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The Watchy Is an Open-Source Smartwatch for Those Who Miss the Pebble

There are gadgets you like, and then there are gadgets you love. For many, the Pebble smartwatch fell into that latter category. It was simple, affordable, and the first smartwatch that made everyone realize smartwatches weren’t just a gimmick. The company deserved better than having its corpse picked apart by Fitbit,…Read more...
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You Can Now Wear the Secret to Time Travel Around Your Neck (1.21 Jigawatts Not Required)

Hojadurdy Durdygylyjov, an electrical engineer based in Turkey, has designed one of the geekiest pieces of jewelry to ever breach the time-space continuum. He’s miniaturized the technology that makes time travel possible (according to Doc Emmett Brown, at least) with these glowing, animated flux capacitor pendants.Read more...
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Turn Your old Commodore Computer Into a USB Keyboard With This Easy to Install Adapter

To some, the idea of a computer that didn’t ship with a screen is simply bizarre. To others, Commodore’s computers were where their obsession with technology and gadgets began, and those with fond memories of banging away on those old clackety keys will be happy to hear that a simple adapter turns the Commodore 128 …Read more...
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This Tiny Circuit Board Is the Last Ingredient You Need to Turn Your Car Into a Racing Game Controller

If you prefer racing games like Gran Turismo and Forza over Super Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing then you’re probably after as authentic a (simulated) driving experience as possible. And what’s a more authentic experience than the car you drive to work every day? With this $10 breakout board—and a couple of slightly…Read more...
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$17 Raspberry Pi HAT features 8-channel ADC

A Raspberry Pi HAT called the [he]#8220[/he]8-channel ADC Board[he]#8221[/he] provides a 10-bit ADC with 8x channels split into voltage divider and zero-ohm jumper configurations. Burgessworld Custom Electronics has gone to Tindie to sell an “8-Channel ADC Board” Raspberry Pi HAT for $17.
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