turning Pro vs. Playing College Hockey: Which Is Better?

Not every player is in a rush to play professional hockey. Some elite-level talents are able to prioritize other endeavors ahead of getting an NHL career started. Patience can be rewarded. Such was the case for Alexander Kerfoot. He was born into a privileged household (His father bought the Vancouver Whitecaps FC of Major League Soccer (MLS) in 2002.), allowing him to take his time before earning a paycheck doing what he does best, play hockey. Kerfoot played his junior years in the Briti...
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A Multigenerational Family’s Cabin Retreat, Unchanged by Time

This is, hands down, the most romantic story I’ve ever heard involving a house. In the 1960s, Chessa Osburn’s maternal grandparents bought property on an island in Howe Sound, near Vancouver. They hired a young architect, fresh out of graduate school and himself a summer resident on the island (his parents owned a vacation home there, too), to design a small cabin for them. As they expected, he created a perfect waterfront retreat. Less expected, but welcome nonetheless: He and their daughter fe...
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H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds Becomes a New BBC Miniseries Set in Edwardian England

H.G. Wells began writing the novel that would become The War of the Worlds in the England of the mid-1890s. As a setting for this tale of invasion from outer space, he chose the place he knew best: England of the mid-1890s. Staging spectacles of unfathomable malice and fantastical destruction against such an ordinary backdrop made The War of the Worlds, first as a magazine serial and then as a standalone book, a chillingly compelling experience for its readers. Orson Welles understood th...
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'Glacial change': film industry is slow to reform despite #MeToo

Progress towards equality in the entertainment industry has been patchy, say campaigners#MeToo two years on: Weinstein allegations ‘tip of iceberg’, say accusersTwo years ago, the entertainment industry became the primary focus of discussions over abuse, harassment and decades of ingrained sexism after allegations against Harvey Weinstein rocked Hollywood and kickstarted the wider #MeToo movement.While a raft of initiatives have been introduced, including Time’s Up, a group that provides legal s...
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Better protection sought for Thailand’s helmeted hornbill

BANGKOK (AP) — Time is running out for Thailand’s dwindling population of helmeted hornbills thanks to poaching of the exotic birds for the ivory-like casques atop their big red and yellow beaks. The species, known by the scientific name Rhinoplax vigil, is listed as “critically endangered” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. “Currently, […]
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20 Things to Sell at a Flea Market Year Round

Flea markets take place in various venues throughout the country. And though there are many outdoor markets that take place mainly in the summer, there are also communities and organizations that host them throughout the year. Flea markets give entrepreneurs and side hustlers a perfect way to earn some extra money. They can even give you a way to test out an idea so you can grow your business after starting out with a simple flea market stand. Things to Sell at a Flea Market If you’re interes...
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Impeach Amnesty Ana: TV’s Foulest Open Borders Windbag

Opinion Video thumbnail for youtube video qou4xnlop0i USA – -( Nope, it's not obstreperously obnoxious Jim Acosta of CNN, who embodies the disingenuous sanctimony of Emma Lazarus utopianists. It's not former Washington Post reporter and illegal immigrant fraudster Jose Antonio Vargas, who represents the insatiable entitlement of amnesty mongers. It's not spittle-flecked Geraldo Rivera, who personifies ethnic identity narcissism. And it's not the lying liars of Time magazine, ...
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Is It Safe to Leave a Flash Drive Plugged In All the Time?

Leaving a flash drive or USB thumb drive plugged in all the time runs a small risk of prematurely wearing it out. We'll look at why, and what to do. Is It Safe to Leave a Flash Drive Plugged In All the Time? from Ask Leo!. Get the newsletter:
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Fall Girlfriend Advice | 6 Autumn Apple Recipes, Living on a Dime

Autumn Festivals, Apples, Activities – all are great when shared with a Friend! It’s a beautiful Fall morning as I write this. Just a tad cool, the leaves are just starting to look ‘toasted’ around the edges and we’re headed to a Fall Festival with Friends – aka: the perfect Autumn Day! What’s also perfect for Fall is when girlfriends share tips and tricks, recipes and ideas that make life better – or in this case yummier! Recently we co-authored “Saving Money & Time” a FREE eBook filled with ...
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New frontiers in feminine hygiene ads. Plus, why Rihanna turned down the Super Bowl: Thursday Wake-Up Call

Welcome to Ad Age’s Wake-Up Call, our daily roundup of advertising, marketing, media and digital news. If you're reading this online or in a forwarded email, here's the link to sign up for our daily newsletter. You can also get an audio version of this briefing on your Alexa device. Taboo-busting When it comes to women’s periods, what’s acceptable to show on U.S. TV? Can you show … actual blood? Some women’s brands are intent on smashing taboos, but networks are reticent. Thinx, which makes wh...
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Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘SEC rejects another Bitcoin ETF proposal’

Our robot colleague Satoshi Nakaboto writes about Bitcoin every fucking day. Welcome to another edition of Bitcoin Today, where I, Satoshi Nakaboto, tell you what’s been going on with Bitcoin in the past 24 hours. As Nietzsche used to say: Time is money! Bitcoin Price We closed the day, October 9 2019, at a price of $8,595. That’s a respectable 4.44 percent increase in 24 hours, or $365. It was the highest closing price in fourteen days. We’re still 57 percent below Bitcoin‘s all-time high of $2...
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Ex-Droga5 CCO Ted Royer's recent speech sparks widespread anger, some praise and calls to action

Former Droga5 Chief Creative Officer Ted Royer’s appearance at an advertising event in Las Vegas this past weekend sparked heated, passionate reactions around the industry—from those in attendance and elsewhere. Royer took the stage on Sunday morning and addressed the allegations of anonymous Instagram account Diet Madison Avenue that preceded his firing from Droga5 more than a year-and-a-half ago. While some praised Royer for being brave enough to speak, there was also plenty of shock and di...
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Ho Ho Holy Smokes, Bath & Body Works Already Released Some Holiday Products

Folks, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Now, repeat this process a few times until you're feeling nice and calm. What calls for the impromptu breathing exercise, you ask? Well, we thought you might need it considering Bath & Body Works already dropped a slew of its highly anticipated holiday products in the middle of freakin' October. The beloved body care retailer oh-so-casually released a collection of lotions, creams, shower gels, candles, fragrance mists, and hand soa...
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Something on the Light Side: The Other News

Time to take a breath on this Wednesday. It’s a break from doping news, and the latest wax story will have to wait until at least the end of the week. Even the uptempo training spray must await. Time to slow down. Here’s just a very small sample (in four images) of the light, the fall color, and love from Instagram.   Oranges, reds, yellows, and blues. (Photo: screenshot from @johaugtherese Instagram)   High Peaks from Clare Egan. (Photo: Screenshot @clareeganbiathlete)   The high mountain ...
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eBay wants a piece of Amazon's giant advertising business. Here's how it's betting on data to win over performance-obsessed advertisers

eBay wants a piece of Amazon's giant and growing ad business. The company is bringing its ad business in-house, has hired specialists, and has brought on a seasoned sales exec from Time and Yahoo. eBay's pitch is that it's both easier to work with and more generous with data than Amazon is. But it has low awareness and a down-market image with some advertisers. Click here for more BI Prime stories. Amazon is becoming an advertising behemoth — and eBay is coming for its share. eBay started tak...
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Gabrielle Bossis & the Intimate Life of the Soul

“Do you know what we’re doing in writing these pages? We’re removing the false idea that this intimate life of the soul is possible only for the religious in the cloister. In reality my secret and tender love is for every human being living in the world” (p.293). This is a quote from a book called He and I, written down by French laywoman, nurse, and mystic, Gabrielle Bossis, who recounts the words of Jesus that she heard as inner locutions. Ms. Bossis, who lived from 1874 to 1950, and in he...
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Inside Refinery29's $133 million rise and sell to Vice Media, FCB cuts ties with industry group over Ted Royer controversy, and Taboola and Outbrain finally merge

Hello! Welcome to the Advertising and Media Insider newsletter. I'm Lauren Johnson, a senior advertising reporter filling in for Lucia this week. If you got this email forwarded, sign up for your own here. Send tips or feedback to me at [email protected] After a year of nearly constant rumors about digital media mergers, the past few weeks have proved that the consolidation trend is real. In the past couple of weeks, Vox Media acquired New York Media, Vice Media bought Refinery29, a...
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Meaningful Change at Last? Women Gain Ground in Hollywood

Women in Hollywood are finally starting to exhale. Two years after sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein first broke, turbocharging the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, there’s a growing sense among women in showbiz that meaningful change is underway — though much remains to be done before true parity is reached. “There have been some […]
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EBay is ramping up its sales efforts to take aim at Amazon's giant advertising business

EBay is taking aim at Amazon's giant and growing ad business. The company is bringing its ad business in-house, has hired specialists, and has brought on a seasoned sales exec from Time and Yahoo. EBay's pitch is that it's easier to work with and more generous with data than Amazon is. But it has low awareness and a downmarket image with some advertisers. Click here for more BI Prime stories. Amazon is becoming an advertising behemoth — and eBay is coming for its share. EBay started taking it...
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Expensify Card Generates an Expense Report for Small Business Financial Teams

The new Expensify Card automatically generates an expense report, a receipt and shares transactions with your financial team. For small businesses, this new product means no more lost receipts and overspending on accounts. SMBs can also eliminate end of month money or accounting surprises with this simple swipe card. Small Business Trends contacted Anu Muralidharan, Director of Operations, Expensify, to learn more. SMBs with travelling salespeople and workers on the road take note. This card si...
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Why Busy Startups Should Outsource Their Carpet Cleaning

The world is developing very rapidly and new things are being introduced continuously. In this fast world, every day a lot of people launch their startups, so if you are serious about your startup and want to make it successful, then you have to work smartly. Every startup needs proper attention and there are many important things that you need to take care of if you want everything to work smoothly. It is really important in a startup to work on big things but at the same time, there are also...
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Former Droga5 CCO Ted Royer addresses sexual misconduct allegations in public for the first time

More than a year-and-a-half after he was fired from Droga5 following allegations posted by anonymous Instagram account Diet Madison Avenue, former New York Chief Creative Officer Ted Royer reemerged in the public eye yesterday. Royer spoke in Las Vegas at the London International Awards’ Creative Liaisons, the award show’s program dedicated to nurturing rising advertising talents.  “I’m here because I believe in face-to-face communication and I don’t want to hide any more,” he told a c...
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Chicago Attorney Who Interfered In Jussie Smollet Probe Tapped to Run ‘Time’s Up’ Women’s Org

Tina Tchen, a Chicago attorney who served as Michelle Obama’s chief-of-staff, was tapped as the new chief executive of the national advocacy organization "Time’s Up" on Monday. “[We’re going to] work hard at the root cause of sexual harassment: because sexual harassment occurs when we have workplaces that aren’t diverse, that aren’t inclusive, that don’t respect their workers,” Tchen said in the announcement on Twitter. “And so we’re going to work with companies, with employers, with employees t...
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