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CA Gun Ruling Impact May Be Bigger than Expected Regardless of Appeal

CA Gun Ruling Impact May Be Bigger than Expected Regardless of Appeal U.S.A. –-( Writing at Fox News, attorney Jonathan Turley—the Shapiro professor of public interest law at George Washington University—made a couple of critical observations in the wake of last Friday’s ruling by federal Judge Roger T. Benitez in Miller v. Bonta, which struck down California’s long standing ban on so-called “assault weapons” as unconstitutional. The case will certainly be appealed, and the judg...
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New Arcade1Up Cabinets Include Street Fighter II, Galaga, and Turtles in Time

Arcade1Up is known for its home-friendly cabinets, bringing the arcade experience of the ’80s and ’90s right to your door. The company has revealed another slew of cabinets featuring iconic arcade games Street Fighter II, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time. Like much of Arcade1Up’s collection of cabinets, the Street Fighter II Big Blue Arcade Machine is based on the original cabinet design. More importantly, it celebrates the 30th anniversary of the influenti...
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How the wealthy hanging onto their money actually makes everyone else poorer, according to a new study

Crystal Cox/Business Insider A Chicago Booth Review report looks at the link between the wealthiest saving their money and inequality. Wealthy people's savings are used to finance household debt for everyday Americans. As debt grows for the lowest-earning Americans, the wealthy having more savings just fuels the cycle further. See more stories on Insider's business page. The wealthy sitting on their savings may be helping finance the debts of poorer Americans and therefore play a ...
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From ‘Ted Lasso’ to ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ Female Characters Are Fighting for Voices in Male-Dominated Worlds

A few years after the rise of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, inclusion riders, gender parity, pay equity and a slew of other issues remain as relevant as ever both on-screen and off. As women demand their seats at the table behind-the-scenes, there is an onslaught of female characters fighting for their own voices […]
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The 9 Best Photos of This Morning's Sunrise Eclipse

Full disclosure: I slept through this morning’s solar eclipse, which is a real shame because watching the Sun rise over the horizon while being partially blotted out by the Moon is objectively one of the coolest things anyone is likely to see this year. I mean, I paid actual money to see Cruella, but I couldn’t get…Read more...
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DOWNLOAD MP3: Marshmello – Back in Time

Download another latest track by MP3: Marshmello – Back in Time Marshmello Back in Time MP3 Marshmello comes through with yet another new song titled “Back in Time” and is right here for your fast download. Listen & Download Marshmello – Back in Time Below: DOWNLOAD MP3 The post MP3: Marshmello – Back in Time appeared first on 24Naijamusic. DOWNLOAD MP3 HERE The post DOWNLOAD MP3: Marshmello – Back in Time appeared first on ilovehiphopblog.
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BAFTA Calls for Summit to Tackle Sexual Harassment and Bullying in the Industry

BAFTA CEO Amanda Berry has called for an industry-wide summit to tackle sexual harassment and bullying in the U.K. entertainment industry. Her suggestion follows a statement from Time’s Up (U.K.), issued on Wednesday, calling for an independent standards body to oversee U.K. productions and offer guidance and advice, a mediation service and a place to […]
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‘The Pale Blue Eye’ Casts ‘Harry Potter’ Actor as a Mystery-Solving Edgar Allan Poe

Harry Melling, who got his start playing the irksome Dudley Dursley in the Harry Potter movies, has joined Netflix’s The Pale Blue Eye cast. Christian Bale (The Dark Knight) is set to star in the film for director Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart), playing a former detective who is hired to solve a series of murders at West Point Academy and is partnered up with a young cadet named Edgar Allan Poe (Melling). Deadline reports that Harry Melling will play famed writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe in The P...
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CMP Collegiate Rifle Team Feature: University of North Georgia

University of North Georgia’s finest. IMG CMP / Jim Grant U.S.A. -( The University of North Georgia has facilitated a scholastic rifle team since the school’s founding in 1873 (then known as the North Georgia Agricultural College). The program entered NCAA status in the fall of 2007, then returning in the fall of 2011 after the hiring of the program’s first full-time coach, former athlete Tori Kostecki. Under her leadership, the team has consistently increased its annual statisti...
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Stephen Graham's wife Hannah stars alongside him in BBC's Time - did you spot her?

BBC's latest offering, Time, is proving to be both a gritty and emotional watch thanks...
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10 ways Disneyland can fix Avengers Campus after ‘insane’ opening weekend

Disneyland opened Avengers Campus to “insane” six-hour lines that left visitors anxious to see the new Marvel themed land confused, frustrated, disappointed and hungry at the Anaheim theme park that prides itself on delivering exceptional guest experiences. How can Disneyland fix Avengers Campus after a disastrous opening weekend? We’ve got 10 solutions below, but first you need to understand what led to this hot mess. Avengers Campus opened on June 4 at Disney California Adventure — which is st...
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More Housing No News News

Forbes has a brand-new article about housing us old seasoned folk: Hey Senior Living Pros: Boomers Don’t Want Your Old, Tired Communities I especially like the Getty photo the editor picked for the piece. Yours truly and everybody else I know who’s around my age dress and act exactly like this guy (except I usually use five straws when drinking out of a glass – not just two). Opening paragraph in the article: The Senior living industry needs to wake up and understand that Baby Boom...
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Prince of Persia Remake Delayed Into Next Year

Not even the Dagger of Time-equipped Prince can fight against delays. Ubisoft has formally pushed the Prince of Persia remake into 2022 along with revealing that the game won’t be at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference. A message from the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake dev team: — Prince of Persia (@princeofpersia) June 7, 2021 The publisher announced this long delay on the game’s official Twitter page. In the above tweet, it thanked players for their suppor...
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Time: meet the cast of new BBC drama

BBC's new drama Time is set to air on Sunday night and follows Sean Bean as...
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How to win a bidding war: New homeowners share their strategies

After a futile, three-year search for a house of their own, apartment dwellers Arthur Grijalva and Michelle Moraveg considered moving back to El Paso — or living out their days renting a studio apartment. Perhaps, Moraveg thought, they could put their first child in a dresser drawer when they start their family. Then, after getting outbid again and again, the Texas transplants crafted their winning strategy for buying a Southern California home: Bid higher. Act fast. Streamline their offer. It w...
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Physics’ greatest mystery: Michio Kaku explains the God Equation

"It's no exaggeration to say that the greatest minds of the entire human race have made proposals for this grand final theory of everything," says theoretical physicist Michio Kaku. This theory, also known as the God Equation, would unify all the basic concepts of physics into one. According to Kaku, the best, most "mathematically consistent" candidate so far is string theory, but there are objections."The biggest objection is you can't test it," Kaku explains, "but we're getting closer and clos...
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Why Jimmy McGovern's prison drama Time is 'difficult to watch'

Actor Stephen Graham stars in the brutally violent prison drama Time, written by Jimmy McGovern.
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The 25 best Airbnbs in Florida, including a yacht in the Keys, an art-filled condo in Miami, and a Disney-themed house in Orlando

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Airbnb With travel picking up, many are seeking a summer beach getaway or are ready to hit theme parks. Florida offers a wide range of vacation appeal, from white-sand beaches to lively cities. We found the best Airbnbs in Florida, from the Gulf Coast down to the Keys. The Sunshine State continues to eagerly welcome visitors and with travel picking up as summer gets into full swing, many are seeking a ...
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‘Time Never Waits’: Father Of Titus Akins, Teen Killed In Murder-Suicide, Says He Sought To Reconnect With Son

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‘Time Never Waits’: Father Of Titus Akins, Teen Killed In North Texas Murder-Suicide, Says He Sought To Reconnect With Son

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Leggings by Marika & More only $11.99 each – up to 80% off + Free Shipping at $45+ at Zulily!

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Ketamine infusion: The new therapy for depression, explained

Ketamine is the first hallucinogen approved for therapeutic use in the U.S. Research has shown ketamine is effective at treating depression. Though ketamine infusion therapy is now being offered at hundreds of North American clinics, there are unaddressed dangers in the current ketamine gold rush. In March 2019, the FDA approved ketamine, under the trade name Spravato (esketamine), for clinical use in treatment-resistant depression therapy. Alongside racemic ketamine, which is commonly ...
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‘The Amusement Park’ Review: George Romero’s Long-Lost Film is One of the Scariest Movies Ever Made

The Amusement Park is technically not a horror film, but it might just be the most disturbing, scariest thing George A. Romero ever directed. Romero became renowned for his iconic Night of the Living Dead, but it often felt like we took the filmmaker – who died in 2017 – for granted. He remained a true outsider for the majority of his career, and we lost something special when he shuffled off this mortal coil. The Amusement Park, an educational film Romero helmed in 1973 that is only now seeing...
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THEN AND NOW: How the McDonald's menu has changed

The McChicken was once removed due to lack of interest, but chicken sandwiches now dominate the industry. Gilmanshin/Shutterstock/Erin McDowell/Insider The McDonald's menu has changed drastically since Ray Kroc opened his first franchise in 1955. McDonald's limited its menu in response to COVID-19, but it has also recently added new options. McDonald's released a new chicken sandwich amid the fast-food chicken wars. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Th...
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Amazon is changing how it measures a key productivity metric called 'Time off Task,' which workers have blamed for a culture of relentless monitoring and punishing staff who fall behind

An Amazon worker delivers packages Reuters Amazon announced Tuesday it's changing its "Time off Task" productivity metric. "Time off Task" refers to the time warehouse workers spend away from their workstations. From now on, Amazon says it will average Time off Task over a longer period. See more stories on Insider's business page. Amazon says it's changing a metric that workers have claimed it uses to closely monitor staff productivity.In a blog post on Tuesday, Amazon's C...
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How a Great Sales Team Can Save Your Startup

Many startups can have a tough time making it simply because they fail to effectively reach their target market. With so many other larger players out there, it’s difficult to carve out any space for yourself without any brand recognition. While the occasional startup will get a boost thanks to someone finding their product and going viral, most of the time reaching customers means having a stellar sales team with an excellent strategy and leadership.  A sales team is what can make the differ...
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WHO chief: "Time has come" for global pandemic preparedness treaty

World Health Organization director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus urged member states Monday to negotiate a global pandemic...
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Improve The Defense

Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press when asked what one area of improvement would help the Wings make the playoffs, With all that said about needing more offense, the one player the Wings need most in order to start advancing to the playoffs and eventually emerge as a Cup contender is an elite defenseman. That’s why Yzerman’s first big move after taking control of the Wings was to use the sixth pick in the 2019 draft on Moritz Seider. PUTTIN' ON THE (MO)RITZ:Why Moritz Seid...
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The psychologists signing up for psychedelic therapy training: ‘Amazing things can happen’

The global renaissance of psychedelic drugs in the treatment of mental health gains further legitimacy in Australia as psychologists sign up for clinical trialsWhen growing up in Yea, in rural Victoria, Campbell Townsend took a dim view of drugs.“My parents were born in the shadow of Nixon’s war on drugs, and I was a very simple country boy,” the psychologist says, sitting in his cottage outside Castlemaine. “I grew up with stories from my parents about friends of theirs at university going craz...
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